Saturday, 14 January 2017


OUR DAUGHTER ELISABETH was born on the 13th January 1977 in Kitale Hospital, Kenya.   I was back in Eldoret entertaining guests from UK.      AND now here she is with her husband, Prem, and their two children, Rachel to the left and John-Finney on the right.      .We don't get to see them often -though Liz was with us for fortnight last year, just on her own.     We have always let our Father in Heaven order our times with our children and grandchildren in the UK, since they all chose to reside there, and work there.    I arrived in Kenya, single, in December 1968.    Then in 1972 I was there with Esther, married, and our first son, Steven was born in Truro.     Then again in 1983, eleven years later.       again in 1994, and again in 2003, 06, and 2011.    But though we do not see them often our joy is in knowing they all keep close to each other, and with the Lord our God.
In the next photo, to the left, she is seen carrying baby James Manu, our adopted son born in 1984 when Lizzy was seven! She went to Primary School with us, and is seen to the right (front left) in her 8th Class. Photo above right.
After completing her schooling here she was accepted in my old Bible College, The I.B.T.I. in Burgess hill, Sussex, where she met Prem, her husband to be.      They married in Chennai, India, in 2000 and then later returned to Rochdale in Lancashire, England, where
Prem in Pastoring.

We always rejoice when Birthdays come round once more and we see the Faithfulness of God in keeping each part of our family safe and sound in the Faith together, in LOVE.
Esther and I both had difficult family lives as children, and saw little but pain in our parents relationships.  For us to look back and see the Happiness our children have enjoyed, and their own children have grown up in, means so much.     We did nothing but pray and entreat our God to be Merciful and Kind to them for our sake.

Liz was 40  on the 13th of this Month, Her brother Michael will be 43 on the 27th and Steven will be 45 on June 16th.      By the way notice, if you can, our son Michael's wife Janet Mwangi, 2nd from the right in front of the Standard 8 photo.     I wonder if either knew they might be married then!!?
SO Michael will be NEXT on the 27th, then Manu will hit his 33rd in April,  John will hit his 77th in May, then Steven in June and Esther's 73rd in August.  And this does not include grandchildren, and all those coming after at the latter end of the year.   And everyone a cause of JOY and Thanksgiving.   God IS SO good.

TOMORROW,  in the afternoon, we are holding a Going Away Party for three of our boys and one of our girls who all found work and accommodation, and now leave TFH to begin their very own independant life.     ALL the Family resident will come together to give them a Real Send Off.  There will be a Special Cake,  Prayer,  a Bible and small monetary gift for each, and the assurance that they will always be welcome home for a 'Cup of Tea' anytime.    Photographs next week hopefully

TODAY, ABOUT 5 P.M. our time,  Esther and I are to be visited by old friends of Esther's whom she knew when still teaching - before she even knew me - Jack and Mercy Fry from USA, together with three others with them on a special 'trip'.     Should be quite interesting, and hopefully also a very happy occassion.     We are looking forward.
Some have asked if we could share more about what we Believe, as Christians and also how we operate and run Testimony Faith Homes.      This time I will briefly run through our Aims & Objects, together with our Tenets of Faith, but I am in the midst of updating our Fundamental Principles first laid down in 1970, and revised a little in 1980.      Once I have completed I will consider putting it all on our Web-site.    
AIMS AND OBJECTS  (Extracted from our Constitution 1973)
a)     To give to all who have eyes to see, a visible proof that God is now and always a Living God, responding to the prayers of all who trust in Him, through Jesus Christ, by establishing a NON-PROFIT MAKING and NON DENOMINATIONAL work of Faith in God alone, for the residential care and education of the orphaned and destitute children of Kenya.

b)       To set up Residential Homes for such orphaned and destitute children and young people who have been deprived of the benefits of responsible family life, and where each such child or young person may feel loved and cared for; in which they may find only a sincere and gentle instruction in the fundamental Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the intention that each such child or young person might become a dedicated Christian man or woman, and an upright member of the Nation of Kenya.

c)         That in accordance with (a) above the financial structure is based on Faith in God, and that through Prayer HE will provide.    For this reason TFH will not enter into any publicity openly soliciting funds, neither will they openly apply for any financial assistance from any public or private body, except when voluntarily invited to do so by the body concerned.     Being  non-profit making, no income will be, in any way, shared out, allocated or given to any individual as a dividend or payment (apart from contracted salaries paid out to those employed) but instead be applied to running the project, any surplus being ploughed back


a)      Testimony Faith Homes accepts the Bible as its all sufficient Rule of Faith and Practice, believing that both the Old and New Testaments are the Inspired Word of God, infallible, and Authorative at all times and in all circumstances.

b)      Testimony Faith Homes accepts the content of the Apostles Creed as a basis of Faith.

c)      Testimony Faith Homes believes that all men are concluded to be sinners, and under the Wrath of God, condemned to Death, and awaiting Hell,  -  needing Salvation. 

d)     Testimony Faith Homes believes that ALL men need to be Saved, and that Salvation may only be found through Repentance toward God, through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Redemptive work wrought on Calvary's Cross.    That Baptism in Water provides a clear witness and testimony of what has been believed in the heart of a true believer -  1.Peter 3v21 and 1.John 5v5-10

e)      Testimony Faith Homes believes that the INWARD EVIDENCE of such Salvation is from the direct witness of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8v16) and that the outward manifestation is in a NEW LIFE of righteousness and true holiness  ( Ephesians 4v24 and Titus 2v12)., and that thereafter growth in Sanctification will progressively take place.

f)       Testimony Faith Hones believes that the Ministry of the Holy Spirit is to be seen working in and through all believers through the Gifts and Graces which He severally gives to each one, as he pleases.     (1.Corijthians 12v1-31)  for the care, encouragement, and comfort of the Body of Christ - the Church.    

We run a Christian Fellowship with a responsible Pastor and Chaplain.      He arranges our Sunday Service, and also regulary visits all the Children's Homes and Hostel week by week..    He also holds prayer and Bible Study Meetings for all our staff through the week, and also TWO weekly Christian Unions attended by all the students in the School.        His name is Pastor Wykliffe Ondanga, and he is an Ordained Protestant Minister. .     His wife, Miriam, is our Head of Nursery School.      Pastor and I actually share a lot of ministry as well.     We Thank the Lord that by His Grace we see a weekly Harvest brought into the Kingdom.

All for this time.     Our visitors have just left after a wonderful time of fellowship.    Our Love to you all, from all of us in the Name of Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 7 January 2017


NINE YEARS of writing this Blog has now gone by!   Some 471 Saturdays, covering an average of 3 pages each, giving an approximate total of 1,413 pages of approximately 593,460 words.!  Wow!  And I still have this current year to complete to make the DECADE!      Well I am left with a very interesting record of life here;  I am glad I kept it going.      But if by God's Grace, I manage to get to the end of THIS year- THEN I think I will end it there.       It is a good record, and reflects well the preceding three decades of being part of Testimony Faith Homes in Eldoret, Kenya.    We shall see!
THIS IS ELECTION YEAR, and as usual the Government is beginning get the jitters, and there is a lot of tinkering with the existing Election Laws once again.     Everyone wanting to hang on to what they have - especially their 'seats'- in order to increase their chances of adding to their hope of increasing 'their' gain.      It is hard to see how this reflects the Governments desire to improve the Country,  or even the individual Members of  Parliament desire to improve the Government.   It is expected the Election will take place around August this year.
We pray that the RAINS will have come and relieved the continuing DRYNESS before the water entirely gives up on us, and maybe leave no one still living here that can vote.

SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY including ours have now re-opened. and the hum of 700 extra kids on the compound has replaced the almost total quietness of our resident 150 souls.
So far there is still a little water circulating in the taps, but 800 continual calls upon our sanitary facilities may not be sustainable..............a very real threat to our comfort and our hygiene.

It shows the assembled Staff and Students of 
The International Bible Training Institute in front of Hook House
where I, and later our daughter Elisabeth studied the Bible.

I am not in this photo, but was just about to arrive with a dear brother from Derbyshire, Frank Ford, who was studying through with me.     At the end he married and went to SPAIN and I, still unmarried, went off to KENYA, each of us finding the Calling of the Lord faithful and true.    Frank died late in 2016 and left a flourishing church and congregation, the fruit of another fifty years - about - of dedicated ministry.
Dr. Henry Joseph
IBTI  was a College concerned with training young people who wanted to serve the Lord in Evangelism and Pastoral work mainly overseas, not not exclusively so.   It was not well funded or in any way Endowed, and looked entirely to God to answer prayer for its maintenance and progress.   I learnt much there that prepared me for the rest of my life here in Kenya.   And I also met a young Indian brother who was leaving as I left. Dr. Henry D. Joseph from Chennai, who was to commence his own Bible School and a chain of churches, children's homes.      He remains very much alive today in Chennai, the grandfather of my son in law, Prem Joseph, currently pastoring in Rochdale, Lancashire our daughter Elisabeth.     THEY met in IBTI as they also studied Bible together, and were married in Chennai in 2000.      So many links in a life............

AND HERE WE ARE AT THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER YEAR.      At the beginning of the 48th year of our existence.     No longer one small family of 8 but THREE family cottage homes containing more than 90 today.   It was meant that each home would be FAMILY for whoever the Lord sent, totally integrated with the married couple and their own kids in each house. We did not envisage that any would leave before  they were able - after school, college, or university and having found a job      TODAY that has had to change since the Kenya Government has insisted that no person 18 or over can be permitted to live in a Children's Home.     This has forced us to separate those boys or girls over 18 into separate Hostels until they are able to leave - yes they remain on our compounds, but not supposed to MIX with the 'families' they grew up with since they 'arrived'   It has affected many of them very badly - as if they were suddenly orphaned again.    We have had talks with Government about this, but to no avail, and we found no sympathy for any of  our points of view - BUT, at least the children have not been thrown out;    were not cast out into the street, and in the end I think it will not be so bad.       ON the other hand we have found another factor that has crept in upon us recently, in the last eighteen months.        Most of those coming to the Homes are brought by the Children's Department, and we have stressed we only wish to help children who have lost Mother AND Father, and who have no family willing or able to care for them.    HOWEVER, cases brought to us with this understanding are suddenly discovering Family and Relatives OUTSIDE, who, now that the children are nearing a time when they will commence work and earn a living, begin to introduce themselves.     Of course their lack of interest during all the years previously does not go disregarded with our young people,      BUT now there are those among us who feel that those children who suddenly find themselves with long lost family and relatives, should be repatriated to them post hast, and save US the cost of keeping them.    This is also a government policy - even though when these 'repatriates' are sought after the so called 'relatives' back off and even disappear.   Blood is obviously not always thicker than water, and Christian Charity not always based on belief in God's Faithfulness to provide to the conclusion of a need..      WE began by promising every child we would always stand by and with them till they could stand on their own feet, regardless,    SOME have had to leave us (very few) over the years due to getting mixed up in crime outside, but we have never lost sight of them.         This remains HOME, a home for the homeless.        It is unlikely that we will easily agree to seeing children, who grew up with us,  ceasing to think of TFH as home, and ourselves as their family,  and also see them  yanked back and away to an unloving, and even uncaring life among the family that in the first place deserted them.        Pray for , and for all of us seeking to walk in God's Will and Purpose to stand against these trends.      A very REAL challenge for the Year, and perhaps the Future ahead.

Love your Family and hang on to them; they need you.        Always persevere with them.

Much Love to you all,

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 31 December 2016


THE HOURS AND MINUTES ARE TICKING AWAY the last of 2016 as we await to 'Jump' into 2017.     And as we do so our thoughts continually hark back over the year, and to all the Wonderful ways in which we, here in TFH,  have been loved and cared for by all of you - all the ;Family' that we have been joined to in Jesus.    Bless you ALL and make THIS NEW YEAR especially memorable and a 'bench mark' for all that is to come.    WE are on tip-to watching and praying for His 2nd Advent!    Be Expectant!!

Please forgive me for not blogging last week!
Christmas just overwhelmed me, and time and opportunity to sit down at the computer just vanished!
We had a marvellous Christmas, and were Blessed.     NOW, this evening, as we will wait up to midnight together, each home, including Green Cottage, will be removing the decorations, so that we can enter 2017 quite free of the trappings of the year behind us.    There will be lemonade and soda, and the crackle of crisps as we fellowship together.  Then at the stroke of midnight everyone will converge on Testimony House with shouts of JOY, and all the sirens and hooters in the entire town will begin to scream and wail with both Farewell and Welcome for the Old and Passing Year, and the Coming and expectant NEW.     May God go with us all, with courage, faith, and JOY, as we realise He is with us, and with us to SAVE us from all fear and anxiety, known and unknown.    GLORY be to GOD on High!

HERE is a cutting from the British Newspaper printed in April 1917, ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago,announcing the United States decision to enter the Great (or 1st) World War that had begun in 1914, becoming a partner with the United Kingdom of Great Britain.  The World was in a state of serious unrest, conflict and insecurity which continued through the whole of 1917.    This War, though called the GREAT War, and thought to be the War to end all wars,  was in fact to see an even WORSE and greater war open up 23 years later.    Even then the world continued to see MORE wars, and there is talk and whispers even in our day that a 3rd World World could be just around the corner.     All over the planet men and women feel insecure and ill at ease.   Tonight, around the world there will riotous,exhilarated hilarity and merrymaking as this New Year is welcomed in.    Millions will be awash with strong spirits of alchol seeking to FORCE themselves into a state of delusions happiness, wilfully shoving aside the spectre of what may be coming upon them.    Let us beware of making ourselves happy, whilst at the same time leaving ourselves off guard and unguarded; unprepared and unprotected for what is yet to come upon the earth.     (Thought you may be interested to see what 1917 British Soldier was waring then.   Very cumbersome and even somewhat stressful to the wearer.     The current soldier probably is more mobile and free - maybe even more encouraging to look at - either way soldiers die; are dying every day.    Let us not glory in war and killing.     What has it ever brought to our children and grandchildren?    Only the fear and threat of more war, more death and loss of life, more grief and sorrow.        We NEED the Prince of PEACE to come.     He who IS the only MAKER OF TRUE PEACE.     We need HIM to come soon.

TODAY we are once more WARNED that there is a water shortage in Eldoret, and that as from next week they will only be supplying water on Tuesdays and Fridays - just for a few hours !!
POWER & LIGHTING have also warned that due to lack of water in the rivers +++ they will also expect to cut of supplies / or ration / electricity since there is not enough water power to turn the turbines in the dams and so on....! Rather bleak news.     On the other hand last night we had two hours down pour at night!   But the Weather Department are sticking to their prediction that there will NO RAIN before April!!!      But God is not on their staff, so we may still believe He will act independently and SEND the rain - at least enough to see us through.    Pray with us - for TFH  and also for all the people of Eldoret.

ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK  School and Colleges AND Universities will open.    We have been able to get TWO of our three university students off already, and for the rest we remain in prayer, knowing that He knows about each one of them.     TWO of our senior boys will be leaving the Homes also next week, having both found lodging and employment.     A good start.    We are greatly heartened because of them.          BUT the Government has decided this week that they have been marking Secondary Examinations in error and put a new system in place for the Examination just taken.    The initial Result has been that only 147 students have managed to attain A and some did not even attain a B.       WE did not have one A but a few Bs.        The Entrance requirement for University has been dropped to C+.      This has been a HUGE shock for everyone, and it is difficult to see exactly how the Ministry of Education are going to now proceed.     Poor students for they are the ones who are constantly having to grapple with new Government Policies that come to dislocate and generally disorientate the whole process of learning without any warning.     We ourselves may have to consider closing our own Secondary Department and just concentrate on Primary School for the time being - but no snap decisions; we shall patiently wait and see how the year will proceed educationally.    We shall need wisdom.

I shall be sending out Thank You notes for Christmas Gifts received Aenon, and others, together with the last Update of the Year.        Have a Wonderful awakening to a New Year.    We shall be praying by your sides all the way.    God Bless keep and undertake for you all.

Lovingly in the Name of Jesus

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 17 December 2016


ON MONDAY, THE 12TH we were glad to receive one of our Old Boys who grew up with us in Testimony House, Justin Kiprono.    He came to introduce us to his fiancee, Georgia, and her little daughter Alicia.   They plan to marry in October, God Willing, next year.    Justin has been working in South Africa as a Youth Pastor, and is currently now in Nairobi working in Nairobi Chapel in a similar capacity.    He came to us when he was just four years old in March 1986.   He had, when a baby, fallen into a charcoal fire, and was seriously burned on his head, and parts of the body.   His hair has never grown and so he usually covers it with a cap to hide the scarring.      It was so lovely that he wanted us to meet Georgia.   We have always been close and felt proud that he should want us to get to know her.    She also loves the Lord Jesus, and also works in the office of Nairobi Chapel in the City.    In the photo left to right - Justin, Alicia, Georgia, Me, Esther, and our grand daughter Abigail.

TO THE LEFT a photo of daughter Helen, Baby Abigail and Esther.     Helen and Abigail will be with until the 28th when they will be returning to Nairobi to begin the first School Term - Helen as a Teacher in Pre Primary and Abigail as part of another pre-primary every day;    Abigail is now Two years and nine months.   I shall miss Abby a lot since we kind of gel, and spend a lot of time together.   She has been an unexpected blessing to me in particular.

AT LAST THE SUMMER HAS COME.   Three or more predicted months of clear skies,  heat, and dryness.    The River Sosiani which flows through Eldoret Town is almost dry already, and water still rationed.       It will be interesting to see how we shall get through this Dry Season with a population more than thirty two times greater than the 40,000 it was in 1972 when we first arrived here.     And we expect to have Christmas in the Sun.     NEXT Saturday will be Christmas Eve, and we shall no doubt have our evening Meeting under the stars in front of Testimony House as we have been doing.     Might try to get a photo or two onto the Blog if I can.

Every year we have endeavoured to have a Christmas Concert about the 22nd, but this year we shall not be doing so.   We just have not found the time - BUT we will be still taking a Team Carol Singing on Christmas Eve.    The children just love this.   We usually send out a couple of mini vans to go around the district.     They are always very appreciated, and are often singing up to Midnight.

LAST SUNDAY, was the 3rd Sunday of ADVENT, the 2nd before Christmas Day.    The Topic for the Day was JOY, and we began the day with a short Message shared with ALL our children and staff during the Morning Service based on the Question IS THIS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU?     Is it Good News to YOU that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to be our Saviour - your Saviour?   Does it make you want to SHOUT with JOY?   DOES this NEWS lift a LOAD from your shoulders and give you HOPE?   It did to the Shepherds caring for their sheep.  It did to the wise men who had watched and waited to see the Star!   It HAS to millions who have lived ever since     -      WHY?
Because they all felt in danger of God's Anger and condemnation of themselves because they were sinners.   They were aware deep in themselves that their lives were unable to come up to God requirements, and as a result they believed God wold demand their lives one day, and that they (their very spiritual selves) would DIE.   Trapped in a body infected by Sin, they had no way of escape, either from the Sin itself, or the Judgement incurred by it.
TODAY, because of SIN everyone will still be judged and condemned to death - nothing has changed except humanity's AWARENESS of their need of forgiveness.   BUT the Good News IS that our Father in Heaven has provided a means of ESCAPE from Sin, and at the same time has provided a way for every sin committed by any one of us to be BLOTTED OUT AND FORGIVEN.      SURELY THIS OUGHT TO BE, must be Good News - if we believe that we are condemned sinners waiting to die.   DO YOU BELIEVE IT?    It was Good News for the Shepherds for they believed in God, and feared He would judge them for their imperfections.  They believed that the SOUL that sins must DIE -  Eternally.        THEY also felt hopeless in relation to their life on Earth for they were oppressed and suppressed the Roman Colonial Power, and full of FEAR at every turn.        It was a world very like our own in many ways.     But the ANGEL said FEAR NOT!  Here is Good news - there is one born to SAVE you from all our sins and all our anxieties.
CHRISTMAS reminds us of that BIRTH, of that man child BORN TO SAVE US.   His Name if Jesus.
We should WAKE UP from ignorance and unbelief to FAITH and TRUTH.   WE need to become aware and conscious of our condition, and turn to our only HOPE of deliverance and healing - and just run to Jesus; to the babe of Bethlehem who grew up to BE our SAVIOUR; able to Redeem, Rescue and present us perfect to God.     A Friend indeed, and a Friend in need who promises to walk with and never leave any one of us who trusts in Him.     The Bible tells us His Name means 'GOD with us', and the Apostle Paul says 'IF God is for us / WITH us, then WHO (and what) can be against us?'
I am FREED from fear, anxiety and all apprehension.    GOD is now my helper, keeper, and everlasting Salvation.

JESUS sets the captives free,
bursts their bonds asunder;
fetters break and dungeons fall,
oh, the wondrous story,
this Salvation's free to all,
Glory!  Glory! Glory!

THANK YOU to all those who have written in over this last week.    We are encouraged and cared for truly by the Love of God moving your hearts.     May HE also bless you in return, and give you an increasing JOY and EXPECTATION through the coming week

Lovingly and thankfully on behalf of all our staff and children

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 10 December 2016


THIS IS JOHN MATUMBWE, who has just recently joined Testimony Bakery, having completed his training.    John came to us in October 2004 when he was approximately ten years old.   He had been taken into the Eldoret Street Children's Centre; he was virtually abandoned there in fact.     John also had a hearing problem in both ears which had been totally neglected, and we soon realised that he was close to being totally DEAF.      But on the other hand he had learnt to 'Lip-read' and providing he was facing you, he could communicate quite well.
We experimented with 'deaf aids' of one kind and another but he just was unable to keep them for long, and these facilities are very expensive.   He has done without them so far, though we hope he will give them another try later on.     He is able to speak good English and Swahili, but he was unable to keep up any academic progress.    He was always interested in cooking, and loved to be in ANY kitchen.     NOW he is a baker, earning a regular wage, and in January he will be starting out in his own rented room,       John is not very tall, but very strong and physically able.   A very likeable young man, and enjoys helping to make our Bread,    However he is a little apprehensive about living alone, after living in a large family group such as  ours.     WE think he will overcome his anxieties about this, and, as many others before him, that he end up enjoying himself;    He is 20 right now, 21 in October next year.   He is is SO delighted to be working for TFH., and is quite self reliant in every way.   We feel very GLAD for him.   And he loves Jesus too, His biggest JOY.

We have TWO other staff in the Bakery with John,
David Ndegwa and Stanley Kipkoech, the Manager,
Edward Green who underwent a leg operation a few months back is now back at work but has moved to our Maintenance Department.       We have been happy to be able to find employment INSIDE Testimony Faith Homes for many of our children after concluding their education/training.    Of course we cannot provide for ALL of them, but at present we have 13 working with us in administration, maintenance, teaching, finance and agriculture.

ONE if the two young man I advertised as looking for work has now been employed in Property Development (Benson CHEGE).   Quite a big number will also join others needing a job opportunity by June next with us.
Please join us in prayer that doors will open.


ABOVE IS A PHOTO FROM 1987 of those who joined our Primary School in 1983 and 1987 in Classes 1 to V11.    Top left - Mr. Stephen Mwaura and Mr. Anthony Ndungu.   Then, also from left.
Mrs. Gachengechia;,  Mrs. Towett;   Mrs. S. Iraya;  Mr.J. Lwangu;   Mr. T. Mbatiah;   Mr. P. Wakaba;  Mr. J. Gitari;   Mr. Simon Anderson.     Other were to join this initial team, and many more have come and gone since,  each making a contribution great or small to the growth of what has become a well know Nursery, Primary and Secondary School.    I do thank God especially for those in this photo who stepped out in faith with us to achieve a Landmark for God.
LASTLY, FOR THIS WEEK, here is a photo of me with our adopted son James Manu aged 2.    He and I were best pals and as the years went on he became a source of much joy and happiness to me and Esther.
In the second photo, to the right we are together again nine years later,       He continued through High School to University and ultimate employment in Eldoret's Referral and Teaching Hospital.    He is 33 now and still single.
Also currently unemployed and not very happy with life.   We pray much for him.      He once loved Jesus, but has turned away.     Paul said he had no delight in those who turned away.      Neither do I, because in turning they leave not only the God who loves them, but all those - in Him - who also love them, who instead of delight, find only pain and unhappiness in seeing them in decline and misery in this world.      BUT we believe God that, having once permitted Manu to reach out and grasp Salvation in and through Christ Jesus, He will never finally LET HIM GO.      God is faithful.   He is not like us.     I believe in the End Manu will break through into the sunlight, and find peace and deliverance from all his current distress and confusion.   Please do pray with us for him.

Well we are well into the Season of ADVENT when the Church is supposed to remember the Coming of the Saviour of the World, AND also looks forward to the Day when He will Come Again.   This is the THIRD Sunday, and we usually focus on the JOY there is in Receiving, Possessing, and Serving King Jesus.       The world itself seems to have become oblivious to it all; ashamed even, and perhaps also too 'grown up' to believe it any more.      Instead we are choked with sex, violence, perversion of every kind, and a kind of possessive GREED for material satisfaction.     Time for Jesus to COME as KING,  and clean us and world up.       Any time now........I want to be found ready and waiting!  I want to be found LIKE HIM   (consider seriously and personally 1. John 2v28-3v3).     God be CLOSE to you all, and precious to your heart also.      He IS coming.

Lovingly in His Name,
John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 3 December 2016


BACK TO 1991 AND OUR SEVEN PRIMARY SCHOOL GRADUATES, PHOTOGRAPHED IN MOMBASA!.    They were all together with their Standard V111 Class as part of the program for their Closing Primary Year,     They managed a  Sight Seeing Tour which gave them a lot of pleasure as well as memorable learning experience.      Mombasa  is more than 800 kilometres from Eldoret
and none of those who went on this School Trip twenty five years ago had ever been to the coast or seen the sea!.     All of those in the photo were between 13 and 14 at the time;  They all went on to four years in Secondary School, and then a further two years professional training.    They are all still in touch with us, with exception of Isaac Kiplagat (in the jersey Right-front)  - he trained as a chef,      IN THE PHOTO from the left - Samuel Kabera, a musician working in Nairobi.  Antony  Muhati, currently primary teacher, and School Life Saver in Nairobi;  James Tsindakha, currently working in chemical Research industry in Nairobi;    Francina Emsley, married with one daughter, engaged in her own business, in Nairobi;  Francis Ngigi, currently teaching Carpentry and Joinery in the Eldoret Probation Technical Training Hostel;   Boniface Muhati currently working in the private tourist industry as a very successful chef.    And lastly Isaac who we hear is also working as hotel chef, but we have not heard from him for some many years.     Antony and Boniface Muhati are brothers, as also Samuel Kabera and Francis Ngige.   We were to have them all with us until they completed all their training, and we have good memories of them all.......and, of course, so very many others who have come to be with us over the years.

ABOVE IS A PHOTO OF THIS YEAR'S FORM 1V GRADUATING CLASS FOR OUR HIGH SCHOOL.   It was taken just before Exams began in November with their Teachers in front, and their Headmistress, Mrs. Angela Omobe standing to the left.     Their Farewell Luncheon at the close of Exams took place last Wednesday.    It was an exceptionally happy and pleasant occasion for all, and we now await expectantly for the Results to be released soon.


SOMETIME in February this year, one of our eighteen year old girls was found to be with child.
She had completed Secondary School with us last year, and had been with us since 2004 when she was just eight.   She had been hoping to pursue a Course in Nursing or Teaching, but all came to a stop. The man involved (he was from outside of the Homes) almost immediately left the town........
The baby, a boy, was born in early November, was allowed to stay with his mother in the Jean Potts Hostel.       But then about three weeks ago he became sick and was taken to Hospital.     He was coughing when admitted, and then that night became worse and had to be put on Oxygen.   He was found to have an enlarged heart, and treatment began accordingly.    His Mother was also with him in the Hospital for the next three or so weeks, and had the pain and anxiety of watching her child grow weaker until he finally passed away yesterday (Friday) evening.     We have just brought her home.
Her future with us is uncertain, but we shall seek the Lord to lead and guide us.    Please pray for her. Her name is Elisabeth.        When something like this happens, (and it has only happened three times in 47 years), it tests our concept of making each of our Homes as a Family giving each child the security and love that ought to be theirs.     For the most part, and as with Elisabeth, there are no blood relatives who will step in to help or support, no place to run to for shelter.    That is why they came to us......for Better or for Worse?     Yes, in some respect, although we HAVE had to turn SOME out due to repeated and unregretted bad behaviour.   On those occasions we have to ask the Children's Department to step in.    Those concerned have all been over 16,     We still keep in touch if we can, and even help where it is possible.     We would like to say we WIN every heart to Jesus, but this is not the case; at least not while they are with us.     But the Word of God IS sown, and prayers do continue for each and every one.


TODAY  we had still been unable to pay our staff.     A lot of prayer was going up.....nothing seemed to be coming down .... just one of those days.      We have many staff who are not resident with us and come in daily.   It can be very difficult for them if funds are not forthcoming at the end of the month.  They do not make a clamour, but rather go about their work happily, just the same.   But WE feel concerned for them, when we are waiting on the Lord.        Having prayed, and talking to Daryl this morning about 10a.m. with not a cent in the Bank or in our combined pockets,  I could see he was feeling a little stressed.       He has to be in Nairobi next week from Monday to Friday, at Meetings he has no option but to attend.    He knew it would be a hard week if  prayers continued to go unanswered.
Just an hour later our Bank rang (they knew our situation) and advised us that a Gift had come to the Bank for us - a Gift that has made it possible to satisfy our staff, AND demonstrate once more that God DOES here our prayers, AND answers them if we will only WAIT believing!

Outside , right now, the skies here are leaden, and heavy.   There is a strong wind, and the atmosphere round our locality is quite tempestuous.      I think there were some, this morning, who felt a little anxious, perhaps encouraged by the weather, to ask of the Lord 'Don't you care that we perish?' YES, we are rebuked when we are then confronted by truth - that our 'faith' was failing, rather more than his care of us.    THUS AGAIN we are delivered, our hearts set at rest, and our need assuaged - though indeed we ARE ashamed to have been anxious - at all!.  Let close this week with the words of one of John Newton's hymns.    I probably have quoted them before.   Please forgive me,  

Why should I charge my soul with care?
The wealth in every mine, belongs to Christ, God's Son and Heir,
And He's a Friend of mine.

Yes,  He's a Friend of mine,
and He with me doth all things share;
Since all is Christ's and Christ is mine,
Why should I have a care?
For Jesus is a Friend of mine.

God Bless, and bless again, dear friends and fellow pilgrims on the Road to Heaven and Home.  We stand with you also in our prayers and Thanksgiving, and He will answer us - and Bless you.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 26 November 2016


I JUST CANNOT RESIST a good photo of Elephants.    These are from Tanzania just in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro.    Wonderful beasts, and still being destroyed by poachers.    These are in all probability DEAD and those wonderful TUSKS either turned into some Chinese Aphrodisiac or just Burned by the Government after being taken from the poachers.     It all seems so very sad and totally without any reason.    SO MANY of our animal species are becoming, or already are, EXTINCT!! We,( Mankind), are supposed to be so advanced in our intelligence, yet it this generation most of all that is ploughing blindly ahead ignorantly - and even knowledgeably - destroying our environment. This is madness, and not the kind of wisdom that comes from God.     It comes from the selfish heart of Man himself.
THIS WEEK, has been rather an ordinary week - a lot of RAINY and sunless days.    As if to compliment this sudden greyness, with the children forced indoors, and staff a little over stressed, troubles tend to also occur.     BUT, life continues and the Lord walking with us helps to disperse the clouds of discontent and and dullness..      For me, with a very active two + year old, demanding attention, the week has been fairly full, and I have taken on a new calling as a Day Care Companion to Baby Abigail Green.     She is a doll, but she sure puts me to the test of physical endurance.   Can I endure to the end....?    Only four more weeks.......!***
THE FORM 1V NATIONAL EXAMS have now finished, except for a few special Subjects which will come late next week.      Then we shall have their Farewell Luncheon - and yet another Parting Word from yours truly, the Guest of Honour..     This time I have a mixed 10 minute bag.   I shall start with a word from Marcus Aurelius  -
'When you arise in the morning
think what a precious privilege it is to 

And to close to short quotes from Sir Winston Churchill -  Both are well known.  The first says -

'Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
If you are going through hell KEEP GOING!
You have enemies?  Good!
That means you are standing up for something, sometimes in your life.'

The second is an excerpt from a Speech given by Churchill in October 1941, about eighteen months into the 2nd World War - a Speech also given to College Students -

'NEVER GIVE IN!  Never give in.
Never, never, never, never, NEVER!
.In nothing great or small, large or petty, NEVER GIVE IN!
EXCEPT in conviction of honor and good sense.'
Sir Winston Churchill  1874-1965


IT IS ALMOST A YEAR since the Testimony House Family moved out to make way for those BOYS who were over 18 and spread in each of
the then FOUR families.     It was not to our liking that this had to happen, and this year we had to also move all the over 18 GIRLS out of their family homes to the NEW Jean Potts Hostel for Girls.   This, as you remember, in order to comply with Government policies regarding how Children's Homes have to be run.     Testimony House ceased to be a Children's Home in December 2015 and became a Hostel for Boys only,      All the children, under 18, who had lived in Testimony House as a Family of all ages and sexes suddenly found themselves shared out in different families with new parents and new siblings.    It was a huge change and many found it very harrowing.     But we Thank God, who helped both them and the parents to cope with the situation, and to within a year, bring peace and harmony.      The  Government had wanted us to billet all our over eighteens in hostels or rented accommodation OUTSIDE of our own accommodation entirely, in the town; an arrangement so destructive of all we had tried to build up that we could not agree.     We again Thank God that when we laid our hearts and concerns in front of the Kenya Children's Office they quickly saw the good sense of keeping our young adults with us still, on our own property, but in separate accommodation.      It was for them a compromise, and for us a very definite answer.      So far it has worked well, and 'families' have not been completely torn apart.
We are still all together, able to fellowship, and worship together.

DARYL was in Nairobi again this week, on Thursday.     We have had to add two more Trustees this year, and it takes usually a long time - this Application began in 2005!!!     Endless papers had to be signed, and this week, the Lands Office demanded Daryl went himself personally to Nairobi to sign one more document.    We now hope to see Registration completed sometime in January 2017.  Phew.
BUT it is good since the Trustees are responsible to hold all the Titles to the Land we occupy and without their consent no land can be sold, or used for any alternative purpose other than for children's services including education.    There are FIVE Trustees.     Daryl is one, Esther and I,  plus Anthony Ndungu, Principal of the School, and Rev Francis Wainaina, who is currently resident in the UK.                      
It has rained heavily again this afternoon, so we may not run out of water just yet.   God hears all our prayer.     We Think of you all so often.    Thank you for just being there with us on the road.    A dear brother in Christ and God's kingdom passed away this week.    Frank Ford and I were students together in I.B.T.I for our Bible training.   We were good pals,    He married another student called Carol, and they have been ministering in Spain for as long as I have been here.    May the Lord comfort the family, and sustain the fruit of Frank and Carol's  ministry.
AGAIN our love to you always in His Mighty and All :Prevailing Name

John, Esther and Daryl Green