Saturday, 19 August 2017


Our 46th Wedding Anniversary photo, taken at home here in Testimony Faith Homes on Wednesday evening this week.      Daryl, Carol, and their children Jesse, Becky and Jeremy together with Hellen and baby Abigail were all able to share a meal and spend the evening with us.   It was so good.  Also our family in the UK,  Steven, Anjie, Tonya, and Eric, plus Michael, Janet and Liam Green all able to phone IN with Prem and Lizzy Joseph, and their children John-finney, and Rachel - all over the period from 14th (our Anniversary),  the 16th (our party) and 17th Esthers 73rd Birthday. We have been blessed in all of our forty six years together and look forward to many more, if the Lord Jesus does not return quickly-  that would be so much better for we never be seperated if He comes.
Esther was almost overwhelmed by so many cards and Greetings from so MANY places and family members.     She deserves every one of them, for she has been such an exceptional Mum and Grand-mum to SO MANY.      She has been, and continues to be, a woman of great grace and patience, full of hope and optimism.      She has first of all been such a support and encouragement to me, and then to all that have worked together with us here in TFH, and then, of course, to ALL the children that have come to be part of our home and family.    A very remarkable woman, and Gift from God both to ME first, and to the Ministry second.
The WEATHER has cleared a little, and the heavy clouds have gone, to reveal an ocean of clear blue sky.    Beautiful!    Only a few fluffy clouds, and for the last three days no rain - but it is unlikely to last. Temperatures currently about 68f which in Europe is probably thought to be reasonably clement and even warm - for us it feels more like 30f. and rather COLD with a brisk breeze.    Nevertheless the children are all in the Pool having a whale of a time.      They LOVE it all.

IT MAY BE THAT THE 'ELEPHANTS are getting ready to trample the grass again!   The Election is over, but the Votes are in question, and in the midst of a re-count, with both sides more and more strongly accusing the other, and damaging the well being and peaceful status of Kenya.
We pray it may not be so, and that the 'grass' of this nation will not be precipitated into renewed violence.         Freedom of Speech may well go hand in hand with a vibrant Democracy, but is it the best liberty to bring down peace and civil obedience when it is full of malicious invective, jealousies, covetousness? I feel sure some migh like me to share my own view of the Right and Wrong of what is now the talk of the nation.     I fear I cannot oblige for I feel very much that the 'truth' of the matter, such as it may be, may only put both PARTIES, and their supporters into the very same mire and reproach as all the rest.     A case of the 'Pot calling the Kettle black' so to speak.      Politically both sides - Government AND Opposition - have good reason to repent, and then to come together to repair the damage now being done, by way of the fragmentation of national unity, and the general abuse to the economy willfully and also through and by dishonesty in business and government affairs;   SO SAD.
Oddly the Proverb quoted here, is reputed to have originated from Kenya in the long distant pass.   It is very applicable - and not only to Kenya in particular.       Well, for the present the Opposition continues 'smoulder' with discontent.    We continue to pray they  will not be allowed to BURN, and at the same time bring a Bush Fire upon all the land.   Please continue to remember Kenya in your prayers.


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS will soon be over, and the 3rd Term of the year will begin.   It will probably be the shortest as well since national examinations in Primary and Secondary will both be taking place by the end of October into November....Thinking of the School took me back yet again the to te photo below.      Good to remember the 'Beginnings' of things, and I seldom get tired of going back and remembering the ones that began with me in 1983, in borrowed rooms, our School.    I was nominal administrative Head then, and Anthony Ndungu my Assistant.

ABOVE IS A PHOTO OF SOME OF THE EARLY TEACHERS THAT TAUGHT IN TESTIMONY PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1983-1988+  (Top Left - Stephen Mwaura;   Anthony Ndungu,; Brendan Luwangu; and PhilipWakaba.   Bottom left - Judith Gechengechi; Judy Towett;  Susan Iraya;  Titus Mbatiah, John Gitari; and Peter-John Anderson.

I may have shown this photo before, but I often go back to it as it speaks of the beginnings of our School.     Mr. Ndungu,  Mr. Mbatiah, and Mrs. Iraya were the ones to begin in 1983 in Classes 1 - 3 and then others followed in 1987 onwards.   Anthony Ndungu is still with us, now as Principal over All.    But we remember the rest with much Thanksgiving and Happiness.     You will always be a special part in our Memories.       Mr, Titus Mbatiah has since passed away in the Lord.   His Father Mr. Zacariah Mbatiah later became Head of our Secondary School till his retirement, and is also now with the Lord.    

AND TO CONCLUDE, THIS WEEK. a recent photo of a heard of elephants in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro - with very little snow left to be seen.     I  always feel great affection and admiration for the Elephant, so brutally hunted down and mutilated .    

THE LORD continued to demonstrate that He keeps watch over us all here, as this week funds had all but run out, and we WAITED on Him to help us fact the coming week.    On Friday we had word that Gifts were on the way to us, and yet again we felt the burdens lifted.      Thank you all who have and do remember us.     God Bless and keep YOU through the coming days.

Love from us all in Jesus Name

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 12 August 2017


WHY is it that human beings find it so easy to throw words at one another, and mainly when they find themselves in disagreement with each others point of view?      The BIBLE teaches us to ' Speak evil of no man/or woman.', (Titus 3v2)   AND to even avoid encounters that bring heated and even ill mannered exchanges brought on by national, tribal arguments, and strivings about points of law - they are vain and unprofitable (2.Timothy 2v23) - as in the cartoon opposite.     They bring out the WORST in us, and provide no sure foundation to build a better society on.    POLITICIANS are for ever engaged in such behaviour, insisting that they are all individually right.   They do love to stir up strife among themselves.

THIS LAST WEEK, and commencing on Tuesday the 8th August, Kenya went to the Polls to vote in a President, and a whole lot of others, including County Governors, Senators, Congressmen, and so on.      The Voting went off quietly, but thereafter, as counting went on over the next four days,  rumours of foul play, incidents of unrest, and a growing apprehension began to grip the people.      The media poured out a pot-pour of conjecture, opinion, rumour, and general gap filling and often meaningless,  words.      Confusion increased.  

We began to receive calls asking if all was well with us in Eldoret - International news media had begun to report and even show visible evidence that Kenya was once more falling into violence and political confusion.       We were shocked!     At that time, (the day after the Voting) we had seen and heard nothing ourselves, Eldoret was as peaceful as could be, and life went on.
BUT  there WERE incidents, in Kisumu more than a hundred kilometres away to the west of us, and one or two others in other disconnected places.    They were purely 'incidents' and they did not reflect a national uprising or disintegration of law and order at anywhere near the levels of the 2007 'Troubles' experienced after the Christmas Election of that year.
The PRESS just delightedly seized on anything that could increase their days circulation by proclaiming whatever might encourage MORE
public outrage.     In doing this they also managed to depict a very wrong image of Kenya and the Kenyan.      They took an opportunity to degrade Africa and the African in fact, though, of course, they would defend themselves as merely documenting the 'truth'.       But, as Pilate asked ' WHAT IS TRUTH?'       Very hard to find it on Earth.
The two photographs to the left were displayed in the American and British Papers.    They do not reveal the Kenyan as he truly is, nor did they reveal the national spirit or condition of the Kenyan people generally across the State.      We should all be very much aware that what we are told and induced to believe by so call visual truth, is very much presented to us from the viewpoint and personal perspective of a VERY small minority among us as a world society;   and it is not always the TRUTH.     Woe unto us, gullible as we all are!
WHEN I WAS A KID I learned what is today known as 'The Lord's Prayer', though in fact Jesus only taught us the necessary content for our prayers.    It was a 'Receipe' if you like, and still is.    It was not meant as a 'short-cut' to God; an escape from putting into our own words our thoughts and feelings about our life and situation in detail to a God is walking with us day by day.     JESUS recommended that WHEN / IF we pray we should begin with 'OUR FATHER who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your Name...'     God must always COME FIRST, and with the understanding that He is over all - in Heaven - and that He wants us to be as close to Him as a child to its father, - and that we should venerate His Name - his fatherhood.      All that is first to be in mind when we begin to pray, to talk with HIM.
THEN '...Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven..........'      I will go no further that this.         We are to seek for God's Kingdom,  His Rule and Authority, and Way of Life, to come to us here on Earth, just as it IS in Heaven.          Certainly it is a long way from happening as of now.       AS I BEGAN BY SAYING,  we find  it SO difficult just to order the way we speak to each other, and to control our tongue  -  mainly because, regretfully, our mind and imagination is so often set on fire of Hell due to our selfish, jealous, and petty mindedness - and dare I say it again, our LOVE for each other, including our so called enemies.  Even those of us all who call ourselves 'Christian'!   James 3v1-18

THE 2017 KENYAN ELECTION IS OVER.        Our President, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta was returned to Office with a sizeable majority at the conclusion of four days of discomfort brought on from the determination of the Organisers not to bow to public impatience and rumour mongering, and to WAIT till all the Votes were finally in, counted and confirmed according the the laws laid down, BEFORE making any final Announcement as to the TRUE result.      LAST NIGHT  at a fitting ceremony the Appointed Commissioneers and the Returning Officer  delivered the final result,    It was done with appropriately serious and proper presentation, seemingly restoring faith in the growth and maturity of Kenya politically, and giving hope for the future.          Still a long way to go, if one looks at the political imperfections of the rest of the world.     ALL generally proceeding without God in mind.
AND OF COURSE, as has been mentioned repeatedly over the last 48 hours,  there are always Winners AND Losers in any race or competition.
The Hon. Mr. Kenyatta was obviously glad to be re-elected as our President.   In the photo he is seen holding his Certificate of Registration, with a new mandate for a further five years to lead and steer the Country.       He garnered more than 8 million votes;
more than a million more than his closest contender for office Hon. Raila Odinga.     Mr. Oginga is 72 and it is unlikely he will stand again in five years time.    This was his fifth attempt, and in failing to win, he will be a very disappointed man, as the photo I have of him here shows.    
There has been a lively and often very bitter rivalry between the two.   Accusations against each other from both sides have shown little or no Christian Grace, though both would claim to be Christian, and in losing perhaps the bitterness may continue.       Mr. Odinga garnered almost 7 million votes.       His followers, for himself and Party, are many.     Not such a close and unpleasant result as Theresa May's in the UK recently, but nevertheless one has to see that the Country has been divided.       AND there is a huge number, going into millions of young people under 18, milling about unemployed and many also uneducated, who although without a vote could be used dangerously if they were encouraged to stand against the new government.        BUT Kenyans themselves, as I have also many time said before, are not seeking political upheaval, civil strife, or war.    They are really a peace loving people who look for peaceful ways forward.       YET there may be retaliations against the Election Result.      You may hear more of so called unrest.     ELDORET remains peaceful.     Daryl and I were in town shopping yesterday, and today life goes least for the time being..


YESTERDAY  I was visiting Testimony House, and was shown one of the bedrooms where the floor had caved in.       The floor had been replaced a year or so ago, but it seems the timber used had not been treated against ANTS - and the entire house is built over a mega colony of them!     About a third of the bedroom floor has been eaten completely away.    We how have to go in and attack the ants in that area, and then relay the floor with treated timber OR perhaps put in a concrete floor. We shall see.     It is an old house as we have shared before, and it is a miracle it has lasted as long as it has without actually falling apart.     We think, in the main, it is the ANTS that hold it all together actually, AND the fact that the original timbers are all IRON WOOD which is SO hard that even the jaws of ants are unable to chew it..

The weather has been colder since August began, and a lot more rain too.     The skies are mainly full of heavy cloud and everywhere looks grey and chilly.   Even the birds have flown off to some warmer place so the compound is that much quieter.    The kids mainly indoors as well.    Well I guess it IS winter here and the August holiday is usually the dullest one.      But we are all well, and in good spirits.

WE thank you all for your care of us and for watching our on behalf of us.    We thank you for praying for Kenya through this Election week, and for bringing us though to peace.     As always please receive of our Love in Jesus

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 5 August 2017


THOMAS KOSGEI walked in upon us this week, yesterday in fact,     He is 33, married with two beautiful children, a boy and girl.     It was a GREAT happiness to see him again.
He was only 5 when he joined Esther and me in Testimony House in 1989.    He came to us then with his three brothers, Samson 12, Julius 10.  and Naptali, 7.    They all left us a while ago now.     SOooo good to have 'family' call in, and especially from the past, and especially from those who grew up with us.
Thomas is self employed working part of the land left by his Father, and also from rearing Chickens for Eggs, which gives him and his family enough to get by.      He is a hard working young man, proud of his own endeavour and of his family.     It was really good and encouraging for us to talk with him, and see that he is full of hope for the future.
It is a real blessing for us now, in our elder years to get visits from our children who were such an intricate part of our life and family.      We feel glad and happy to appreciate that on leaving us they took up the challenge of life here in the Third World, and did not flinch from pressing forward.    We are at once proud of them, and Thankful to God for letting us be part of their launching out into the world as we tried to replace their homes and families previously lost to them.     You all are a very real part in this with us.

The previous photo is of Testimony House as it was when we moved into it, January1973. below is a photo - circa 1983 - just ten years later.    Many of the children we moved in with have moved on. Nicholas Mwangi who was then my Deputy had been left behind with our Family whilst Esther and I were in the UK for a few month - our first visit since 1972.     The next one would be in 1994.  NOW most of those in the photo have gone on and away......but still around and about.   We also see a lot of Nicholas and his family.  He is not in business in town, living close by with his wife and children.
Left to right TOP Nicholas Mwangi, John Ngugi;  Moses Ongonga, David Koech; Joseph Kihara; Daniel Kenyanjui'
AnthonyWanyama; Mwangi Macharia; Peter Karuru (deceased)
Middle row left to right - Sara Njeri;  Catherine Senge
Bottom Row left to right - Jotham Chege,  Ezekiel Kipchumba (deceased), Samuel Macho, Christoperh Kosgei;
Peter Wangolo;  Anthony Kiprotich; David Senoga; Richard Ochieng; William Oyongolot;  Charles Salim;
Daryl Peacock; Samuel Kirui.

The photo was taken on the veranda of Testimony House, in front of the sitting room window, left of the front porch. We remember them all and pray for them still, and look forward to seeing ALL of them again whenever they are nearby, or hearing from them on Face Book. 
NOW THIS is a photo of the Jacaranda Cottage Family taken around 2014
Regretfully I cannot honestly identify everyone in the photo, but YOU may be able to do so.
Mr. and Mrs. Rop were parents at that time.  Still miss them.

I have included these photos as reminders to those who were here, and who have left and now living their own adult lives.       Many of you are still in touch with us one way or another, but if you have been away a while without contact we just want to say we are thinking of you still and would be very happy and comforted to know you are doing well   - and that includes all who are NOT seen in the photos.      LASTLY IS one taken also in 2014 ............
These are mostly still with us.

The Day here is overcast, but their faces and presence with us are a constant joy  -  yes, they are not necessarily all angels, but we can always find a reason to Thank God for them, and to be glad the Door was open for them when it was needed.


JAMES MANU has just returned from his 3rd visit to the Consultant.      He is very pleased and happy with the progress so far.  Improvement in BOTH eyes.    He has TWO more months of injections, and still a long way to go, but the general picture is much more hopeful than initially.     He himself has been VERY encouraged by this, and we feel sure the knowledge so many have been in prayer for him has not gone unnoticed.    God is at work.   We ourselves do thank you all for sharing our anxieties, and in reaching out to Jesus with us.

Most of our staff have now been given time off to go and Register, and then VOTE in the Election which will take place on Tuesday 8th.    We pray that all will remain calm, and that the entire exercise will go peacefully and well.      We are of course remaining at home with the Children and Parents throughout, as we did in 2007/8.

God Bless you all.      Beware lest the Enemy lead you astray from God's Word and and from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    He ALONE is the Truth, the Way and the Life.   He alone is the LIGHT of the world.        I wish ALL the Christian Church believed it, but GLAD that all the Church of Christ DO..        'Oh I want to SEE Him, to look upon His Face!.
With our love and prayers for you all in this confused and darkening world.

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 29 July 2017


A WEEK AGO, ON SATURDAY,  the 36th Annual School Parent's & Prize Giving was still continuing.          Above is a photo of some Lower Primary students presenting a song on stage.
The Guest of Honour had arrived at 10.30a.m. together with his wife and one of our Old Boys, Mark Ouma, who had accompanied them.       The photo above was taken during the afternoon Concert.
I had hoped to bring these photos on the very Day, but they had arrived too late.   I regret that the clarity is not as good as hoped, and representation of the events and scenes very scanty.
TO THE LEFT, on arrival, Bouquets of flowers were presented.     The Guest of Honour is wearing a white suit, with his wife standing to the left of him also in a white with a cloth of gold turban.    Me and Esther on the left.   Mr. Ndungu, the School Principal, Heads of School, and our Pastor out of the picture to the right. Mr. Mark Ouma is standing on the extreme right of the photo.   Students from Secondary and from Primary (wearing navy blue) presented the Bouquets.       The weather was not bad, but a little cloudy and quite cool.  It rained heavily in the afternoon during the Concert when we were all under cover

TO THE RIGHT we have moved on to the gate of the School Field.    Our Guest of Honour is an Engineer by profession, and we had wanted him to see our Field which is on a severe slope, and very irregular.    We hoped to get some advice and help from him in showing us the way forward in levelling the whole - some 3 acres.
In THIS photo our Guest is standing centre.  Mr Ndungu is on the extreme right, and the Head of Primary, Mr. Benjamin Emajong to the left up front.
We spent some time viewing the scene and discussing how to go about the task of improving the site and general facility.    Through the gap you can see part of Testimony House and the Bakery.
On left is a photo of Mrs Angela Omobe, our Secondary School Head, and Mrs.Ochome the wife of our Guest of Honour, as they walked round the Nursery .
By this time all our School Heads had joined the party, including Mrs. Miriam Ondanga, Head of Nursery School.          Parents had also begun to gather, and would begin to follow the main party around to see for themselves the exhibits and also their children's School work with the Class Teachers.     By mid day they would all be offered lunch in tented pavilions erected in the School grounds.

To the left a snap of Miriam Ondanga front, then Mark Ouma, then myself and Daryl Green.    WE have all now toured some sixteen classes, and are about to visit the Science labs before adjourning for our Lunch.

(( Since the Primary School opened in 1983 we have always combined the School Parents Day with the Homes' Founders Day, which until then had been remembered on it's own.       HOWEVER IN FUTURE,  Founder's Day may be once again celebrated separately as it used to be during the last weekend of August each year.)).      The School has grown so much, and on Parent's Day there just isn't time to draw attention to the Homes and to remember how the Lord began everything, and brought the School into its own existence

AND FINALLY a shot of a group of students taking part in a traditional tribal dance on state.


SCHOOL has now closed down at the close of 2nd Term.   In just under two weeks the National General Elections will take place, and then School will hope to re-open in the first week of September.     The weather is 'wintery' quite COLD, and a lot of cloud and RAIN.     Gloomy days and rather chilly nights.     This may continue on now until September, when we expect a slow return to more warm and sunny times.
We have successfully sent out the 3rd UPDATE of the year to all our supporters, family  and friends, either through the Internet or by post.       Some E-mails have been returned due to the address having been changed.     We have now sent to those concerned at their physical address in the hope of restoring the internet connection.

PLEASE, in the three weeks ahead, pray for the PEACE of Eldoret, and of Kenya as a whole, as Election Fever continues to build up.      It is now TEN years, almost, since the political troubles arising from the Elections of 2007.       We are believing the Lord to have used the intervening years to have helped us all to grow in maturity, and to trust in God for the Election of a Government that will be right for ALL the people.     HE alone knows what is good and right for us, not we ourselves.
There is an underlying sense of anxiety and apprehension as to how the Result will go, and also how it will be accepted.      A kind of 'jumpyness'.    But we ourselves have been through this many times, and He has given us perfect peace, and brought us through safely with all our children.     He is WITH all those who BELIEVE and TRUST in HIM.    We are not in fear or dread. 

God Bless you all, and walk closely with you imparting to you all confidence and peace of mind moment by moment, day by day, till He COMES.......not long now.   Be on tip-toe, in prayer, and in keeping watch, for He WILL come SUDDENLY, in the twinkling of any eye.

Lovingly to each and every one, beloved as you all are
John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 22 July 2017


TO DAY IS OUR 36th SCHOOL PARENT'S DAY & the 48th  TFH FOUNDER'S DAY!     The Guest of Honour is expected around 10a.m. but visitors (at least 500 of them) will be arriving at 11a.m. to view Academic Exhibits, Class Work, and Demonstrations.      It is still only 9a.m. so I will BEGIN this week by flashing back to last week, beginning on Sunday.

LAST SUNDAY WAS OUR BAPTISM SUNDAY.    Our usual practice is to have our normal morning Service, and thereafter we all go the School Swimming Pool, quite near, for Baptism.   On this occasion we Baptised two from Australia and five from among  ourselvers...................................................

The WEATHER was very cold, as it had been for more than a week, and the Pool water was  FREEZING!     Michael Potter from Australia was preaching and later also assisted, together with one of our old boys ( a Pastor of a Church in Eldoret), Christopher Kipkosgei.     I was not so well on that Sunday, and was unable to attend.   Esther was there and, of course, all our staff, and children from the Homes, and from Tyndale Team, as well as some other members of our Fellowship.    The sun shone. God was glorified, as His Praises and Thanks-givings were poured out.      A wonderful occasion.

On Monday Tyndale Team tidied up and finished their works both for us and Neema Homes, and began to pack, ready for their departure back to Australia as from Wednesday morning.   Their time with us passed so quickly we could hardly believe the day for them to leave had actually come!

On TUESDAY evening, the Team invited all the houseparents including me and Esther to have a Farewell Supper with them at an outside venue.     We were presented with momentos of their visit, and many of the students on the team and also staff shared how they felt about their time with us. Some of us also shared, and all in all it was a great time.    But after all we expect to see at least some of them back next year!     We have missed them all already though!

All of  these extra happenings come in the midst of daily life, and other matters that crop up between the ordinary routine of daily life.     This last week we have had to see a NEW accounts clerk take his place on our staff.   His name is Daniel Natto.   He and I, for the next five months or so, share an office.       He is well qualified, and good company.        LESS happily we have had to see another member of our staff laid off due to serious pilfering of animal foodstuffs, and even animal products generated from the Poultry Project, and even the Dairy.     Very, very sad, since on the surface the offender appeared hard working, and honest.

YESTERDAY  was an Anniversary Day!      It was our daughter Elisabeth and Prem's Wedding Anniversary, AND their son John-Finney's 15th Birthday, and the 16th Birthday of Daryl and Carol's daughter, Rebbecca.
Their son Jesse was also with us from Nairobi, and so we also remembered his 19th Birthday which happened in his absence in May.       It was a nice time, and generated a good photo as well.  We do not always have chance to be all together either with our UK or even Kenyan family members.     But its always GREAT when it happens,    We managed cakes for both J and B, and enjoyed blowing the candles out and sharing the eating.    Even the majority of those who have lived with us remember the little 'family' things we used to do and shared together. When they visit these always get mentioned and remembered, and indeed they have carried these memories and moments into their own family life.       We did many things together in our parenting days.   Played board games together,  went for walk together, sat on the porch and talked together.
TV was a loser compared to the the comfortable commaradie of just living as a family, and knowing each other.      NOT so easy these days here.      School homework and other tasks have gobbled up a lot of spare time AND television has also increased its temptations so that its firm control tends to be an increasing challenge that parents find difficult to stand up to.       BUT we are also aware that if we seem to be losing "family' it is for US to find it again, and to devise ways to hang on to it.
STEVEN phoned us late evening to say Happy Birthday to Becky, and WE phoned Elisabeth to wish her and Prem a Happy Anniversary and to also say Happy Birthday to our grandson John Finney.  So in the end although 'at a distance' we were all hooked up by phone to each other - except for Michael and Janet.

THEN we managed, just before everyone went their way, to also get a Family Photo, just as a reminder that we CAN all manage to get together Once in a While.
AND NOW TODAY!!    Usually School Parent's Day is a week or two later in July, and the last event before the end of Term.   However, with the Elections looming in the 1st/2nd week of August the government felt schools should close early - thus we moved our event a little forward to today... It is already 10.30 and Esther and I must go to meet the Guest of Honour - will resume later.....!

...............Back again by 4..45p.m..   The Guest of honour spoke for forty five minutes during the afternoon Prize Giving.    He was more of a lecturer,and rather repetitive.     It was a good day generally and well attended as expected by parents - even though it rained heavily in the afternoon.   But in the afternoon it was dry and even sunny.     The Guest of Honour was on time, and arrived with his wife, AND - surprise, surprise - also with Mark Ouma who was with us in the early 70s.    He chose education as his future, first becoming  teacher, and later Headmaster, and an Education Officer.  He is now retired, but still teaching.   It was so very nice to see him.    He currently teaches in one of the Private School owned by the Guest of Honour, Engineer Charles Ochome, who is also the National General Secretary of Kenya's Private School Association.
The actual Prize Giving was continuing when I left, and may yet go until about 5,30p.m.     A long day.    And NOW I have to fit in some photos if I can.   .........................I had hoped to also include a few photos but the photos were run away with by the photographer - so will have to include them next week.

I have almost finished an Update, and hope to send it out early in the week ahead.    God Bless and be with you.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 15 July 2017


OUR AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS ARE ALMOST LEAVING! They have successfully completed the work they took on with us - and also at Neema Children's Home, up the road from us, - and now it is a matter of tidying up, and saying Goodbye - till next time.   The TIME seems to have gone faster than any year before.    The weather has been fair, but not very warm, and with a lot of heavy thunder storms.     One of the smallest of Teams so far as well, but all in all, very hard working and willing for anything.     WE DO THANK them all, including Mike and Dani Potter, Tammy Garret, and Tim and Liz Rankin, who came with them from Tyndale Christian School, Adelaide, South Australia.        They arrived, as I have recorded earlier, on Monday, 3rd July, and will finally leave us on Wednesday morning, 19th July.     The will have spent just 15 full  days with us and in that time they have built a new Hen House for Layers, expanding our Poultry Unit, and also built a six foot tin fence across the top of the Jacaranda Cottage Compound.      Might not seem a lot in cold print, but in fact a lot of heavy and intensive work and effort - more so when only HALF of the Team were achieving it, whilst the other half were with Miriam and Joshua at Neema Children's Homes doing even more.

TO THE LEFT is a photo of the front of the Layer's House, and to the Right is one of the rear of the same.     We hope to put in about 300 layers into this building.
BELOW are glimpses of the interior ...........

A job well done and finished.  Also PAID for by the hard work and generosity of Tyndale, staff, parents and students who have always joined together to really HELP and improve us every year that they come, self sacrificially, to just GIVE ....

ABOVE THE FENCE PUT UP across the top end of the top end of the plot.    Drakeley Cottage is out of sight to the right of the photo, the fence extending a little beyond it.     Previously it was just bush and scrub, and dogs, plus other livestock would always be pushing their way through into our compound.    We had no security at all.     NOW all is made safe.     Wonderfull!!
The 2017 Team


NEXT SATURDAY WILL BE THE 36TH PARENTS DAY FOR TESTIMONY SCHOOL founded in 1981, and also the 48th Founder's Day for Testimony Faith Homes.   It is slightly early this year due to the expected General Election in early August.      The Country a little nervous and apprehensive on coming up to an Election, but generally we are not seeing any sign of serious disturbance so far.    The government just feel Schools should be well and truly SHUT by the time Voting begins..      We expect to open for the 3rd Term at the end of August, God Willing.     Are WE feeling 'jumpy'?    No.  All is well with our souls.      Daryl will be hosting the day as our CEO, and the General Secretary of the Kenya Private School Association will be Guest of Honour.        Hope I might get some photos of the Day, but I might be a bit late insending .       In 2019 we will be having the 50th Anniversary of the Beginning of TFH, but that will be AUGUST of that Year, and we hope to host a great many of our Old Boys and Girls plus friends on that occassion.      

Psalm 103v.1-5
Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; 
Who crowneth thee with loving kindess and tender mercies;
Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renews
like the eagles.

KING DAVID wrote these words.   The man who testified in another Psalm and said 'I acknowledge (confess and admit) my transgressions; and my sin is ever before me.'     Taken as they are, one can read the words in Psalm 103 as a simple statement of well being;  they can almost be taken for granted.     It IS a statement of Truth for the one who is Trusting in God, and whose sins are forgiven.       BUT,,,,,,,,,,these words come across so much more strongly when one sees and accepts that they apply to the sinner that I am.      Yes we all DO sin, even after realising\the Blood of Christ; we are prone to sin, and although we now have means to overcome and be victorious over sin, it is a fight and a struggle.     AND YET the Blessing of a Loving God abides with me and upon me, quietly and constantly refreshing my life with His Goodness.       It is SO EASY just ignorantly accept this, and be thankless, or without a clear realisation of it - but when He opens our understanding, our ears and eyes to the moment by moment truth of it - THEN humbling it is, finally be aware of who and what I am were it not for the voluntary death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Cross.   My Heart cries out more and more, to such a God, such a Heavenly Father - who spared not what was most precious to and loved by Him, in order to rescue you and me from our own willful waywardness.     Oh my!

Hallelujah!  What a Saviour!
Who can take a poor lost sinner,
Lift him from the miry  clay and set him free.
I will ever tell the story
Shouting glory, glory, glory,
Hallelujah,  Jesus ransomed ME!
Julia H. Johnston
TODAY - this very DAY, He has yet again provided ALL our needs.     HIS love never fails.

May He so love you too, and fill your hearts with the expanding knowledge of that love both for yourselves and your enemies and those who may despise and take you for granted.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Lucky, DominiC, Charles, Dixon, and Nelson
LAST WEEK, on the Saturday evening I had hoped to put up some photos of our Leaving Party for five of our boys, now grown to manhood, and commencing an independent life.   The photos are now to hand, so I will start off with them.     We all met in the School Hall at about 7 in the evening.   Pastor Wycliffe gave a short word, and then each of those leaving stood to share with us all before they. finally left.     Two,  Dixon and Nelson, grew up in Jacaranda with Micah and Senge Yego,   Two more, Dominic and Charles, grew up in the Testimony House family before it became a Hostel for over eighteen boys so, in a way, they never left home.   Initially, whilst it was a Home, they grew up with Hesketh and Alice Muli, but more lately with John Obiero who took over as Warden of the Hostel.     And lastly ONE from Drakeley Cottage - Lucky who was part of Francis and Eunice Lahol's family.    Apart from Alice Muli all the houseparents and Wardens were present, and able to stand with their their boys and to pray with them.     A few tears here and there, but we ALL were glad and proud to see them ABLE to finally stand on their own feet and confidently face the world.

Lucky  (to the left) has studied to be a Civil Engineer, and came to be with us in May 2003 when he was 10.
Below is a photo of him with his parents in Drakeley, Francis and Eunice Lahol.   He has studied Civil Engineering.
Dominic (to the right) has also studied Civil Engineering
He came to be with us in 2007 when he was also 10.    His brother also spent time with us earlier, and both have done well.        Also, to the right, is a photo  of him with Charles Muriithi, (and Hesketh Muli,) both from  Testimony House with the Mulis as houseparents. Charles (photo below right) leaves a younger brother still with us in the Boys Hostel.  He has studied to be a Community Dev. Officer.   Charles came to us with a severe stutter, but God has helped him, and he now speaks well.
Below left is a photo of Dixon and Nelson with Micah and Senge Yego who were their parents in Tyndale Cottage while they were growing up.  Dixon came to us in 1999 when he was SIX, and Nelson in 2004 when he was 14.   Both chose Hotel & Catering as careers and are hugely happy pursuing it.

We were very glad - as BIG family, to be able to send them out with Prayer and Blessing.     We were also able to give each a Bible, and a very small monetary Gift  to assist them get started in their new digs.
They will all be working, at least to start with, in Eldoret area, and so - as with others who have left  us - we expect to go on seeing them and sharing their future adventures.    It was a truly very glad and happy evening.

THE TEAM FROM TYNDALE SCHOOL arrived Monday in the RAIN.    Quite cool as well..   The next day I met with them all in Daryl's Office and shared about the work and history of TFH.   It was a good time, as always,    From there they went on a tour of 'inspection' and took in what was in store for them relative to work!       The next day they visited Neema Children's Homes and the Mbithis, getting an idea of what may lay in wait for them there as well!
HERE their first assignment as been to finish and roof the new Layer's House adjacent to the Poultry Project (which they also built).     Daryl had, with help of funds sent in advance, and local labour, already laid the flooring and set the poles.     They have pressed on from there, and yesterday it was nearing completion.     The photos here are from early in the week

In the Photo on the right above you have a view right to the top of the compound..  The poultry house is to the left and opposite just our of sight in Drakeley Cottage.    The next job the Team hope to undertake is to erect a Fence of tin sheeting right the way across the end of the compound, shutting us off from dirt and dogs from the next door neighbours.!         Just a little more security after years of just putting up with a lot of unpleasantness and nuisance.

JAMES MANU, our son, was again away for the 2nd Injection into his eye in an effort to save its sight.    It is a three hour journey from here, and he had to stay over night.    However, the Consultant was VERY pleased with the improvement he found in the eye.    SO pleased that he decided to go for the SAME treatment for the other, previously condemned eye as well!!    This was VERY good news for us all, and especially for Manu.     SO MANY of you had sent word that you were praying, and we feel that the LORD has truly heard and acted to HEAL.      God Bless you all for bearing up our burden, and REJOICE with us that He has heard our prayers.     Hallelujah.

How wonderful to be so entwined together as a 'family' in Jesus.      Hope to send another UPDATE shortly.     Our grateful Love to all of you.

Lovingly in our dear Lord Jesus

John, Esther and Daryl Green