Saturday, 24 June 2017


CONTINUING expansion of our Poultry Unit to cater for more Layers by providing more space has been going on during the past week.    The floor space has been laid down, and the posts that will carry the walls are also in place.  

ADDITIONALLY a faulty sewer line that extends from Drakeley Cottage down to Jacaranda and thence to Tyndale Cottages was put in during 2007 with inferior piping. Over the last two weeks it has been relayed with with strong piping of a wider dimension, together with new and improved man-holes.     The photo on the left shows a section where the existing pipe has actually broken, and even shattered.   The NEW pipe has also been laid with extra manholes to ensure easier access for cleaning and servicing.    The manholes are not shown in these photos as they will be put in one by one since the line is in daily use, and we cannot stop the flow of sewerage for too long at a time.      Now that the piping is all in place they will put a manhole in section by section.

These improvements have once again originated from the kind hearts and interest of Tyndale Christian School in Adelaide, South Australia, and other friends there with them.   The Tyndale 2017 Team of Students and Staff are expected on the 3rd July,  and will themselves give their strength and enthusiasm to finishing off these works for us, and also sharing their energy with NEEMA Children's Home just up the road from us, run by Miriam and Joshua Mbithi.


I must apologise for not introducing previously our current Wardens for the Boys and Girls Hostels.
As I mentioned before, Hesketh and Alice MULI are now employed full time as RELIEF Houseparents, filling in for other parents when they take their Day Off and usual Holidays.   This has worked out very well, with Hesketh also Personnel Manager and Alice working In Primary School.
Taking their place in Testimony House Hostel for boys is Mr. John OBIERO who came to us from the Eldoret Rescue Centre and with a wealth of experience in youth work, and counselling.    His photo is to the left.   He is happily married, but his wife and family live outside of the Homes

Below, also to the left,  is a photo of our newly appointed Warden for the Jean Potts Hostel for Girls, who joined us just recently to take the place of Rosemary Odunga who had to leave us  -  Mrs. Grace Mwangi, a widow.
She is a lady with a lot of personal experience as a parent, and with Girls.     She has immediately fitted in as 'Mother' and is already settled and part of the Team.     We feel very fortunate in having her with us, and to know the Girls are in good hands and happy.

When we opened Testimony House as a Hostel we had 38 boys eighteen and over.     Some have now left, or on the verge of leaving, to take up jobs and the challenge of an independent life.   Others are still in Secondary School with us.    BUT in January MORE will have come of age and will graduate from their Children's Home to one or other of the two Hostels.       So far it is working fairly well, and the initial discomfort caused by the change in situation seems to have passed.    Only 8 Girls currently still resident in the Hostel, but also next January will see more join them - and more than double their current number.


James Manu, our son of 33 years, was admitted into Hospital here on Wednesday with suspected Pneumonia.     THEN (because he had developed a severe, dry, and painful cough) the Medics thought he may have T.B.     He has been in hospital four days now, and they seem little nearer to coming to a definite diagnosis with a definite Treatment.      We are quite concerned for him, especially as he has barely recovered from the Treatment for his eyes.    God knows.   He is taking it all quite well, but not without anxiety.   Please continue to pray for him.

Between visiting Manu, endeavouring to get our Half Yearly Accounts ready, shopping, spending time on visitors and friends that drop in during most days, the hours go by like a flash on some days - today having been one of them.      Esther and I continue to Thanks God for good health, and for strength of mind and body.    His Presence comforts us!     God bless you, each and every one, and 
watch over you through every day.

With our much Love in Jesus, praying always for you
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 17 June 2017


PROJECT ACTIVITY is underway again, this time within the Dairy and Poultry Projects.  Tyndale School once again contributing to the building of a new wing of the Poultry House, this time to accommodate more Layers.    Work has already begun, and is hoped to be completed by the Team that is expected to arrive around 5th July.       Tyndale has also provided for another Milker for our Dairy, and she arrived yesterday.     She is in calf, and right now is making a real racket 'mooing' away in protest at being taken from her family and old home.  
She is reputed to be a good Milker, and makes up our little herd to be three in number.

AND, to conclude, here is a photo of the latest Tomato Crop growing in the first half of the Greenhouse.     They are also beginning to fruit, and we shall probably begin to harvest in a week or two's time.     They look healthy, and with a promising yield.     In the 2nd half of Green house a 2nd crop is already planned and growing well.     Tomatoes are in great demand, and eaten both raw and cooked in the majority of main meals.    They area also quite expensive, so we save a lot in being able to grow our own, plus other vegetables.

To the left is Mike and Danni Potter circa 1988, now Recently 
GRANDPA & GRANDMA Potter!!     Their loving friendship and inspiration in Jesus continues to demonstrate itself in their personal and professional lives.
Even the GREEN HOUSE was provided by their interest, and the goodwill and unforgettable enthusiasm of Tyndale School students and staff.   Together you have taken Kenya and TFH not only into your own hearts, but into the hearts and lives of countless others old and young living in Australia.   
We all look forward to your soon arrival once again, and trust the rain will remain at night so that days can be bright and joyful to work, play and fellowship in.     


General Updates  - just to keep you up to date!
ME, myself, am now mobile and currently without pain or 'sign' of the kidney stones that so suddenly put me out of action.    They are still with me - I think - but will have a further scan towards the end of next week to confirm.     I do Thank the Lord for raising me up, and keeping me up.
James 'Manu' is also OK.     His Diabetes Test proved negative which is a relief.    His eye is recovering from the hurt and he is waiting and hoping for a good prognosis when he sees the Consultant again next month.      He has not been able to read or watch TV too much, and he has also felt a bit prevented from travel.  But he is in good spirits.
Dan Ndungu also continues to be up and about, and has just completed his mid term exams at School.   He has been accepted for free surgery, and is near the top of the waiting list - but he is looking SO healthy, and we continue to hope that he will finally avoid an operation
Transport - both of the Home's vehicles, the Voxy and the Nissan are both off the road, and have been for some time.    Both have received considerable use, and excessive wear.     The Nissan was already 2nd hand when we received it, in  1994/5,  and we bought a re-reconditioned Voxy in
2012.  Actually it not had not been a great inconvenience as we are now 'inside' the Town boundaries and most public transport needs are cheaply available.       The School buses are all still on the road - so far!

ABOVE a photo of some of the local and Homes' Children presenting a traditional dance during the School Parents & Prize Giving.    This year's event is not too far away, and has been brought forward to the 22nd July in order to permit the School to close a week early to make sure it shuts  by the time the National Elections take place early August.

Much Love to you all,     We pray for you all, and for all of the United Kingdom.    So much tragedy and disquiet everywhere, so many uplifted voices speaking self righteously without respect or honour toward any.      Whatever their real politics may be I have felt pity for the Queen and the Prime Minister in these days.      Whatever faults may be found for them in the hearts of their people, surely some honour, some courtesy and respect should be afforded them.      But this is definitely NOT that kind of world - even here in Kenya.     A disturbing world.    Indeed.    A roaring sea of raucous and discontented voices, often unemployed, even uneducated.      An almost 'lawless' world society where neither the governments nor the people rule, and where the only true stable reference point is in danger of being totally forgotten, let alone referred to.      Even so COME Lord Jesus.

God Bless and keep YOU in perfect peace, resting in HIM.

John Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 10 June 2017


THESE KIDS JUST DELIGHT MY SOUL!    I never get tired of seeing them;  any group of them together.     Happy and Bright, they just bring joyful memories from the past right up to the present.
AND THIS HAS BEEN A PAINFUL DAY for me - the 3rd day of suffering caused by a couple of obstinate, though small, kidney stones, that made themselves felt suddenly, our of the blue.     NOT for the first time either.       My 1st encounter with 'Stones' was in May 1980 when I had travelled to Nakuru with Nicholas Mwangi, my then Deputy, to search out a boy of about 14 who was in some distress in the Town there.        We were in the midst of discussing his case with his Care takers when a pain stabbed my back, so fiercly that I just collapsed.    That pain just went on and Nicholas had to drive me home in a hurry to Eldoret, two hours away.     Yes it was a Kidney Stone.     It settled down painlessly after a month or so, but did not roll out until August 1987!!!      Just a little thing smaller than half an apple pip, but with sharp edges.      And now I have TWO more from the same kidney.     It certainly isn't less painful,  and in fact it might indeed be MORE painful .      Really imobilised yesterday but today I have a little relief,  but still shadow pain in my left kidney area.   REAL pain if I MOVE!    My doc says I'll be fine.  But I am hoping that pain goes away WITH the stone .        So here I am looking through our photos, and letting the children that have filled our lives once more fill our memories with joy and gladness of heart.     Bless them every one!    

I do not feel able to sit too long at my computer, and I hope you will forgive me if I make this just a short word this week - especially after an even shorter one last week.      Hopefully by next Saturday the Lord will have helped me, and restored my strength.        We have been very much tried during the past month, but rejoice to share that the the Lord, using His Own, delivered us, and has yet again raised up our spirits, and given us all renewed hope for the future of Testimony Faith Homes.     We shall be 48 years old this August, close to a Golden Jubilee.     Our Father has been SO faithful.      May HE Bless you all, overflowingly.

Lovingly in Him

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 3 June 2017

WE REGRET THAT THIS WEEK THERE WILL BE NO 'BLOG'.  We merely assure you that all is well with us, and that this suspension is purely due to lack of time, and will hopefully be lifted next week.      God Bless and keep you all, hand in hand with Jesus.

update on our son James Manu
James attended Tenwick Hospital yesterday as I advertised, and his Glaucoma was confirmed.  He had to have a needle inserted into his right eye as part of the examination which was VERY unpleasant and painful.    But he came through it and the pain has subsided.     They will hope now that his 'Good Eye' might be 'saved',   but the left one is confirmed as irrideemable.        He will have to return to Tenwick in a month's time to see how treatment is going.       Next week he will be checked out for Diabetis since his liver has also turned out to be infected.       James himself has taken it all with a good degree of optimism.    We are all believing that Father will hear our prayers and have mercy to heal and to save in every way.      We do sincerely appreciate all of you who will, or already have, joined us in this belief.

Our Love in Jesus to everyone.    John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 27 May 2017


THIRTY YEARS AGO!   This photo includes all but three of the Testimony House Family as it was then, plus Joshua Mbithi standing at the back (centre) and Daryl Green far right with Afro hairstyle, now Director of TFH.     I have included the photo this week since I just re-discovered it, and was impressed with the clarity of an old black and white photo.     We are in touch with most of them, and it is heartening to know that they are generally going on with life, many married and with their own families.   Not often do we come across such a 'clear' group photo of our larger family - and as always it touched our hearts to remember being all together in God's hands.

THIS week we received a brother and sister into Tyndale Cottage - Alex aged 7 and his sister Alice aged 4.    Both parents deceased.   They do have aged grandparents, but they are unable to cope with the children's needs.   They come from Turkana in the north but due to deteriorating health of both children it was thought unwise to repatriate them there.   Alex has a cast in his left eye and other health compli-cations brought on by his H.I.V. status.     His sister Alice is not H.I.V. but is seriously malnourished... ........So now they are with Micah and Senge Yeto, Mum and Dad in Tyndale, and have already settled in with a lot of joy.    ORIGINALLY, before Government here began tinkering with child care issues, our Vision and practise was to take in children without home or parents with the idea of giving back what they had lost - a home, Mum and Dad, and security.    The stayed till they had finished school and got a job.    NOW they only come for THREE years, and then their case is re-examined, and it is hoped (by the Children's Department) they will either be repatriated to their own home area (not necessarily family) - or Fostered.      SECURITY has immediately been something we can no longer provide since it is up for grabs every three years!    Makes it hard for us now to provide the semblance of HOME and Family ourselves.      This has completely undercut our intentions.      It has made us reconsider the future in order to re-assess how best to re-focus, and provide the stability and care we are used to giving.   Please keep it in mind in your prayers as we continue to Serve the Master in Kenya.

I NEVER GET TIRED of this photo where our current 'combined' Family are all together in front of Green Cottage, just opposite to our old family home - Testimony House.    I like it because we are found all together from the youngest to the eldest.     All brothers and sisters of each other.   I wish it was a true representation of what we have all strived to create and maintain.


The City of Manchester in England has been severely shaken this week, and it's citizens not only killed and seriously injured by an indiscriminate terrorist attach, but also robbed of its sense of peace and security.     A certain Chief Constable is said to have stated in the 90s that Terrorism was not going to go away, but rather increase in the years ahead.     In his view there was NO answer to it.      Our current world society seems to be confirming this more and more.
JOB 14v.1 says 'Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.'

Often it is the PROSPECT of trouble that is worse that the trouble itself.  We actually live in the FEAR of trouble itself; fear of an Accident, of Illness, Violence, Pain of any kine - and now even of a Terrorist attack.    We fear DEATH.     Sometimes it is a struggle to keep happy and optimistic.    But Job says 'Man is born for trouble.'
AND Psalm 145v3 and Micah 7v5 tells us that there is no man to turn to when real help is needed. Friends, even, will fail us- even the influential and rich - and even princes will fail us.
JEREMIAH17v5 says 'Cursed by the man that trusts in man - in himself - in his own kind.   Man alone is unable to guarantee himself safety or defence from any kind of hurt or danger, no matter how rich or powerful he may be = Psalm49v6  BUT WE ARE ALIVE - WE LIVE!  We have to FACE life and square up to the very real troubles and afflictions that might come to us.    Surely ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.
Paul the Apostle was just a man such as you or me.    His life was full of conflict, even suffering and pain. (2. Corinthians 11v25-)   How did he manage to finish his life in victory.   How did HE manage to come through without despair, without losing his mind or faith?     He tells us that it was by laying hold of ETERNAL LIFE.     By taking hold of Jesus Christ.
The Hymn Writer Blanch Moffat wrote 'Trust in the Lord and don't despair'    1.Timothy 6v12.    Again in 2.Chronicles 20v17 we find the Prophet telling King Jehoshaphat, and all Judah under attack with him,  -  'BENOT AFRAID.   Be not dismayed, just stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord.     Look into and read Psalm 107.   In verses 3-5 we hear of those who are living as refugees, homeless, stateless, hungry and alone.  'THEY CRIED UNTO THE LORD in their trouble, and HE delivered them out of their distress.    THEN, in verses10-12 we are told of thos4 who are afflicted with illness, and in the bondage of habitual sin and poverty of life - 'THEY cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of all their distresses,'    And again in verses 23-29 we are told of those in peril on the sea in storm and tempest 'and they also cried to the Lord in THEIR trouble, and He bringeth them out of their distresses.   The LORD, Jesus Christ the STRENGTH of God, will deliver US from all our fears and calamities.
KING DAVID testifies and says 'BY THEE I have run through a Troop, and by my God have I leaped over a wall' Psalm 18v29-39

PAUL, writing in Romans 8v31 asks 'WHAT SHALL WE SAY TO THESE THINGS/    If GOD be for us, then WHO (or what) can be against us (and succeed)?
LOOK to the Saviour - to Jesus the Maker, the Right Hand of God Almighty.    He says to any that turn to Him and cry to Him for help ' I will never leave you forsake you; I will NEVER run out on you.'.

Right now you may be confronted by some impossible problem, or the fear of it.   STOP FOR A MOMENT. You are not alone -  God is right there closer than any other - all you have to do is call upon Him.     He will will take your trouble, distress, pain, and fear and deal with it.    He will fight and defend, and deliver you from ALL your distress..    Just call upon the name of Jesus, and then believe in His Presence with you - SAY - 'HERE A I LORD, USE ME!

I walk with the King, Hallelujah!
I walk with the King, Praise His Name!
I no longer roam, my soul faces home
I walk and I talk with the King.

OUR LOVE TO YOU ALL,    Pray with us here as we now enter to run up to the National Election and all the upheaval that is expected and imagined.     WE are praying for you all, wherever you are, that you will remain KEPT by His Power, in and by the Kingdom of Heaven.    

God Bless you all,

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 20 May 2017


SOME OF YOU may recognise Mike and Dani Potter here.    This photo is probably circa 1988, and was probably taken the first time they visited us in Testimony House.     Love at first sight so to speak for all of us, and they have been part of our family ever since.    Both worked in Cavina School in Nairobi for the next ten years or so and then returned to Australia where Mike became Head of Tyndale Christian School in South Australia,      Almost immediately he and Dani began to consider bringing parties of Students from the School to Kenya and to US in Testimony Faith Homes, and now they are an Annual Event.
The photo to the right is of the 2016 Team.
Up to 30 or so students at a time plus some staff have been coming, and they come to WORK and to GIVE of themselves.    Most get 'out of school' jobs to earn the cost of their travel, food and eventualities PLUS something more to just GIVE to the ministry here.      It has meant a great deal to all of us, and especially to the children here.    THIS YEAR they will be here again in July.    Not so many this year but still more than a dozen expected.   Recently Mike has reminded us that when we have mentioned how we are supported, we have seemed to point only to friends in the UK - about fifty individuals and churches across the land contribute to us though the year.      I probably also mentioned a few others in Denmark, the Channel Islands, Northern Island - say another seven families in all.      BUT I had somehow 'forgotten' to mention the input from Australia!    This was not at all intentional, but I think it was because I usually give quite a lot of space to the Annual School Visit in the Blog, and then feel I have covered everything.    But I do see that this may, at other times, have give a rather lop-sided, or at least diminished picture of our financial affairs.     Also - this year - I have been unable to include a Statement of Account as I have been trying to do previously.     And of course I am no longer administratively involved in the running and day to day affairs in a regular way.       Most of our incoming donations are channelled through AENON Trust in England, amounting, on average. to about Ksh,14,000,000/= per annum depending on the exchange value of the Pound Sterling.    All other donations not passing via the Trust amount to approximately Kah.300,000/- per annum   -  approx. Ksh.14,300,00/- altogether.     ADDITIONALLY we have been receiving, for last ten years or so, help from World Families in Australia, via the interest of Mr. and Mrs.Potter, an annual sum of approximately Ksh.1,300,000/= and representing the individual interest of some 27 altogether.     Only some 12% of any of this income is guaranteed without fail.      So a total average income of Ksh.15,600.000 per annum to accommodate the general residential welfare, including food, clothing, medicare, and higher education of 140 children and young people in five residential houses, plus the general labour of some 40 staff including administrative, catering, and home care.     Currently this works out at approximately Ksh,305/- per day per person.        However,  since we do not appeal for funds when needed, and we do not in any way seek to find ways to underwrite our income apart from direct Application to our Father in Heaven, income does fluctuate from time to time, and we cannot control the volume or manner of receipts coming in.     We cannot be sure, either, WHEN funds will come in. It is an interesting situation which tries - in continuous and progressive manner - our level of Faith.   But, on the other hand, although this 'daily' bread may at times financially not be to hand, we usually find we have enough on hand to feed everyone, or else a gift of food or finance might come to the door to tide us over.     The miracle to us is always that our God is able to speak, without our assistance or intervention in any way, to those whose heart is open to Him, and that they hear and react to our unspoken (to them) need.        Every day our hearts go out to God, and automatically to each one who hears His cry on our behalf, and became with Him our Provision.   We can never take one of them for granted, or accept the tiniest Gift without appreciation.     SO, dear friends and 'Family in Jesus' my apologies if I may sometimes seem forgetful in not personally publicly show our deep awareness of your love and sharing in our needs here.       We DO remember where every Gift has ever come from, and how it was appreciated; we, and all those with us, with whom we share, never cease to remember and rehearse together the daily care of all for US, in Jesus Name.    And our love and thanks to you Mike for being a good friend and not holding back from sharpening stone, AND the countenance of your friend.

Esther and I follow a Daily Reading every day, and on the 17th of this month we were very encouraged by the following entitled 'The Brook Dried Up' 1.Kings

THE PSALMIST wrote  'Joyful are those...  whose hope is in the Lord their God'  -  Psalm 146v5.      One author writes:  'Sometimes when there's not enough money to make ends meet, people tell us to budget, and we chuckle.   We look at the situation and say 'No Way!'   THAT'S the time to trust God.   Your possibilities aren't limited by past or present circumstances.   If there's not enough to pay legitimate expenses, do your best - and then Let Go!   Trust God to supply your need, then look beyond your wallet.  Look to your source.   Claim a divine, unlimited supply.   Do your part.   Strive for financial responsibility in thought and action.  Ask for wisdom, and THEN LISTEN to God's leadings.    Then let go of your fears and your need to control.
We all know that money is a necessary part of living  -  and so does God.   F.B. Meyer said:  'The education of our faith is incomplete till we learn that God's providence works through loss....There's a ministry to us through the failure and fading of things.   The dwindling brook where Elijah sat is a picture of our lives!  "Some time later the brook dried up"  is the history of our yesterdays and the prophecy of our tomorrows.   We must learn the difference between trusting in the gift, and trusting in the giver.   The gift may last for a season, but the giver is eternal.   If the Lord had led Elijah directly to the widow of Zarapheth, he'd have missed something that helped make him a better man - living by faith.   Whenever our earthly resources dry up, it's so we may learn that our hope and health are in God.    1.Kings 1-2  /  Acts 2v22-47

Robert the Bruce,  King of Scotland, in defeat by the English, hiding in a cave, watching a spider climbing up a slender strand of silk towards the hidden ceiling, saw it fall, and then begin again.   This happened many times, but finally the spider made it and disappeared into the darkness above.     The story has it that The Bruce was enlivened by this observation.   Instead of giving up the fight, the King resolved to get up and try again to overcome his enemy - and again until he won.        No doubt something of the sort urged Sir Winston Churchill to urge the Nation of England to NEVER, never, never GIVE UP or give in.
IT IS EASY to be affected by life's circumstances.     Supply of what we need CAN dry up, and present the question ' What shall I do next '.      There may be many earthly possibilities, but only ONE is a winner - TO TRUST IN GOD.         WE have to admit that we have our days, even weeks when we see even more than one commodity dry up.    We always need your prayers at the back of us. It is easy then to be freaked out, put into a spin of despondency, and even put to flight!     But NO, we must stand our ground, look to God, waiting upon him until He shows us the next step and leads on to victorious security - until the next time.      All those who have been prompted to help us here in TFH, and acted to be our salvation in Jesus, have also been precious instruments in proving God's Faithfulness, and Power in delivering us time and time again from the hand of Doubt and Unbelief.     Thank you all in the Name of Jesus.   I know this has not been without sacrifice.

So let us ALL stand up to be SEEN; to be counted, heard and felt for God in Jesus, within our society.    Let us make our Mark  for God, for our selves, and our children and friends.   Let us not give up doing well; doing the BEST, and having done all that we can, to LET go and just STAND for God as an obstacle to all the Plans of the Enemy.         AMEN!

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 13 May 2017


WELL HERE I AM AGAIN.   This was taken for my 77th Birthday which fell on 11th May, as usual!    Had a recent hair cut which gave me a slight remission of the ageing process, but generally I thank God that I am fairly OK physically, though I am having a little trouble with my TOES!     No doubt part of this may be to do with my Diabetes.      They get very painful at times.   Never mind I still get around, just don't run and jump as I did when I was seventy.
AS YOU CAN SEE above I did have a Birthday Cake, but only with two groups of seven candles which I easily blew out in one blow!    Still plenty of 'puff'.    A dear friend arranged for us (me, Esther, Daryl and Carol, and their kids Becky, Erica and Jeremy, plus our Manu to all go out for a Chinese Dinner in the evening.   A truly happy time, and thence back home to Coffee and Cake together.   Two more photos to round off -  Me and the love of my life, dear Esther,above, and then a Group Photo of us all.

Me, Esther and Manu at the back.
Becky, Erica, Carol Jeremy and Daryl in front.

We missed the rest of the family - all in England - of course, but we were able to receive phone calls from all three 'families' and also managed a phone call to Jesse Green in Nairobi where he is studying full time on his Engineering Course.      SO in one way or another we managed to be all together for a rare moment in time.


GOD DOES NOT SMILE ON DIVORCE.     In sharing this view from the Bible from time to time, I have found myself in the midst of heavy criticism.     I was born into an England - in the 40s -  that did not smile on divorce and made it VERY hard to obtain one.    Perhaps the British Law was then more influenced by the Word of God than it has now become.      And of course this affected the entire society who had to abide with tighter morals altogether.     NOW we have progressed to a more open and licentious world society that allows practically everything, and frees us all from having to deal with guilt, and responsibility for a great deal of unhappiness and hurt - not only in respect of marital relations.       There is a chapter in the Book of Malachi in the Bible's Old Testament, the last Book in fact.    In chapter 2v16 says there ' The Lord, the God of Israel says, I hate divorce and marriage separation...' (The Amplified Bible).        It is not said that 'divorce' is SIN, it merely says that God does not like it.   He does not approve it; He is not made happy by it.     He has ALLOWED it, but only because of the 'hardeness' of our hearts, and only then when one or the other party is found unfaithful to the other.     TODAY  you can find a way of divorcing for almost ANYTHING.   God permitted it, but as Jesus said, 'It was not always so from the Beginning'.       Only because of the fallen nature of Man did He permit it, but he never approved of it since it was against His own nature. There have been many times that God separated Himself from Israel, always with a plan in view to bring them back to Him and to restore the prospect of a Marriage relationship.     God values Truth, Honesty, and Faithfulness in a relationship.     When we stand at the altar and SWEAR before each other in Marriage that 'We will never cease to love and care for one another in Sickness and Health, in Poverty and Wealth, For Better or for Worse' we also call God to Hear us, and to Witness our Promise.      When we fail to make it, and our Promise is broken it, we have  not only broken our word to our partner,but we have made God a Party to it.       God NEVER breaks His Word.    This is something about God we need to know and understand ever more deeply if we want to let HIM LIVE IN US.
In Hosea 4v2 it is written that 'adultery' is one of the contributing causes of the whole nation to suffer the judgement of God.     In v.6 God says MY people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge, and a rejection of knowledge (of ME),       Our most needy occupation throughout our lives is to SEEK and discover all we can about God, His nature, character and spirit.    In Jeremiah 9v24 God says 'LET him who glories, glory in this - that he understands and knows ME, and that I am the LORD, which exercise loving kindness, judgement, and righteous in the earth; for in these things I delight saith the LORD.'        And all of these last words sums up GOD's main essence - LOVE.     Divorce, separation, and a sense of giving up or of turning one's back on another just IS NOT the Love of God.
God has demonstrated clearly that He will go all the the way, do all that takes, and inconvenience Himself however long it takes, to mend and restore His relationships -   THUS, he let Jesus die on the Cross for the very worst that might be found among us.      That is GOD's WAY.       And Yes it is - since the Fall of Man - NOT our way,       We see and look upon life quite differently, and our compassion and mercy and forgiveness is all based on how WE see it - and WE would NOT die for an enemy, or unworthy, unprofitable neighbour.      We would not be willing to suffer long for him or her - we would break off the business relationship, the friendship, the engagement, the marriage.     AND of course there will be instances where this might improve our personal happiness, peace of mind, and even general prosperity, and thus encourage us to lean to our own understanding and condone our own righteousness.       We are geared to this attitude, and it may even see just and right. BUT we are wrong.    We have gone our OWN way.    Put our own happiness first, rather than God's. WE have not understood that our current perceptions have all been tampered with, and our mind set put askew from the ways of our CREATOR.       In the Beginning there was God, but NOW there is only MAN        
I cannot see God loving divorce - even though he loves the divorcee.     But surely a man and a woman have the right to be happy?   -    I used to believe this wholeheartedly when I was growing up.
Has Man any rights?     Perhaps only the Right to SERVE God who made him with a purpose in mind.       All the other 'Rights' that we hear about today are Man made Rights, made with only himself in view.     Selfish Rights.      
Because God is unwilling to joyfully condone Divorce, the Promise Breaker, the Adulterer, THEN He becomes a spoil sport, and set on Man's unhappiness..,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND the Devil has from the very beginning used this argument to turn us all OFF from listening to and heeding God and what HE is saying.    SATAN will still say even in your ear and mine - 'HAS GOD SAID........'   With all that this might lead to in changing the Rules and Laws of the Kingdom - IF that were possible.

BUT God has not Himself cursed the Divorced among us, but he will allow us to suffer the results of anything we do that in any way hurts another human being.     Especially in Marriage.    God will not expect us to be happy with the status quo - with the continuing growth of a 'root of bitterness', irritation, aggravation, or unforgiveness that will deepen the rift, widen the chasm between us and another person.        God looks for a forgiving heart that will seek after the one chased away, or who has just run away.   He will seek them,  in order to heal the wound, bind up the broken heart, and finally bring them back home.       Esther and I might have found any number of differences in each other that might have ended up in us seeking to be rid of each other, but for every upset, misunderstanding, and imperfection we felt we were confronted with, we STAYED together, and in staying learnt to FORGIVE, and in forgiving learnt to LOVE the more.
46 years will have gone by, God willing, this coming August.      TWO individual, very different people, with different ideas and concepts that have made us collide often, continued to suffer, bear and love each other, and with no regrets that we did not run away.   We put up with each other, learning more about each other.       

Some couples have re-married and are very happy.     I do not think that God expects us to undo such happiness.    But if we have not remarried He will look for us to find out His Will now in our present situation.    Remember it has to be His Will presented against what we KNOW about Him  -   NOT about what WE feel or know about ourselves.       MARRIAGE world wide seems to be failing, if not disappearing as something recommendable, or even feasible.      Yet a good, steady and strong Marriage is what is needed to provide a sound foundation for children to grow up in.    We need to support what is GOOD and not applaud what is undermining our civilisation, and human society.  
I hope you will forgive me (if you decided to read).       I am not trying to make a Pharisaical judgement, but in love I want us all to be willing to appraise what we allow in our lives for Christ, for WE will all have to answer to HIM for how we allowed His life in us to continue HIS EXAMPLE to those we also live with.       

On Sunday we received news that Allan Nicholls at AENON Trust had sent another Gift to us, and we were totally without funds that day.     Another Wonder Answer to our prayers, and we do Thank all those who made the Gift possible.       Updates and Thank yous to soon be with you.  The general scene here is increasingly difficult with the Government and other problems with the Drought continuing to spiral upwards the daily cost of living.     Since we came in 1968 I do not think we have seen the economy in such a mess, and the general well being of the man in the street so threatened.

On the 10th The  Public Health Dept visited and Inspected us.      They seemed favourably happy with what they saw, and we will soon have their written Report.     This will be the last document we need to include for our already overdue Application for Re-Registration of TFH.   A great relief.

School is going on well, and generally we are at peace.    There has been continuing RAIN, generally at night, and the day having plenty of sunshine.     Very good, and everything fresh with newness of grass and flora.    We are blessed.

Daryl is travelling to Nairobi on Monday with Dan, this time for a Second Examination prior to finally deciding on surgery.     They will be travelling there and back in a minibus from town.    Long and tiring journey.     So Dan has been well, and we are hopeful for further good news.

Thank you ALL for the many Birthday Greetings received via E-mail, Face book, and ordinary mail.  I was quite overwhelmed and filled with joy.      Love you all.