Monday, 21 May 2018


YESTERDAY, MANY WERE WATCHING THE 'WEDDING' - the Wedding of Prince Henry of Wales and his fiancee Meghan            , who will from now on be known as their Royal Highnessess, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.         An amazing spectacle and, I suspect perhaps a radical turning point in British Social Life and standards.     There was a 'Euphoria' about it all that reminded me of the funeral of Princess Diana   - especially where this affected the general populace;    not funerial at all, but a kind of general 'family - familia' attitude.     And this was added to by so many American cousins attending and appearing in a similar 'holiday' - and even 'identification' with the -  spirit and mood of the Day.      Certainly a Royal occasion, though somehow compromised at times by a kind of T.V. Soap Opera atmosphere.    One of those commenting was heard saying that she expected the Wedding to be 'both an example of tradition and modernity.'     Both words sounded empty of 'sincerity' and spiritual meaning.    A film set scenario, very interesting, and thought provoking to watch.   And the Sermon was outstanding!!     BUT I AM NOT intending to comment more on this topic - at least not just now.

AT THE END OF THE BLOG for last week, I mentioned that we had received some more young children into the Homes.     I thought I would enclose photos of just a few this time round, and add a little more about them, and how they come to be with us.       For a year or so the Authorities seemed to ignore us, and we had NO Admissions from the Children's Office; it is, therefore, encouraging to find a slight thawing in their view of us, and a willingness to bring children to us.     I am unsure as to why this should be, but it may be the Government is finding plans for closing Children's Homes not quite as straight forward as was first thought.      Certainly the number of children in need of help is not diminishing.
In October 2015 we received three children from Eldoret Rescue Centre, - Faith 12, Emmanuel 8, and Beckham 7.     Their father had taken them to the Rescue because he said the mother had deserted the family, but in fact he had abused her, and she ran for her life.     He was imprisoned thereafter.  On learning where her children were, the mother visited and continued to visit.   She is about forty and has started a small business selling vegetables.     She also visited her husband in prison, and on his release they set up home together once more.    He also found a job, and during 2016 he and his wife applied to the Children's Office to have their children (still with us) returned to them.    We met with them also, and in 2017, in August it was agreed that their request be granted, though we continued to help with school fees for the children, near to where the parents lived.     All seemed to go well until this year.      Suddenly the mother appeared to say her husband had returned to his abusive behaviour and had tried to poison the children, and had now deserted.     She was again destitute and helpless to care for the children alone.       After discussion it was agreed that once again the children be brought under our care until she could improve her situation.     They arrived back last week as already mentioned  before.     They are SO happy, and already behaving as if they had never left.      We are are helping their mother to re-establish herself in small business (the one she had had to cease due to her husband's determination to have any money she made for himself.)       We hope she will be able to get herself secure.    Until then she will visit the kids at week-ends.     She seems a serious and level headed woman, anxious for the safety of her kids.

Then,. on the 12th May we Admitted Emmanuel Kemboi, 3, and his brother Moses Kibet, 6 into Tyndale Cottage.    Both children come from the Kaptagat area, about 20 kilometers from Eldoret.  The case was brought to our notice by the County Children's Department..    The children's mother had left home when Moses was just three years old, due to her husband's abuse; she left both children behind her with her husband, who then went on to abuse the children.  During one incident he drunkenly attacked the eldest child, Moses, and attempted to strangle him, prevented only by the intervention of a neighbour.  Both children where then taken to Eldoret Rescue Centre.     They spent some weeks there before being transferred to us.     BOTH children had been seriously affected by the treatment of their father (now on the run from the Police) and are still quite withdrawn.    I enclose photos of  Moses obtained from the Rescue Centre when admitted there, and you can clearly see the marks left at that time of his father's attempted strangulation.   
We especially ask you to pray with us for 3 year old Emmauel
who though not so physically hurt, suffered considerable mental upset and apprehension, having had to see his brother so brutally treated and having no way of escape from a truly terrifying situation.  Both children need spiritual healing, and without the loving help of the Holy Spirit may take some time to remove from their memory all they have been through.

In letting them join Tyndale Cottage and Micah and Catherine-Senge, we believe that the Lord Jesus will quickly be able to help them feel loved and cared for, and that their sense of security and well being will be restored to them.  The Tyndale Family is a fairly young family with not too many teenagers.     Also Micah and Senge will just lovingly reach out to them both.
MOSES may carry the scars on his neck for life, but we are in prayer that they may be helped to heal up completely with the help of that ' Balm of Gilead' Bishop Michael Curry referred to in his Wedding Sermon on Saturday.    Blessed BE the NAME of JESUS.
Emmanuel & Moses

'There is a balm in Gilead
To make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead
To heal the sin sick soul.'

NB - in the Photo of the boys together, Moses still looks a bit down and sorrowful.   He had just arrived, and now both he and Emannuel are beginning to gather confidence and happiness in their new home and family.       Both are already playing and making friends. 
BUT they speak no English, and so they will have to work hard to fit into School where teaching is in English, generally.    But we feel sure they will catch up.    Emmanuel will be in Play School, and Emmanuel may have to attend the Top Class of Nursery before transferring to Primary 1 later.     God's Holy Spirit will help them.


THE MONTH OF MAY seems to have flown by!    Weatherwise it has been a 'grey' month of cloud and rain and comparative cold!   Still the same today, as I sit typing this out.     I have to take time as it comes these days, and thus no longer can guarantee a regular Saturday Blog - just one whenever time allows.     With the opening of the 2nd School Term on 4th, the student tide rolled back in from the neighborhood.    But having gone on holiday spiritually on the up and up, they all seemed to returne devoid of their joy.     Usually on a Sunday morning the Church is packed, during Term, and when given chance to testify and otherwise share in the Service it is hard to hold them back.   Not so on their return.     Almost a dearth of spiritual life smothered us.      This Sunday I was the one ministering and chose 1.Peter 2v11.  'What are we doing - Where are we going?     I sat down without making any Appeal.    Pastor Wykliffe then got up, and just said one word, beckoning with his hand...
'COME!.........' and more than half of the congregation of 300 stood up and came to the front, many of them in tears.     It was quite wonderful...........and instead of finishing, the Meeting found itself in prayer and worship and re-dedication.      Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Our son JAMES Manu, is currently in Nairobi where he has been job seeking and also visiting friends.    His latest visit to the Eye Clinic was not so encouraging, as the occulist found too much pressure in his left eye. This has been persistent over his last three visits, and they have not discovered WHY.    On the other hand there did seem improvement visually, and although on this occassion Manu suffered some discomfort for some days afterwards, he now seem happy, and his eyes quiet.      This has been a long haul for him, and a worrying one.     BUT he is encouraged, and it has been good to see him looking forward into the future with a prospect of once more being an independant and employed member of the community at large.   This is a healthy change.       He has been much inspired to know so many have prayed, and are praying for him, and I know he would have me Thank you all, as Esther and I also do.      We believe Jesus will bring him through not merely to see, but to SEE God's vision and purpose for his life.        He could have died the day he was born, but God gave him LIFE, with an intelligent mind, and a generous and warm heart.     

Our Daughter in Law, JANET, married to our son Michael, has been told she must have a 'pace-maker' and will have one installed very soon now.     This is the culmination of many months, indeed years of illness which has taken some time for doctors to sort our.     It is not something she would have looked for, and in many respects is a huge disappointment for her.    Currently her Mum is there with her from Kenya, and so this will be of comfort and help.     Mike still working hard, and Liam, now four years old, also growing well and strong.     Please remember them all, as your remember us.
STEVEN, our son, may be visiting Kenya on business in the course of the next week or so, and if he does then he will surely try to fit in a visit with us - however short - and he is still hoping to be with us in July with our grandsons Eric Green and John-Finney Joseph.     We are blessed.

THE MINISTRY OF TFH continues in the Strength and Power of Jesus with your own fellowship and participation.      It is all by His GRACE.     We are Witness to His Faithfulness at all times.   Just now is a time of material challenge and spiritual dependance.     God Bless you all, and keep us ALL waiting on HIM who is yet to come.....
Lovingly in His Name,
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 12 May 2018


TODAY is the first day of my 79th Year, having Celebrated my 78th yesterday!    And a very Happy Day it was.    Even the sun shone and the clouds and rain were held back.
Somehow, waking up on another beautiful morning, I have felt a Landmark has been reached - a new beginning opening up.    And as a person not known for optimism, this is rather interesting.   I Thank my God for good health,     My doc confirms I still have Diabetis, but my sight is good, my hearing sufficient, my mind intact, and my constitution strong.     My feet?   Well yes they are a little uncomfortable but I can still get about, and recently there has been a turn for the better.
And I have my dear Esther still with me, also in good health, and am surrounded by children, both ours and others, AND our grandchildren.........HOW very blessed I am.   
And TODAY one of our 'Girls', our daughter Betty is coming to visit us with her young man, Dan,  to announce their Engagement!    And so life continues and our family expands.    And so God interacts, and blesses us all against the backdrop of these Last Days.    Where He is, His Glory supplies our 'sunshine', and we are kept in peace.
We had not planned anything for my Birthday.     Funds for the Homes had arrived at the Bank on Thurday evening, but there was no room for any extravagance -  our needs were still pressing.
Sammy Kirui    
ON THURSDAY one of our 'sons' living in America and working for the Lord there, sent me a Birthday Gift  ---   and he said 'please use some of it to have a party with the Home's Parents and Daryl with yourselves.'      Well, we were SO happily surprised, and on my Birthday morning after prayer we shared with our House Parents that we would have lunch together.     And so WE DID, and had a very happy fellowship together - and I had a very special Gift of Joyful Company to celebrate with me.      Thank you dear Sammy!     Our Father in heaven truly spoke to you, and made you a real channel of blessing.     May HE give back to you running over!        Sam has been pursuing his Doctorate in Theology, and hopes to finalise soon.    He has been a close  part of our family since his High School days.    He attended Kenya Highlands Bible College and then pastored for some time before travelling to U.S.A. to further his education.     We hope he will return to Kenya once he finishes, but God knows where He wants him.

ABOVE we can be seen enjoying our lunch at a local retreat known as Poa Place.   Mainly chicken and chips and fish and chips.    Fast food?  Yes, of course, we had only limited time to leave the children, though for the most part they were in School.    But there were plenty of vegetables to eat as well, and in all we had value for money, and most of all - Good Fellowship.   THEN outside to the gardens for a group photo -
Left to Right - Grace, Warden Jean Potts Hostel for Girls,  Catherine and Mica
Yego (Tyndale Cottage), David and Doris Chumba (Jacafranda Cottage),
Hesketh Muli (Testimony Boys Hostel), Eunice and Francis Lahol
Drakeley Cottage, John and Esther Green, Daryl Green, Alice Muli
(Testimony Boys Hostel), and John Obiero, School Boarding Master.


LATER, THAT EVENING,    Daryl and his three kids joined for Cake and Ice Cream as a family treat.  Poor Carol could not be with us as a friend had called her asking for help as she felt unwell.    When Carol got there she found the lady extremely ill, so it was as well she went, but we missed her being with us.     Here below are a few photos taken that evening.

Top left - Daryl, Jeremy, and Becky.
Botdtom Left - John, Esther and Jesse
My Birthday Cake - we did have a limited number of candles, and I did have enough breath to blow them ALL out in one go.  Hurrah!    AND, finally me and my little wife, still together and still in love at the end of the day..... and for ever.       It was a special conclusion to a week that had been rather long and enduring!!  Praise the LORD - Everythng comes to those who WAIT!!


MANU is in Nairobi looking for work, and was unable to be with us yesterday.      On Sunday he will travel, this time from Nairobi, to Tenwick Hospital for yet more Injections into his eyes.   On his last visit in March the Consultant had been pleased to note progress in both eyes, and reduced the number of injections needed for the next three months - Monday will be the first session of the 3 months now recommended.     Manu, AND us very encouraged, and we all Thank the Lord, for it it can only be Him who now works on his behalf.

TODAY we have re-admitted three children who were repatriated to their parents eighteen months ago.  The Father had been in Prison.   However it was thought he had thoroughly reformed and he and his wife got back together on his release, and he began to earn money.     The Children were then given back into their care.      However, the man went back to his alcoholism and tried to poison the children who are 4,6 and 7.     The father is now once again on the run from the Police for attempted murder.   The mother is a good, hard working woman, and we shall also try to assist her find some security more than she has.      Not easy for a woman on her own here.

TWO more boys 3 and 6 are also to be Admitted today into Jacaranda Cottage.    Both boys abused by their father who tried to violently to beat up and strangle the elder, whilst also beating up the younger.     Both quite in shock, and not speaking.    Their mother ran away some time ago, and so far has not re-appeared.

WE Thank God that He still looks down with compassion and enables us to remain a Shelter and an open house and home for the homeless children all around us.      Bless you all.

With our love in Jesus
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


LAST SUNDAY, 29th April, at our Morning Service, we said 'Farewell' to FIVE of our children who had grown up in the Homes -  mainly in Jacaranda Cottage, and one from Drakeley Cottage.
They had all completed their Education, having left Form 1V Secondary for College, and now having also completed their Courses, must begin an independant life.
Most have not yet found full employment.
On Sunday we Prayed for each one, and presented them with a Bible, and Ksh.10,000 (approx 70 pounds sterling)  NOT a fortune, but just a small Gift to help start them off.    TODAY, Tuesday 1st May, they have all left us..   A BIG step, and one not much smaller to them, than getting to the Moon!  Remember to pray for them, and for their future.   God has hold of their hands.   I am not telling a lot about them, and am not sharing their full name for ethnic reasons, so that as fairly as possible you can love them and wish the best for them.

To the left is RUTH.   She actually left us a few weeks back, and is employed in a Bank.   She had taken Accountancy as her preferred subject, and she is thrilled to have landed a banking job.  Ruth joined the Tyndale Cottage Family in 2004 when she was just ten years old.   A good student at School and one that loves the Lord as her Saviour and Friend.  We are very glad for her - and proud of her!
TO THE RIGHT IS DAVID.    David is the elder of two brothers we assisted.    On completing his Schooling he chose Electrics and has completed a Diploma in Electrical Engineering.   He had begun his education quite late, and is now about 30 years.    He has done well in his studies, being resident with us for some 9 years, commencing in Drakeley Cottage and then to Testimony House Boy's Hostel....He has not yet obtained full time employment,
TO the LEFT again (overleaf)is FRANCIS.   Francis came to the Jacaranda Family with Joshua and Miriam Mbithi who were then parents there, 25 years ago, when Francis was only nine months old.    Truly he can count TFH as his home, and it was especially poignant for us to see him leave us.     He has completed a Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies, and we feel he will do well.    He also trusts in the Lord as his Saviour and Friend, and is a very capable and energetic young man.  He is also artistic and quite a good draughtsman.
NEXT IS HILLARY.     Hillary is 25, and came to us - to Jacaranda Cottage - in 1999 when he was six years old.    He has completed a Diploma Course in Information Studies (Librarianship), achieving Credits all the way.  He has part time employment so far, but is hoping for something better soon,.A very competent and reliable young man.

And then we have ZEBEDEE TO THE RIGHT!.  Zebedee has completed a Diploma Course in Mass Communications, and  has enjoyed every minute of it.    He is also a very bright young man, and we are looking forward to him getting settled in a job that will suit his talent, and provide him with the challenge and adventure he thrives.      He is 27 and came to us in 2000, and joined the Jacaranda Family.
IF WE HAD pushed these young people out when they were 18 as the Government wanted, they would not have been able to complete their education and finally leave with hope of a future.    It has been worth the risk of offending, in order to give them every chance of success.

FINALLY,  to the left is, ELIUD.   Eliud has completed a Certificate Course in Social Developement, and has done well.     Once he has found a job we hope to help him continue, whilst working, to complete his Diploma also.      He is a serious young man, and he is a dependable young man who is reliable and trustworthy with a very good natured and friendly nature.   He is anxious to find the right nitch for himself, and we are sure he will be successful.
So altogether six have gone from us, the FIVE young men, as I have said, left TODAY,  perhaps  a bit fearfully, but WE are still here, and we shall do our best to keep an eye on them and be here for them in case of need.
We prayed for them, with the Church, on Sunday.  They have not gone ALONE, but with God.   Please remember them, with us. and if any should read this report being in Kenya, please keep an eye open for a JOB Opportunity for them.


YES!   Happy May Day to YOU all.      If I remember this Festival, for so it is, it goes back beyond the days of the Romans, and probably was the Day to mark the beginning of Summer or SPRING as we might think of it today.    I remember when I was ten, way back in 1950 actually dancing round the May Pole, much as the children above, on some village green near Cheam in Surrey.    Seems a long way back now.      I wonder if the Day is still celebrated in this way.     So much more to the point than LABOUR DAY.      Why celebrate Labour, when it is but the fruit of God's Curse on Man's disobedience and rebellion.
IT IS COLD and WET still here in Eldoret.     NO there is no flooding near us, Thank God, but in other places it has been quite disastrous.    It is NOT like an English Spring in any way.  Our river. the Sosiani River is flowing full  and free just now.       But we are straining to catch sight of one of those life saving 'ravens' that Elijah also looked for.     But thank God we are all well. and full of Faith and Hope.
God, our Father in Heaven, watch over you and us all together.
Lovingly in Him
John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 21 April 2018

THANK YOU, LORD......Oh Thank you, Jesus....!

HERE IS A MAN TURNED AROUND!      His nine friends are running around carousing, but THIS man isn't - he has stopped, turned around, and displaying his deliverance from Leprosy with a face filled with amazed joy, his bandages hanging loose in the wind, he looks back to the One who heard the cry of them all, with Thanksgiving and deep Gratitude in his soul.     YES, you are right, he is the ONE leper who did not go on his way with the rest.     He wanted to convey his thankfulness, his very deep thankfulness for what had been given him.    The Nine continuing to joyously appreciate their healing, seemed to take it as a surprise, and like winning a lottery see little reason to thank anyone, save Lady Luck.
THIS man, by  this time, perhaps, also with tears in his eyes fell down in the dirt in front of Jesus.   And Jesus said to him ' ARISE, Go your way. Your faith has made you whole - you are Saved.  The story is of course told by Luke in his gospel chapter 17v11-9      I hope to be speaking on this on Sunday, God Willing.

I had been reading Jeremiah, and once more came to chapter 5 and verse 7 of his Book in the Old Testament of the Bible.     This what it says in the King James Bible -
'How shall I pardon thee for this?
Thy children have forsaken me, and 
sworn by them that are no gods: 
when I have fed them to the full
they have then committed adultery, 
and assembled themselves by troops
in the harlots houses.
Shall I not visit them for this?

Being UNGRATEFUL 'children'  (neglected by their 'elders') they turned immediately to the lust of the flesh, and went a whoring.     God was out of their mind.    Why do WE say Grace at all our meals with all our children in the Homes? - because we want to underline our Thanks that is due; it needs to be seen as a necessity - Food and Provision do not just appear on the table by magic,  or by chance.
Paul, writing to the Church in Rome (YES, to the Church) says in chapter 1v21 -  'Because, when they KNEW God, they did not glorify Him  (in the Amplified Bible - did not honour, or give Him Thanks, but instead became useless and godless....'
NOT ONLY do men find it easy leave God out, and even not to see or recognise His hand in all the blessings of life, they have found it easy to be thankless to one another; to their family, their husbands and wives, their friends and associates - and yes, even the people of God seem not to remember too often the words 'Thank you'.      I thank my unchurched Mother for teaching those simple words to me before I ever read the Bible.     Just think of those TEN Lepers again for a moment.     Nine of them were Jews, Israelites, The People of God and the Bible.    But 'Thanks' was not in them'.    They took their blessings, ALL of them I believe, for granted, and said nothing.    90% of the Group knew about God.    Suppose this were true also, today, about the Church, generally speaking - ninety percent of them plain selfish, and without an ounce of thanksgiving in them.      
Only ONE leper of the TEN found GRATITUDE welling up within himself, forcing him to turn back and run to THANK Him.     He was NOT a Jew, he was stranger, one they would normally kept away from as a heretic.  He was a Samaritan.     Just ten percent of the group, and they were all lepers - you might say they could have represented sinners in general;   10%  of the sinful world.    And the Bible does say we are ALL sinners, basically, but here we are told 10% might turn from their godless lives and sin, and GIVE thanks for a new life offered and given to them.      A lesser number than even Billy Graham believed came to the Lord in any one of his Crusades.     Shocking isn't it? -  what we are seeing here in Kenya, and in the society in general.     Writing to Timothy in his 2nd letter, Paul assures us that it WOULD be worse in the Last Days - and it is.       Am I being do negative, too harsh?     I wish I could believe otherwise but I cannot.       THIS IS THE TIME for all who are responsible in bringing up children to TEACH them how to be GRATEFUL, how to be Appreciative, how to be just plainly THANKFUL for EVERYTHING even the air they breathe.    The GIVER looks for Thanks,
He is coming soon.

P.S.   I apologise if you do not approve of my picture above.   I do have another of the leper kneeling before Jesus, less 'grotesque'.............but I felt in my self the REALNESS of the one in my picture; one can almost SEE the dawning of the hugeness of what he has received....and the pain of being unable to say Thank you quick enought!      I hope you will forgive me, and the artist.


MOVING ON I must explain that we have had to fight against 'ingratitude' both among the children and even staff, at times.    We still run up against it,  perhaps because we ourselves, waiting on the Lord for EVERY need, sometimes painfully, and uncomfortably, are constantly found in the case of the ONE Leper.     Thanks just flows into our eyes, and into our voice, and leaves us, as he, prostrate at the feet of THE GIVER.     Knowing Him, loving Him, and being utterly beholden to Him, how can it be otherwise.   We can do nothing but run every back into His Arms.
There are times when days run out for some of the children, grown up, and needing to stand on their own feet.   Some do not like this time, do not want to leave us, do not want to fend for themselves, and, annoyed that they MUST move on,  they often turn, like a revengeful animal, to curse us.     We find it hard to bare, but we walk with it till they finally do walk through the door.    Some have still a long way to go, and many have known little to be thankful for, prior to arriving in Testimony.     We are doing our best to teach them, against the tide of the current drift in society around them in school,  Something to pray about?     Oh YES!, and something to search our own hearts about.     Just think of a world without natural affection, or gratitude.    It IS coming.

TO THE LEFT and right, IS A MUCH USED AND PRIZED TABLE TENNIS TABLE!    It is not new.   In fact it was presented to us by brethren from Westhoughton Pentecostal Church in the UK way back in September 2012.   Pastor Martin Speed was the one to set it up and challenge the first children.  Since then it had been in constant use,  Then an accident put two of the supports out of commission, and try as we could we have been unable to obtain the needed replacement part.  Meanwhile the DEMAND for it to be in use caused it to be secured and propped up, even with bricks.      This last week DARYL  came across exactly what was needed to properly repair the table.     All it had needed was a 'caster' or roller, on a bracket!    It had to be special, and it just was not here.    BUT now Daryl has actually managed to MAKE such a fitting, and it works perfectly.     Here, in the photo, you can see it in Daryl's Office the day it was set in order and a test game played.    Great JOY among many to see it going on.    And yes we thanked the folk in Westhoughton Church, and we have thanked God for inspiring them to provide a gift that at once encourages sport and healthy entertainment whilst at the same time brings people (children and staff) together.      We are now planning to use part of the OLD Jacaranda as GAMES room, and then the Table Tennis will be installed their.

AND FINALLY THIS WEEK, a view of one of the Farm Plots.   Unseasonable weather had slowed things down a little this year, but we are beginning to catch up, and see a return to the good order of previous years.       Tomatoes are finally growing up, and their 'string' supports in place, and in the garden surrounding the Green House, vegetables are now also planted rotationally to give us an on-going supply for both the Homes and Kitchens.    The 2nd Farm plot had been given a 'Rest' and only now will it be planted out again.    A lot of activity and good help from our seniors still on vacation from College.
THE TOMATOES shown here are in their 1st Planting, and the 2nd Planting of seedlings will be going in soon to give us an ongoing crop to take us through most of the year.  This will keep the Homes AND School supplied with the chance to also SELL those we don't eat.

The retaining wall of the Swimming Pool has
also been rebuilt during the week, and all seems
well, and no sign of a deeper problem.  The wall can be seen to the right of the photo to the right..  Quite a lot of activity over the last week, and most of this due to the efforts of Daryl.   He has his hands full, but full of ideas and energy.

And LASTLY a recent photo of our our COWS.

This is our Dani!    We think she is the prettiest.  In this photo she is in her Beauty Parlour having a general beauty treatment!    She is a darling.
She has a baby heifer, but black and white.
then below are her two 'sisters' (though not related), and not so pretty.     They are all doing fairly well at present, and enjoying, if not the cold, at least plenty of grass in this current rain.
They supply all the milk for the Homes at present, and are cared for mainly by Mica Yego who is Dad in Tyndale Cottage,     He seems to be good to them, and he has a true of animals, especially cows.

We have just about used up available ground for agriculture and animal husbandry - not much; just about half an acre.     The poultry are also doing well as well, and so far we are keeping the rats at bey.
We have only two regular men working.

As we walk around, we are so grateful to all those who, over the years, have assisted us to make this small home farm possible.   The most Thanks to friends in Australia who most consistently helped us.      It has been a much appreciated benefit to us all, especially at times of financial drought!     

This week we were notified by the Bank that a donation had been discovered sent to an Account which was not closed but not currently used.      It had been sent to us last December, and had remained sitting unnoticed in the account until their last 6 monthly statement for 2017 arrived this week - and all our other Homes' accounts were empty!      What a Surprise!    What a wonderful Provision at a time of special NEED.     We were lifted up!     And our Thanksgiving was ardent and real, both to God our Father in Heaven, and to our friends in the UK who heard His Voice on our behalf, because of Jesus..     Blessed be the Name of the Lord.........more and more and more as we look around us.

Our love to you all, and our everlasting THANKS to you all in Jesus Name.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 14 April 2018


THIS IS THE SCHOOL RESERVE WATER TANK!    Half of it was buried in the ground to 50% of its height, until last night!    In the midst of a heavy thunderstorm, with appropriate Thunder and Lightening, it suddenly popped up and out of the ground, leaving it as you see it in the photo.     The Watchman, who was nearby said it was struck by Lightening about 10p.m.
However, I was not too sure about it.   If it had been full of water, as I would have thought, then it would have needed quite a 'push' from underground to make it rise up out of the hole - EVEN if such a thing could have happened!
On more enquiry I discovered it had been leaking into the ground for some time, and had in fact been slowly draining in order to have it pulled up from the ground to seek for the Leak or even replace the Tank.
On inspection the leak was found at a point around the bottom.      It seemed clear then that the leak plus continual rains for last few days had slowly 'forced' the almost empty tank UP from its bed, until it toppled over!      Amazing, but not impossible.      Not the initial picture of the power of God pulling it up out of the ground amid the awful glare of Lightening and roar of Thunder though.    The Watchman was a little disappointed the supernatural had somehow got watered down till it was less jaw dropping in the telling.
THE same night one corner of the retaining perimeter wall of the Swimming Pool also collapsed.      From the lower edge of the Pool to the wall is about 6 metres.    The ground slopes quite steeply from the pool surface level to the lower ground seen here in the foreground   It had received a considerable and substantial land fill of rock and top load of soil.       This was done in 2013, and had seemed quite secure, but the rain this last week has been VERY heavy and prolonged, so that we think the weight of the land fill shifted with the added weight of unusual water, although some provision had been made for water drainage at the bottom the wall.    Further investigation is proceeding.

Quite a night's work, and of course quite a costly one in terms of repair and replacement.    Our immediate reaction was one of "WHY now, Lord?'      Not very convenient for us.     BUT on the other hand it has confirmed that we were LOSING water, and paying for it.  Perhaps the fallen Wall may turn out an Alert, before the REST of it falls down as well!
From the aspect that ' all things work together for those who are called according to His Purpose' we should once more stand in AWE of His unending and abounding GRACE that is constantly poured out to us.

Heavy and prolonged RAIN, and dark grey leaden clouds do not make for ' joy and gladness' as is the case wherever they happen to occur.     At least they do not occur often in our case.    Our yellow buses have least advertised their bright and sunny presence during the period.
Not a lot happening otherwise, though we received a collective Gift via AENON Trust last week which enabled us to pay a good many long standing, and heavy monthly accounts.   We rejoiced greatly with Thanksgiving.       Again that Wonderful Grace of God.       We held nothing back of what came in, and gave it all out again, leaving ourselves with nothing, but our hearts awake with the knowledge of Who holds our hand and walks with us all.      All our lives entrusted, and all KEPT and sustained by HIS Grace.    In fact this coming Sunday I shall be sharing a little about Grace,

And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw into the Treasury two mites, which make a farthing..  (The Gospel of Mark 12v42-44)

JESUS had been sitting near to the Treasury in the Temple, watching how the people gave into the Treasury, and many that were rich cast in much!
Turning to His disciples, Jesus said, 'Truly I say to you, This poor widow has cast in more than all of those who have already cast into the Treasury.     They all put in what they could spare, but she cast in all she had, even all her life.'

SHE put in ALL her life!    All she had - even her very hope.    Some have said that she did this because of her love for God.   Even though this may well have been the case, I feel that she gave all she had because she knew how much God loved her.     It may have been her LAST money, just as it was the LAST of the oil in the cruse of the Widow of Zarapheth, but she BELIEVED God, and somehow was assured that she would not be destitute, and WOULD LIVE!     She believed that with nothing to sustain her in the world, God would see her, and would not let her perish.     She gave all her life ( I wonder if she had done it before )?       Yes I think so.     She knew she did not have to hang on to life - LIFE would hang on to her.
ALTHOUGH, the following Scripture was actually discussing charitable giving, I was very struck by the Amplified Bible translation to 2.Corinthians 9v8. -
'God is able to make all Grace, (every favour and earthly blessing)
come to you in abundance, so that you may always, 
and under all circumstances and whatever need,
be self sufficient (having enough to require no aid 
or support, and furnished in abundance
for every good work and charitable donation.'

God's Grace is found in His Love for us  - in HIS undeserved, unconditional, favour toward us, His son or daughter in Christ.    If we have BELIEVED and trusted in Christ Jesus to save us and to pay the price for our Forgiveness  -  then nothing can or will be able to separate us from God's love for us.
Romans 8v35-39.     If Jesus is in us, and with us, in our life, then we are kept, moment by moment, in and by His Grace.    He WILL provide our daily needs, forgiving our errors, as we also (by HIS grace) forgive others who may offend us.    And HE will set us free from temptation's lure, and lead and guide us away from all evil.

GOD does all this for us, and plants His Grace, His undeserved and unconditional love, in our hearts to GIVE out in the same measure to whoever may be brought in front of us.
BUT do we let HIS Grace control our actions toward others?     Is HIS Grace seen in us - or have we shut it away just for ourselves, whilst we reserve to others the lean ration of our own fallen appreciation of what we think others deserve.
WE tend to judge the undeserving (in our opinion) as being unworthy of our interest or concern, at times.      We often turn away from the troublesome neighbour, from the beggar we 'know' will waste what we give to him.    We often cease to want to bare or suffer one who has repeatedly failed to keep their word or promise.     We often hang back from wanting to forgive, and whens we feel short of what WE need we even soon being to grumble and moan to ourselves - and to God.    Are we then BLIND to His Grace - leaning to our own selfish appreciation of situations, people, and life in general.

JESUS tells us in Matthew 5
Resist no evil.
To him who seeks to take away your jacket, give him your overcoat as well.
Give to him that asks, and from him who would borrow, do not turn away.
Love your enemies; bless them that curse you, and pray for them who deceitfully use you.'

When many read these words, they find them selves saying that the words are not meant to be taken literally - we have a right to protect ourselves and to defend ourselves.     These people are the ones in the wrong, I do not have to consider their problem, situation or need.    It is ME, and how I feel that matters.

God's arms are always OPEN for us.     He is always waiting.      Am I?  Are my arms open for my enemy to run into, for solace - and forgiveness?      What is wrong with me, when I find myself full of judgement, criticism, and unforgiveness?      Where IS this Grace of God that the Godhead has bestowed upon ME   -    open the door of my heart LORD,  open the DOOR of my heart.....and let me say sorry, forgive me, receive of God's Love and Grace through me.

WE may need to calm down and seek for Jesus in our heart.    It may need OUR repentance.  Repentance for refusing to be honest with ourselves, and to see that all is not NAILED down to the Cross with Jesus;  that our lives are not truly TIED DOWN to the horns of the Altar.

REMEMBER Hebrews 12v14-15 especially.   It is more explicit in the Amplified Bible.

And finally - 2.Corinthians 9v7 -
'Every man according as he decided in his heart,
so let him give,
Not grudgingly, or of necessity,
for God loveth a cheerful giver.'

Yes it IS talking of giving charitably what you have, and may not be directly connected to where my thoughts are today, but I DO feel they have a very creditable application.     If I am guilty of having wrested scripture out of context unreasonably or dishonestly I ask forgiveness.

FINALLY let us Remember 'LOVE (the Grace of God) never fails'  1.Corinthians 13v1-8

All for this week.    OUR love and prayers always to each and every one.
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 7 April 2018


This is a photo 
 of an American School Bus.
All United States School Buses are painted
a particular shade of Yellow in order to make them more noticeable
to other road users and thus safer from accident.


In January of this year, the Kenya Government, announced that ALL school buses had to be painted a particular shade of YELLOW by the 31st March.      This was a Safety Measure to help ensure that all such buses were NOTICEABLY visible to other traffic and road users..    The Name of the School, and any other print must be painted in BLACK.   Again this is believed to be the best contrast to the yellow base-paint, and most easily SEEN - especially early morning, and late afternoon when the light is often not so pure or bright.      It is believed that this measure has been inspired by the fact that U.S. school buses have been painted in this manner by Law since 1939 in an effort to minimise accidents on the road when transporting school children.      Since then it has been confirmed that this measure was, and IS a definite benefit.       It has been a very costly undertaking, and our School has had to struggle in being able to convert our three existing buses to the new specifications.
Not everyone likes the new colour, but I guess it will soon become accepted and everyday.

HERE we can view one of our buses, as it is today in it's new colour!
The children at least are very excited by the change, and of course it makes each bus look almost new!      School buses had all been painted in different colours previously and were made distinctive in this way to each School - NOW one will have to LOOK  for the name more carefully, since each bus will now look the same as every other school bus!      But still, I think, a good move, and a SAFE one.


ABOVE two of our grandchildren,  DARYL's son Jesse, and daughter Becky, taken not long ago when they were 19 and 15 respectively.    Jesse is in college and Becky in her final High School year.
It is our joy to have them both still close to us, and able to share in their growing up.
We are hoping to have two more of our grandchildren whom we do not see often, visit us with our son Steven in June this year - Steve's son Eric, and Elizabeth's son John-Finney.

Apart from this little news.    Our Internet Server broke down for almost ten days, and then my computer also developed its own problems.    Glad to be back.     We had no incoming post from the 5th to 30th March!!       Please forgive us for being delayed in dealing with the backlog.

Love from us all in Jesus Name

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 31 March 2018



We have not sent a Blog for the last two Saturdays, mainly because of more activity than usual that kept me away from my computer, and ALSO this week in particular because our Internet Server had his communication net work interrupted.    The County Council cut down the POLES which carried the wiring.       We were cut off most of the week, until today Daryl hooked me up to another Server until we see where things are going.     So do not be anxious at all, we are ALL well and enjoying OUR Easter here within Testimony Faith Homes.
ON THURSDAY evening Esther and I laid on what has become a yearly event at Easter, the Remembrance of the Passover and Last Supper.     We had Daryl, Carol, and the family joining in with us this year, and had a very blessed time together.       After the Meal we spent time in prayer and singing hymns until quite late into the evening.
FRIDAY MORNING saw all in the School Hall for our Good Friday Service of Bible Readings, following the events from Gethsemane to the Crucifixion and Death of our Lord Jesus.   Many of our staff took part in sharing as we went event by event following Matthew 27.  Then Wycliffe Ondanga gave a Message.  The sun shone warmly throughout, and we enjoyed great peace in the midst of our remembrances.         Later, in the evening our son, Steven, who had been on business in Zambia, arrived to spend the night and Saturday with us before returning to the UK.    It was a very special joy to see him with us, and at such a time.    Regretfully he has to fly out of Eldoret quite early in the morning in order to connect with his International Flight from Nairobi, and so will not be with us for the Sunday Service.
AND SO TO SUNDAY, and the JOY of KNOWING Jesus is ALIVE, and RISEN from the tomb.  Again we shall be together, and this time tears giving way to Happiness and Joy as we once more Break Bread, and share together, our Love for Him with each other.     This year I shall be speaking, and have felt led to begin with the story of the Widow of Nain's son whom Jesus raised from the dead, and concluding with the death and resurrection of Jesus Himself, and the present Assurance we have of Him, ALIVE in our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit to work with us and walk with us for ever.
TRULY we know that DEATH has lost it's sting, it's dread and fear, for we are held by the hand of He who ROSE from DEATH, and who knows the way, having overcome all, and will take us through into EVERLASTING LIFE secure and safe, and unscathed.    We are SAFE.

The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
HE makes me to lie down in green pastures;
he leadeth me by still waters!
He restores my soul;  he leadeth me 
in the paths of righteousness, for His Name's sake.
YES!  though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I shall fear no evil;
for YOU are WITH ME
Your rod and staff shall comfort me.
Psalm 23v1-4

Our Father in Heaven, comfort you and make you to REJOICE in the Fellowship of His Son, giv ing you Peace, Health, and your daily need, till He comes again.
Lovingly from us all 

John, Esther, and EVERYONE in TFH