Saturday, 18 March 2017


THIS IS OUR YOUNGEST GRANDSON - Liam - son of Michael and Janet Green.   Liam was three last year, on 28th June.    Looks a real lad!     His parents are kept busy making sure he keeps out of mischief at home.     Handsome guy!    The hat gives him a certain character between that of an American gangster and Frank Sinatra - hmm.       Can't be Mike that it all stems from, for he is such a quiet and unassuming person - must be his Mother our pretty daughter in law - pretty AND very mischievous person.     Well we have envied them both as they have watched him grow and develop into a real boy and personality.   And he looks a real 'winner', full of beans, and brain as well we hope.     We have not seen him in the flesh for over a year.     Well we do not get to SEE many of our grandchildren!  But last year we had the joy of having our eldest Granddaughter, Tonia who came to visit for a while last year with Steven Green, her Dad!   Tonia will soon be entering University.      We also hope, perhaps later this year, to may be have our Eldest Grandson, Eric, Tonia's brother to also visit.     We are proud of them both, and our only regret is, that due to the distance we are apart, and our own rare visits to the UK, we have not been able to be as close to them as we would have wanted.      Both kids to be proud of, and we thank God for them.      Rachel and John-finney Joseph, our daughter Elizabeth. and Prem Joseph's children we are also missing.    Liz was able to visit for a week last year which was a special joy, but she was unable to take the children out of School to come with her.     Nevertheless we rejoice to know that God has watched, and watches over all of them - sons. daughters, children and grandchildren.      We give all the Thanks to Jesus.

Perhaps a little unfairly (for the rest) we have been able to see our son Daryl, and Carols children grow up right here with us since they were born.   Jessy, now in College in Nairobi pursuing a Course in Engineering,  Becky just finishing her 1V Form in Secondary School this year, and Jeremy in his 8th Primary Year.     Certainly a little compensation for being so far from the rest of our children.
AND just this week our youngest granddaughter, Abigail became THREE years old on the 17th March.   She and her Mum, our daughter Helen, are living in Nairobi now, but we do get to see them during School Holidays.    Hope to see them both again soon for the Easter Holiday soon coming.    Abigail has grown a lot and learnt a lot since they moved away to Nairobi, and we are relieved to see that God has His hand on her, and on Helen also.
I must leave you all here.    I have been very busy and occupied through the week, and also a having a little problem with my tummy.    Caused me to be a little fatigued by today, and I had in fact felt like not purring anything on the Blog this week - But then I couldn't resist the thought of sharing my love for our grandchildren.    
At last I have been able to send the Year's 1st UPDATE - some will have it already via E-mail and others will have to wait it to arrive by Airmail sometime next week.     I have enclosed a little Note for those who may have been helping us financially via Aenon Trust through the last few months.   I do wish we could share the BLOG as well more frequently.

God Bless and Keep you all well and safe in the Name of Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 11 March 2017


ELDORET NOW as seen from the top of our tallest Building pictured separately below.   The main photo looks down upon the main Uganda/Nairobi road which cuts right through the centre of Town, with Mount Elgon on the horizon marking the Uganda boundary.    

And this is a view of Aloo Street close to the Town Centre taken on a rather wet and cool day.
Eldoret is a a growing city.    It is a City of contrasts; of huge new buildings and development, And it is also cheek by jowl with squalor, litter, and dirt.    It is a City of the rich and well to-do, and a City of poverty and sprawling slums.      And it is a City full of entertainment and temptation for both the adult and the youth.       Sex, Booze, and Drugs are readily available throughout society, and Crime also is on the increase.        This week, YESTERDAY in fact I was IN the Town doing some shopping with Daryl.    We were actually driving down this street from the top ( it is now a one way street with traffic restricted)    As we we came to the bottom we found a young man,  almost in the middle of the road kneeling on his knees and apparently praying!   I pointed him out to Daryl, and he said "Oh he is one of the new druggies.....he wants to be sick'.        THEN today I saw these photos of youths on British streets  -
The Report that went with these photos begins with 'RISE OF THE ZOMBIES  -   'Spice' turns users into the 'living dead' in MINUTES, and is ruining lives across Britain.'      Reportedly 'Spice' is a generic term for various mixtures of herbs and potent chemicals.    Until last May 'Spice' was openly on sale in Britain as a so called 'legal high'.    A powerful new strain has now emerged that produces a terrifying 'Zombie Effect'.        The photos above were taken in Manchester City Square and in the Piccadilly Gardens.     Not far from where my grandchildren are living and schooling.     As we wait to be visited and possibly invaded by Aliens, it seems we may have been taken over by them already!  
Remembering the sight of this young Kenyan kneeling in the middle of the road, yesterday, I am filled with a terrible foreboding of what is now facing the African Continent, as it, with all other Third World populations, continues to ape the corruptions of the West.        WHAT HAS GOT into people that they can SEE what is happening to the human race without horror and abject fear of where we are all being taken?       I was interest today to also read that an American Professor in Sociology has also noticed the rising interest in ZOMBIES.    Citing the increase in books, films and other social behaviour that has to do with Zombies, he suggests that it may have something to do with a general discontent with society  -  a kind of involuntary cry of hopeless distress at one's personal situation.      People whose condition makes them feel DEAD, even when alive.      Well, I suppose there may be a link.     Certainly the young man in the centre of the THREE photos above provides a quite pitiable and distressing picture of being yet alive, though dead;   of being dead, yet having to drag yourself around in a semblance of life.


To finish off on a more beautiful note - a glimpse of some Hibiscus to bring us back to purity and Joy. The Fresh Wind of God is rushing around our compound right now, bending the boughs of the trees, hissing and rustling through a host of leaves, as it blows the azure sky quite clear of every cloud, the sun meanwhile bathing everything in the golden light of gladness.      Our Prayers and Love for you all in Jesus.     I have brought depressing thoughts today - but I have not meant to depress but to enliven us all to be aware of the Attack the World in in the thick of.    A War only Christ in us can WIN,  and Win we Will by His Grace and in His Day.     And though wickedness and Darkness in the proper use of these words press in upon us, YET let us be strengthened and encouraged by the Beauty of Holiness to be noticed in a single flour and PRESS ON toward Perfection.

John. Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 4 March 2017


HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAMILY, on my wife's side.   Not Greens but KIBEs.  The Family I married into, and who welcomed and accepted me into their circle without a question and with an open heart in 1971.     The lady on the far right is Elizabeth Mugure.  She is our niece, the daughter of Mary and Joe Kibe,  Esthers sister and brother in law.    Her husband is Paul Waweru, with his arm around her. and right in front centre is GABRIEL their first born (now about ten months old) great nephew to me and Esther.     They married in October 2015.    They have just spent a few days with us, and it was great to have them with us.    Liz has a sister,  Catherine,  and two brothers, Tony and Martin, all married with families.    Over the years we have seen a fair bit of each other, and our own family kind of grew up close to each other, and are still very connected and 'family' together.    I have appreciated them all, and Thank God for them all as an 'only child' who grew up practically alone.


The photo on the next page was taken the day of the Paul and Liz departure back to Nairobi, yesterday morning.     I was out when it was taken, but quite a number gathered to see them off -  On the far left is Esther, then Eunice Lahol (Mum in Drakeley Cottage;  THEN Alice Muli (who has been Mum in Testimony House / Hostel; then Catherine,/Senge/ Yego (Mum in Tyndale Cottage - then Liz.  THEN, Hesketh Muli, Joel Edaria our General Secretary, and Solmon Njugunah, holding Gabriel,  one of our old boys now working in our General Office.      I arrived back as they were leaving!

Such a good time, and, God Willing, we hope to see many more like them as the days go by with Martin and his family expected first, during April, perhaps for Easter.     We are indeed blessed.   AND I am also hoping we shall see something of our daughter Helen, (Tweetie-pie) and baby Abigail.    Abby (right) will soon be THREE this month, and is already enjoying Nursery School, and growing fast.

In 2012 we began caring for poultry and also commenced a project for Layers.     However, it lapsed after a few years.      Last Year, 2016 we restocked potential layers, and this month they began to lay eggs!      We have approximately 300 layers coming on, and it so good to have our own fresh eggs.once again.

Additionally our Broiler Project continues to produce meat for the children, and also enough to also sell.    About 400 every 6/7 weeks, and without any artificial inducements to make them ready to sell at the end of period.    The brown hens are the broilers.   We usually have then in TWO compartments but one is being revamped while the photo was taken.     They will soon be back to their normal less crowded condition.

THIS WEEK we also took delivery of THREE Silos as a result of having the demonstration and presentation mentioned in the Blog of 18th February.    We ordered them expecting to pay the full cost, but have been lovingly advised by the makers that they are to be given to us as a GIFT.    A truly amazing provision, and will help so much in allowing us to buy and store maize to our advantage.

The Lord has continued to provide water through the week!
We have even had  few heavy thunderstorms, but the river and the dams are still parched!!   And we still have March, and possibly April to go before we can expect the real RAIN to arrive.  It is by His Grace that we do not suffer the more.     The sun is shining, and temperature in the upper 70fs, and likely to get to the mid 80fs before tea time.    WE REJOICE IN HIM.     We believe you will be trusting in Him also though this week.    Writing to the Christians in Ephesus and Colossae, Paul assures them of his prayers for them - that out of the rich treasury of His Glory, they may be strengthened in he inner man by the Holy Spirit Himself, as He indwells their innermost being and personality   -   that they may be 'invigorated and strengthened with all power according to the might of His Glory, and to exercise every kind of endurance and patience (perseverance and forbearance) with JOY.'    This is a quote from the Amplified Bible.     We are trying also to bring these matters into our own prayers for you, and ask you to pray for us similarly - that we might all prosper and GROW in the Faith.

With our Love always in Him,

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 25 February 2017


HERE WE ARE AGAIN!    Diana Hogley / Esther, Me / Ian Hogley!   Here just for a week this year, but friends that go back to the time of our Marriage in 1971.    Ian was then teaching Maths Maseno National School, and I was still yet a singe man working with Trinity Fellowship, also in Maseno.      We have always been close ever since, and more recently we have had them visiting annually here in Eldoret.     To us they are as much family as any one, and we always appreciate their visits, and the knowledge of their constant presence and thought in our lives.    A 'constant' and consistant factor in our lives.       They also are good friends of Joshua and Miriam Mbithi, and visit them also when with us here.      Perhaps because of this double association the Lord has put needy children upon their heart too, and they have become deeply involved in a Children's Home in Nakuru, in which they also had a big hand in helping begin, and also in encouraging and assisting every since. In visiting Kenya they always have it in mind to visit all three of their interests, encouraging us all, and fueling their own prayers for ourselves and the children with us - quite a ministry.      And this year was the best, and we are missing them the most.
Opposite is a small photo of Ian driving an Earth shifter on Ground breaking day, when we STARTED preparation for the building of the NEW Jacaranda Cottage in 2014.   It was great to have him with us to join in the excitement of that very Special Day

RIGHT NOW, as am typing, the sky is blue and also cloudy.    Last night we had a downpour of rain!! And probably it might rain again tonight.     Suddenly VERY unpredictable weather again in the midst of an otherwise VERY DRY spell.     But certainly welcome.    After all we have been praying for RAIN, and it true JOY to see some.       It has been very windy still, through the week, and on one occassion a big branch from a nearby tree fell and made a tear in the far end of the Greenhouse.  It was fortunately not a big tear, and will soon be repaired..........And the temperature has continued to be up and down - say from 70 - 80f most days.    Nights have also been quite hot.

ON SUNDAY EVENING, having sent out the Blog on Saturday, we received a visit from a Pastor and TEN members of his Church, who had all together felt they should come to encourage us - the entire church had felt, in prayer, that Testimony was in need, and they put together a pick-up full of provisions for us, and brought them down to us - together with a generous CASH gift.    It was a miracle !!!

On MONDAY Daryl took Dan Ndungu to Nairobi for further medical review of his condition.  He had to attend a private hospital due the the ongoing doctor's strike within all government hospitals.   Micah Yego,  Dan''s houseparent accompanied them.    They left about 3am and arrived at the Hospital about 8a.m. The result of this latest Consultancy, and an array of further Tests, revealed that the hole in Dan's heart was between TWO and not all four of his heart's compartments, as we had previously been told.     ONE of these seemed to be in the process of healing itself!!     The other was considered closeable with surgery. This was AMAZING, and confirmed and encouraged our own faith that Jesus would intervene and HEAL.    Dan's next visit to Nairobi will be in three months time. Meanwhile he will continue prescribed drugs.     Thank YOU ALL for praying with us.     They all arrived home on Monday night about eleven p.m.

The electric power had been off all day.

THROUGH THIS WEEK we have been searching for a new WARDEN for Testimony Boys Hostel, and  also welcoming a new WARDENESS for the Girls Hostel.       Rosemary felt she could not cope with the work load after the first six months, and so we had been praying for a replacement.    A sister in the Lord has now come forward and has already stepped in to replace.    Her name is Gladys, and she seems to be already well accepted by the Girls.          With Testimony House we have not yet been so lucky, but in any case Hesketh and Alice Muli are still there.      Alice has not felt very comfortable trying to be a mother to 35 big boys and adults.      It has not been her forte, and this has left Hesketh holding the daily fort.     It is not that the Boys have been difficult to handle, but many of them have not grown up with her, and she has felt it difficult to have a mother' heart for them.      Hesketh and I had a long talk about it some weeks ago now, and so we decided to try and re-tool them and bring in a SINGLE man as Warden.        Hesketh will now be the Staff Coordinator for the Homes  School, whilst Alice will become responsible for teaching challenged children in the Nursery and also in other classes.    She holds a teaching diploma.    They have both seemed content and happy with this new arrangement.      BUT so far, two candidates for the position of Warden have had to be rejected. We have about three others to see as the weeks ahead goes by, but no urgency until the end of March. We are looking for a single man of approximately.   We are looking for a singly man of about 40 years, and Born Again, and able to handle a mixed group of Boy aged between 18 and twenty five - our Boys group is over 35 in number.
Not an easy task to be a father to such a group.   Hesketh has done well, and gained their respect as well.     The Lord knows, and we know you will be praying for us in this matter as well now.
THIS WEEK has also been our School HALF TERM.   It will finish as on Monday evening, and then they will all be back again. The Years seems to be gaining SPEED day by day!!

Esther and I have been keeping quite well,     We both seem to tire more easily that we did, and the days seem shorter!     I personally have felt quite weary by about four in the afternoon, but we both think the weather has something to do with it, as neither of us enjoy the hot weather too much.   And we ARE both quite busy, and we are definately older than we were.       But we are glad to be here, and alive.    Father assures our hearts and strengthens our resolve.        The week has SPED by and tomorrow is His Day once more. May God Bless you, and make you rejoice in and for us as we do for you.    

Lovingly in Him, and by His Grace.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 18 February 2017


THIS IS A PERSONALIZED GRAIN SILO for the storage of MAIZE, in particular, but also for BEANS, and even other grains.
The one you see here, presented by Paul Whiteman, who is actually making these silos at Open Arms International here, close to Eldoret. This one shown in the photo measures 72cm x 173 cm with a storage capacity of 525kgs or 5,75 sacks.. However, these Silos can be made to measure, according to the need, and are specially designed to be a money saver to families or small farms.
They are made from stainless steel and would normally stand either on a cement or timber plinth about a foot from the ground. Grain is poured in from the top, the outlet at the bottom being closed.
Once the grain has reached almost to the top a small candle is placed ALIGHT at the entry port which is then CLOSED and sealed with a rubber seal.   The candle will burn safely inside the closed silo until ALL oxygen has been consumed, when the flame will extinguish, and no weevil or other pest will be able to live.      However it is recommended that no grain is withdrawn for consumption for TWO weeks, to allow all grain to have been made rid of all life.
After two weeks, grain can be removed via the outlet at the bottom, and then resealed with the rubber sealant.          GRAIN should not be put into the Silo unless VERY dry  -    13 at most.     This should be carefully and exactly measured.  Mr. Whiteman had a gadget with him that measured moisture in grain.      This gadget can be obtained in Nairobi for 80,000/ but sells in USA for 22,000/- !!!   If you have maize measuring a moisture content of up to 13.6, then you must first (if the weather is sunny and warm) lay the grain out to dry for three more days.
WE have been suffering in trying to store gifts of maize safely.     We shall definitely now put these Silos to the test, and will start off with THREE for the Homes.     They will be larger that the one illustrated - with a capacity to take 20 sacks of maize each.    We know this innovation will pay itself off quickly, and continue to save us a great deal of money.


THE WEEK HAS BEEN A BUSY ONE, and the weather, continuing to be quite hot and dry, has not helped us feel relieved from pressure.     On the other hand it HAS been beautiful weather and we have enjoyed it.     And we needed the brilliant sun and the glorious sky to lift up our spirits as days unfolded, and the cool breeze to calm us in the midst of sudden and unexpected issues.
On Monday we had Christian fellowship and a meal together in our little cottage with two friends. involved in Christian Education, Mark and Kathy Lessig.    It was very refreshing and challenging time.     Esther and I had been feeling for some time that we needed to come against the Enemy who we felt had been making inroads upon the ministry here in TFH.   The condition of Dan Ndungu with his hole in the heart has been on all our minds, and although he has managed to be up and at school we can see how wan and weary he has become.     On Monday NEXT week Daryl will be taking him to a Hospital in Nairobi specialising in heart problems in the hope of taking things further.   Much prayer going up for him.
But additionally we seem to be seeing more cases of Marijuana creeping into the School  and also petty theft, all involving some of our children in the Homes.      School books are now being taken from desks and sold in the town.    We think that the book selling is linked to the Marijuana as a means of purchasing more supplies.     Of course serious investigation is going on in order to try not only to discover those responsible and involved, but also to STOP it altogether.   A very worrying situation.      So far most of the children discovered are among the most academically clever, but also religiously disinterested.       We have begun to actually 'feel' an 'atmosphere' like a small depression hovering over the place.      Very disturbing.
As we fellow-shipped with our friends the Lord just seemed to be suddenly very present and giving us all an overwhelming Call to Arms.  
Sound the battle cry!
See, the foe is nigh;
Raise the standard high for the Lord.
Gird your armour on,
stand firm everyone
Rest your cause upon His Holy Word.
Redemption Hymnal 436

Please, all those of you who may also feel the drawing of the Holy Spirit, join us in prayer and intercession that we might overcome all the plans of the Enemy against the children and the Vision given to us.    

Our love and prayers to you all as always.      Indeed how our hearts go out to you!!

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 11 February 2017


UNDER 'OPINION' in Tuesday's Daily Nation, a small item entitled CHILDREN says 'No place here for corporal punishment.'    Ten year old JOY was buried on Thursday last week, and the Hearing to determine exactly what caused her death is scheduled for the 15th of this month.      It seems there is still uncertainty as whether or not she was in fact beaten, and thus if this was the cause of death.
However this may finally be understood the writer of the article sited above goes on to say -
'According to the Kenyan and International law guaranteeing children's rights, corporal punishment is incompatible with the very conventions governing this.'
The writer is quite right to draw our attention to this.    She further correctly states that corporal punishment in Kenyan Schools was banned in 1996 - YET many of our teachers CONTINUE to ignore the ban.        JOY might be a very current example of this, and of how freedom by anyone to beat and physically punish children can be seriously and dangerously abused.

My mother beat me often as I was growing up, in order to chasten me for pursuing my rebellious desires.   I was also beaten once or twice in School, both Primary and Secondary.     It was just and reasonable punishment which though it hurt me enough to dissuade me from repeating the offence, was not injurious.    If it had been, the LAW of those days would have prosecuted my parent or my teacher, for undue force and even uncalled for injury.        Looking back I know I was helped by the concern of parent and school.     I would not be glad it they had not corrected me as they did.
TODAY the world is changing it's attitude generally to discipline, and punishment.       I see the reasons for fearing to injure and endanger lives from over zealous, and even malicious punishment,
BUT I feel punishment is needed to deter antisocial behaviour at every level.    AND it needs to be punishment fairly meted out to DETER a repetition of the wrong done or pursued.      The BIBLE clearly indicates this, and without any desire to endanger life.        IF this little girl was indeed taken by her teacher and BEATEN, and if additionally he incited her fellow students in the class to also come to punish her and beat her more, (even without her dying),  then it is clear he was being excessive.   He punished for being unable to read.    She had not committed a crime.      His action was uncalled for.     He must needs then himself be punished - seriously.     BUT more to the point he, as a Teacher, would have broken the LAW just in physically raising his hand against the child, no matter how he may have been provoked.      The Law has been made, the teacher is employed to teach according to the LAW. 

Regretfully today, at all levels, punishment for our misdemeanours, carry less fear, and thus people, from the cradle, pursue their own way with such meagre restraint that they see little reason to deprive themselves of their own opinion and way of life.      I say this as a very persuaded follower of Christ, and of God Himself.     But I have, as I have lived, had it forced upon me by observation also.
Man is less in control of himself than he was, and is doing little or nothing to pull himself up from his gradual depreciation from the IMAGE OF GOD he is intended to be.

YES, I feel this very deeply.      Yet I am encouraged and exhorted to keep the Law; even to uphold it until it might be corrected or changed for the better.      Here in Testimony School we see a lot of teachers come and go.     SOME (not all) come with a fixed attitude that they should 'CANE'.    When they come to be interviewed we go considerable trouble to point out to them that our School abides by the Law, and Regulations laid down for us by the Government and the Ministry of Education.  We do not permit the cane;  canes are not tolerated or allowed in any classroom.    Not one has ever questioned our position - until they appear in the classroom.     We eventually do discover them, and they are immediately dismissed from the school without further preamble.   It IS sad that so many men and women are willing to disregard the law - to wilfully have it their way.
The Bible says of us all that ' we all go astray from the womb.!!     We have all 'followed our own way'.     That there is none RIGHTEOUS enough never to err, or to have erred......We HAVE all sinned.    'And the soul, life, that sins will DIE'.           Every teacher we employ is rigorously examined to discover he or she has discovered this weakness in themselves, and come to Christ for Salvation.       All those who confirm their faith are considered, and some employed.     YET many are found to live their lives making no difference with those who, without any faith, live to please themselves only.        I am sure we are not the only school management to have discovered this growing facility of men and women to be be unreliable in their moral fibre.

If Joy is finally proved to have died from unmerited and undeserved punishment from her teacher, then I heartily hope he will get what he deserves.         I think he is not alone, just one who got away it for too long,        In all my School days I only heard of, or came across of one case where a teacher was rightly accused of disciplinary unfairness.      And it is probably true to day that not all who are want to use a cane use it violently or without justice.       BUT now it has been done away with altogether  -  and still a student dies?     Because of the CANE? - or because of the Teacher?    I mean Man is good at providing for things with which to improve and control life around him - but he is not always seen to BE IN CONTROL of what he has created.      Strange isn't it.

THERE I HAVE HAD MY SAY,  and I am done.
THE HEAT  SEEMS TO BE RISING weather wise, and although it is an annual season of events, I have never got used to it enough to feel comfortable.    I do not enjoy to much heat.    I can work in it, but I feel beleaguered by it.       And Kenya suffers about this time every year, and every year water becomes scarce, grass withers and crumbles to dust, and in the more arid parts of our land human and animal life is threatened even unto death.      It is a HARD time.     But everyone, including in government circles, always seem unprepared for the Season, as if they have never gone through one before.  It comes upon the Nation as a total surprise.       WELL, since we prayed, and continue to pray we still have water in our taps  -  Certainly LESS, but at least a little.     Our grass is browner, but is actually greener than it was three weeks ago with the unexpected showers we had a while ago.   We have every reason to proclaim with clear assurance ' WE ARE NOT ALONE - we walk with the King, Hallelujah.

Just a few days ago we received funds from Allan in the UK, which were compiled by so many gifts sent to AENON for US.       And we DID need,  oh how very much we needed them.      I will be acknowledging soon, and probably with my usual UPdate.      Until then our combined Love and Thanksgiving in Jesus from us all

John, Esther and Daryl Green  

Saturday, 4 February 2017


PUPIL BEATEN TO DEATH FOR FAILING TO READ.  -  Kenya DAILY NATION Headline of 31st January this year.    She was said to be only ten years old.       This immediately brought back memories of my own childhood, and my own humiliation and punishment because of my own inability to READ at eleven years old - an important 'year' in those days since it was the cross over year from Primary to Secondary School.    In 1951 the cane was in regular use in British Schools; the cane, and anything else that might be used to wake up a student, or even hurt him.
I hope I have not previously put up this extract from my book 'A Cry from the Street' before, but if so please forgive me - it is just so applicable.

'This was to be my fourth Primary School, I was almost eleven years old, and had grown up to be very fat.   I was fairly obedient, but undoubtedly selfish and inward looking, for I had very few friends of my own age, and no one to share anything with.     I excelled, at that time, in artwork and very little else.    I could not read or write.   I felt academically inferior and stupid, afraid of fellow students in case they should laugh at me.    For this reason School was a nightmare to me.    My NEW class master, a thin, severe, unsmiling man, seemed to delight in asking me to stand up in Class and read, even though he knew well enough that I had a real problem.   Daily I would be standing my my desk, book in hand, choking with misery and shame, whilst every head in the class would be turned in my direction in delightful anticipation of my failure - and the outcome!
'Well Green!  Come on; begin!", commanded the master.   Tears would well into my eyes and roll silently down my cheeks. My tongue seemed to grow fat, and fill my mouth.  
Looking  now at the Class, the master continued.  "Well boys, it seems Green still cannot read to us!" Laughter now all round the room  "How old are you Green?" asked the Master.
I opened my mouth and began to stutter.     "T,t,t,t,te.."
"Speak boy!   Speak" shouted the Master.
"T,t,ten, Sir."  I managed at last to answer him.    "TEN and he still can't read!"  he jeered.  "Come out here, boy"     And I would go slowly up the aisle to his big desk at the front of the Class.
"Hold out your hand....STAND still!" and taking his springy cane he would cut my palm until it was read and swollen; even bloody.   Yet that was nothing compared to the spiteful pleasure my classmates had on me because of it.        I hated School, and hated my slowness, hated not having a Father who would come and stand by me.    There were so many things I hated in my life at that time...........'

The little girl reported it the Daily Nation, died in the Hospital where she was taken after her ordeal;  hers must have been much more severe beating than my own,    Indeed the newspaper account make the Teacher incite the whole class to pummel her as well.      But both attacks were motivated by the same sadistic nature and ill humour of a man; a man appointed to help.      Years have gone by and the Cane outlawed, yet men and women - even teachers - still yearn to use it - indeed they DO insist even in the face of clear instruction NOT to do so.      Not that I personally would BAN it altogether.  It is the USER of the cane that is at fault NOT the discipline it is meant to control.      The cane itself is meant to curb insubordination and rebellion - NOT as a remedy for a child,or even an adult already in distress and need of help.    

What is it in some people that makes them want to hurt those weaker than themselves.    Is it that they cannot endure those slower, or less able, than themselves?   Do they despise someone for being 'slow on the uptake', a 'bit daft', or just simply stupid, and rather than find a way to improve, encourage, and HELP such a student they treat them like a dumb beast who should know better.    It is especially found in some parents, as well as teachers, and also among the Police, Prison Officers, and yes, even among nurses.       We have punished the cane, and legally put it away, whilst at the same time doing little to teach the cane's user to be responsible for his lack of justice and self control.      Little Joy Wangari was probably finding learning difficult, as I did, due to her home life, and circumstances.      Impatience and irritable miss judgement in one appointed to teach and help
her on, helped to cause her untimely death.      One cannot begin to appreciate how her Mum and Dad are feeling.     Our hearts go out to them at this time.

The incident I recorded about  MY day in the Classroom repeated itself, day after day..........'THEN,  unpredictably, one evening at home, I began to READ - fluently!   I can remember the book, a small and simple reader entitle "A Dog Called Spot'.   That night I read it all the way through without a single word being a stumbling to me.It was like a door being unlocked and a blindness lifted.   From that day I read avidly anything that came to hand, quickly grasping the usefulness of a dictionary.   It was a turning point in many ways, and although I was to remain behind, and never really enjoyed school it,  a whole new world was opened up to me, and I too full advantage of it.'


Back to Green Cottage, opposite Testimony House, and Me and my little woman, together with Georgina White.     Georgina was here with her Mum, Paula White, in April last year.  She actually journeyed to Kigali in Uganda first with a group, and arrived with us Friday last week.  She leaves on Monday for home again, and has had a very full and energetic time with our kids, who all  enjoyed her so much on her last visit.   She has stayed with us in Green Cottage, and feels like one of the family.     We hope she will come again.     Trying to get her Mum back again as well.    Photo to the right
shows them together
last year!
And then, just today, we had a visit from one of our old boys, who is very close to us, David Koech.    David has a home in America, but spends a lot of time in Kenya as well, and has a small Farm not far from us.   He is here visiting and so we also profited in seeing him visit us.    It was really good to see him.
WE have had RAIN - not a LOT, but some!   We had received a light shower on Friday of last week, THEN on Saturday it rained for 6 hours after I had sent the Blog.     Two more days of light rain, and then today it has begun to be cloudy AGAIN.     The Meteorologists told us on Monday the rain is finished - and before it rained they told us there would be none - and THEN we prayed ...........It was refreshing and also a huge encouragement to the many who are having to battle in this town with shortage of WATER.      Thank you Father in Heaven.

OUR YOUNG MAN, DAN, with a hole in his heart has been at school the whole week, but yesterday complained of stomach pain!     Nothing to do with heart of course!!    We are now in touch with a Hospital in Nairobi which also runs a heart foundation, and we shall taking Dan up there soon for further tests and advice as to the future.    AND we remain in prayer.

God Bless you all and keep you well, and provide for you where there is need.     We pray always for all of you, even as we pray for ourselves.        Our Love always in Jesus

John, Esther and Daryl Green