Saturday, 25 February 2017


HERE WE ARE AGAIN!    Diana Hogley / Esther, Me / Ian Hogley!   Here just for a week this year, but friends that go back to the time of our Marriage in 1971.    Ian was then teaching Maths Maseno National School, and I was still yet a singe man working with Trinity Fellowship, also in Maseno.      We have always been close ever since, and more recently we have had them visiting annually here in Eldoret.     To us they are as much family as any one, and we always appreciate their visits, and the knowledge of their constant presence and thought in our lives.    A 'constant' and consistant factor in our lives.       They also are good friends of Joshua and Miriam Mbithi, and visit them also when with us here.      Perhaps because of this double association the Lord has put needy children upon their heart too, and they have become deeply involved in a Children's Home in Nakuru, in which they also had a big hand in helping begin, and also in encouraging and assisting every since. In visiting Kenya they always have it in mind to visit all three of their interests, encouraging us all, and fueling their own prayers for ourselves and the children with us - quite a ministry.      And this year was the best, and we are missing them the most.
Opposite is a small photo of Ian driving an Earth shifter on Ground breaking day, when we STARTED preparation for the building of the NEW Jacaranda Cottage in 2014.   It was great to have him with us to join in the excitement of that very Special Day

RIGHT NOW, as am typing, the sky is blue and also cloudy.    Last night we had a downpour of rain!! And probably it might rain again tonight.     Suddenly VERY unpredictable weather again in the midst of an otherwise VERY DRY spell.     But certainly welcome.    After all we have been praying for RAIN, and it true JOY to see some.       It has been very windy still, through the week, and on one occassion a big branch from a nearby tree fell and made a tear in the far end of the Greenhouse.  It was fortunately not a big tear, and will soon be repaired..........And the temperature has continued to be up and down - say from 70 - 80f most days.    Nights have also been quite hot.

ON SUNDAY EVENING, having sent out the Blog on Saturday, we received a visit from a Pastor and TEN members of his Church, who had all together felt they should come to encourage us - the entire church had felt, in prayer, that Testimony was in need, and they put together a pick-up full of provisions for us, and brought them down to us - together with a generous CASH gift.    It was a miracle !!!

On MONDAY Daryl took Dan Ndungu to Nairobi for further medical review of his condition.  He had to attend a private hospital due the the ongoing doctor's strike within all government hospitals.   Micah Yego,  Dan''s houseparent accompanied them.    They left about 3am and arrived at the Hospital about 8a.m. The result of this latest Consultancy, and an array of further Tests, revealed that the hole in Dan's heart was between TWO and not all four of his heart's compartments, as we had previously been told.     ONE of these seemed to be in the process of healing itself!!     The other was considered closeable with surgery. This was AMAZING, and confirmed and encouraged our own faith that Jesus would intervene and HEAL.    Dan's next visit to Nairobi will be in three months time. Meanwhile he will continue prescribed drugs.     Thank YOU ALL for praying with us.     They all arrived home on Monday night about eleven p.m.

The electric power had been off all day.

THROUGH THIS WEEK we have been searching for a new WARDEN for Testimony Boys Hostel, and  also welcoming a new WARDENESS for the Girls Hostel.       Rosemary felt she could not cope with the work load after the first six months, and so we had been praying for a replacement.    A sister in the Lord has now come forward and has already stepped in to replace.    Her name is Gladys, and she seems to be already well accepted by the Girls.          With Testimony House we have not yet been so lucky, but in any case Hesketh and Alice Muli are still there.      Alice has not felt very comfortable trying to be a mother to 35 big boys and adults.      It has not been her forte, and this has left Hesketh holding the daily fort.     It is not that the Boys have been difficult to handle, but many of them have not grown up with her, and she has felt it difficult to have a mother' heart for them.      Hesketh and I had a long talk about it some weeks ago now, and so we decided to try and re-tool them and bring in a SINGLE man as Warden.        Hesketh will now be the Staff Coordinator for the Homes  School, whilst Alice will become responsible for teaching challenged children in the Nursery and also in other classes.    She holds a teaching diploma.    They have both seemed content and happy with this new arrangement.      BUT so far, two candidates for the position of Warden have had to be rejected. We have about three others to see as the weeks ahead goes by, but no urgency until the end of March. We are looking for a single man of approximately.   We are looking for a singly man of about 40 years, and Born Again, and able to handle a mixed group of Boy aged between 18 and twenty five - our Boys group is over 35 in number.
Not an easy task to be a father to such a group.   Hesketh has done well, and gained their respect as well.     The Lord knows, and we know you will be praying for us in this matter as well now.
THIS WEEK has also been our School HALF TERM.   It will finish as on Monday evening, and then they will all be back again. The Years seems to be gaining SPEED day by day!!

Esther and I have been keeping quite well,     We both seem to tire more easily that we did, and the days seem shorter!     I personally have felt quite weary by about four in the afternoon, but we both think the weather has something to do with it, as neither of us enjoy the hot weather too much.   And we ARE both quite busy, and we are definately older than we were.       But we are glad to be here, and alive.    Father assures our hearts and strengthens our resolve.        The week has SPED by and tomorrow is His Day once more. May God Bless you, and make you rejoice in and for us as we do for you.    

Lovingly in Him, and by His Grace.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 18 February 2017


THIS IS A PERSONALIZED GRAIN SILO for the storage of MAIZE, in particular, but also for BEANS, and even other grains.
The one you see here, presented by Paul Whiteman, who is actually making these silos at Open Arms International here, close to Eldoret. This one shown in the photo measures 72cm x 173 cm with a storage capacity of 525kgs or 5,75 sacks.. However, these Silos can be made to measure, according to the need, and are specially designed to be a money saver to families or small farms.
They are made from stainless steel and would normally stand either on a cement or timber plinth about a foot from the ground. Grain is poured in from the top, the outlet at the bottom being closed.
Once the grain has reached almost to the top a small candle is placed ALIGHT at the entry port which is then CLOSED and sealed with a rubber seal.   The candle will burn safely inside the closed silo until ALL oxygen has been consumed, when the flame will extinguish, and no weevil or other pest will be able to live.      However it is recommended that no grain is withdrawn for consumption for TWO weeks, to allow all grain to have been made rid of all life.
After two weeks, grain can be removed via the outlet at the bottom, and then resealed with the rubber sealant.          GRAIN should not be put into the Silo unless VERY dry  -    13 at most.     This should be carefully and exactly measured.  Mr. Whiteman had a gadget with him that measured moisture in grain.      This gadget can be obtained in Nairobi for 80,000/ but sells in USA for 22,000/- !!!   If you have maize measuring a moisture content of up to 13.6, then you must first (if the weather is sunny and warm) lay the grain out to dry for three more days.
WE have been suffering in trying to store gifts of maize safely.     We shall definitely now put these Silos to the test, and will start off with THREE for the Homes.     They will be larger that the one illustrated - with a capacity to take 20 sacks of maize each.    We know this innovation will pay itself off quickly, and continue to save us a great deal of money.


THE WEEK HAS BEEN A BUSY ONE, and the weather, continuing to be quite hot and dry, has not helped us feel relieved from pressure.     On the other hand it HAS been beautiful weather and we have enjoyed it.     And we needed the brilliant sun and the glorious sky to lift up our spirits as days unfolded, and the cool breeze to calm us in the midst of sudden and unexpected issues.
On Monday we had Christian fellowship and a meal together in our little cottage with two friends. involved in Christian Education, Mark and Kathy Lessig.    It was very refreshing and challenging time.     Esther and I had been feeling for some time that we needed to come against the Enemy who we felt had been making inroads upon the ministry here in TFH.   The condition of Dan Ndungu with his hole in the heart has been on all our minds, and although he has managed to be up and at school we can see how wan and weary he has become.     On Monday NEXT week Daryl will be taking him to a Hospital in Nairobi specialising in heart problems in the hope of taking things further.   Much prayer going up for him.
But additionally we seem to be seeing more cases of Marijuana creeping into the School  and also petty theft, all involving some of our children in the Homes.      School books are now being taken from desks and sold in the town.    We think that the book selling is linked to the Marijuana as a means of purchasing more supplies.     Of course serious investigation is going on in order to try not only to discover those responsible and involved, but also to STOP it altogether.   A very worrying situation.      So far most of the children discovered are among the most academically clever, but also religiously disinterested.       We have begun to actually 'feel' an 'atmosphere' like a small depression hovering over the place.      Very disturbing.
As we fellow-shipped with our friends the Lord just seemed to be suddenly very present and giving us all an overwhelming Call to Arms.  
Sound the battle cry!
See, the foe is nigh;
Raise the standard high for the Lord.
Gird your armour on,
stand firm everyone
Rest your cause upon His Holy Word.
Redemption Hymnal 436

Please, all those of you who may also feel the drawing of the Holy Spirit, join us in prayer and intercession that we might overcome all the plans of the Enemy against the children and the Vision given to us.    

Our love and prayers to you all as always.      Indeed how our hearts go out to you!!

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 11 February 2017


UNDER 'OPINION' in Tuesday's Daily Nation, a small item entitled CHILDREN says 'No place here for corporal punishment.'    Ten year old JOY was buried on Thursday last week, and the Hearing to determine exactly what caused her death is scheduled for the 15th of this month.      It seems there is still uncertainty as whether or not she was in fact beaten, and thus if this was the cause of death.
However this may finally be understood the writer of the article sited above goes on to say -
'According to the Kenyan and International law guaranteeing children's rights, corporal punishment is incompatible with the very conventions governing this.'
The writer is quite right to draw our attention to this.    She further correctly states that corporal punishment in Kenyan Schools was banned in 1996 - YET many of our teachers CONTINUE to ignore the ban.        JOY might be a very current example of this, and of how freedom by anyone to beat and physically punish children can be seriously and dangerously abused.

My mother beat me often as I was growing up, in order to chasten me for pursuing my rebellious desires.   I was also beaten once or twice in School, both Primary and Secondary.     It was just and reasonable punishment which though it hurt me enough to dissuade me from repeating the offence, was not injurious.    If it had been, the LAW of those days would have prosecuted my parent or my teacher, for undue force and even uncalled for injury.        Looking back I know I was helped by the concern of parent and school.     I would not be glad it they had not corrected me as they did.
TODAY the world is changing it's attitude generally to discipline, and punishment.       I see the reasons for fearing to injure and endanger lives from over zealous, and even malicious punishment,
BUT I feel punishment is needed to deter antisocial behaviour at every level.    AND it needs to be punishment fairly meted out to DETER a repetition of the wrong done or pursued.      The BIBLE clearly indicates this, and without any desire to endanger life.        IF this little girl was indeed taken by her teacher and BEATEN, and if additionally he incited her fellow students in the class to also come to punish her and beat her more, (even without her dying),  then it is clear he was being excessive.   He punished for being unable to read.    She had not committed a crime.      His action was uncalled for.     He must needs then himself be punished - seriously.     BUT more to the point he, as a Teacher, would have broken the LAW just in physically raising his hand against the child, no matter how he may have been provoked.      The Law has been made, the teacher is employed to teach according to the LAW. 

Regretfully today, at all levels, punishment for our misdemeanours, carry less fear, and thus people, from the cradle, pursue their own way with such meagre restraint that they see little reason to deprive themselves of their own opinion and way of life.      I say this as a very persuaded follower of Christ, and of God Himself.     But I have, as I have lived, had it forced upon me by observation also.
Man is less in control of himself than he was, and is doing little or nothing to pull himself up from his gradual depreciation from the IMAGE OF GOD he is intended to be.

YES, I feel this very deeply.      Yet I am encouraged and exhorted to keep the Law; even to uphold it until it might be corrected or changed for the better.      Here in Testimony School we see a lot of teachers come and go.     SOME (not all) come with a fixed attitude that they should 'CANE'.    When they come to be interviewed we go considerable trouble to point out to them that our School abides by the Law, and Regulations laid down for us by the Government and the Ministry of Education.  We do not permit the cane;  canes are not tolerated or allowed in any classroom.    Not one has ever questioned our position - until they appear in the classroom.     We eventually do discover them, and they are immediately dismissed from the school without further preamble.   It IS sad that so many men and women are willing to disregard the law - to wilfully have it their way.
The Bible says of us all that ' we all go astray from the womb.!!     We have all 'followed our own way'.     That there is none RIGHTEOUS enough never to err, or to have erred......We HAVE all sinned.    'And the soul, life, that sins will DIE'.           Every teacher we employ is rigorously examined to discover he or she has discovered this weakness in themselves, and come to Christ for Salvation.       All those who confirm their faith are considered, and some employed.     YET many are found to live their lives making no difference with those who, without any faith, live to please themselves only.        I am sure we are not the only school management to have discovered this growing facility of men and women to be be unreliable in their moral fibre.

If Joy is finally proved to have died from unmerited and undeserved punishment from her teacher, then I heartily hope he will get what he deserves.         I think he is not alone, just one who got away it for too long,        In all my School days I only heard of, or came across of one case where a teacher was rightly accused of disciplinary unfairness.      And it is probably true to day that not all who are want to use a cane use it violently or without justice.       BUT now it has been done away with altogether  -  and still a student dies?     Because of the CANE? - or because of the Teacher?    I mean Man is good at providing for things with which to improve and control life around him - but he is not always seen to BE IN CONTROL of what he has created.      Strange isn't it.

THERE I HAVE HAD MY SAY,  and I am done.
THE HEAT  SEEMS TO BE RISING weather wise, and although it is an annual season of events, I have never got used to it enough to feel comfortable.    I do not enjoy to much heat.    I can work in it, but I feel beleaguered by it.       And Kenya suffers about this time every year, and every year water becomes scarce, grass withers and crumbles to dust, and in the more arid parts of our land human and animal life is threatened even unto death.      It is a HARD time.     But everyone, including in government circles, always seem unprepared for the Season, as if they have never gone through one before.  It comes upon the Nation as a total surprise.       WELL, since we prayed, and continue to pray we still have water in our taps  -  Certainly LESS, but at least a little.     Our grass is browner, but is actually greener than it was three weeks ago with the unexpected showers we had a while ago.   We have every reason to proclaim with clear assurance ' WE ARE NOT ALONE - we walk with the King, Hallelujah.

Just a few days ago we received funds from Allan in the UK, which were compiled by so many gifts sent to AENON for US.       And we DID need,  oh how very much we needed them.      I will be acknowledging soon, and probably with my usual UPdate.      Until then our combined Love and Thanksgiving in Jesus from us all

John, Esther and Daryl Green  

Saturday, 4 February 2017


PUPIL BEATEN TO DEATH FOR FAILING TO READ.  -  Kenya DAILY NATION Headline of 31st January this year.    She was said to be only ten years old.       This immediately brought back memories of my own childhood, and my own humiliation and punishment because of my own inability to READ at eleven years old - an important 'year' in those days since it was the cross over year from Primary to Secondary School.    In 1951 the cane was in regular use in British Schools; the cane, and anything else that might be used to wake up a student, or even hurt him.
I hope I have not previously put up this extract from my book 'A Cry from the Street' before, but if so please forgive me - it is just so applicable.

'This was to be my fourth Primary School, I was almost eleven years old, and had grown up to be very fat.   I was fairly obedient, but undoubtedly selfish and inward looking, for I had very few friends of my own age, and no one to share anything with.     I excelled, at that time, in artwork and very little else.    I could not read or write.   I felt academically inferior and stupid, afraid of fellow students in case they should laugh at me.    For this reason School was a nightmare to me.    My NEW class master, a thin, severe, unsmiling man, seemed to delight in asking me to stand up in Class and read, even though he knew well enough that I had a real problem.   Daily I would be standing my my desk, book in hand, choking with misery and shame, whilst every head in the class would be turned in my direction in delightful anticipation of my failure - and the outcome!
'Well Green!  Come on; begin!", commanded the master.   Tears would well into my eyes and roll silently down my cheeks. My tongue seemed to grow fat, and fill my mouth.  
Looking  now at the Class, the master continued.  "Well boys, it seems Green still cannot read to us!" Laughter now all round the room  "How old are you Green?" asked the Master.
I opened my mouth and began to stutter.     "T,t,t,t,te.."
"Speak boy!   Speak" shouted the Master.
"T,t,ten, Sir."  I managed at last to answer him.    "TEN and he still can't read!"  he jeered.  "Come out here, boy"     And I would go slowly up the aisle to his big desk at the front of the Class.
"Hold out your hand....STAND still!" and taking his springy cane he would cut my palm until it was read and swollen; even bloody.   Yet that was nothing compared to the spiteful pleasure my classmates had on me because of it.        I hated School, and hated my slowness, hated not having a Father who would come and stand by me.    There were so many things I hated in my life at that time...........'

The little girl reported it the Daily Nation, died in the Hospital where she was taken after her ordeal;  hers must have been much more severe beating than my own,    Indeed the newspaper account make the Teacher incite the whole class to pummel her as well.      But both attacks were motivated by the same sadistic nature and ill humour of a man; a man appointed to help.      Years have gone by and the Cane outlawed, yet men and women - even teachers - still yearn to use it - indeed they DO insist even in the face of clear instruction NOT to do so.      Not that I personally would BAN it altogether.  It is the USER of the cane that is at fault NOT the discipline it is meant to control.      The cane itself is meant to curb insubordination and rebellion - NOT as a remedy for a child,or even an adult already in distress and need of help.    

What is it in some people that makes them want to hurt those weaker than themselves.    Is it that they cannot endure those slower, or less able, than themselves?   Do they despise someone for being 'slow on the uptake', a 'bit daft', or just simply stupid, and rather than find a way to improve, encourage, and HELP such a student they treat them like a dumb beast who should know better.    It is especially found in some parents, as well as teachers, and also among the Police, Prison Officers, and yes, even among nurses.       We have punished the cane, and legally put it away, whilst at the same time doing little to teach the cane's user to be responsible for his lack of justice and self control.      Little Joy Wangari was probably finding learning difficult, as I did, due to her home life, and circumstances.      Impatience and irritable miss judgement in one appointed to teach and help
her on, helped to cause her untimely death.      One cannot begin to appreciate how her Mum and Dad are feeling.     Our hearts go out to them at this time.

The incident I recorded about  MY day in the Classroom repeated itself, day after day..........'THEN,  unpredictably, one evening at home, I began to READ - fluently!   I can remember the book, a small and simple reader entitle "A Dog Called Spot'.   That night I read it all the way through without a single word being a stumbling to me.It was like a door being unlocked and a blindness lifted.   From that day I read avidly anything that came to hand, quickly grasping the usefulness of a dictionary.   It was a turning point in many ways, and although I was to remain behind, and never really enjoyed school it,  a whole new world was opened up to me, and I too full advantage of it.'


Back to Green Cottage, opposite Testimony House, and Me and my little woman, together with Georgina White.     Georgina was here with her Mum, Paula White, in April last year.  She actually journeyed to Kigali in Uganda first with a group, and arrived with us Friday last week.  She leaves on Monday for home again, and has had a very full and energetic time with our kids, who all  enjoyed her so much on her last visit.   She has stayed with us in Green Cottage, and feels like one of the family.     We hope she will come again.     Trying to get her Mum back again as well.    Photo to the right
shows them together
last year!
And then, just today, we had a visit from one of our old boys, who is very close to us, David Koech.    David has a home in America, but spends a lot of time in Kenya as well, and has a small Farm not far from us.   He is here visiting and so we also profited in seeing him visit us.    It was really good to see him.
WE have had RAIN - not a LOT, but some!   We had received a light shower on Friday of last week, THEN on Saturday it rained for 6 hours after I had sent the Blog.     Two more days of light rain, and then today it has begun to be cloudy AGAIN.     The Meteorologists told us on Monday the rain is finished - and before it rained they told us there would be none - and THEN we prayed ...........It was refreshing and also a huge encouragement to the many who are having to battle in this town with shortage of WATER.      Thank you Father in Heaven.

OUR YOUNG MAN, DAN, with a hole in his heart has been at school the whole week, but yesterday complained of stomach pain!     Nothing to do with heart of course!!    We are now in touch with a Hospital in Nairobi which also runs a heart foundation, and we shall taking Dan up there soon for further tests and advice as to the future.    AND we remain in prayer.

God Bless you all and keep you well, and provide for you where there is need.     We pray always for all of you, even as we pray for ourselves.        Our Love always in Jesus

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 28 January 2017


THIS POSTER PRESENTS AN INTERESTING IMAGE OF GOD, AND OF A DOCTOR!     Can you see what I mean?    It would seem, from a cursory reading, that the creator of the poster is annoyed by those he deems fundamental Christian fanatics who say
'Away with doctors - JESUS is my Healer.'    I understand what he is saying entirely.    In Kenya many have died and seen loved ones die, due to what I personally do believe is a wrong perspective.   I believe that Jesus IS able to be my healer, but I also do believe that some doctors are vocationally called to heal.
BUT then what about the question 'Why do you think God but doctors on earth?'     God put ALL of us on earth to serve HIM, and in doing so to serve, on His behalf, one another.     NOT only doctors but ALL of us.     AND it is more than possible that God did not put ALL DOCTORS as doctors on the earth - some doctors have made themselves to be doctors, and not always because they like doctoring or want to heal the sick, but because it 'looks' as if a doctor can get good money!!!
Not all doctors are created to doctor!    Those who are on strike for MONEY,  have put money FIRST, and therefore, in my estimation are not doctors by vocation. BUT yes, God HAS a place for doctors, men and women with a heart for humanity.   LUKE, who wrote the Gospel, was a doctor, and very useful to Paul I believe.    I personally owe a lot to doctors gifted in understanding medicine, and who have helped and blessed me - in answer, I believe, to my prayers to God, in the Name of Jesus, to heal me.    I do thank God for them.
But finally, once again, 'WHY do you think God put doctors on earth?'     Why has God gifted men and women to treat and even heal those who are sick among us?    Obviously because we NEED them; need their help, their compassion, their healing touch.       Doctors are to HEAL, and minister healing to the sick - NOT to prance around with ill written placards,  congratulating themselves on their greedy, ill conceived self importance as they laugh and eat cake and STRIKE!   Yes they go on strike!  They wilfully decide to withhold their services, and leave the sick to die, for the sake of what?   For the sake of Gain; for the sake of filthy lucre.       Are THEY truly 'doctors'?  Are they God's Gift to the world?       We continue to be held to ransom - our physical bodies, and those of our loved ones - for the sake of personal gain.     It is a criminal shame.     It is ungodly, inhuman, and vicious.
THIS week, here in Kenya,  those still on strike have been threatened with dismissal from their posts.
"Sack us!' they cry in their blindness, "We will continue; we don't care...............     Well we do pray against their folly and against their selfishness.       Are they any different to any terrorist in fact?  Are they different to any that take a life and use it to profit themselves,  loudly proclaiming that unless their terms are met that lives will die.     It speaks and smells of the devil.    It certainly does not speak of compassion and mercy to ones neighbour!     I shudder to consider the pain, anxiety, distress and even the deaths of those who are dying in hospitals across our Country, deserted and abandoned by those with Healing in their Hands.
The BIBLE in Proverbs 3v27 'Withhold not good from those to whom it is due ( who have the right to expect it of you) when it is in the power of your hand to do it.'

THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE JOINED US IN PRAYER FOR Dan Ndungu.  He is back in School and the 'Infection' seems how to be abated.     DARYL is in Nairobi this week end and seeks to see if he can find any further Opinion, for Medical Help for him.    Continue in Prayer.

TO THE LEFT A PHOTO OF SOME OF our early School Staff taken in 19887/8.    They have all gone today EXCEPT for Anthony Ndungu, 2nd from the left at the top of the photo. To his left his Mr. S. Mwaura,  Below, from the far left is Mrs. Judy Gachengechi, Mrs.Judy Towett,  Mrs. Susan Iraya,  Mr. Lwangu,   Mr. Titus  Mbatiah,  Mr. Philip Wakaba,  .Mr. John Gitare and Mr. Simon-Peter Anderson.
The School was still young, and we had just completed building the first stream (classes 4-8). It is good to just remember them again.....and so many others with them.    Thank you all for your input and endeavour.

In this photo you see the main buildings of Testimony School from taken from the playing field.
The School Hall on the left giving way to Staff rooms and offices, and then Double storey Classroom, blocks. Much more has been added behind what you can see, and also this side of the School Hall we have erected a Boarding Section for Primary children.      And, of course, it is no longer merely a Primary School at present, but has also progressed in Secondary School as well.   A long way from the beginning in 1981 with just a small class of Nursery children.     It is a miracle in our sight.

AND LASTLY, FOR THIS WEEK,  just a glimpse of  what the lack of rain and water can bring us to.  This photo was taken in  Turkana, where the current Drought has taken it's toll of a lot of livestock, and even people have died.      Of course this IS the Dry Season, and rain is usually absent at this time, say from December to March.   However it looks as if the period is extending, and, as for the last few years, the Rains may hold off this year again, even to MAY!         This together with more people needing water very year provides progressive distress year by year.       Our compound, here in Eldoret, a long way south of Turkana, is looking as dry and  and thirsty, but water is still, at least for today in the taps.      The whole Nation is praying that God will be merciful and bring UNSEASONABLE RAIN.     Yesterday, and today, the sky has been partially covered with CLOUDS!!
The Miracle may indeed come1.        Our President, whilst addressing a Public Meeting, was prevailed upon to lead the Nation in an impromptu Prayer for RAIN,  and as he did so it did in fact commence to RAIN.     HALLELUJAH!    We are all in prayer.

We are all well, and the Homes and the School is going on waiting on God, and trusting in Him for our peace and security.    In Jesus Name we are kept and provided for.       Our Love and Prayers go up daily to our Father in Heaven for His Blessing upon YOU, that you also may have cause to Praise Him with us for all His Mercy.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 21 January 2017


DAN NDUNGU IS 15 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR, and he has been with us, in Tyndale Cottage, since 2002 when he was just 5 years old.    He came to us from a Collection Centre for street children, and he came as one without any known history, relative, or anything else.    No Records at all.     No one, since he came to us, has ever come forward to enquire after him.
Dan has grown up to be an intelligent boy - an 'A' student, and has shown no disability of any kind - UNTIL NOW.    He suddenly complained of pain around his heart, and quickly began to lose energy and appetite.    On Wednesday this week he was taken to a private Clinic to see a doctor.     All our Government doctors are in the fifth week of a Nation wide Strike.    He managed to be seen, and we were advised that he had a serious Heart condition, and needed an operation.  Poor Mica and Catherine Senge, Dan's house-parents were shocked, and it was found difficult to find a Consultant to confirm or otherwise until Saturday, when one was found with time and heart to help us.      She has confirmed the diagnosis.    She has explained that surgically it is too late to help him.    He has a 'hole' in his heart, which is congenital, and leaves him with the prospect of a short life, without a miracle.     Well, of course, we BELIEVE in miracles, and although he has been started on antibiotics to fight the 'infection' that brought his condition to light, and serious prayer has, and continues, to be lifted up for him  -   TODAY, he is already up from his bed, testifying to being well, and painless, and looking forward to joining his High School class on Monday!       We Rejoice GREATLY.          However, we have wondered how his condition, which has been from birth, could have escaped detection by the many doctors he has seen whilst being with us, treating him for Malaria, and common colds.     Even on Admission to us, after normal Examination and Medical Report by our appointed Medical Officer, we were not alerted.       And he has lived a normal, otherwise healthy life, energetically until just this week.      Please do join us in prayer for his healing. The Consultant has arranged a series of further checks and examinations in the month ahead, but was herself not very hopeful that he would survive long.       Join hands with us in Jesus Name to see her change that opinion.       But we are very grateful to her for opening her heart to us on Dan's behalf.
PLEASE NOTE   -     If you are in contact with Dan in any way, treat him normally without drawing attention;  he is not so far hospitalised, and although he may have to refrain from heavy excersise, we are hoping he will return to school and continue to learn in the years ahead.     We do not want him to be anxious for himself, but to trust God with us all, for his continued health.     Thank you.


OUR LAWNS are now turned brown, and dusty with the heat.      The last two weeks have seen flowers and shrubs wither, and the grass die and shrivel, as hot winds from the north and scorching sun take their toll on the plant life.    The real spectre is the lack of water.     The Town River is now DRY, and the local DAMS quickly being depleted, and water now severely rationed so that a day or more might pass without ANY water at all in the pipes and taps.      If there is NO break in the weather pattern then we may have to SHUT the school down until the Rains come, in April/May
AND of course the extreme dryness of the air and tundra tend to effect the human psychie.    And the heat, dust, and general change of 'air' has opened the door to seasonable sickness,  though
ordinarily not life threatening, may become dangerous without enough active medical staff available. 
In the guiless ignorance of old age I had always believed the Doctors, at the least, would never put their own needs before those of their patient,,,,,,,   It seems, even in this, TIMES HAVE CHANGED!
I remember when I was TEN ( in the 1950s) calling the doctor to come to our rural dwelling, forty minutes away, to attend my Mother who had been taken suddenly ill.     He came immediately even though he had to drive through a snow storm on icy roads.    He arrived - an elderly man - full of concern and without any word of self pity or complaint.      Is that attitude one that rules today?
hippocrates - 5th - 3rd Cent.
In Kenya during the previous five weeks or so our government hospitals have been empty due to the lack of doctors, and there is little doubt that patients may have died or seriously deteriorated because of the absence of a doctor to minister to their needs.      And in some places even nurses have been on strike as well.      And yes, it would seem that some have been exploited and even underpaid, but is this an excuse to expose others to risk of death or even permenant damage?     'Do no harm' used to be the most recognised comittment of a doctor.       I had also understood until now that doctors are required to take an Oath - The Hippocratic Oath - written down by one ancient medical man called
Hippocrates.     But it seems that the original has been revised a number of times, and that today not ALL doctors areeven required to take it.   How,ever it would seem that the phrase 'Do no harm' IS still understood generally by doctors as a prime criterior.      There is no way doctors on strike action, for whatever reason,  do not expose those depending on them for their physical well being, to danger.
A BIG difference of Ethic involved here.     And once again we have an indication as to how our inherant human 'Selfishness' rules the day, speeding up the ruin of humanity in this Age.   I am firmly convinced, as a Christian, that Strikes relating to public service, and especially the Medical and Teaching professions are anti social and inhuman.


LAST SUNDAY EVENING, we had a Farewell Party for FOUR of our elder young people, who having concluded their education  AND found employment, were now leaving their home with us to start out on their own.       Previously we arranged such parties in the actual Family home each one had grown up inhere, but when we converted one of the original four 'homes' into an HOSTEL and later set up a Hostel for GIRLS as well, it meant that Leavers had in a sense already been seperated from their families when they reached 18.     SO this time we decided to have the Party in the School Hall, and bring ALL the three Homes and two Hostels together as ONE FAMILY so that we ALL be part of the Farewell.    It worked very well indeed.
After Pastor Wykliffe had given the Message, I called each of the four for prayer and the laying on of hands.   The first to come was Judith who was admitted to Jacaranda Cottage in October 2003 when she was10!    She is Pre School teacher working in Eldoret; a faithful young lady, of a strong nature - a good daughter and grand daughter.    THEN to the Right is John Matubwe. John is almost stone deaf.    We do not know how he came to be so, but he has learned to lip read perfectly.   He was 8 when he joined us 2004 and now working in our Bakery. He is truly happy and glad.
THEN we have Chege and David, whom I had requested you to pray for some months back.   Benson Chege, 25, has now found work with Land Agent and Surveyor, and David, also 25, has still not found a job, but leaving us to stay with an elder brother who IS employed.    Each of the four were able to make their own 'Farewell' to the assembled 'Family' and were then presented with a Bible and monetary gift to assist get the started in their new 'Digs'.   FINALLY, before we all broke up, there was CAKE and Juice for everyone.   Others will also be leaving before the close of the year.        Most will be working locally, at least to begin with, so hopefully they will all be dropping in from time to time so that we keep track of each other

THIS was a Joyful Time for us; the time we saw some of our Sons and Daughters attain their Maturity and their Independence.     BUT, was also a time of trembling anxiety for each of them to for themselves now, find the Security and Comfort of God with them.

Praying for Benson
Praying for David

We say to them, in our hearts -

Remember to keep your life pure and
away from evil temptations and practices, by Reading the Bible.

We say to each one
 'Choose your friends with care; wisely.    
Choose those who also want a pure life.
Choose those who seek God, and His Will for their lives.     
Walk and talk with them.  
Psalm 119v9

Dear  friends share in our Joys and our Prayers for these few that now start life alone with God

Receive of our Love, Thanksgiving and Prayer for being 'Family' with us in Christ,and for sharing your hearts and lives with us, and with all the children and young people here with us.

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 14 January 2017


OUR DAUGHTER ELISABETH was born on the 13th January 1977 in Kitale Hospital, Kenya.   I was back in Eldoret entertaining guests from UK.      AND now here she is with her husband, Prem, and their two children, Rachel to the left and John-Finney on the right.      .We don't get to see them often -though Liz was with us for fortnight last year, just on her own.     We have always let our Father in Heaven order our times with our children and grandchildren in the UK, since they all chose to reside there, and work there.    I arrived in Kenya, single, in December 1968.    Then in 1972 I was there with Esther, married, and our first son, Steven was born in Truro.     Then again in 1983, eleven years later.       again in 1994, and again in 2003, 06, and 2011.    But though we do not see them often our joy is in knowing they all keep close to each other, and with the Lord our God.
In the next photo, to the left, she is seen carrying baby James Manu, our adopted son born in 1984 when Lizzy was seven! She went to Primary School with us, and is seen to the right (front left) in her 8th Class. Photo above right.
After completing her schooling here she was accepted in my old Bible College, The I.B.T.I. in Burgess hill, Sussex, where she met Prem, her husband to be.      They married in Chennai, India, in 2000 and then later returned to Rochdale in Lancashire, England, where
Prem in Pastoring.

We always rejoice when Birthdays come round once more and we see the Faithfulness of God in keeping each part of our family safe and sound in the Faith together, in LOVE.
Esther and I both had difficult family lives as children, and saw little but pain in our parents relationships.  For us to look back and see the Happiness our children have enjoyed, and their own children have grown up in, means so much.     We did nothing but pray and entreat our God to be Merciful and Kind to them for our sake.

Liz was 40  on the 13th of this Month, Her brother Michael will be 43 on the 27th and Steven will be 45 on June 16th.      By the way notice, if you can, our son Michael's wife Janet Mwangi, 2nd from the right in front of the Standard 8 photo.     I wonder if either knew they might be married then!!?
SO Michael will be NEXT on the 27th, then Manu will hit his 33rd in April,  John will hit his 77th in May, then Steven in June and Esther's 73rd in August.  And this does not include grandchildren, and all those coming after at the latter end of the year.   And everyone a cause of JOY and Thanksgiving.   God IS SO good.

TOMORROW,  in the afternoon, we are holding a Going Away Party for three of our boys and one of our girls who all found work and accommodation, and now leave TFH to begin their very own independant life.     ALL the Family resident will come together to give them a Real Send Off.  There will be a Special Cake,  Prayer,  a Bible and small monetary gift for each, and the assurance that they will always be welcome home for a 'Cup of Tea' anytime.    Photographs next week hopefully

TODAY, ABOUT 5 P.M. our time,  Esther and I are to be visited by old friends of Esther's whom she knew when still teaching - before she even knew me - Jack and Mercy Fry from USA, together with three others with them on a special 'trip'.     Should be quite interesting, and hopefully also a very happy occassion.     We are looking forward.
Some have asked if we could share more about what we Believe, as Christians and also how we operate and run Testimony Faith Homes.      This time I will briefly run through our Aims & Objects, together with our Tenets of Faith, but I am in the midst of updating our Fundamental Principles first laid down in 1970, and revised a little in 1980.      Once I have completed I will consider putting it all on our Web-site.    
AIMS AND OBJECTS  (Extracted from our Constitution 1973)
a)     To give to all who have eyes to see, a visible proof that God is now and always a Living God, responding to the prayers of all who trust in Him, through Jesus Christ, by establishing a NON-PROFIT MAKING and NON DENOMINATIONAL work of Faith in God alone, for the residential care and education of the orphaned and destitute children of Kenya.

b)       To set up Residential Homes for such orphaned and destitute children and young people who have been deprived of the benefits of responsible family life, and where each such child or young person may feel loved and cared for; in which they may find only a sincere and gentle instruction in the fundamental Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the intention that each such child or young person might become a dedicated Christian man or woman, and an upright member of the Nation of Kenya.

c)         That in accordance with (a) above the financial structure is based on Faith in God, and that through Prayer HE will provide.    For this reason TFH will not enter into any publicity openly soliciting funds, neither will they openly apply for any financial assistance from any public or private body, except when voluntarily invited to do so by the body concerned.     Being  non-profit making, no income will be, in any way, shared out, allocated or given to any individual as a dividend or payment (apart from contracted salaries paid out to those employed) but instead be applied to running the project, any surplus being ploughed back


a)      Testimony Faith Homes accepts the Bible as its all sufficient Rule of Faith and Practice, believing that both the Old and New Testaments are the Inspired Word of God, infallible, and Authorative at all times and in all circumstances.

b)      Testimony Faith Homes accepts the content of the Apostles Creed as a basis of Faith.

c)      Testimony Faith Homes believes that all men are concluded to be sinners, and under the Wrath of God, condemned to Death, and awaiting Hell,  -  needing Salvation. 

d)     Testimony Faith Homes believes that ALL men need to be Saved, and that Salvation may only be found through Repentance toward God, through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Redemptive work wrought on Calvary's Cross.    That Baptism in Water provides a clear witness and testimony of what has been believed in the heart of a true believer -  1.Peter 3v21 and 1.John 5v5-10

e)      Testimony Faith Homes believes that the INWARD EVIDENCE of such Salvation is from the direct witness of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8v16) and that the outward manifestation is in a NEW LIFE of righteousness and true holiness  ( Ephesians 4v24 and Titus 2v12)., and that thereafter growth in Sanctification will progressively take place.

f)       Testimony Faith Hones believes that the Ministry of the Holy Spirit is to be seen working in and through all believers through the Gifts and Graces which He severally gives to each one, as he pleases.     (1.Corijthians 12v1-31)  for the care, encouragement, and comfort of the Body of Christ - the Church.    

We run a Christian Fellowship with a responsible Pastor and Chaplain.      He arranges our Sunday Service, and also regulary visits all the Children's Homes and Hostel week by week..    He also holds prayer and Bible Study Meetings for all our staff through the week, and also TWO weekly Christian Unions attended by all the students in the School.        His name is Pastor Wykliffe Ondanga, and he is an Ordained Protestant Minister. .     His wife, Miriam, is our Head of Nursery School.      Pastor and I actually share a lot of ministry as well.     We Thank the Lord that by His Grace we see a weekly Harvest brought into the Kingdom.

All for this time.     Our visitors have just left after a wonderful time of fellowship.    Our Love to you all, from all of us in the Name of Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green