Monday, 13 June 2022

just about 2 years, before having to re-apply for Registration
as a Charitable Children's Institution for a futher 3 years.

Will the Government agree to let us continue? We have no idea.
Will they come and repatriate our children?  We cannot be sure. 

just a very few of us,
to make a Family for those Needing one.
We never were an Institution
just a Family in the making.
God opened the doors of our hearts.
We WAIT on, and for, Him, as we have done,
day by day since it all began.

Many of the children that joined us here
grew up, and left us to start their own family, but never far
from our thought and memories.
The Family
grows, Marriage by Marriage.

And it has been such Blessing to us all -
 -to see so many of our little girls grow into Womanhood, and Marry;  and to be able to Give them away on behalf of their parents,  to start their own new family, with a Man of their choice.     And how equally proud, to stand with so many sons,  and to see them begin a family of their own,in front of God, and witnessed by such a Family Gathering.     (opposite a photo of our 'son' Molem Piera with his wife on their Wedding Day.)   A GREAT  PRIVILEGE, AND A GREAT BLESSING,  and HAPPINESS TOO.   Families stick together, and we have enjoyed being glued together into this one.    And we have seen it come together as one entity, yet still maintaining, individually, its individual history and roots.  When those who come, reach the time to leave home, they do not leave each other behind, but keep track of each other - and even of us.    They drop in for a chat, a cup of tea, even a meal.    They gather at reach other's Weddings, support each other in sorrow and in joy.
And Yes, they attend each other's Funerals too, joining together even more poignantly to grieve, and shed a tear.    All those who have spent time with us at Testimony Homes, whether in Testimony House, Jacaranda, Drakeley or Tyndale Cottages, remember each other, both the good, and not so good.   In a Family, each member counts, and has value.     This took time to develope and to achieve.  But it has happened, and one day it may happen to Kenya as whole...........

And this sense of belonging has spilt over, and into the lives, of those who, as employed adults, give their strength and lives to helping to keep everything going, so to speak.   The Mums and Dads, the clerks and other staff, that do all the nitty gritty things that have to be done for so many, living together, and adjacent to each other, including the upkeep  and care of the buildings.    I put this photo up recently, but I will include it here, for they need to be remembered, seen, and appreciated as part and parcel of Testimony.     We are ALL TOGETHER a very real FELLOWSHIP.

Esther and I, together with 4 Married Couples, (the mums and dads) are here,
all resident, plus clerks, administrators, thirty other men and women
who come in daily from across the town.
They all make it possible for us all to live here safely, cleanly,
and cared for - five of them that came to us as children,
and have finally stayed on to give back what they found here, for others.

What we have here is valuable to society at large.
But we are not individually, or collectively, by any means perfect.
We are all, young and old, human, and flawed.
What we have, and who and what we are, is by God' Grace.

In the End
HE is the Owner, the Governor.
He alone can close us down.

We are all 'pilgims' in this world; just passing through
This World is not our home.

And it is a Shrinking Ecomomy that besets us now,
just as much as a shrinking freedom in putting
our Faith in God, first.

This last year has been more challenging to us all, with Covid 19 restricting so many things, and putting extra pressure on our own economy, inside Testimony Homes.   We were all penned up inside our compounds for so many months.    Then we underwent a series of utility supply breakdowns;  our water supply was cut off, and then electricity, NOT because we had not paid our bills, but because the Rains had held off, and water seriously rationed.     Electricity cuts, sometimes for days at a time due to faulty Transformers in the locality, and to falling trees bringing down power cables.    Suddenly in the  midst of Summer  the skies became overcast, and unseasonable COLD temperatures made for dull days.   A year full of of anomalies, and unepected jolts along the way, like Esther discovering she had Cancer, and even more, up to day, with one of our boys, home visiting us from America with a coveted Phd.,  died in his  sleep, in our house. on the second night of his visit to us.    And our general well-being, at the same time, continuing to dwindle, month my month, and slowly we have had to pare down our daily expenditure.  It has been, all in all, a rather harrowing time for us all.    BUT we have stood firm in our prayers, and  in our trust in God, and in His Word.      We have been here before.    

 I heard this week that it costs $1,100 to keep  a child in residential care in BENIN for 1 year. 
The article did not describe the kind of Care that is given.   We spend approximately Ksh.46,600/- per annum per child.  This, again approximately, is Ksh.127-200 per day!     In the UK the internet tells me it costs upwards of Sterling Pounds 3,000 per WEEK  or approx. Ksh.67,550 per day.    We all seem to be doing well here by comparison,  BUT it is harder and harder to find what WE need, week by week.
OF COURSE Kenya's economy is suffering the same as the rest of the world, and our cost of living has trebled since the Ukranian War began. ( NB no one believes this is entirely the fault of either the Ukrain or Russia).      BUT definately life is deteriorating.    Can the man in the street survive.  Not easily; not without great restraints.   ARE WE AFFECTED.    Yes, of course we are.  and we wonder how we will survive.     We have often been in this situation.    We have always  come through it.  Is is always different.
We have not sought a way of escape, but - like the 'boy on the burning deck' we have waited for the Command to move from above.     We are not our own.    Father has put us where we are, and told us to WAIT upon Him for what we need.    And this we will do, quietly, and obediently, together, praying and trusting, and REJOICING for every day He brings us through.


ESTHER  and I are both fine.    She is due to go for her 2nd dose of Chemo on Thursday this week.     She has done well this past month, and regained her appetite, but this week she noticed her hair is falling out.   She is in good spirits, and we together have been much comforted and encouraged, even in the midst of losing one very dear to us.     God has Blessed us together  as ONE, and we are GLAD to be together in His Hands.

It is a little COLD at present, still.    We are headed for our 'winter season'.
Steven is coming over to visit us again on the 24th of this month, and will hopefully bring our grand-daughter, Tonia with him.   We are so happy.

I have writen often,  I have wanted to restate why we are here, and what we are here for.   And I have wanted to make sure you can share with us, and pray effectively for us at this time.    We are SAFE in the arms of our God, whose arms you all are.      God Bless you and carry YOU all through the alarms and excursions of life.    We are thinking of so many in the U.K. and in America at this time,  and all of our friends in Denmark, India, and Australia especially.     We know the Shadow of our Time is upon all the World.     BUT He has Promised to Keep all those who are His.      May He Bless and KEEP YOU also in the Name of JESUS the King.

John, Esther and Daryl Green, 
and ALL with us in the Testimony Family Worldwide.





Sunday, 12 June 2022

I CAME ACROSS THS PICTURE TODAY.    It took me back to a little town in north Yorkshire, England, during World War 11.    I was six years old.    I too had looked out of my bedroom window into the darkening night sky.   And I was wondering what tomorrow would bring.   My Mum was out at the 'flicks', and I was alone in the 'one up, one down' little house in Starbeck;  alone except for my Dad's mother, sipping tea by candlelight, near the fireplace.   And my Dad was out at the Pub getting drunk, as happened every night.    It was a momentous moment for me; a moment between heaven and hell, between an almost nightly terror, and a sudden shaft of Light, that began in me a slow but sure realisation that Someone outside of myself, and those I lived with, had me in mind.     I 'tingled' all over with that revelation.

My Mum ( I later found she was not be birth mother) was often out with a boyfriend, and my 'Dad' as stated, often drunk at the Pub, down the road.     Money was short in the house, and most evenings rang with rowdy, and violent domestic fights.    Not the most peaceful, or stable home to grow up in.     It got worse before it got better.....much later.
But, I did manage to get to School - sometimes - and was introduced to God by my Mum;    Every night before I slept she would pray with me a very simple prayer.     I was never removed from this family by the Authorities.    God took care of me.    And, as  I look back I can see that if I had not gone through what I had to, I may never had been prepared for what God had for me to do here twenty or so years later.

WHY am I remembering this now, in front of you all?    I am not sure.    But it has to be connected to the Governments Ten Year Plan to close Children's Homes in the pursuit of finding a 'Family Home and Life for every orphan in Kenya.     Hundreds of children have passed through Testimony Faith Homes since it first opened in Augusut 1969.   Babies, little kids of all ages, and teenagers; boys and girls.
SO many have had their moment looking out from here, to the future, wondering what it held for them.  And also remembering from where they came.     Its a very good thing to do, if you can.   It can clear your hindsight so that you can better see and understand where you have come to NOW.   Every step you took was a planned step, to bring you to His Purpose.        
But along the way our hearts and minds can bring us both joy and sorrow - and a sense of 'aloneness' can, most of all, lead us astray into despair.  And it will manifest in many different ways, from 'pits of gloom', to overwehlming anger and self pity.     I know of no way to combat this, unless it be for one's understanding to be illuminated to the reality of GOD; the One who made us, and is able to enable us to overcome every situation life may bring us to.   Christ is the Answer.      WHY?    Because He will never, in our life time, turn His back upon us, or refuse to answer our call, whatever the cause.      Because He revealed Himself to my little life,  and I no longer feared what Man could do to me.     God was, and IS still today, WITH ME.    Nothing sensationally noticeable, just inner assurance.
CHILDREN NEED this Anchor, as they sail their life upon the choppy waves, and storms of life, in this very uncertain world.      And they need it from the onset; from their Conception in the Womb, to their Birth into this chaotic world.    They need to find it in the Love and Care of a happily married loving couple to teach them God's LOVING KINDNESS, as they interact in a home that provides a steadfast backdrop to that LOVE no matter what happens.
Marriage, NOT Fornication or Adultery
We believe in 
And Till Death Serparates us.
that will SAVE Marriage
HEAL broken homes and lives.


save your children

(as a Man and a Woman
joined in Holy Matrimony, together with our own offspring
that God gave to us)
to, and for, children who may, for any reason, 
have lost their own family home.
We patterned ourselves on the idea of 
a Kenyan Extended Family
One Family extending itself to those
having suffered loss, temporaray or permenant of the same.

the Testimony Family
that we seek to replace or negate our children's birth families,
BUT that we might strengthen ties that bind,
and 'stand in' for Mums and Dads,
who were unable to provide for their childrens need of
Love, Home, and Family Support

I believe that many children have found what they may have initially lost.
I believe many have found the Love of God, and been able to forgive,
and to turn bitterness and anger into compassion and understanding.
And in the process the majority
found themselves becoming 'family' in a much wider sense
to strangers, and foreigners, breaking common barriers,
and becoming one with all mankind.

As a Residential Children's Home
we have served a purpose.

John and Esther Green
Testimony Faith Homes & Schools

Saturday, 11 June 2022

(today's Standard Newspaper 10th June 2022)



THIS is a photo of a Wedding; the Wedding of our son Steven and Anjela Green, taken way back in 1996 when Testimony Faith Homes was already 33 years old as a Home for Children.    Children who had grown up with our own children in the same house as ONE family - young and old - all came together, as one family, on that day, to continue to demonstrate that we were ONE FAMILY.         They STILL meet together, and support one anther, and consider each other 'family'  even now, twenty six years later.       A very good example of how Children are able to find Home and Family in a Residential Care Home.

Testimony Faith Homes & School
Has survived for 53 years without state support and without appealing for help
from the general public.

A Christian Family Home and School
Dependant upon God 

Testimony Faith Homes still has a resident population of 130 children and young people aged between 3 and 18 years, boys and girls.   All reside in FOUR family Homes,
here in Elgonview Estate, Eldoret.
And these children have been brought up in divergent family homes 
of thirty in number, including the house parents, Dad and Mum, with 
their own children, totally integrated as a family in each of the four houses.
It IS true that SOME of them do have one parent, and some may even have two.
BUT when they were brought to us, it was not a matter of poverty 
that brought them to us.   And some, where it became possible,
were able to return to their own home and family, but not many.
Only those who we were sure would be loved and cared for by
loving and caring parents.

A Home & Family must be having Love & Care
in it, in order to make it work.
WE also believe it needs GOD in it.
The latter is not a generally accepted necessity, 
but we beleieve it is.

have enjoyed fifty three years of endeavoring
to assist children from all over Kenya, hand in hand with Government.
We will always Thank the Government for the opportunity.
with this latest 
Government Policy,
and have done so, since it's inception more tnan 20 year ago.

We do not accept that ALL Homes should be Closed.
for US to continue on.

Our children are settled.
They are loved and cared for.
They do well in School.
They are well behaved.
They value each other as Kenyans, and as human beings.


So many of our children where brought to us in need
 of Care and Protection, from the very Parents and Environment, 
they they will now be returned to. 
To do this will, without doubt, bring serious repurcusions.
It will set lives back years, and bring to useless waste
innumerable years of careful nurture, and even education.

We NOTE that the application of this Policy is to take a proposed TEN years, but the sense of instability and insecurity that will immediately be felt, will already begin to achieve a great deal of damage.  It can be said that children in Care Homes over the last 20 years have already been forced to consider being uprooted once again, and this time more apprehensively than ever.

Monday, 6 June 2022

The Reverend Doctor Samuel Kirui, in his early Fifties, is no longer with us on earth, but with the Lord.   But I am not jealous for him, now;  for I know that he will not be there with Jesus BEFORE I am, or even before ANY who right now believe in the Gospel here on earth, or even before any who may have died in the Faith before us.  The Bible says this in 1. Thessalonians 4v`4-18F                  hi
The Bible says that all those who die in faith, believing and trusting in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will in fact SLEEP.        We shall ALL sleep.     We are quite unconscious of 'time', whilst sleeping, and when we wake it seems as if we just set our head upon the pillow.    And so it will be 'in some mysterious way' that all Believers will find themselves, on leaving their body, immediately present with the LORD, and with all those who have died, or who are WAITING, still alive, for their time to come.     What an AMAZING moment that will be, and very especially for those who were, without realising it. asleep - to wake up and find themselves unaware that time has passed.  We WILL all 'seem' to 'arrive' TOGETHER - What a day of REJOICING that will be.     But, for us still bound to time on Earth, we must from time to time, suffer the separation  that physical death brings.  BUT, for the 'Believer', as for our dear departed brother Sam,  it will, and must be, that seemingly, in a blink of the eye, as they even 'hear' the sound of the Trumpet, they find themselves with us who they left behind.      No one will SEE the lord BEFORE another.    We shall ALL see Him together.   It is a mystery, but it will happen.

Sam had begun a ministry called Barnabas Leadership Ministries.     He had a real passion and desire to stir up young men and women to places of leadership in he Kingdom.     So sad if it has to close or be discontinued, just because Sam has gone.     We do pray for those who encouraged Sam in this work, Mike and LeeAnn McGee and family,  that they might also pray and see if the Lord might provide for another 'Leader' to keep BLM alive and active.

Sam was not WITH us physically for a long time.    He came when he was approximately 15 as a boy who needed help; his family had suddenly ceased to finance his education, and he was left stranded and alone.    It  so happened that we met each other on that day, and he came home with me to spend the night.    The next day we sent him back to school, and he remained boarding with us.   This was in 1965 and he boarded with us for eighteen months, after which we only saw him during vacation times whilst he was in College, and less frequently after 1969 when he began pastoral work.   Then after he left Kenya for U.S.A. we saw him physically less and less.    He became more engrossed in furthering his Education, and we cannot say that we know a great deal about his many years, until now, that he has spent there.    But he persevered and obtained his ambition, and finally achieved his Doctorate, in May 2021.    But he kept closely in touch, and he himself became a real part of the Testimony Family; very much loved, respected and appreciated.    We cannot help but miss him. 

We would like to remember all those in California who have helped and encouraged, and generally interacted in Sam's life over the years.    Thank you all for loving and encouraging and assisting to guide and council him.      We know you did it In the LORD, but we also thank you for your open heartedness and grace. 

one last photo
To the left is Moses Ongonga, now Pastor of AIC Fellowship Church,
Eldoret, will be burying Sam on Wednesday.  They were both
students at Kenya  Highlands Bible College in 1968/9
Esther and I were grateful to have them as 'sons' in Testimony House.
I am in the middle
And SAM on the right, Graduating.

TOMORROW  is Tuesday7th June, and at 1p.m. our time, at the AIC Fellowship Church in Eldoret there will be a MEMORIAL SERVICE for Sam.     Please do come if you can.      THEN on Wednesday Sam will be buried at Equator where his brothers and sisters live.    Sam has always kept in touch with them down the years, and neve fails to visit them when in Kenya;  he had planned to visit them at the end of this week in fact.      More than a bus load will be attending from the Homes.

Thank you all who have been in prayer for us, and for the family, and who have visited, phoned, e-mailed and written with their sympathy encouragement.    Bless you all.  

John, Esther, and Daryl, and all at Testimony Faith Homes

Thursday, 2 June 2022



Samuel  Kirui

Sam arrived here on the 30th May, having already been  ministering in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.    He was SO happy to arrive here with us here at Green Cottage, always his home when travelling in Kenya.      But he was looking very tired, and after his first day of planned ministry here in A.I.C Fellowship Church, he just ate a good supper, and immediately retired to bed to sleep.  It was about 7.20p.m. our time.    It is thought that he left us to be with the Lord about midnight.   He seemed to have just GONE.    His body lay peacefully on the bed, quite undisturbed, his eyes closed.
His Master called, and he at once obeyed that Heavenly Voice, and was gone.    We who are left behind must do without him for a while.     But he lives still, and we shall rejoice together in the future, just as if no interruption to our fellowship and relationship ever occurred.

All of Sam's Family
Testimony House, Testimony Faith Homes

Saturday, 28 May 2022


THIS MIGHT WELL BE ME, taking stock of diminishing 'water' in our little stream of Provision
Certainly it could be Elijah, as he took stock of his own little stream slowly drying up.
BUT Elijah - though he may have been praying about it - showed no sign of that he was preparing to leave, even with the situation worsening daily with minimal food and less and less life giving WATER.
God had told him to STAY, put you see, and Elijah was obedient.
I am thinking, of course, of the narrative found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of  First Kings chapter 17.    Elijah hung on and did nothing.     THEN, out of the blue, so to speak, God spoke to him.    God told him to get up, and go to Zeraphath, where he would find a widow woman who would sustain him.     AND  SO, Elijah just got up to go away from the brook Cherith, and the Ravens, to find the Widow Woman, and a new life.     Would this be good for him?  Would he be more 'comfortable' there?

Well Elijah did as God told him.    He found the Widow Woman, gathering a few sticks for her fire.
"Hello there!  I say, sister, bring me a little water in a cup."  and as she turned to do  his bidding, he called after her saying "Oh, and while you are getting the water, please do bring me a little bread in your hand."   Elijah did not know this woman; had never seen her before, but expected her to do all he asked quickly and willingly.       BUT, this woman was facing death.    Her little 'Cherith' had already dried up, and she was at the end of her rope.   She had just been gathering a few sticks to light a last little fire, to cook the last little meal for herself and her little boy, before they both laid downs to die.    She had nothing; she could not even sustain herself and child, let alone Elijah -  but it was still more than Elijah had at that moment.
What was HE thinking, as she share here calamity with him?    Humanly it must have seemed as if he had been tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire.   BUT GOD had spoken and told him to come, and that this despairing, destitute woman would sustain him!!     How could GOD lead him deeper into Want and NEED?    Why not just let him die where he was?    It does seem, at times, as if God piles on the agony instead of relieving us of our distress.

ELIJAH, tired and dusty, and weak, from his journey, let the Widow finish her complaint, and then says again to her  - "Don't fear, but just go and do as I have asked you, for Thus says the Lord God of Israel, your flour and oil will not fail you, till the rain come again upon the earth."    THEN  the widow turned and went to do as he asked, and they together with her son ate many days.......
IF ELIJAH had not regarded the word God spoke to him, and obeyed it, acting upon it, then neither he nor the Widow of Zeraphath would have lived, or found themselves experiencing the 'very present help of God in time of trouble' in new and ever expanding ways.  

Later in this narrative we find the son of the Widow woman fallen sick, and she in distress, blames Elijah and his God,    And he silently enters the room where the child lay dead, and praying he 'stretched' himself three times upon the boy, still praying as he did so, and the child revived, so that he carried him down to his mother alive and well.       THEN did the Woman cry out with joy and faith..
This was an enormous leap forward for Elijah.      There is no record that he had ever before prayed and seen the dead raised up.   It was a 'first' for him.      And for the Woman it was to be the seal upon her faith, and she found her self established and grounded in the knowledge of the One and Only God, where before she had doubted.   God is never satisfied to leave us where we are, at any time, He requires us to continue to grow up into the full knowledge of Himself, and will for ever stir us up to move on in newness, and into wider pastures and vaster vistas.

SO, what will be our response I wonder.     Now that our little stream is seeming to be struggling to maintain its spate, and we face our very existence challenged as we seek to keep our four Family Homes together as ONE Family.     Not that we are failing in our our common joy or happiness.     But we are all straightened, yet still in the hands of our God and Saviour, and thus safe, and able to STAND against all our enemy's fiery darts, and even against the ever rising tide of iniquity that seeks to overwhelm and even cover up every Memorial to Righteousness around us.

YES, in one aspect nothing will change.    The Principle remains -  our faith in GOD to sustain us, without out help.     Just a few days ago the Lion's Club of Eldoret once more visited us unexpectedly and brought us donation of many needed and basic items that were all immediately needed and looked for.  Thank you Lions.   God has used you at many crucial moments to feed our hungry kids.
Such a great provision, that has helped us feed our 130 family members in our four homes through the week.     The Lions did not know our need.     But God prompted there coming.    And thus they were, unknown to themselves the vehicle of our Blessing in God.      What can we say......'He who watches over His People neither slumbers nor sleeps', and we can be sure He will care for us as we continue to trust only in Him.   

ON THURSDAY, Esther, seen in the photograph with Manu, had her first cycle of Chemotherapy.      I was with her, for the two and half hours that it took, and also Daryl and Senge were with us.    It all went very well, with no apparent ill effects, and until today she has continued to feel well and happy.   She sleeps well.   However  she is feeling more tired during the day, than before, and today says she has no appetite for food.     We expected this, and we shall see what can be done to help her, since she has to keep  up her strength.    But on the whole she is looking and feeling well.     She has three weeks until the next cycle which will be on the 16th June.     She has eight altogether.
The photo was taken just before.   Manu has been in Tenwek for his monthly eye check up, and then went up to Nairobi to look into the 'ins and outs' of learning Braille, and related matters; it seems now a real possibility that he will become totally blind by the end of the year, or soon afterwards.    A big disappointment , but as usual he has taken it in his stride, and with his usual optimism.

This week the School is on Half term, so all to the children are at home, enjoying themselves.  The weather is a bit mixed, with thunderstorms at night, but sunshine in the daytime.    Not bad at all.
DARYL's eldest child Jesse was 24 last Monday, and he is near to Graduate from his Engineering degree course.     He seems  to have been doing well.    I seem to have dangled him on my knee just yesterday!
Rev. Dr, Sam Kirui will be with us as from Monday this coming week, for about a week.   We are looking forward to seeing him again.    He will be coming to us via The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda where he has been ministering and attending Meetings.
AND out son Michael and grandson Liam have now returned to England after a fortnight with us.  Liam actually attended Testimony School whilst he was he, in the 4th Grade.   It was so good to see and have them both; we had not met in the flesh for seven years, and now Liam is nine years old.    

We have again had gifts via AENON come to us and we Thank, with all our hearts, each and every one who sent to us.    God will bless ever shilling, and make it count.   And we are also praying for you all in Uk especially at this time of escalating costs on every front.    Truly God has to be our Salvation and Help.    May He be close to all of us, our HOPE and expectation.

Lovingly in His Name

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 21 May 2022

LET'S BEGIN WITH AN UPDATE all about Esther.    You will remember she went in to Mediheal Hospital here in Eldoret, for an operation to remove a small lump in her left breast on 22nd March.    It proved to be a 'small' round, unattached, cancerous tumor.   It determined, on further investigation, of the tumor after it was removed, that Esther had Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

HOWEVER,  her Surgeon, Dr. Seno Saruni  said the op went well, and that the tumor was taken out cleanly with no sign of any residual Cancer evident ANYWHERE.     BUT, he also told us that the particular type of cancer was vigorous and might seek to resurface without Chemotherapy.

Esther was not initially keen to consider this, but after seeking the Lord, and listening to much advice, she has finally decided to go ahead with Chemo, probably commencing in two  weeks time.      She is fine in herself, and very much  'out and about'  in the Homes and feeling 100%.      Our sons Steven and Michael both living in the U.K. have been able to visit, and be with us both, (Steve during the time of the operation, and Mike just this past week.)     So many dear friends have also been visiting and keeping an eye on us, bringing great encouragement and comfort.   Our love and Thanks to each and every one, including those writing and phoning in with greetings and good wishes.

Yesterday, 20th May, we said farewell to our son Michael and his son, our 9 year old grandson, LIAM., after a two week visit.   They were going down to Nairobi for a few days to be with Mike's Mother in law and family, before flying back to England.   Mike's wife Janet had had to remain at home in U.K. currently bedridden.      In this photo - left to right - can be seen our daughter Helen, our son Michael,  with our son James (Manu) looking in from behind my wife Esther with her hand on Liam's shoulder.  Then me, John Green and finally our son Daryl.   AND life goes on for all of us, by the Grace and Mercy of God.

EARLIER in the month, on the 11th May we celebrated my 82nd Birthday, and it was a joy to have our 'daughter' Hendricka Natal Moors with us from the USA where she lives.   The had come over shortly just to be with Esther and me by way of encouragement.  Our son Steve was also with us at that time.

COVID continues to recede from the social consciousness, as almost all restrictions have now been lifted, and what a BIG cloud has been lifted from all our lives, although in truth Kenya seems to have got of lightly compared to other places on the Continent.      Yet as THIS cloud recedes, others loom around us that already bring even greater fears and restraints.   
RECENTLY, as the price of Petrol and basic Commodities explode, the President warned the Nation that HARD TIMES were coming - virtually an understatement since they are already with us, and being FELT by the majority,        This economic dive is, as usual, part of the scene here, at the run up to National Elections.    They are scheduled to take place in Kenya in August this year, and the Press is full, every day, of the political ebb and flow of parliamentary 'hopefulls' as they rush around the Country seeking Votes and Support.      Virtually NOTHING is to be read concerning the lack of daily bread for the majority who are being squeezed to support the so often empty promises of the potential leaders.    But some comments leak through from time to time such as - 'This war in UKRAINE is the reason OIL prices are SO high', and more recently still ' There will be a REAL shortage of WHEAT because of the War in Ukraine, and because of the Heatwave in India'.      'Smokescreens' put up to obscure the reality that the TRUTH would topple any Government.       OF COURSE, we might understand that EUROPE and AMERICA might legitimately blame their expenditures on the War in Ukraine  as a reason for their own current problems at home, economically.    AND no doubt the Third World will suffer a handing on of their problem by going without what they usually feel free to hand out to us.                                        ALL around we are ALL more and more entering into an ERA where we can EXPECT worse and worse.    AND now MONKEYPOX !!    Surely all this is quickly demonstrating a World in trouble  -  Wars, and rumours of war... nation shall rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in different places.  And this is just the Beginning - Matthew 24v6-8.     '...mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking at what is coming on the earth......   THEN they (the inhabitants of the Earth) will see the Son of Man (JESUS) coming in a cloud with power and great glory!      When you see this things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption (rescue) is at hand.'   |Luke 21v25-36    
GREAT THINGS are moving in the universe, and we are caught up in them.      LET US not give in to despair and defeat - but LOOK up expectantly, for our deliverance, and for a NEW EARTH.


WE HAVE HEARD today that Funds are on the way to us from AENON ( from our friends)   We Thank you again, with all our hearts, for we know it is God's Love to and for us, that has moved the heart of so many to be His Channel of Blessing.      We have been much in prayer.     We have watched what has been at hand progressively dwindle, as Elijah did by the little stream he lived near.     We have not gone hungry yet, and we have not been weakened in our health or our Faith.    HE has brought us through, sharing our estate, and expanding our experience and knowledge of His Love.      Continue, even so, to pray for us, as we do for you,     This is a time when we need to hold each others hands, and we also all together hold on to His.    God Bless you all so much.

Michael, John, and James (Manu) Green

Only a shorty this time, but it comes with our love as we hold out here with our 23 brothers and sisters who labour on with us, and the 130 children abiding in our four Homes;   we are under siege right now, together with many other brethren -  all of us put the the test, but all our lives SAFE in the Hand of our Father in Heaven.     God be with you all

John, Esther, and Daryl Green