Saturday, 11 November 2017


BISHOP CORNELIUS KORIR of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, passed away last week.    He is to buried today in the Cathedral, and hundreds of thousands are expected to attend.    Even yesterday the Town was overflowing with huge numbers who had come to pray and prepare for the Funeral.
He and I knew each other, and met quite frequently on various committees, and even in the course of daily life.  On one occasion I had visited him in his Cathedral Office.   It was my first time, in fact to go there, and even to meet him face to face on a personal matter.     Arriving a little early I was shown into his office, and asked to wait.    After a few minutes I got up from my chair and my eye was caught by a very beautifully carved Crucifix.    I went and stood nearer, and as I did so the door opened, and the Bishop, dressed in a plain white cassock entered.     Greeting me as he shut the door, he said ' are first white protestant  I have found admiring my you like it?'
'Well, yes I do indeed, Bishop Korir.   It is beautiful!.
"Yes", he replied, "But I thought you Protestants prefer to see the Victory of the resurrection rather than the sacrifice of  His suffering."
"True,"  I had rejoined,  "but after all there would have been no Victory, without His Death.     Even when I look to an empty Cross, my mind sees Him first, dying for me."
"Then we are brothers" he said, taking my hand.      And so we sat down and fellowshiped for some time.    Every time we met after that, it was always with joy.

Bishop Korir died when he was just 67, having been born in 1950, ten years my junior.     It is said that he had High Blood Pressure, and was also Diabetic.    Neither malady had been diagnosed early, and he had been taken suddenly ill, and was to be hospitalised, had he lived through the night.    He was Ordained Priest in 1982, and consecrated Bishop of Eldoret in 1990.  He was known and respected as a man of peace, and this is being recognised today by the Government, to day, in giving him a State Funeral right here in Eldoret.     He will be interred within the Cathedral itself.    He will indeed be missed.

The WEATHER to day is very windy and a little cloudy but with at least a little sunshine.   A cool, fresh day,      But there is also just a little rain each day, and this is expected to carry on through the month.       This is not likely to produce a good wheat, or even maize, harvest due to the lack of good dry weather to assist in drying out the crop prior to storage.

TO THE LEFT IS A PHOTO of Testimony House, as we found it a few days after we arrived in December 1972 .     It was an OLD house even then - made of mud and wattle.    Now, 45 years later, it is that much older, and showing signs of wear and tear.    Originally built by a Dutch farming family who had 'trekked' up from South Africa;  a family of 9.    This house has 9 bedrooms, kitchen,dining room and an enormous nine hundred square foot sitting room! Since we came to occupy it it has endured an average of 40 pairs of feet continually tramping through every day of every year.    The roof is of thick iron sheeting, still sound, but needing a repaint after more then five years, and the floors, made of iron wood, also sound, but also needing attention here and there due to wear, together with, here and there, some dry rot, and invasion by Safari Ants.      The walls are all constructed from wattle and mud, also suffering from age and ANTS.    Still a comfortable and roomy home, it all now looks tired, and needs a little re construction in places as well as redecoration throughout.     The kitchen especially suffers from rain leaking in from a badly set roof, and also a complete refit.      We would ask you to remember this house, and to join us as we pray for the Lord to assist us to give some attention and care to it, as days go buy.
Esther and I were Mum and Dad to 40 plus in this house from 1972 to 1998.    We now live just opposite to it in Green Cottage situated at the end of the pathway leading to Testimony House.   We look at it every day, and whilst remembering the very happy days of our being at home there, we also see that, like us, it is ageing.      Unlike us, it is unable to take a little ease from its daily usage, but instead must continually endure exuberant and youthful life surging through it.

This week end we are being visited by two of our old girls, (Sarah Njeri  and  Francina Emsley) one working in Nairobi and the other in Mombasa area.    Nice to have the with us, and to talk over old times.      We also were recently surprised by a visit from Nicholas Kibet and his family.    Nick works as a waiter in very popular cafe in the town centre, and his wife is a primary school teacher.  They have three boys.      Very proud of them all, and it was a great joy to have them with us.

It is now 3.15p.m. and the Bishop's State Funeral is just about to conclude, before his internment at the Cathedral, as planned.     They have kept to time.       I must also come to an end for this week.
Maybe I will share some dental news then!     God Bless you all, and give you desires of your hearts as you live for Him, and for your neighbour.

Lovingly as ever
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 4 November 2017


THE BRITISH PRESS AND MEDIA are FULL of sexual harassment - and such as involves our Members of Parliament - and even the Cabinet.      The world truly is becoming more like a giant sewer these days, and EVERY EVIL  spewed up daily, to defile and spoil the mind and imagination of all mankind.
OF COURSE this is not NEW!  This could have been said during the progress of EVERY generation.    Since the Garden of Eden,  humanity has continued to increase the opportunity and incidence of evil and ungodliness.       In NOAH's day  'GOD saw that the wickedness of Man was great upon the Earth, AND that every imagination of the THOUGHTS of his heart was only evil continually.'  - Genesis 6v5 (The Bible).       It is said by some mathematicians
that there could have been seven billion people on the earth prior to the Flood!!    Only EIGHT were saved in that day.     At THAT time God was grieved when he He saw the moral decay of Man, and wished He had not created him.    He did indeed bring a universal flood upon the Earth in order to effect this.     BUT, Noah!   And Noah's family....(eight of them)!
WAS Mankind really SO bad?    YES!
JOB 15v16 finds Elephaz, the Temanite, saying 'How much more abominable and filthy (than all the imperfections of God's saints, and even the heavens) IS Man which drinks iniquity like water!'       Sin and Iniquity is, and has been, since the Fall, in ALL men progressively.       AND, although God practically wiped humanity OUT in the Flood, He saved Noah, his family and the Earth.     There was a NEW Beginning!       BUT the 'germ' of sin was still passed on to Noah's descendants from Adam's line.

AND Man still being infected with it,  has also found himself tempted by it, and giving in to it's tune playing on his fleshly appetites; and for the most part he continued to dance to it's tune.     AND TODAY with yet again a world population of SEVEN BILLION we find our selves AGAIN in a World almost identical to NOAH's world,   with a cauldron of evil frothing over, all around us, defiling every part of our environment until the very ground we stand upon, is giving way, and crumbling around us.         Well God is STILL able to SEE what is going on with us, and I fear that He is STILL grieved by what He sees, and this time might make a FULL END!      Not by Water but by FIRE.     The Apostle Peter writes about this 'End' in his 2nd Letter chapter 3 describing a World Society of unbelievers walking in their own lusts.    He warns that God, having destroyed the World Order once with WATER,  will, at the End, destroy it with FIRE.      It will come suddenly upon a world society too busy revelling in its godless revellings and rioting to even be on guard..

And our world IS blind and deaf to everything that leads to purity of life.    A very indecent world, unheedful of its past honours and glories, decadently descending more and more into the worship of every degenerate and worthless pastime, until - like a tide of iniquity - all that IS righteous and Holy will be swallowed by its incoming fullness.     ARE WE - ANY OF US - READY?   Are we even BELIEVING in what is coming.         Our world institutions once respected and honoured our toppling into this sea of iniquity - and that sea of iniquity -  all that has been looked to as worthy of praise and example is now, in our time, being undermined and even pulled down about our ears, to that in the end we find nowhere to stand, and no one to look to for leadership and LIGHT in a dark place.

Again let me cite the 3rd chapter of the 2nd Letter of PAUL to Timothy, in the Bible's New TestamentIN THE LAST DAYS.      Isn't this just a confirmation of all that I have been pointing to?    And because of this picture, painted once more so graphically, HOW SAFE CAN ANY OF US BE from the sticky soup of sinful appetites that stalk our streets and habitations?    How totally AWFUL it is to see that at the heights of power and leadership we find debauchery, dishonesty, and even a determined mind to serve oneself and not our brethren, even the nation.       Can the world be saved?  Is it too far gone?    Are the scales already too weighted on the wrong side to be redressed?    IF we ARE living in Noah's day, then I suspect the worst scenario.      WE need to take our eyes from our world focus and interest, and LOOK UP WITH HOPEFUL EXPECTANCY.

AND IN THE MEANTIME  we who may have sense of the Rightness of How to Live in front of God, should take heed to ourselves and check ourselves to see what it is that Rules in our lives.
IN KENYA we are seeing wilfull ignorance of what is right, and righteous.    We wallow in alcohol, drugs, sex, and poverty, encouraged by the exuberant selfishness of the rich and licentious leaders in every level of society.      The Sunshine is being diminished and even hidden, and replaced by a very uncertain, and apprehensive society.      NO one is safe from human mistreatment.     Strikes and Riots paralyse our social facilities,  crime, threatens our safety, unemployment our ability to pay our way,  drugs the future of our children's hope, and alcohol eating away at the very fabric of home and civil existence.

We do not know how many LAST DAYS we may have to endure.      Are there NO voices, no Visionaries like Noah, to declare the present danger,  declare a way of recovery,  and to remember in  Whose Likeness we are Created to be.



DARYL,  has just sent in a  copy of a Government Letter which he has just received from the Principal Secretary of the Kenya State Department for Social Protection. and dated 1.11.17


a)   Many children are inappropriately placed in CCIs, yet they could  desirably be placed in Foster Care, Guardianship, or Local adoption with Kenya families.  In this respect it is evident that such children are put in institutions under circumstances that are not in their best interests, and are accordingly denied the opportunity to be raised within families.

b)   It is evident that some of the Children's Homes were involved in unscrupulous practices which may involve Child Trafficking.

In view of the above this is to give instruction that there shall be no further Registration of New
CCIs  until the current situation is streamlined to secure proper care and protection of vulnerable children

(The Letter is addressed to the National Council for Children's Services for their action)

We have commented many times before about the declining climate in Kenya Children's Service toward Children's Homes, even though the need remains as high as ever.      This is due mainly to the influence of the United Nations generally policy of Foster Care.
WE DISAGREE WITH THE GENERAL DRIFT OF U.N.  policy in this respect.

This latest directive may well be taken as a definite indicator that existing Children's Homes will now be fazed out / or even closed down in the future.      We shall be examining how this might affect our own ministry and involvement with underprivileged children in the near future, and will soon hope to have more information in the next few months.


JAMES MANU,  had his 5th Eye Clinic visit this Thursday/Friday.     We have not had all the result so far as Manu went on to Nairobi for a few days to visit friends there.     It was more painful than usual due to the fact that they had to drain fluid that had collected behind both retinas.     He survived.  He is OK in himself, and he is looking into the possibility seriously now of learning Braille just in case his vision worsens.     We are still trusting the Lord to step in for him.

THINGS remain relatively quiet throughout the Country, with politics having quietened down and the media also taking a low key attitude in their reporting; which is a good thing.      This does not mean all the problems have gone away, but for the time being we DO now have a President, and there is hope the Country can stabilise a little.       
The National Primary Exams have now concluded and we said Farewell to the 75 candidates at a 'dinner' laid on by the School (Daryl, Esther and I attended).     High School Form 4 Exams start this week, and will go on until the first weeks of December.      Everyone apart from the Candidates for this exam have now commenced their holidays.

AND now we shall all be looking forward to having the kids to ourselves, and to look forward to Christmas.      Thank you all for your Prayers.     We all need them.

John, Esther and Daryl Green 

Saturday, 28 October 2017


90% OF KENYA was quiet and peaceful during the Presidential Election held on Thursday of this week.      The ONLY areas of riot and demonstration were found in a few spots within Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa.    The external Media has reported very heavily about these pockets of civil unrest - we feel that they have hyped it up.     President UHURU managed to find more than 7  million Votes, which was considered 'good' for a 2nd run when the turnout was in fact quite poor.      Mr. ODINGA, Leader of the Opposition, although in the Vote, refused his Party to take part in the actual election,  still gleaned more than a million.      He seems to have lost a big opportunity by banning his followers to take part in the Election.     He and his Party are unlikely to accept the Result for one reason or another, and it is still hard to see a restful future until the basic disagreements ares resolved.     BUT we Thank God for a general answer to all or prayers that we should have peace in the Country.     Our own County of Uasin Gishu remained VERY quiet and peaceful throughout, and people were able to vote without any disturbance whatsoever - Daryl and Esther included.      BUT food stuffs are currently short in the shops;  mainly this is due to people apprehensively fearing 'trouble' stockpiling, leaving supplies depleted.  New supplies will arrive, and continue to circulate throughout the Country as long as there is no escalation in unrest.     Kenya is a great Country.    It is geographically in a very influential position, and even to-day it is a pivotal point from which the Word of God goes out to all the surrounding areas and nations who are our neighbours.     AND the people of Kenya are not war makers.     Yes, the photo above would tend give support to this kind of behaviour, yet the truth is such behaviour has been very isolated;    Kenyans ARE growing up, and more and more are having the opportunity to be properly educated, and afforded opportunity have a stable life and society -  There ARE still many jobless, poor, and even uneducated as with the sample group photographed above   BUT they a really a people of a sunny disposition on the whole, welcoming, generous hearted, and peace loving.    They look for stability and peace.     Continue to pray for us all.    Without God with us we shall achieve NOTHING.    Without God's Love / Appreciation of each and every individual IN the nation we shall learn and achieve NOTHING.     We pray for His dawning upon the hearts and minds of ALL the people.    We ask it in Jesus Name.


ON SUNDAY LAST,  our house-help, who lives on the Jacaranda compound, came to say that the sewer that serves her little house had ceased to work.    I went across to take a look and found that it was indeed blocked, and on checking the next nearest manhole discovered it was silted up to the top with black gunge!        The next day, Monday, Daryl took as few of our men, and began to dig out the manhole.       About mid morning he came across to me, and said ' we have found a 'SKELETON' !
For a moment I was shocked, but then realising the manhole was not so very deep I realised it was unlikely to have been human!      He laughed when he saw my face.....and then said 'No not human, just a goat's skeleton!'    As they had dug down the metre deep manhole, they had quickly come across a loosely wrapped bundle containing the bones of a goat.      It remains a mystery as to how it got there; who put it there.     It has been burned now, and the manhole completely cleared and in service once more.       We think it unlikely that any of our children are involved.     Would an adult have done this... and adult from within TFH,  a
staff member?    Or did someone from 'outside' come in and do this.    On the face of it a very ignorant thing to do. Kenya, in my experience, buried bones can have a more occult or sinister purpose.      It 'could' be possible that a person or persons unknown buried the goat as a means to 'curse' either another person living on the compound, the whole compound, or even the whole ministry of TFH.       The Witch Doctor is still alive and well in Kenya, and many people avail themselves of his help.      We are keeping an open mind, and a spiritually aware Watch.       We know we are safe in Jesus against ANYTHING Satan might plan, but we must now be on our guard.

Maybe some of you will think I must be becoming 'extreme' to believe in black magic and the devil.
The Bible has taught me that God has an Enemy.     That enemy is the enemy of all those who also identify with God.      Satan was thrown out of Heaven with a whole horde of 'angels' who followed him.      In the New Testament St. Paul said in Ephesians 6v12 the following words -  
'We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places'
These words, on their own, declare that there are 'spiritual' powers / beings. as well as physical or human powers.    We should not laugh the devil off, and discount him or those he may control.
DANIEL, one of the prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible, found his prayers being somehow ignored or blocked - he suddenly found he had received no evidence that God was hearing him, as he had received  before.
Read DANIEL 10.    In this chapter something was shown or revealed to Daniel - and it was REAL.
 - verse 1.     He was seeking God - in prayer - for THREE weeks.    Then, in verses 5-11 he says he  d had a vision of a man, of striking and somehow unnatural appearance.    It seems he was AWAKE at the time, and he was not alone.    Those with him SAW nothing, but FELT spiritually disturbed and shaken within themselves.      And this 'Vision' of this 'man' spoke to Daniel and said in Verse 12
'Fear not Daniel; for from the first day that you set yourself
to set your heart to understand, and to chasten yourself in front of God,
your words were HEARD........
BUT the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me
for 21 days.
But low, Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me....
and NOW I have come to make you understand......
I believe that the 'princes' here are the principalities and powers in high places that Paul also refers to.
Perhaps every constituent Country or Nation is overlorded by a Spiritual Being, perhaps a fallen angel in the service of Satan, and opposed in that service, to God, and even to the servants of God.
These are REAL powers who have to interfere, delay, and derail if possible the Will and Purpose of God.    They cannot succeed totally, but they CAN interfere.       Michael, spoken about, is to seen as one of the Chief Angels in Heaven who came to tackle the work of Satan's servants.
It may seem difficult to accept this view, but there IS so much evidence that flesh and blood CAN not just be up against himself, and other flesh and blood opposition.    There are OTHER enemies who will seek to deter, influence, and even try to totally defeat those who in any way seek to live for God, and by God's Word.     They CAN at the very least delay our prayers!!    But NOT forever.

We should therefore be ALERT about what is happening around us in our Country, in our family, business,  and life as a whole.     Satan IS seeking who may consume and paralyse ANY who seek to let GOD use them.    We should be AWARE, and we should seek God protection, and deliverance.     AND we should know there is 'Back-up' when WE ares up against it.


JUSTIN KIPRONO, one of our sons from way back, was married in Nairobi Chapel
on Friday, 27th October.       Justin came to stay in Testimony House with me and Esther in 1986 when he was just four years old.   He had been almost four years in hospital with severe burns from fire he had fallen into.    After College he found himself in South Africa working for Jesus as a Youth Pastor, and now at 35 he is a Youth Pastor in Nairobi at Nairobi Chapel, where he and his wife were married.   Esther and I had wanted to go, but had felt unable, both because of the intimidating Election Fever, and because of the travel involved.   But a number from the Homes both from here, AND Nairobi, DID attend, and all went wonderfully well.     We are full of joy for them both.

The Weather is still WET and cold.       Not very good for our crops,and if things continue now we have definite threat of more famine later.   My new Passport is now here with me, and we are also considering my applying for dual Citizenship from Kenya, as our new Constitution has provided the opportunity to do so for the first time.     We still have some of our students from the locality who school with us, still boarding as they complete their National Exams.    The rest all at home with us now, and everyone busy once more keeping them well occupied and put to good use. 

God Bless you all.     We FEEL your loving care of us all !

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 21 October 2017


I HAVE PUBLISHED THIS PHOTO BEFORE  -   My apologies for the fact that it is not too clear, but the original was rather blurred, to start with.   I have tried to brighten it a little, but in any case it is included as a reminder of the Homes 20th Birthday, celebrated in August 1989.   About 150 of our Old Boys and Girls attended then, and celebrated together with those still resident with us at that time.
We had our first Family Get Together in 1979,  - our 10th Anniversary, and then every year we used to Celebrate our Beginning on the last Weekend of August.       THEN after the School had been built - in 1989 - we stopped the Homes Celebration and join in with the School Annual Parents Day.   THIS, over the years, has slowly caused the Homes to be almost disregarded.

SO we have decided to take back OUR day just for ourselves, and as from 2018 we hope to have Open House  for as many of our children, past and present join us for a 'Family Fellowship and Dinner on the Last Saturday of August - annually.     We know that not every one will be able to come every year, but we also believe that many WILL.       In 2019 we shall, God Willing, Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Homes since we began in 1969.     That will cover the whole weekend, - Saturday and Sunday, and will include Family Fellowship & Reunion, plus Worship together in our Sunday Service.     We hope everyone will try to come - from wherever they are in the State.  The School will at least help us to provide space to sleep them all.    A    B I G    Occasion.!!    We hope local friends and well wishers will also join us in 2019.


TODAY,  the Internet has been DOWN most of the day.    We think this has to do with the WEATHER.     For the last week it has RAINED day and night with thunder and lightening.   This always does seem to interrupt the Internet.       I could not start today until 5p.m. our time, and so this edition of the Blog will be shorter than usual.

THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.     To the left our Sporting Leaders, dressed to kill, and to inspire respect from the multitude of their subjects.   Mr. Kenyatta to the left and Mr. Raila to the right.   And  -  Yes, it IS only FIVE days away  - IF it actually takes place.
The 'Elephants' still trampling the Nation with words and innuendo.    On the one side Mr. Kenyatta is insisting that there WILL be an Election on the 26th, and on the other side, Mr. Raila is insisting there will NOT be an election, has told all his followers to observe Nation wide Demonstrations on that Day.      What can the rest of us expect?     Well  logically we should expect 'unrest'    Already so called 'peaceful' demonstrations on the Opposition side, have ended in violence and death to some, every day!      IF they DO demonstrate on the 26th, instead of casting their Vote as they should, then it may be just like the previous demonstrations .       Normally trouble emerges on the scene the day AFTER an Election, after Results have come in.       It is quite impossible for the man in the street to clearly tell what will happen.     The wisest will keep indoors, and mind their own business, AND if they are trusting in God, they will PRAY.
DARYL is travelling up to Nairobi on Monday on business, and will also hope to collect my new British Passport, and then return, all on the same day.
Helen and Abigail are also expected to travel up to us on Tuesday, just to be on the safe side, and if all goes well, and we pray it will, they will return to Nairobi for a week or two more before joining us again  for Christmas.

Buying our local provisions at the supermarket on Friday we noticed  that instead of the usual TWO
Cash desks - SIX were on the go, and instead of just as few waiting to be served, each desk has a long queue of customers with laden trolleys!      It did give the impression people were fearing trouble and making sure they had enough food to tide them over.      However generally it IS peaceful in our immediate area, and of course we are ourselves at peace and without any anxiety among the children or ourselves also   -    GOD is, and always has been, our Shield and Defender.       I WILL be in touch on Saturday next week as usual, but will also probably send a brief word on the 26th and or the 27th just to assure you that all is well .

God be with you all

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 14 October 2017


TO THE LEFT,  A HEAP OF CLOTHING!  During the week we were donated four sack-loads of what appeared to be 'used' clothing, though much seemed almost new.    And the majority of it was for teenage boys.    It was a real God-send, since clothing is not easy to take care of these days, and our senior BOYS had been waiting for a 'make- over' , here and there. for some time; we have given precidence to our girls.     Esther had been the one to receive the Gift from some Asian members of the community who had suddenly called in, but then had forgotten to even note their name!!    SO we still do not know who they were, or how they were prompted to come with SUCH a Blessing to us.  The photo was taken after the sacks had been emptied in Esther's sewing room and were in the midst of being sorted.    It does not show the immensity of the 'gift' but shirts, trousers, galore plus more dazzled the eyes, and filled our hearts.
WHOEVER they may have been who brought them to us, we want to say a very BIG, and HEARTFELT, Thank You on behalf of our children.    May Almighty God indeed note your kindness to us, and so bless you accordingly.
In the Beginning - during the 1970's  MANY would come to help us in this way, - not just with clothing but also with foodstuffs and other necessities.      But after the School was built, this slowly dried up;  perhaps because it was assumed that with a School we might not need so much material aid as before.     But in fact it made little difference to us, apart from providing FREE places for our children in school.    Otherwise Testimony School does not provide income for the Homes.
ABOVE is a photo from late '70s of a group from the Mother's Union of the Eldoret Anglican Diocese who also surprised us one morning by arriving with a lorry load of food and supplies for the children.     On this occasion our cupboards were empty, and their arrival was yet another Answer to our prayers - a miraculous intervention in fact.      The wonderful and amazing factor in this has been that most times these events have been a 'One off' donation.      Not something to rely upon in themselves, but a very pointed confirmation that God hears Prayer, AND answers them.    He alone remains our Confidence.    BUT we cannot forget any of those who come to us bearing our needs, and knowing that somehow God stirred up their heart and mind to come on HIS behalf to BE His Providence.     HURRAH for all these Mothers, on that day bringing supplies to replace our DEARTH.       And PRAISE also for our unknown friends who God sent to help clothe some of our needy young people still in care with us here in Testimony Faith Homes.


THINKING of the 1970s, takes me on to the early 1980s, when we found ourselves taking on many helpers from England and Denmark. as volunteers, the work having grown in size by then from just ten children to almost 70 and we having also begun a Course for Primary School Leavers in Motor Mechanics, set up by Harry Speedie sponsored by Tear Fund, and later helped by John Mattison and Peter Kalulu, and Bob Grahamslaw.    Bob and his wife Joy also were Parents in Jacaranda Cottage for a time.     Hans and Sonja Jenson from Denmark also joined Jacaranda Cottage for a time. and 
Paul and Lou Moores.    Finally Torben and Dorit Madsen from Denmark.     The photo below may bring them back more memories of them  to those of you who may have been part of the TFH Family at the time - circa 1984- -  In a few years most had left and returned to their own Countries.   Since then it has just been my own pale face to carry on.....

From Left - Torben and Dorrit Madsen;  Bob Grahmslaw; Sonja Jensen;  John Mattison;
Joy Grahamslaw;  Hans Jensen (just behind); then Peter Kalulu,  with Paul and Lou Moores front Right.

Hans and Sonja Jensen were a short while in Jacaranda Cottage whilst Esther and I were visiting England in 1983untill we came back in August of that year.    The photo below shows the Jacaranda Family as it was then....1983

And lastly a photo of part, at least, of the Testimony House Family about the same time, with me on the back row - kind of white blob..    Not all recognisable, but many are, and I will leave them all unidentified to test the powers of recognition and memory of those who may go back that far.  Good luck.    Steve, Mike and Lizzie are all there, as also are Moses Ongonga, John Ngugi, Peter Wangolo, and Catheryn Senge, Sara Njeri, Daryl and Edward, Charlie, Kihara, Sam Macho, Joseph Kiwabok,Patrick Najok,  to name a few - good hunting!


ON SUNDAY LAST, we had our dear friends Pastor Martin and Margaret Speed with us all day!
They had been with since Wednesday in fact, but had also called in on many other friends and associates, including Joshua and Miriam at Neema Children's Homes.    But on Sunday we were together ALL day and in the evening they took us all  (Me, Esther, Daryl, James, and Joshua and Miriam ) to supper.    the photo below shows us posing afterwards inside the Restaurant.    Poor Esther seemed to be in the shade.

On Monday Martin and Margaret flew on to Uganda where they have been ministering and are now back in Nairobi    Their coming at this time was planned of the Lord, and deepened the friendship we have enjoyed for many years, as well as appreciating all those at Westhoughton Pentecostal Church, in England, who together with them, have faithfully prayed for this ministry since 1968.    Truly they have lifted up our hands many, many times, and we also have in turn been able to stand with them in times of trial and testing.    

THIS week we were also visited by one of our sons who came to live with us in 1971.   He is now Bishop Moses Otunga living and working for the Lord in Nairobi.     He has come to Eldoret with his family to attend the funeral of his wife's mother who had just passed away.    He came with his two sons and a daughter, plus one of his brothers.    It was a great joy to see them, especially his children, our grandchildren - now grown up of course.      They did not stay long, since they were on their way to the funeral some miles further on from us in fact.     Moses is now in his sixties.     In the photo, on the far right is our School Chaplain and Pastor, Wykliffe Ondanga,   Bishop Otunga is second from him to the left.

Otherwise the week has continued to be wet and cloudy, and nights cold enough for a fire in the fireplace.     God has been watching over us, and we are very conscious of His Hand upon us and under neath us.     Blessed BE the name of the Lord.      HOWEVER we sense the Enemy is also not giving up seeking whom he may devour among us, and unhappy that he has been unable to dislodge or in other ways upset our establishment.     We ask you all to remember us in your prayers;   We are most certainly praying for you.     God walk with you all in the week ahead, and watch out for you all.

Lovingly in Him

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 7 October 2017


HOW CONCERNED ARE WE, when we hear of people dying?    And people DO die naturally every second.    Does this not tend to make us shrug the whole matter of DEATH off, taking it for granted, and preferring not to give a lot of attention to it? 
How valuable and important is a Human Being?  How important am I?     Are two dead men to be seen as a greater loss than ONE?    Do we feel MORE sorrow and horror in greater numbers killed, than in few?      As a product of the '40s I find myself often looking back to the 2nd World War.    How many died there.     Am I moved by the fact that so many men and women died serving the Country, or because they DIED.?      More than ONE MILLION military personnel, alone, died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.      War Memorials across the world REMIND those left behind of those who have 'gone before' and died fighting for the defence and freedom of their Country.   
When one of our fighting me die in battle or in related circumstances overseas their bodies are brought home with considerable public honour and respect.      When only ONE dies violently for ANY reason in Israel, the NATION mourns deeply........they 'feel' the loss - perhaps more so because they  are, as a Nation, few in number.      In England each year the Nation comes to a standstill to remember those who have fallen defending it, the Queen herself leading that Remembrance.    We honour the dead who gave their lives safeguarding our National Freedom.    But would we notice their death otherwise?     Probably not, apart from those whose family were closely affected by their death.        DEATH comes suddenly to all of us, with very few exceptions.       Let's not think about it. !!

BUT THE 58 THAT WERE SHOT DOWN in the midst of gaiety, song, and dance in Las Vegas, stirred the world!     BUT WHY?    Were they horror stricken that 58 of our 'Kind' had been needlessly struck down to the earth.     Did we have any affection (humanly or spiritually) for them?  Or was it that we RESENTED their having been killed?      Did we accuse the GUNS and BULLETS that mowed them down?     Did we hate the 'Killer'?   HOW did we see their deaths.    How are we affected by them?   Did we feel a 'tremor' in our own selves - as if we ourselves were touched?    John Donne the poet, 1572-1631 wrote -
"Any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in Mankind;
and, therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
it tolls for you"

John Donne

IN THE BIBLE it is said that all Mankind lie dead in trespasses and sin.  His very soul is condemned and sentenced to death.
YET AGAIN God declares in the same Bible that He loves ALL mankind, and has no delight or satisfaction in the death of ANY one of us!     He would GIVE us the means to LIVE for ever.     He lovingly set Himself to design and make us; to create us all to be LIKE Himself.  BUT    He has cast His eyes over all the earth to see if there is anyone who can turn us from our evil godlessness, and to save us from death.    He found none.      LOOK at Psalm 49v5-9
Speaking in a 'parable' the writer sees a time when civilisation will have turned away from the very idea of God and pleased themselves in every way, and become lost in their own selfishness.     A day when men and women take life for granted.

And so 'God' observes 
'None of THEM can by any means redeem either himself or his brother,
nor give to God a ransom for him;
For the Ransom of a life is too costly,
and the price one can pay can never suffice or be enough,
so that he should live on forever and never see the pit, the grave and corruption.'

YES, there was no one worthy, pure, or clean enough in his mind and actions that could intervene even for one of us, let alone ALL mankind.

THEN One was to call out The Very WORD of God intervened and said,  "I will go!    Prepare me a body, and I will go down and save them."      And God listened, and prepared a Body within a virgin in Israel, and a baby was born whose Name was and IS 'JESUS'  meaning SAVIOUR  -   for He shall save His kind from their sins.  Mathew 1v18-21 
GOD puts a potentially GREAT VALUE on the Soul (life) of each one of us.     But the Value has to be restored to us, having been stolen away from us by our own selfishness of heart, before that VALUE can be revealed to the world around us.      We must recognise our need for the 'pawning away' of our lives to be paid for, and that the ONLY payment is the BLOOD of Jesus shed for all of us upon the Cross on which He died for us.      He DIED, very literally, but God raised Him UP to New Life, which He has made available to us.       Lives beyond ALL value.    Lives more valuable than much fine GOLD.

We have been shocked and outraged by ONE man of 64 years, killing 58 others. - but in the SAME year, up to that point, more than ELEVEN THOUSAND more had died violently at the hands of other individuals with a gun in their hand.   Did we even KNOW about them?   Do we even 'feel' it?      Most of them DIED and died without being REDEEMED, without realising there was a Saviour that could give them LIFE, that they might live FOREVER.      If you look at my given statistics printed above you will see that One hundred and twenty one THOUSAND die EVERY DAY worldwide;  Eighteen MILLION, six hundred and five THOUSAND every YEAR.     How do they die?     Do they have a value on their head, being condemned by their godless ways, or has their whole being been enhanced and revalued beyond computation by the Salvation and Transformation of their lives by Jesus?

THUS our FOCUS here is upon ourselves, first of all, that God may be alive and present with us because of Jesus in our heart,  and then that the children and young people that have been brought to us might, through our life and testimony, also become aware of their Redeemer, and themselves become LIGHTS to all around them.      THIS is our calling and our Purpose.      It is really the Calling and Purpose of ALL that KNOW Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of their life.


JAMES MANU returned from the Eye Clinic late last night.      Things went physically better for him this time, but the prognosis was not too encouraging. k   He had thought his might be his last visit, but he must go along for at least one more injection in November.     The Oculist thinks that his right eye will not improve as he thought might happen,  and the left has also taken a turn for the worse.     He will lose sight completely in the Right eye within six months, and the Left eye - if it does not respond to a new course of treatment, might also give up in a year or so.      Many is now seriously considering learning Braille whilst he still has some sight.     BUT we are still praying and believing for the Lord to intervene, and give us all JOY.     I know many of you will be praying with us, and we thank you with all our hearts.

JUST NOW we are having Pastor Martin Speed, and his wife Margaret, from Westhaughton Pentecostal Church near Bolton for a few days.   The arrived on Wednesday, and they will be leaving Monday morning for Uganda.    Martin will be ministering at our Fellowship this Sunday, and we have truly enjoyed having them with us once more.   We know all those left behind in the Church will be glad and happy for news of them, and WE are always blest to hear more of all our family in Jesus who so pray and encourage us here.     A very special link.

The Country remains tense.     A few disturbances here and there but otherwise all is quiet.    We are still not sure whether or not the planned Presidential Elections will take place as planned toward the end of the month.    We ourselves are at peace about it all, and we know that however things turn out the LORD will be here with us and that He will take care of us.

We know some will have been received electronically our September Update and Thank you Note.    Some will receive during the week ahead as we had to send by Air Mail.       Our Thoughts and Prayers are daily with us for you all, and we trust that He who takes care of us so well, will do the same for you, each one, in the same way and even more abundantly.
God Bless you all in Jesus Name

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 30 September 2017


ESTHER AND I HAVE BEEN LENT A PUZZLE!    In fact this is the second one, we having re-discovered after many years how very relaxing and a peaceful an activity it is to be engaged upon.
King Ludwig 11 of Bavaria
The one we are now busy with is of the Castle above.     It has been called a 'Fairy-tale' Castle, and was built by Ludwig 11 of Bavaria.    The setting, amidst mountains, forest and lake, is quite striking scenic.     It has an almost unreal appearance.   The castle was 'intended as a home for king Ludwig, until he died in 1886.'      In actual fact he only lived in it for a total of 172 days!!.     Since his death the Government has opened it up to the public and more than 6,000 as day visit it during the summer months.       Kind Luwig 11 built it out of his own pocket, and extensive personal borrowing, as a Personal Retreat. 
Ludwig was only 18 when he ascended the Bavarian Throne in1865.    He reigned for 21 years before being deposed.    He spent fortunes building castle after castle, and it
is suggested that in an effort to stop his building craze, he was  found to be mentally unable to rule - they said he was mad.  Just three days later he was DEAD -  he was found floating in the lake with his psychiatrist - he was dead as well.    What happened?   Nobody knows.     A creator of great beauty and inspiration, yet somehow never able to enjoy the fruit of it.
YET others, in their millions, have been thrilled and blessed to share in his vision, and in his dream.

AND so now WE are hooked on Puzzling!!   


HERE IS OUR SON, Daryl who celebrated his
45th Birthday on the 27th of September.   We had him with us for a Birthday supper together with Carol and their kids, Becky, Jeremy and Erica.    Jessy was unable to be with us since he is in Nairobi continuing his Engineering Course.  We had a happy evening together.


A Word About Choosing our Friends!!

Friends can change one another - for better or for worse.
Friends can can also HURT you.  In Psalms 41v9 the Psalmist writes  ' My own familiar friend who ate at my table, has lifted 
up his hand against me!'    Some have thought these words can be transferred to Jesus, speaking of Judas!    Judas had been with Jesus THREE years, walking, talking, and eating with Him.    But he secretly sold Jesus down the river for a handful of silver!   Jesus knew the flaw in Judas' nature, but went along with him - but JUDAS did NOT change for the better.
Pick your friends carefully, and take care they do not lead you into evil.

JESUS is my Friend Is He yours also?
Amos 3v3 asks ' Can TWO walk together unless they be agreed?'        Do I  -  Do YOU agree together with Jesus, to follow Him, as He follows His Father?
CAN FRIEND OF JESUS go along with deception and lies?    Can he agree with us speaking Slander, Foul Language, and to partake of sexual promiscuity, or delve into pornographic films or literature?
CAN a Child of God, walking hand in hand with HIM indulge in drunkenness, drug abuse, and other damaging human addictions of any kind that are let into his body - the very Temple of God; the dwelling place of God.

NO!    That kind of friend is NO friend of mine that I should have a close relationship with him, and spend my time with..      A True Friend will always be ready to DIE for his friend, and to ensure that he does nothing to bring hurt, or endanger the life of his friend - Romans 13v8-14
JESUS, - even our Father in Heaven, would never lead anyone into HARM, of any kind.
WE, likewise, should watch over our personal example of life,  that WE should not lead another astray so that they may be at risk!   We should be ready to warn,  exhort and encourage all those we meet, and especially those who are walk away from THE WAY in order to please themselves, and to conform to the ungodly world around them.  REMEMBER 'Faithful are the wounds of a friend'.  A real friend will no fear to displease a friend if it means he may at the same time save his friend.

What FRIENDS we might Be, if we a Friend like JESUS  -
 A FRIEND LIKE JESUS,  Oh what bliss
That one so weak as I
Should ever have a friend like this
To lead me to the sky.

A Friend when other friendships cease
A Friend when others fail.
A Friend who gives me joy and Peace,
A Friend who will prevail.

A Friend to lead me in the dark;
A Friend who knows the way.
A Friend to steer my weak frail bark,
A Friend my debts to pay.

A Friend when sickness lays me low;
A Friend when death draws near.
A Friend as through the Vale I go,
A Friend to help and cheer.

A Friend when life's rough voyage is o'er;
A Friend when death is PAST!
A Friend to GREET on Heaven's shore;
A Friend when home at last!


TODAY THE SKIES ARE GREY!     But WE are rejoicing and Praising God for His very special assistance to us.    At a time when we could not share with a brother or sister, HE has yet again taken our prayers and Himself taken our Burdens to the hearts of His Chosen, and RESCUED us.   Yea, we DO, and SHALL REJOICE.     Our Thankfulness to all those who may have contributed and felt led to help us from our distress.      Our FORTH UPDATE of the year is finished, and I hope to send it out before Tuesday, with our usual Acknowledgements,  where addresses are available to us.

Politically, the situation here in Kenya remains grave.    The opposition continues to demand one new condition after the other of the Ruling Party, AND of the Election Organisers, with the threat that if these demands (all of them) are not met then they, the Opposition, will not vote on the 26th October.
The Government is determined that satisfied or not, the opposition not voting, the ELECTION will go the vote of whosoever will brave the day and cast their ballot.       Meanwhile the Country is rife with demonstrations, strikes, and a kind of expectant tension.       The Country is also feeling the effects of slackening rainfall in more tan 40 area.     Please continue to pray.    

Esther and I remain well and active.    HOWEVER I am just now having a problem with my TOES.
They are all nice and pink, thank you, but especially at night they become uncomfortable due to soreness, sometimes little stabs of sharp pain, and a kind of dryness of skin which stops me from wiggling my otherwise admirable toes!     This is I believe another symptom of Diabetes, and I am hoping I will not find my toes falling, or being amputated.      I am determined to march on - but if anyone knows how I might find relief I would be most grateful.

Our Love to you all, and our prayers.       We are ALL of us wrapped about with His Love.   We are indeed SO Blessed, SO protected, and noticed.

John, Esther, Daryl, Green