Thursday, 13 December 2018

THEY DO SAY THAT SILENCE IS GOLDEN.    I guess it can be better than talking too much, but WE have just not seemed to have the time, among many other things that daily can interrupt the day,preventing our sitting  down to write.    Thus the delay in displaying our Top  Eleven Primary Students who sat this year's Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.      They did well over all, and Number One was the son of Johanna Nanjelo, one of the very first children to come to us in 1969.  He scored  431 points out of 500.  Johanna passed away some years ago now, and before he did so he asked us to take care of his only son and child, Andrew who was then about 4 years old.    Johanna worked for us as a cleaner in the latter years of his life, Christ having burst in upon his life whilst is jail.    Thereafter he became an enthusiastic witness to his salvation.      Regretfully his wife left him soon after the child was born.     Like his father, Andrew has a clear and busy mind, and a is footballer of some ability.   Unlike his father he came to Jesus when in Nursery School, and has so far kept away from the Marijuana that impaired his dad's brain, and personality.       But Johanna would be so glad and happy to see his son today,  so anxious that he might have a life so much better than his own had been.     Andrew is now 13 and will go to Secondary Form 1 in January.
Perhaps the greatest JOY for us, Esther and I, is to see old boys and girls, now married, bringing up their own children with loving care and pride.    There are already so many for us to delight in, and many come to visit us with there parents. 

What about Education here in Kenya?     Well it was, until yesterday, supposed to be on the way to change.     8-4-4- was introduced in 1984 - basically 8 years in Primary from 6-14 then 4 in High School and 4 in University.     It has been reasonably stable as a system but has not properly prepared all children equally.     As a system it made no provision for children whose future might not be so much academic as technical or otherwise practical.     An effort was made in '94 to introduce such subjects as Woodwork, and Metal Work. and schools were told to build suitable workshops and equip them in order to make this workable.   We did so ourselves.    Regretfully the Government changed their mind a year later and gave up the idea - after a lot of private money had been no advantage.     The NEW system was introduced last year and our own School, Testimony School, was chosen as one of several others who would 'pilot' the program.      This system would have provided for children to be admitted to Primary at 4 for nine years, then 2 years in Lower and 2 years in Upper Secondary School, and thereafter University.    In the last 2 years of Secondary it was proposed that various trade and technical course would be introduced as assist in widening job opportunity later.
It was generally felt that this would be a very welcome and much needed improvement in every way.
YESTERDAY in the Daily Nation we were confronted, out of the blew, with the Headline -
BACK TO 8-4-4
'laying bare the folly of poor planning.'
This will set education back quite a step, although the Ministry of Education is still saying that the 'new system' will still hope to roll our by 2023/24.....      Government is not known for good planning and even for policy statements seriously made, after having second thoughts too late.   A good many parents, and School Administrations are sure to be rather frustrated by this turn of events.


TODAY - I will celebrate 50 Years since I first set foot on Kenya soil on Friday 13th December 1968.
I was unmarried and twenty eight years old.    I had never set foot outside of England, and I had come to share the Christian faith without any promise of support or security apart from what was set out for me in the Word of God presented in the Bible.       Nothing special arranged for the day as far as all that is concerned.     Rather I have been busy putting up Christmas decorations in Green Cottage in order to delight our grand daughter Abigail who will be five next March.    Took me a bit longer than previously, and I had to call in a few of our boys to pitch in help me.     Age creeps on....   Still we managed to finish everything, and well worth it to see Abby's face!

BREXIT is still creeping on.    I was glad Theresa May managed to hang on as P.M.    A very courageous lady.     Strange that it was John Major who brought us into the E.U. in the first place, and to my mind he did so without true regard to the Nation, or to his Sovereign.     I believe he was wrong, and I said so at the time - I also happened to actually be in Maastricht at the time.    But I am not actively political, though I suppose I have also seen myself more or less on the Conservative band-wagon.   I am very saddened by the way the Commons have been acting.    I feel now that no political ticket is worth having - perhaps this has always been true for the Christian.     After all Jesus Christ, God Himself, is the ONLY Leader to follow, the only True and Righteous One.      And I would fear for the United Kingdom to remain IN the E.U. and be swallowed up in it, and digested by it.     But. again for me it is not a political matter at all - but it is a Spiritual and a Moral one.     We shall see.
God watches over all the nations.

This will indeed be my 50th Christmas in Kenya.
Esther and my 47th Christmas together..    She recently ceased to struggle against the greying of her hair, and so now we are looking more of an age together, which we are of course.     But whereas I began to turn grey in my middle 40's Esther didn't   -    she stooped to keeping every white hair hidden or even transformed.       I never minded, but NOW she says she feels the time has come.    Well, Lord, whatever she feel, it makes no difference to our love and care for each other, and we are both sincerely glad,  to be together 'for better or for worse' having discovered the wonderful miracle of His Oneness in our lives together.     

Well it will soon be raining again, and it is also almost our supper time.     I must say cheerio, and trust that you all  continue to be blessed and drawn closer to the Heart of God.       His Love for each of us beyond believe, but there is no doubt that it is exists.

Much Love in Jesus to you all

John, Esther, and Daryl Green                                                       

Saturday, 17 November 2018


THIS IS NOT A BAD LIKENESS OF ME!  -  All the way to the ever present 'Tie' and Black Jacket!!!     One of my earliest memories is of a dentist.    I was just six, and he, a grim faced and towering giant in my eyes, had the task of removing an unwanted tooth.    Nothing to hang on to but the chair

After losing two molars when I fell on my face I found myself filled with apprehension about the required visit to the dentist.
Fortunately my Dentist lives on the 2nd floor of a lift less building, and my bruised and painful rib-cage forced me to wait before making the climb, and enduring the 'Chair'.    Both teeth had just snapped off leaving jagged splinters - but no pain.    NO, the pain would come when my industrious friend came to DIG out the remains.      The day before I was to finally attend him I found myself afflicted with a very real 'Panic Attack'!   I was in a dreadful state - and all orchestrated from my 'Imagination' well coloured, no doubt, by that old enemy the devil.

My Appointment was for Tuesday of this week at 2p.m.    Daryl drove me into town and left me at  the bottom of the pile of stairs.     I stood looking at them.    And suddenly the words of Psalm 37v5 'Commit thy way unto the Lord,....' came into my mind.      There seemed no one else going my way, and I continued to look upwards at the dingy staircase.      'Commit your life to the Lord!    Throw yourself, your fear, your apprehensions and cowardly anxieties upon Me, the One who takes ALL our 'infirmities' upon Himself, for the sake of our Father in Heaven's love for us.
OF COURSE I KNEW THAT.      YES, how often the actual knowledge of this Truth is somehow snatched away from us at crucial moments by the gusts of doubt and trembling thrust upon our flesh.
Yes, we KNOW He IS with us, has promised never to leave us, BUT when the TEST comes, as Satan said in Job 1v11, commenting to God in Heaven about Job '...put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse you to your face.'       This is Satan's insight regarding ALL mankind, but he was WRONG about Job.     Job met his nightmare without losing his integrity, and faith in God's overall Goodness.     He did not let the sudden threat and even the reality of it remove the REAL knowledge of GOD with him.

And there I was laid out in the Dentist's Chair.      Looking at me slightly mockingly, the Dentist, who actually knows me quite well, remarked -  'Well, so now I suppose you are looking forward to me excavating these roots and tortuously digging them out piece by piece.?'      But I had climbed the stair, and resolutely walked with Jesus to the Chair,     'No, I replied, 'I do not look forward to it, but I want my teeth to glorify God, and not be rotting in my mouth.     Do your worst.'
He laughed, and said 'I want to save what I can, and that is what I will do'.    He immediately got to work and in 45 minutes had cleared one of the damaged root platforms and built upon it a completely NEW tooth.   No injections, no pain, and a very REAL awareness of being in the Master's Hands.
He will do the same with the 2nd decapitated tooth NEXT Tuesday at the same time, God Willing.
And these teeth will both look much better than the old ones.     What was I terrified of?  What had robbed me of the Assurance of His Presence, and of His ability  to ACT for my good and welfare?

I know some of you may well have been praying for me, and I thank you.     Wish I could testify to being less of a coward, but I am glad that it is not we who save ourselves, or establish our coming and going.   HE, the Lord of Life, holds on to us, and it a Mighty hold, that will never let go of what has once been committed to His Keeping.


REFURBISHED, one of two 2 room lodgings first built way back in the 1980s and then sited close to what is now the School Swimming Pool.    They were built from a donation from a dear friend from Canada, Dorothy Wilde, and together were known as 'Wild End' and acted as Guest Rooms and also extra bed rooms at various times until 2013 when they were moved to make way for the Pool.     One became the School Maintenance Workshop and Store, and the other was moved to the Jacaranda Compound to become a small staff house.    It has been a little neglected and run down, of late,  and so recently it was decided to take it in hand again, and and put it to further good use.      It is good to see restoration rather than destruction, and how conservancy can provide ongoing life and usefulness to what otherwise would disappear and be forgotten.    ALSO it continues to testify to the Memory of a dear friend, now away with the Lord, but still very much a part of our family history and experience.    CURRENTLY it is sited opposite Jacaranda Cottage.  It is a simple structure of prefabricated timber, with an iron roof and cement plinth.  Still very mobile should we need at any time to re-site it.

WE HAVE ALSO TWO ADDITIONS TO OUR LITTLE HERD OF CATTLE!    Two black and white Calvs, one heifer born a year ago, and one bull born just three weeks ago.   Each from different cows already with us.   They are both very friendly but we will only keep the heifer.   The bull will either be kept for meat or sold.

We also were able after some two years of waiting on the Lord, to purchase this portable electric Milking Machine!    Such a time saver, cheap to run, hygienic, and a great hit with our three milkers; they all look as if they have been hypnotised into paradise every time they are milked these days.   AND the milk yield has almost doubled.

We Thank the Lord.     Our Dairy man, Vincent is also happy, having long dreamt of us going 'modern' as he calls it.

Well this will have to be all for this week.   Our son Steven will be visiting tomorrow until Wednesday, and then on Friday we will have one of our daughters from the States visiting for some days.      AND CHRISTMAS seems to almost have come, the days rushing by. 
God Bless you all, and constantly walk and talk to you by your side.
Our Love in Him always,

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Mum and Dad Green this week
Anthony & Christoper 1975
HERE WE ARE AGAIN, 'Darby and Joan', and interestingly, in this photo, my dear Esther seems as small
Antony (L) me, Esther, and Chris (R)
as when I married her, and I look even bigger,      In snap shot as we were being taken out to lunch at the JAVA Coffee-house in a new shopping mall near by.    A very special and very unexpected delight engineered by our twin 'sons' who suddenly appeared and swept us up and away for a hugely happy and appreciated  afternoon.     Both of them came to us first when they were just five months old, in 1974.    Now grown up, married with children, both were called to preach the Gospel, one in Nairobi and the other here in Eldoret.
Anthony and Christopher grew up with us in Testimony House, and were among the youngest, with our own Steven, Michael and Lizzy.     It has been great to watch them develop and mature over the years, and to still have them close family to us all.    Always so good to see them, and to fellowship with them.        INDEED we are so very much blessed to have so many of those Father brought to us continue to have us in mind, and to see us as their 'Dad and Mum' in the Lord.  And there ARE many of them indeed.    Many right here in our locality still, and some far flung - even overseas.     We are hoping this month to be seeing a 'daughter' from U.S.A, Hendrika, who will be with us later this month.

AND, OF COURSE,  I HAVE NOW RECOVERED from being 'Flat on my Face'.     It has taken two weeks for my rib cage to recover to the point where pain is eradicated - all except for a little place on the left side which still snags from time to time.   I have not been back to the doctor.   I have not yet been to the dentist.........Next week I will be there.      Still I am glad to be pottering around once more.
The Primary Examinations are all over and done at School, and all students are at home romping about and enjoying freedom from their usually rather gruelling and confining time table.   Secondary School also shut, but the Final National Secondary Examinations have occupied every day this week, and for some will continue through to the end of the month - all amid tight security to prevent any kind of cheating.     NO visitors in the School Compound, no mobile phones and so on.    Still it will slowly decrease, though the armed security Guards will continue to control until the last Exam.

Abigail with Helen
& latest puppies!
And Esther and I have our little 4 year old grand daughter, Abigail staying with us, and for the first time alone and not with Helen, her Mother.     Helen was kept in Nairobi for various official Seminars to do with her School.    Abigail has never been away from Helen more than a day in her
life, but she seems to have taken it all in her stride, being well occupied with many little friends here, and satisfied that she is safe us too.      Helen should be back in about a week.     Abigail keeps us both well occupied and wide awake with her chatter and liveliness.    Always a delight.   So good to see her growing up so bright and strong.   

Eunice, Mum of Drakeley Cottage Family, now living in Testimony House right opposite to us, is back again with the family, and she has seemed settled and very glad to back again with her welcoming children.    They were all ecstatic to see her return home to them.     Thank to for all of you who have joined us in our prayers for her during her sudden loss.    Those prayers are truly being answered

Our Love in Jesus to you all.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 3 November 2018

I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE!!      Just a week ago, on Sunday morning, as I was walking up from Green Cottage to the office, on my way to the Sunday Service- and WHOOMP I found myself trying to recover my steps, having tripped on the uneven path, and suddenly was FLAT ON MY FACE.    Fortunately I landed on some little scrub to the side of the cement path, but I felt awful.    Blood streaming from my mouth and nose.    I lost two teeth and although I felt my nose was broken I only hit it hard and scraped some flesh at the bridge.    And my rib cage raged with pain.   I am a heavy man, and I went down hard.

Manu came to my aid, and I managed to get up and slowly - very slowly - get back to the house, where I changed my clothes (covered in blood) and cleaned myself up a bit.    But my ribs were hurting, and I just had to lay down on the bed.      Nothing could be done since it was Sunday, but on Monday I went off to the Doctor with Daryl.     Fortunately the doctor examining me felt nothing was in fact broken. and gave me a pain killer and told me to be patient - the discomfort might continue to two or three weeks.     A few more tests satisfied him and me that no damage seemed to have been incurred by any internal organs, I can hope to live for another year or two!      I NEEDED the pain killer, and they did, to some extent relieve the pain I was in, but they also made me feel half asleep.      TODAY, after a week, I am still hurting, but it is less intense, and more general.   Initially the real PAIN was in the region of my left rib cage.    This is still the case, but has eased, and has slowly spread across to the right.  I am able to walk without difficulty, but I cannot bend still without careful attention.     I have not been able to see my Dentist.    Hope to do so Monday or Tuesday next week.   My whole mouth has been very tender since the fall was taken by my denture which somehow seemed to have pushed my whole upper teeth, bruising the gum and so on.      All said and done it was really the SHOCK that put me out of order this week.    Took me a while to just get over it; SO unexpected, and at a time when I was feel better than usual, and very elated in my spirit due to the coming together of the Family at Francis' funeral on Saturday.     

It has been a rather immobile week but otherwise I feel more optimistic and at peace than at the beginning.      I have not been sensible enough to be at my computer and thus once again I find myself late in writing anything until now.

I am not looking forward to the dentist.    I rarely enjoy attending, and this time I am sure he will be excavating and removing what is left of the two teeth I lost.   Not something to enjoy, but necessary to endure.      The Surgery is up four flights of stairs - no lift - so hope I make it.


EUNICE Lahol has remained this week at her home, where Francis is buried.   She has come through this very difficult time for herself and family very well, and it is clear that the Lord has been close to them all, and able to comfort them and strengthen them in every way.       Eunice has asked to remain as Mother to the children she and Francis brought up and to return to Testimony House as his widow.      Both her children feel the same way, and we (Esther and I) and Daryl feel the same way.  She will resume residence on Monday.     When the 'family' heard of hear decision they were over the moon with happiness, having thought she might leave them as well.       We shall not take further into Testimony House though, at least for the time being, until she has finally had time to assess the future and her ability to cope and maintain control without Francis by her side.     But she is a strong woman, and strong in the LORD.     It has been a HAPPY family all of the preceding years, and we feel it has very hope of continuing to be so.        Please do remember Eunice in your prayers.

May God, our Father in Heave, reach out to you all, and secure you against all the wiles of the devil.
We do Thank God for you all, and all that your prayers support means to us. day by day.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Monday, 22 October 2018


It is a photo of the Drakeley Cottage family shortly after Steven Situma and his wife left, 
and Francis and Eunice Lahol stepped in as House parents.

Francis was only ten years old when he arrived to stay with me and Esther in Testimony House.  It was the 3rd May 1984, and he was still in the 3rd Grade of Primary School.      He had already two brothers with us.    Simeon Olumuzee, 12, and Charles Kauka 7.     Their mother was an unmarried woman who brewed liquor for a living.    She had a large family of three girls, and four boys.   They lived in extreme poverty as squatters.    We could not help them all, and only managed to assist three of the boys including Francis, and one of the girls.     The change in their lives was quite amazing for them; from near starvation to regular meals, a safe and weatherproof home, and the chance to go to school. 
FRANCIS stayed on in Testimony House with us all the way to College - almost fifteen years.   He was a bright boy, handsome and outgoing.   He had a passion for cooking!    And finally chose to train as a Chef, joining The Kenya Hotel Institute in Nakuru, and thereafter working with The Sirikwa Hotel in Eldoret as an assistant Chef.    During this period he met Eunice, and they became man and wife.     THEN in 2002 they came to join Testimony Faith Homes, both as Chefs (Eunice had also trained for this).   And in 2011 we invited them to become parents in Drakeley Cottage, where they have both been ever since..... Well until August this year when it was decided they should move the Drakeley Family from Drakeley Cottage to Testimony House.
That House had always been a Home until it was made a Hostel for over 18 year old boys in 2014. Some of our Old boys and Girls felt saddened by this change, and petitioned for it to return to its original use.    SO the change was made and for the moment the Boys Hostel has not removed to what was Drakely Cottage.      And so Francis found himself at 'home' again.    He was so happy about this.       He was always so proud of the Homes, generally, and for him it WAS home, and he and Eunice, his wife threw all that they had into being parents themselves, and in upholding the ways things were done.     They earned the love and respect of everyone that has known and lived with them.       A very well ordered, and happy family in front of God and all of us.

BUT during 2017 Francis began to be troubled with a blockage in his right Sinus.    He was in and out of the Doctors for some months, and finally he was advised to have an operation to remove the blockage.    He was not too glad about it, but his condition was becoming worse, and his doctor had declared that there was no 'cancer' to be seen and that it would be a simple operation.     He went ahead, but although the doctors declared it went well, they also stated that they had not been able to gather all of the 'growth' which was behind his right eye.      For a month things seemed to be well, and he felt well, and without any of the old problem, but then all the old problems began to return, and he was told he had cancer, and would need Chemotherapy and possibly even Radiological Treatment.    We were ALL stunned.     But Francis and Eunice were not to be moved, and they and the rest of us stood strongly for his Healing, in the Name of Jesus.       He went through six sessions of Chemotherapy, which slowly sapped his strength until he was almost too weak to stand.   He began to lose weight.    His right eye sank into its socket, and his nose began to rot away.   His face became almost unrecognisable.    Prayer continued, but it was clear that his condition was worsening.    On Friday Lunch time on the 20th October Esther and I were with him on the Veranda of Testimony House.     The sun was shining.   Francis was sitting in a light arm chair, shaded a little by the porch.
He could barely speak audibly, or coherently.    He could not move his legs, and was constantly troubled by a heavy cough that wracked his chest painfully.  He looked like death.    He passed away that evening at 11a.m.      A HUGE blow to us all.     Quite devastating to his wife, son and daughter (both in school facing crucial Examinations this term), and indeed to all of us who had been so sure that the Lord would intervene.       But He did not.     No, but I think He did.     I think disease could have continued to eat him away, and then kill him, BUT the Father In Heaven saw that this could not be allowed, and snatched him away.      And we know Frances did not die, and will not see corruption; he escaped that body of death and rottenness, and is caught away quite delivered from it.    So he is not with us.   And he will not be buried with the body this coming Saturday.     NO!    Francis will live on in the memory of all who have known, loved and been touched by him, during his time with us;  he is not, though, just a memory- he LIVES on, and one day all of us who trust and believe in Jesus Christ, and the great Work He did for us in His Death and Resurrection will find ourselves waking up together in His Presence.   No sign of that old and corruptible body,  but a renewed, restored, and eternal one, glowing with God's Glory and Righteousness.     YES.   Satan and Death have no Power over those who trust in the Saviour.   There is no Victory for Death, or the Devil.      Indeed even though we DIE bodily, and our fleshly tent gives up, our SOUL shall NOT die, but soar upwards to abide forever with the God who made us, and Who Lives for us.
THUS I personally have felt today, that as the hymn-writer - A.H, Ackley - wrote -

'All the darkness of the night,
has passed away!
IT IS MORNING, It is Morning in my heart.
JESUS made the gloomy shadows all depart;
It IS morning in my heart.

A.H.Ackley 1887 - 1960

He also wrote that wonderful hymn
'I serve a risen Saviour'


The Funeral will be on Saturday at their small homestead, about twelve kilometres away from us on the Kapsabet Road.     A Memorial Service will take place in Testimony School Hall on Friday Morning.    This will enable all of the Children, and staff to attend, and even take part.    Thereafter the body will be transported to, and buried at, the Lahol's homestead at a place known as  Kapsaret.       Much of the expected cost has been coming in daily  from Old Boys and Girls - a very moving tribute to him, and even to the Homes as a whole.    It has truly cemented what was originally only a dream - to make a Family, with family values and affections.


ON FRIDAY OF THIS WEEK, our Nursery, Primary and Secondary School will close for the Long Vacation.     ALL students will be out of School until the first week of January,  EXCEPT for those students who are sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, and for those others sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.    They will all continue to attend the School as long as the exams continue - under very strict and tight security to diminish the chance of any instance of cheating - either from within or without the compounds and exam rooms.     This will make - initially - for some tension for those home for the holiday since they will have to be kept from any contact with examinees or movement near school buildings, for the duration.      However we believe we will still have a good time as usual, and the Lord will Bless.

AND SOME TENTATIVE 'Good News' !!      Daryl, as Director of TFH, has verbally been told that Testimony Faith Homes WILL be re- registered as Applied for in March 2017, and that the Certificate will be for THREE years and dated to commence as from the actual date of issue instead of being backdated to March 2017.      IF this is not just a sop to keep us quiet then we can be quite glad about it as it will seem to suggest that the threat to close down all Charitable Children's Homes may not so imminent as supposed.      We shall see!       The LORD Rules.

Finally I must apologise for an almost four week silence in regard to the publishing of the Blog.
This has not been intentional, although I found myself with nothing to actually say, and no new photos to focus words upon.        THIS publication, although on the Blog Site, may not be considered an actual episode of the Blog itself.       I had said earlier that this year I might not be able to ensure regularity, and this has now come to be the case.     BUT I am not closing down, and I trust to continue once I see the way ahead.

I am now in the midst of sending out the 6th Update from my Diary, and Thank Yous to all those who we know have been praying on our behalf, and even supporting us.   We do thank you ALL, with all our hearts for sharing our labours and for lifting up our burdens.     Surely in this 'fellowship' we have also seen the forging of a 'Family'.    

Lovingly in Jesus Name

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 22 September 2018


In all personal human relationships disagreement of one kind or another
can break the relationship.
there ought to be special ties that bind us to each other.
Esther and I, as parents, know from experience, as most of you may know,
that humanly we can exasperate each other.
Even as husband and wife we have had our days!
RECENTLY Esther and I have found ourselves more than usually 'tried' and almost to despair within OUR 'Family Circles'.     THEN we came across these Lyrics of a song written by Dolly Parton.   Not a word about God in them, but as we read them we were once again reminded of HIS Love and Grace.      Some of the lyrics may be a little unusual in the way they are worded or arranged, but even so we commend them to you for careful and open hearted reading with the Spirit of God.     We can so easily set this picture of Family aside in a very impatient, selfish and unloving world society.


When it's family, you forgive them for they know not what they do.
When it's family, you accept them, 'cause you have no choice but to.
When it's family, they're a mirror of the worst and best in you.
And they always put you to the test - And you always try to do your best,
And just pray for God to do the rest, when it's family.

SOME are preachers, some are gay; some are addicts, drunks, and stays,
But not a one is turned away, when it's family.
Some are lucky, others ain't;   some are fighters, others faint.
Winners, loser, sinners, saints, it's all family.

And when it's family you trust them and your heart's an open door.
When it's family, you tolerate what you'd kill others for.
When it's family you love and hate and take, then give some more.
Somehow you justify mistakes, try to find some better way
to solve the problems day to day, in the family.

You take the troubles as it comes, and love them more than anyone;
Good or bad, or indifferent, it's still family.
You choose your lovers, you pick your friends;
Not the family that you're in  -   Nah!
They'll be with you till the end, 'cause its family.

And when it's family, family your forgive them for they know not what they do.
When it's family, they're a mirror of the worst and best in you.
When it's family;   when it's family!

Let Me be all that I should be, in the family



SINCE RETURNING HOME TO TYNDALE COTTAGE, last Wednesday, Dan has continued to gain his strength and accustomed vigour.     We have been truly rejoicing to see him so bright and healthy.     He shows no outward sign of the months of previous anxiety, nor of the rigours of being on the operating table.     A very VISIBLE miracle of God's Healing and Grace.    Something to shout about.   IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
Trust in the Lord, and don't despair;'
He is a Friend so true.
No matter what your troubles are,
Jesus will see you through!
with Mica and Catherine Yego

AND just two views of the young man himself, on his own, and looking very well indeed.     He IS thin but this is due more to the fact that over the year he has been adding height, growing like a bean-pole, than to anything else.    He will soon regain some body weight, especially now that he is not worrying about his scary condition, and the vision of an operation.

EVERYONE is overflowing with Happiness just to see him back home and with the prospect of a future that had seemed so full of apprehension, yet is now looking so secure and healthy.

OPPOSITE - on the next page - is a photo of Francis Lahol half a year ago.
He completed his initial Chemo-therapy on Monday.  He is still weary and weak but on the whole looks better and we are all rejoicing for him as well since he and his wife, Eunice continue to maintain their own assurance that in Jesus Name, our Father is busy healing Francis, and saving his sight and his life all together.      They too have been uplifted to see how prayer has been answer for Dan, and that though it seemed to be delayed and even obstructed, it prevailed and was mighty in its working.    Keep upholding him in these next very telling weeks.

THIS LAST WEEK we had the joy of a visit from Ian and Diana Hogley.      They first set foot in Kenya in September 1968, and I arrived in December the same year.   We found ourselves living almost next door to each other, and have remained close friends, together with our wives, ever since.
So, to some extent, we were able to celebrate 50 years in Kenya together.      SO Good!!

This is all for this time.      We Thank God for His daily care of us.    God Bless you all

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Friday, 14 September 2018


AT LAST, after waiting since January 2017 when we all first found out his need, Dan was operated upon in Nairobi on Tuesday morning.   It has been quite a long wait, and not an easy one either for Dan, or for all of us. 
We had first put up this photo of Dan on the 21st January 2017 when I had written of him, saying 'he has been with us since 2002, when he was approximately five years old.   He came from a Collection Centre for street children in the town, and he came without any traceable history, relative or anything else.   No records at all.    He has grown up to be an able student, top  of his class, active and lively, showing no physical ailment of any kind.
UNTIL NOW THAT IS.   Suddenly a week ago, he complained of pain around his heart, and quickly lost energy and strength.    We quickly took him to our Doctor on Wednesday of this week.  (our government doctors were into a five week long strike, so we had to look for a private one who would see him.)    On examination we were told he had a 'serious' heart condition and needed immediate surgery, and suggested we see a Consultant as soon as possible.    Finally on the Saturday we found one, and she agreed to see him.     She confirmed that his condition was serious, and that he had a 'hole' in his heart.    She also told us she felt surgery was not an option, since he had been like it since birth, and all such cases had a short life expectancy.'      We had all been shocked.     We took to prayer, and within the week he was back in School, as bright as ever.      We all rejoiced,  in a Miracle.     But  he relapsed, and finally we took him to Nairobi to a hospital specialising in Heart cases for children.     They agreed to operate, and said they would also assist with the cost............yet, for a year and eight months, they have delayed and delayed, and delayed.    Daryl has had to take Dan again and again - almost month by month - back to Nairobi expecting him to be Admitted but no..........until 3rd September when they called for him to be finally taken to be admitted and the operation carried out on the following Tuesday.      Although not in pain, but by now very weak apprehensive, Dan was yet again taken up to Nairobi, this time by  Micah Yego, his house-father.
They journeyed up on the 2nd staying overnight with James Mbati, one of our old boys, who had kindly welcomed them for the days they would be there.       THEN, arriving at the hospital on the Monday morning at 8 a.m. Mica was turned away and told the Surgeon had not returned from his Leave, and would not be able to operate - maybe until the Thursday or Friday.......    We were all very much disturbed by this new delay, but it was no use returning to Eldoret, so they remained with James, in the City.     On Friday, they informed the Surgeon was available, but there were no BEDS available to Admit Dan into.    He would have to wait for a vacancy!.........Finally after almost a week, Dan was Admitted on Monday of this week and the Operation took place the next morning.
The Hospital has attested it to have been SUCCESSFUL, and Mica, seeing him later that day found Dan able to take hold of his hand and Greet him.       He is now out of Intensive Care, and apparently doing well - he may be home with us in a week!     YES, and there has been great Praise and Thanks-giving here by all who know and love Dan, and we want to THANK all of YOU who have been praying for him all this while.       Blessed be the Name of the Lord.     He does hear and answer prayer and STILL performs miracles.      Oh what JOY!!!

More than a year and a half ago we were professionally advised nothing could be done for Dan Ndungu, that he was terminally ill, and would die.    No medical HOPE.      BUT we did hope!   We hoped in God's Word, and in Jesus our Lord and Saviour.     And we continued to hope, WAITING, until TODAY the one who had the death sentence passed on him is ALIVE and LIVING.    Listening to that initial prognosis, and believing in it, we may all have given in and given up.    BUT we looked up and trusted in GOD.     Again this verse of Scripture has poured over us in ever increasing power and verification.
2.Corinthians 1v9
But we had the sentence of death in ourselves
that we should not trust in ourselves
but in God, who raiseth the dead.

The LORD be with you all, your Shield and Protector, your Health and Life.

John, Esther and Daryl Green