Friday, 26 November 2021

SKY NEWS  a few weeks back was bemoaning the fact that Christmas this year, for the Brits, would be a lean one, with Few 'if any' Turkeys gracing the dinner table.     It seems now that the 'fear' of having to suffer serious food shortages is passing, and that all the expected traditional fare will, after all, find its way to the shops and supermarkets.   At the time, SKY made it sound a major crisis - as if a meatless Christmas would be worse than death. 
Here, in Kenya, probably less than 1% ever get to see turkey.      It is amazing just how much you can live and do without, and still be happy, and even content.      Perhaps there might also be a GAP in what one part of the population can afford to put on their tables, compared to others.  There is little doubt that 'one man's meat can be another's poison', when it comes to being able to afford it.     BUT, food seems to be a BIG part of Christmas to those with enough in their pockets, AND even to those who are poorer.
'Food, wonderful food
what is there more handsome?
Gulped, swallowed, or chewed,
still worth a King's ransom.'

But to listen to SKY NEWS the English are made to seem greedy gluttons, who put FOOD in front of LIFE.    I hope I  am right in thinking that this is not entirely the picture.     But, really, what IS Christmas all about, and who, among us all, take it to heart, and let it make a difference to our life and hope for the future?    WE, here in Testimony, do some of our shopping, weekly, at a Supermarket not very far from us and known as ' Chandarana,  FOOD PLUS' with the rider, as part of their name, adding '....more than just food!'      I like this, for it correctly makes food to take a back seat when it comes to the MORE that lies beyond the food.      And this is also so true of  Christmas.      Christmas can include the idea of exceptional FOOD, but it is NOT about JUST food.     There is MUCH MORE to Christmas than turkey and tinsel, Father Christmas, and fairy lights.
CHRISTMAS is the Commemoration of the Birth of JESUS CHRIST, the MESSIAH, the Promised one of God,  Who came from Heaven to Save us from ourselves, and show us the Way to GOD.      The early Christian Church did not officially institute this until 332 A.D. when they declared 25th December a FEAST day,  the Birthday of Christ.       BEFORE that there is no record of it being especially observed at any particular time, or day in the calender.     BUT, surely His Birth IS recorded in Scripture, and in detail, and there can be no doubt that those Who believed in Him, would have remembered about His Birth in Bethlehem.     It would have meant then, as it should now,  so much MORE than knowing, exactly,  which day it truly was.      In the Fulness of TIME, at the right time in history and time, GOD put Christ into the World, to SAVE it; all those who live on and in it.     All those who would trust in Him and commit their lives to Him.     He was born in Bethlehem of Judea in Israel at the time of the Census of the Roman Emperor Augustus.    It was the BEGINNING of God's Plan to bring all men to Himself.   It was the  Beginning of a NEW Age and Era; an age worse than any that had gone before, worse than that of Noah, when God looked down and 'saw that wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that the imagination of the thoughts of his heart were only evil continually;  the earth was currupt before God, and filled with violence, for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. (Genesis 6v5-13)  And God said, I will destroy them with the earth.
JESUS Himself commented on this Age that we live in, and said ' it will get worse, and worse.'  He said that if He, Himself, did not return quickly he would find none alive.     All the world is in upheaval.    War, revolution, civil strife engulfs our world.   The very earth erupts more and more, as our climate changes, and nature is turned upon itself.   the FEAR of an end  of all things, GRIPS the people everywhere, and the world seems without leadership, unstable, unsettled, whilst the ROAR of the nations gathers more and more in anxious apprehension..........   Is there HOPE for the world?     ONLY if the One whose Birth we remember at Christmas, comes back to SAVE us.    BUT the world REJECTED Him ------will they RECEIVE HIM today,  this Christmas time
OR will we all be found looking to our own self-centered enjoyment as we take advantage from a Day provided for us to Remember GOD's LOVE to us, stick our heads in the sand, and pretend all is well with us?

Here in Testimony Faith Homes, and School we love Christmas.    It is a Family time, and we ever hope to see family members visiting, and reconnecting relationships at home with us all.   I time of reaching out to each other,     A time also of reaching out to others, not members of the family, alone, uncared for, unloved.     A time of peaceful happiness and security ......ALL of this drawing our thoughts and hearts to GOD, who sent Jesus to SHOW us what Family  IS, and how those without family can be loved IN to our own home and family, just as God sent Jesus to bring us back in our own original Family, into its Warmth, its Strength, its Confidence without divisions of any kind.
This year the School Holiday will be short - just ten days.
We will see decorations, even a Tree, appear in our four homes.    Christmas Cards will shine out again, saved from years before,    Each day nearer to THE day, joyful excitement among the children grow, until on Christmas Eve we all come together, as usual, in front of Testimony House, our first family home,  to sing carols, share our thoughts about the Night, and to partake of a hot drink,  and a bun, all under a night sky glittering with millions of stars.      Suddenly we will all find ourselves, old and young, together, conscious of the Night, this Holy Night, that was so long ago the moment the Saviour of us all, was BORN, with the Shout of the Angel, and the Praises of the Angelic Host, and the proclamation to the World.
Let Earth receive her King;
let every heart prepare Him room,
and Heaven and Nature, SING!
THIS is the FOCUS of our thoughts as Christmas nears once more.
The World may be staggering in its course, and Nature trembling on the brink - look to God, in Jesus Name, to COME more clearly and really into our lives, to steady us, to make us ready, to ensure our faces reflect no fear or terror but only our confident, and assured, JOYFULNESS that God  is with us. And, that if He IS with us, then who, and what, have we to FEAR.


It is now stronger, and better, with new metal strengthened posts
every two meters.   Still a little to clear up but otherwise perfect.

This week we have had the first member of our BIG family, visiting for Christmas, though he may not actually be here to Celebrate, as he has to return to the U.S.A. where he will continue to now minister God's Word, having successfully completed his Doctorate.     This is our dear son in Jesus, the Reverend Doctor Sammy Kirui.   It has been real delight to have him stay with us in Green Cottage; very happy fellowship indeed.    Sam was last with us FIVE years back, and has been in the U.S.A. for about 15 years, but he has always kept in touch, and is very close to us all.      He also surprised us with a Love Gift for the Family - provision for ALL, for the next two weeks, and at a time when all our cupboards were bare!!     God is so loving, and loves to see family loving each other.   Thank you Sam,  you are ever an inspiration and encouragement.
Sam also to too us all out to  lunch this week, something we usually cannot do, and we enjoyed a change of scene, and really good fellowship.   In the photo, right to left can be seen Daryl Green, Eunice Lahol, Senge Yego, Esther Green, Alice Muli, Hesketh Muli, Mica Yego, Pastor Mike Kyalo, and Jacinta Kyalo, Sammy, and Me.
Right now the weather here is good,   Much blue sky, and warm sunshine, tempered with a cool breeze and occassional cloud and showers, mainly in the evenings.     The School has just concluded a brief half term break, and are are now back until 23rd December, when they will have TEN days holiday before commencing 2022 on 3rd January.
TODAY  we had news of further Love from friends and family in the UK via AENON Trust.   We had the news at Breakfast, with Daryl, and we once more found ourselves rejoicing, as our waiting was rewarded by the outpouring of LOVE for  us all.     Truly our hearts were warmed and comforted in knowing how many there are together with us, and with the children.    Thank you and Bless you all.

ALSO today we have heard that what is being called the Botswana strain of C.19 is making itself felt in Europe, and that the U.K has put South Africa, Botswana and other nearby States on their RED list.    So far Kenya remains OFF - but for how long we do not know.      We are wondering now if Steven will be still feel able to risk coming out to us in December - that is if he will not in any case be prevented.
UPDATE on KENYA c.19  Cases as on 25th November
New Cases 46        Newly Tested 4,913    R. 0.9%
Total Tested   2,816,173
Total Positive   254,862
Total Recov      248,070
Total Deaths         5,333
 The Government  is also  trying to make it compulsory for everyone travelling from one County to the other, within Kenya, to be Vaccinated.      MASKS continue to be word in public places.

The LORD or God be with you all.
With our united Love in Him, as we pray with and for you all daily.

John, Esther, Daryl, and all our co workers, and the children here in Testimony Homes.

Monday, 8 November 2021


We had wanted to bring it down BEFORE it fell, but were unable to avoid paying a heavy License to the County Council.    The Bye Law says that we cannot erect any structure, even a temporary one, and even if it is to assist us repair our own wall, at our own expense, if the said structure stands on  County land.     We had no choice but to hang on.

Days and month went by and the Wall,  continued to lean, progressively outwards.

THIS SATURDAY, it FELL.     23 meters of it.    It  collapsed totally, the whole span of it at once - and with a THUD that shook Green Cottage.
Fortunately it did not reach the road, and more fortunately, no one was walking by, on the grass verge.

We are already on the way to clearing the area, and have already built a Screen to protect our back yard (now exposed to all and sundry).      We have built the screen on our land, inside of the fallen wall.  The length of wall fallen stretches as I said above some twenty three meters, from the back of our house right up to the Director's Officer.

The Wall was build in 1987, just 34 years ago.    We hope that the rebuild will last much longer.  At least we trust the builders will make sure it will stand, and not just do a quick job without honour or care.
The original builder did not ensure the footing, or foundation, of the wall was properly laid.    It is  of the utmost importance that our foundations are strong, and well founded.     The Bible tells, for example, that there is only ONE foundation for any one person to build his or her life upon.     That Foundation is JESUS.    If HE is in your heart and mind, you will NEVER fall.      There is a cost!

There is a COST to everything.      A cost to stay on course, and apply oneself to keeping ones integrity.  Not a very popular occupation, since 'integrity' is best noticed under stress and challenge.    One cannot but wonder how many Heads of State, and Government, attending the Glasgow Summit will keep their integrity, or even if any of them possess it.      We are told the World will DIE if WE do not DO something.     IT is a life and death issue.      But look at the Coal issue for example, and the Brazilian Rain Forest.      Some states have determined to do nothing NOW, but have hinted they 'might' do something by 2050 or even '70.      Perhaps by then they are hoping to have gone on a trip to Mars or the Moon and thus escape what the rest of us will be enduring by then - IF the planet can even support us by  then.     Their REASONS for doing nothing, are purely economic;     They cannot do without COAL in their Country, without a major inconvenience, and a very expensive one, that will cause everyone in their Country to suffer.     Well, surely, we will ALL suffer - even if we all together DO something - the Answer WILL cost us all, born and unborn.      After all whose fault is it that the Planet has been ruined and exploited?    It is surely the fault of ADAM, the Race that was handed the Responsibility of CARING and TENDING this 'Garden' of Earth.       Man has ever been SELFISH.
The Brazilian President, seeking his own comfort and esteem has 'promised' to stop cutting the Forest down by 2030  -    BUT how much of it will be left BY THEN?       HE is no better than NERO playing his lyre as ROME burned in front of him.     It is a sad and bitter thing to be alive in these days.

It may be the World IS dying.     What then?    The Judgement.     So many times Man has kidded himself that he can do anything......HE. like the devil of old, wants to run things on his own.   But did Man make the Earth on which he stands?   Does he now control its very stability as it circles the Sun, spinning on its own axis?      And will he, CAN he, really put himself out to GO WITHOUT his own comfort to  even TRY to restore and heal what he himself has brought to such a pass?
AND will the CREATOR wink at THIS for ever.?
And if not then maybe NOTHING can be done, and we will all face the music.
GOD Bless, Strength, and comfort you all, and help you through all the storm and typhoons of life that Satan my have permission to throw at you - Remember, 'he' is not allowed to touch the lives of those who have God in their heart, and God will not expose us to satan's vileness without knowing us, and that we will keep our integrity, as Job did.     We are trusted, and believed in.    And the King of Life walks with us, and will always deliver us.       WE are all well, and thankful to be alive in the world at this time and in this age.     Our love to you all always.

John Esther and Daryl Green, and all here in Testimony Faith Homes and School



Wednesday, 6 October 2021

IN THE BOOK OF ISAIAH 32 and verse 2, it is written -

shall be as a Hiding Place
from the wind, a shelter from the storm

The illustration, shown here to the left, best describes how these words make me feel.
It is so very apt for all we have been led to do, and accomplish here in the last fifty or so years.   To tenderly and strongly take up children in need of care and protection and to give them the shielding, and care of loving hearts; to hide them in a secure and safe environment, enfolded in God's Love, from all that may in any way have disrupted or endangered their previous lives.

To the reader of Isaiah 32v2 it may look as if we are being told that a man - any man - should be a hiding place, and a refuge to those around him, who are in need of protection and safety.
We might even persuade ourselves that this is certainly something that we could apply ourselves to accomplish in our own lives as human beings.   Social Welfare, world wide, underlines the fact that men and women on their own can be motivated, and moved to do just that.     But with Man on his own, there will always be a 'shortfall' in the motive that drives him, unless he is driven by a still 'greater' Love or Concern for his neighbour - young or old.
I BELIEVE that it is the Christian - the one who has come to trust in JESUS, his death and resurrection, and in His Spiritual Presense to be now dwelling in him/her self, - who CAN be 'a Man able to hide, those who come seeking refuge and shelter from the travails and traumas of this life.    THEY carry within them THE MAN Who make EVERY effort to find and save all those who come to Him lost and astray, and endangered in our World.         His LOVE will never fail, and where you or I might fail to let that love fail or dilute, HE will make a way; force a way, against every negative, to ENSURE the one at risk is lovingly assured that all is well, and is safely founded on the Rock of His Good Will, and hidden under His wings, in the Secret place of God Himself.
ALL those who have been part of Testimony Faith Homes with us have believed this to be an integral ingredient of their  service and fellowship with us.
But, of course, none of us have yet been separated from our human nature - there is a constant pull to 'see', and even DO, things OUR way.    To succeed we have constantly to ask ourselves - as we face those we say we are reaching out to - is it ME, or JESUS that is giving this help.     Am I the one setting out the 'conditions' on which I will help or hide this one needing to be hid?    Or am I setting my conditions aside in preference to the unconditional  readiness of JESUS to hide WHOEVER it is needing to be hid, by the Covering Up  of His Love for them?         WE ARE, after all just flesh and blood.      We may not every minute be 'aware' of JESUS living in us.      Sometimes we may still find ourselves slipping out of gear with HIS WAY, and giving place to our own understanding.      BUT if we persevere we shall improve.
If we progressively endeavor to let HIS will and purpose, over-ride ours - then we shall be more and more LIKE |Him, and we may expect to see greater things being done all around US, than He himself saw Himself in His Day.
Of course whatever we strive to do in building the strong tower of a Family here with those who have been deprived of family of their very own, can never be  quite as satisfying as the real thing.   But if the effort is wholehearted it can produce real and lasting results.

This is a photo of the Kanneh-Mason Family
(the 7 children of Stuart and Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason)
            Stuart & Kadiatu
Sheku Kanneh-Mason, center with the Cello, played at Harry and Meghan's Wedding.   But I came across him just this week.   He was playing Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto at the Albert Hall.  I was so surprised - the more so because of the excellence of  his performance; it was brilliantly inspirational.  It was then I looked him up on the Net, and discovered a whole lot about his family also with many videos on the family too.    An amazing Family.    And their testimony, as a family, I found to be so praise-worthy, though they shared nothing concerning their faith, apart from their faith in themselves and in one another - but the Togetherness, the Confidence, the Security, and Joy they all evidenced in what each said and did was quite exhilarating.      THIS is a Family indeed.      A family as it CAN be, and perhaps should be.      Did they do it all on their own.      It is more than possible.    But if they did  I could not detect where God's Presence with them seemed absent.       Their testimonies of their lives together made me cry, laugh, and rejoice all together.  I Thanked God for them;   for their Witness to all of us of every race and colour.   


All for today!

In future I might be publishing ANY day
as and when I might feel led.
A time of Change!

John, Esther  and Daryl 
Testimony Faith Homes. 

Saturday, 11 September 2021


A LOT OF KIDS SMOKE IN KENYA TODAY!  This little man in the picture is being forced to try a smoke by his peers.     TOBACCO has its place today in Kenya, with the many other Substances taken into the lives and bodies of our young people.
Way Back in 2003 I Broadcast on Radio Sayare here in Eldoret.  I had been prompted by a reported case in the DAILY  NATION's Saturday Magazine.  The article described how Eston Irungu Gakunga had lost a leg due to a smoking habit.
He told the reporter - 'I started smoking when I was 16, after I succumbed to peer pressure.  My friends who were smokers made fun of me, calling me a 'woman' just because I didn't smoke!   I finally gave in; I mean who wants to lose their friends.   NOW when I look at my leg, I wish I had lost my friends instead.'    
SMOKING in Kenya has diminished among the adult population since 2003, but young people are still increasingly Users.       I said, in 2003, in my radio broadcast  -  (edited)
'  A good deal of the Western World is now actively waging war against the use of Tobacco.  This has  seriously affected the industry so that they have been forced to seek alternative markets for their products.   They have increasingly turned to the third world.    10 million people annually can expect to die of Tobacco related diseases (circa 2003) - 70% of them from the Third World, and many of them will have begun to smoke in their teenage.    The bottom line is that the Industry wants to SELL Cigarettes, and they do not regard or care how many smokers eventually end up MAIMED, CRIPPLIED, OR DEAD from becoming addicted to their cigarettes.

Listen, this is the Truth about Cigarette Smoking;  these are just SOME of the results that come from this habit.    -     Diminished or extinguished sense of smell and tastefrequent colds; smokers cough; 
Gastric Ulcers; Chronic Bronchitis; Increased Blood Pressure; Congestion of the Lungs; Heart Disease; Strokes; CANCER of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, lungs, pancreas, cervix, uterus, and bladder...AND this can lead to other complications such as Gakunga's loss of a LEG!     Cigarette smoking is, perhaps
the most devastating, preventable, cause of disease and premature death.   Cigarettes are highly ADDICTIVE.   One Third of young people who 'try one' end up being addicted, by the time they are 20, or even before.    TOBACCO smoke is as dangerous a substance with more than 500 known poisons.  Every time a smoker lights up he, or  she, is risking self injury by inhaling these poisons.
Many will know the Brand name of MARLBOROUGH CIGARETTES.  Our own Kenya Safari Rally used to be sponsored by them.   I wonder if you remember the man on the horse, depicted on every packet?   He was real person, an Actor named Wayn McLaren.   He died in 1992, aged 51.   At the beginning of his advertising career, he used to brag that he smoked at least 15 cigarettes daily.  Later on he refused to smoke at all!...Just before his death he went from a Meeting of the Shareholders of Marlborough Cigarette Company, and asked them to limit their Advertising.  He was then near to death with Cancer of the lung, and fully believed it was tobacco related.    They did not listen to him.
MANY TURN TO CIGARETTES to bolster their own ego, or to give themselves self-confidence.    A cigarette is said to comfort and calm the nerves and banish isolation or loneliness.  One Brand used  to advertise itself with a picture of a man walking alone down a dark street, in the rain; and putting a cigarette, with a glowing end, to his lips.   The caption read 'You'll never be alone with a Strand Cigarette.'   But the Truth is that the smoking of tobacco releases Epinephrine, a hormone which creates physiological stress in the smoker, rather than relaxation.   Tobacco IS poisonous, and CAN progressively damage, and eventually take you life.     Tobacco is a false crutch that will let you down.   There is no ultimate happiness in Smoking; no lasting comfort, or  profit.

I used to smoke cigarettes - about ten a day.   I had begun when I was about 16, due to peer pressure just like Mzee Gakunga.    One day when I was 22, I was travelling seated in an empty compartment of a train on the way to work in the London City, in England.   I had my Bible with me, and was reading in the New Testament in the Epistle to the Romans chapter 12 v1 ' Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable, unto God, which is your reasonable service, and be not conformed to the world around you.'  A noise made me look up, and through the window saw that we were passing an industrial area with tall blackened factory chimneys belching out even denser smoke, which was spreading itself over the entire locality.     I was actually smoking a pipe of tobacco as i gazed at the passing scene.    Immediately, I seemed to hear clearly in my mind a voice quietly commenting ' You are as one of those chimneys.  You are corrupting yourself, and all around you, with what you are putting within you.     Suddenly my spiritual eyes saw it clearly.     I opened the window and taking  my pipe from my mouth threw it out and away, quickly followed by a leather pouch full of tabacco that I carried with me, AND a packet of cigarettes as well.       From that day I have never smoked.    I suddenly felt CLEAN.
GOD  wants us to LIVE and not to DIE.    He wants us to be filled with HEALTH and not SICKNESS.
Remember Mzee Gakunga once more.     He  smoked to make himself acceptable to his friends, and he finally sacrificed his leg, his mobility, his wholeness.    Looking back he wished he had sacrificed pleasing his friends instead.       Beware of being Man Pleasers at the expense of your LIFE.

HOPE you will all have a A SMOKE FREE WEEK.     God Bless you all, and every one, and prove to you that He Loves you thoroughly and  completely,   with all  His Heart.

SAY NO to DRUGS of any kind, and SAY YES to the REALLITY of the ONE GOD who loves you truly.

Sincerely,   John, Esther, and Daryl Green
and all at Testimony Faith |Homes and School  

Saturday, 4 September 2021


THESE ARE NOT OUR BOYS,  but they could be, and right now we DO have some teenagers who are going this way - the Marijuana or BHANGI way, as it is called here in East Africa.      The Kenya National Institute of Drug Abuse has put High School kids as using Bhangi, more than any other Substance;  more than 36% of them.    And it does not arise only among High School students, but even in much younger age groups.    The incidence in our School at the current time is NOT so high, but it IS increasing, and we are determined to wage war against it, and to do our best to eradicate it from our premises.       Every day some 600 boys and girls aged from 5 to 18 are coming in and out of our School, together with 130 more from our Homes.     And Bhangi is being found increasingly!   We do of course take action when we do find this drug.     But we want to altogether  prevent it from ever finding a welcome into the life or experience of even one child.      This will not be easy in a climate which does not take Marijuana seriously.     

Indeed the Government here is considering 'legalising' it altogether - mainly due to two reasons;   first it is considered 'medically' a blessing, an up and coming drug in the treatment of mental and psychological disorders.   And second, it not considered as big a threat to society as Alcohol, Tobacco, Heroine, and other main line drugs.    Thus it is finding little opposition from the Authorities, whilst at the same time becoming a major cause of our young people being tempted away from school, work, and good behaviour, to a  anti-social attitude, careless of reckless, violent, and damaging manners and language.     The Marijuana plant is commonly grown in many gardens and farms!    It can be dried and smoked like a cigarette, or made into a kind of 'tea', drunk, or even chewed like a wad of tobacco.     Marijuana is generally a 'happy' or ' UPPER' that gives an inner ' HIGH' feeling of super wellbeing, confidence, and self esteem - an over dose of which produces a kind of reckless euphoria and even 'aggressiveness'.   There is also a 'delusional' quality mixed in with this, and as it all wears off, then, as with alcohol, self esteem gives place to self pity, despondency, and depression.   Suicide is also being attributed to the after effects of Bhangi.
Most Addicts are attracted to Marijuana in order to FIT IN, with their peers, To FEEL GOOD,  to Feel BETTER,  to DO better,  or just to EXPERIMENT.
WHAT ARE the EFFECTS of using Marijuana?
I have not come across any case of any one using this drug to have DIED as a direct Result.
However, when taken with other drugs the blood pressure, usually  70 - 80 beats per minute, can double. This increases the risk of heart attack.
Short Term effects include the following :-
Altered senses - such as seeing colours as being brighter than usual.
Altered sense of Time.
Changes in Mood.
Slow reactions
Problems with balance and co-ordination.
Memory Problems
Hallucinations and Delusions.

Most of these symptoms will be noticed after taking this drug.

We have had to deal with with  situations where a User, has become quite uncontrollable, and has had to be forcibly restrained, and also occasions where the User has collapsed,  and been unable to communicate sensibly; unable to know even who or where he was.
We have also noticed, as the National Institute on Drug Addiction has also noted, that the use of this drug immediately has an effect on School Grades and performance generally,  AND additionally also appears to reduce Life satisfaction which induces finding more difficulties with relationships with friends and family, compared to those who DO NOT use such substances.
We have seen also that together with the above, there is a kind of hopelessness that comes, taking away any sense of purpose or reason for living, resulting in almost total disregard to help themselves.

Some have advised me that 'Taken in small quantities, under guidance, Marijuana, is not dangerous, and may even be helpful.'     Be this as it may WE see only the kind of use that comes from a kind of dull and mindless freedom to get away from boredom, and even humanity itself.      As with Alcohol and other drugs, there can be little doubt that Marijuana is also used  to  block inner misery caused by family, and even individual, personally perceived, shortcomings or failures.     This is also an indication that the User of drugs, of any kind, has not perceived his or her personal strengths to deal head on with the problem, and looks for ANY prop to help them get through.

TO US, Bhangi cannot be put up with.    We must make sure it is presented for what it is - a powerful and potential DANGER, and (to our children), one of Satan's tools to misdirect, derail, and ultimately destroy their every hope of a normal, happy, and satisfying life, with all their faculties unharmed.
We are preparing to CAMPAIGN against it - INITIALLY, here where we are in Testimony Faith Homes and School, and perhaps even into our surrounding district.       We have begun by producing our own POSTER program, making our own posters, and to go with them there will be Tracts explaining the Dangers in taking drugs of any kind - especially Marijuana.      We hope also to have Seminars, and Week-end Crusades in support.      We will let you know how we go.

We don't want ONE boy or girl to end up LOST because of this green WEED!


AND I AM BOUNCING BACK AGAIN!     It has taken a little while this time round, but I can currently say that I feel truly back to normal, and going full steam ahead once more.
In JULY I had written that I was over what had seemed like the flu, and was feeling quite well from that - only that on checking my heart I was told my heart muscle was too thick, and that I needed treatment.   The 'treatment' amounted to yet another Pill, and I must say I have felt much lighter and brighter since finishing the Course,     But most of all Jesus watches over me, and over all the Alarms and Excursions of the  doctors, Bless them all!  
I have been a bit quiet since then, and during the latter part of August found myself once more facing
problems.    This time with my water works.     Well I have suffered from stones in the kidney, on and off since 1980, and then in 2010 had an operation on my prostate - but all has been well till the first week in August.   On being examined by my doctor he said he thought I might have Cancer.   I was not glad to hear it.     He gave me some more tablets and told me to come back in a month.    Things got WORSE, and this time I went a Consultant, an older man, and a specialist.     He also gave me an exhaustive examination, finally exploding into  "Cancer?  Nonsense!"   Just another stone, he thought, 
and the next day I was as right as rain - having painlessly passed the stone, and all well, with no damage.    However the whole episode had really pulled me down, and I had really felt down, and apprehensive.     I believed the LORD Jesus is with me, and that HE IS my source of Health, come what may, BUT .......    He was walking with me  all the time, of course, and had me in hand.    "in sickness And in health" He has promised never to leave us.     I am Thankful for this Reminder, and GLAD  to  come up from the deep to see the light of day again, and to KNOW that my feet stand securely on the Rock from which we cannot slip or slide..       Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts
DARYL was taking me around the doctors and clinics, and all that time he himself was not feeling himself.      I had mentioned in July how busy, physically, he had been, and how tired he seemed.     He had also been troubled with his stomach, but continued to rush around seeing to everything from A-Z non stop - this last week seeing to leaks in the roofing, with himself on top of the Iron Sheeting sorting it out.
BUT  he was feeling bad inside, and finally downed tools to get solid Advice.
Tests have proved that his stomach has been invaded by an  infection picked up from unwashed or improperly cooked, vegetables!    He has been put on a 14 day course of drugs.    He is still up and about, and has just now popped in looking still a bit 'off'' and saying he was told to expect some unease for a few days.     Please spare him a prayer during the two  weeks ahead of him.


GENERALLY life continues here as usual.      This last week has been WET and cold;  wetter and colder than normal for September.    We should be dry, and a little warmer, waiting for SHORT rain in mid November - but these days we seem to have neither LONG nor SHORT rains - just a week or few days here and there, mostly out of season.      Eldoret is getting more like Manchester as far as the Weather is concerned.
But the School and the Homes all continue well and happily and still free of Covid 19 and all its mutations!!      WE really have experienced little of it.      SOME doctors are actually SAYING that there is no such thing -  it IS just another influenza, and has taken less lives in Kenya than other killers such as Heart Attack, Cancer, Pneumonia, ++.       Well the Government continues to put out daily figures and here are TO-DAY'S -
Tested today         9,065     Positive Cases         1,001

Total Tested   1,397,923     Positive Cases     238,852
                                           Recoveries           224,900
                                           DEATHS                  4,757

And with this we leave you for this week.    God Bless you all very much, and keep you safe and law abiding.    Remember He Who is Coming, WILL COME SEEN.       

Lovingly from us all

John, Esther and Daryl Green,
and All with us in Testimony Faith Home and School



Sunday, 22 August 2021

being herded into Goods Wagons waiting to transport them from the Ghettos to Warsaw Railway Station, for transportation to Concentration Camps, where most would die.  All of this was going on when I was only two years old, in 1942.  I have no first hand of the awful horror these people were going through;  the bewilderment of suddenly being deprived of their humanness; of being seen as SUB human, and being instantly rubbished by those, a day before, they had seen as fellow citizens.   Dragged from theirs homes like cattle; beaten, spat upon, vilified, raped, and robbed. and every last thing they had taken from them.   THEN, at the last, killed off and thrown like garbage into mass graves.  Was there ever anything like this ever before.  Yes, and ever since, for the 'spirit' that got into men in Germany, in 1939 and for the next six years, existed, and still exists on planet Earth.    HOW did I find myself thinking of all this?    Well, I suppose it was what is now happening in that very troubled Nation of Afghanistan.    And then this week I came across the 2002 Film,  'The PIANIST'    A film everyone should see.  A true account of actual events.  If you watch it thoughtfully you will have to consider how it could be that one part of the human race could see another  part as sub-human, or rubbish, worthless of value.     It was the worst of times for the Jewish People, but would not be the last time the human race would find themselves seeing similar demonstrations of total inhumanity.   
Some have suggested that it cannot be honestly said that all those involved in the Holocaust were responsible, that they only did what the Fuhrer and 'Cabinet' told them.   In the Film, 'Piano Man', this is demonstrated in the scene where 'Wladyslaw Szpilman', the pianist, fleeing for his life, as a Polish Jew, from the  Nazis, found himself discovered by a Captain in the German Army who, being moved by his condition, and his humanness, protects the pianist and assists him to  keep  hidden so that he could escape.  His name was never known but his act of kindness and mercy speaks up for a huge number of his Nation who silently did not agree with all their Leaders said and did,  but feared to say so at the time.

This week I also listened and watched, on video, a performance of Beethoven's 5 Symphony performed by The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, conducted by the world famous Conductor Daniel Barenboim, now in his eighties. a Jew.

To emphasize his belief that all men and woman should be able to live together in peace and unity,
Barenboim has put together a full Orchestra which he conducts and tours with extensively, and whose individual members are made up of young musicians from Israel, Palestine, and other Arab Countries.   This is the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.    It exists to 'study and perform - in order to promote mutual reflection and understanding between nations.'     Daniel 

Barenboim has also written a number of books,  and given many interviews in which he has spoken a great deal about human rights and equality.    Something that he said in an speech he gave caught my eye.
He was talking about a Composer known as Richard Wagner.       (Wagner lived between 1813-1883. He was an accomplished Composer, and his music was especially liked by Adolph Hitler, and became the backdrop against which all the 'evil' of Third Riech was played against.     Wagner was himself no lover of the Jew, in his day.   His music was brilliant, but was it also able to be manipulated.)
Danial Barenboim wrote-
'Wagner the person,
is absolutely appalling, despicable,
and in a way very difficult to put together
 with the music he wrote,
which so often has exactly the opposite kind of feelings -
noble, generous.....

BUT then what about Hitler?     HE appreciated Art, loved the emotions stirred by Wagners music.
How could Hitler have two faces, two personalities.      Some say he was a sick man, and that his sickness affected his mind.      Today people buy paintings that Hitler painted.   He had studied Art, and wanted to be a painter.     But he did not succeed to Graduate from Art School.     Did he become bitter, and open up his heart to an evil spirit.    We do not know.   But this ONE man changed the cause of his Nation's thought and life; caused a World War to be fort and lost, and caused six million Jews to die.

Just one man!    This has really disturbed me.    And this same ' spirit ', yes I am calling it a 'spirit' is to be seen at work in our world today.    The most worrying thing to me is that Man's predilections in matters of colour, religion, politics, and even race, can all be used to stir up and enflame individuals and whole societies against each other.        In 2007 here in Eldoret, Kenya, we saw this spirit at work in that so many of one particular tribe (ethnic group) were targeted, and killed.    Just a spark, but even a spark can become the prelude to a forest fire.     There is tribalism in Kenya, and politically there is drift towards keeping those of each tribe in one area, to live and work.    It is not yet totally exclusive, but it is laying  the ground for a disunited society,  part of which can rise against another to assert it's own agenda.     WHY can't humans work TOGETHER, appreciating and valuing each other as true brothers and sisters, REGARDLESS of the shade of colour, spiritual belief and culture.    We ARE all members of one world wide specie of the animal creation.    All of us!    All HUMAN BEINGS.    Is it really impossible to work toward this end, in all we say and do?    Is it really impossible to LOVE one another as GOD loves us.
MAN has no enemy but himself, some say.   But Man DOES have an Enemy, and that enemy seeks the  total extermination of mankind, one by one, nation by nation.     He is the Devil, and it is he and the demons that surround him and do his bidding, that are at work each hour of every day, to enter into men and women, in order to USE them to destroy one another.        We all live in a very visible, material world, but we need to realise that we do not make the world go round the sun; there are powers we know nothing of, and to refuse to accept this is merely human pride and vanity in himself.     There IS a God, and there is a very real anti-god, in whom reposes every aspect of EVIL, and in whom is an insatiable desire to destroy - everything in the universe.
SINCE December 1872 my wife, Esther Wanjiru, and I 
have welcomed young people in need into our home and family'
more than 400 have come and gone, and none are forgotten
THIS  IS A PHOTO of our 49 Anniversary of the beginning 
of what has come to be known as Testimony Faith Homes & School.
Almost 300 attended his function, and there were representatives
from more than fourteen different tribes who had been brought up
in one of our four family homes.
Brought up to love each other, and to be brother and sister
to one another, and see each other as Family - as KENYAN!

If this could have happened, and it HAS, here in Eldoret, then it can also happen all over Kenya, and all over the world;  smashing down every barrier to seeing one another universally as ONE FAMILY together.    If we can see each other equally, then we can consider one another on the same level, and be able to listen to each other without seeking to hurt, injure or destroy each other, be able to solve ALL our differences which may at times want to assert themselves.     THIS is our prayer and desire.

I am not speaking as a Christian to Christians, I am sharing my heart as a Human Being to ALL those who are also human beings of whatever spiritual persuasion or cultural background, or  colour.  It IS possible to overcome all our own opinions and preconceptions, and see each other as family.    It has been demonstrated and continues to be so, here in Testimony Faith Homes, and is spreading here and there as a way of live and living.     I believe that Barenboim, the Conductor is also seeing this as he tours the  world with musicians who once held views that would have prohibited them from even sitting together. Now they sit and play music in the same orchestra, and when the Concert is ended they socialise and mix up together as family, bearing and suffering each other's differences.     In this there is no colour, no Race, no Culture, and no Religion.   PRAY for it happen where you are with those you meet every day - not only  your own family  and friends --------

Your brothers and sisters

John, Esther and Daryl Green, 
and all that live together with here
 in Testimony Faith Homes. Kenya



Saturday, 14 August 2021


                                            John Green                                      Esther Iguru

On This DAY, the 14th August, 1971
this man and this woman
became One for life.

And to day
we Celebrate 50 years
of our ongoing life together
in Marriage

 It has been a Wonderful fifty years.
And I can do no better than repeat here
what I wrote in 2019

'I was born in England, and she was born in Kenya.
I was white, and she was brown.
When we met and fell in love, many warned me, saying
that we would not work out together, because
out cultures were different, and our children would suffer.
We went ahead anyway! 

I had already opened my home and heart to more than twenty youngsters who had no home or settled life.    The day Esther married me she became the instant mother of 28 with ages ranging from eight to fifteen - and they did not all experience 'love at first sight' for her!   
Esther was a High School Teacher.
She was also a sinner saved by Grace.    She had left teaching to be my wife, and the mother of other people's kids, as well as those God would give us as our very own.   She walked out of a settled and reasonably comfortable and secure life, into the unknown.   
Neither of us knew much about trusting God for our daily bread.   I had begun to find out two years before, when I had taken in two boys who were stranded and in trouble.   One was eight and other twelve.    She began when she married me
TOGETHER we leaned on the Everlasting Arms God, in Jesus Christ, and found it possible that He was able to provide our daily bread, and indeed all our need together with as many others HE brought to be with us.   
Yes, we were and still are, very different people and personalities, but our common faith and belief in Jesus Christ has bound us together, day by day, through many joys, trials, and temptations.    It was not always easy, or without offence or disappointment to each other, but God's LOVE always found a way to bind up our wounds, and to bring us to forgive each other, - also 'day by day'.
And so  we pressed  on, in His Name,  to remain faithful and true to each other, and to our promises made in front of God for each other.
We have, today, been married fifty years.    We have grown to love and value each other the more with every passing day,  and He  has used our hearts to become One in reaching out to all those that were brought to our doors, needing care and acceptance.    It has been an experience, and one that progressively taught us, through times of great happiness, and also times of frustration, disappointment, and seven distress, that God is with us, and will never fail those who put their trust in Him.       
It has also taught us both a lot about Marriage.     It improves as we endure, and walk together with God.
We are older now than when we began.    Yet we are still in love with each other; still in love with  the Family that have shared their lives with us as 'Dad and Mum' , and still in love with God.    Dear friends, be willing to love one another, as God loves us, demonstrating it in, and through the life of Jesus, and his Death on the Cross.    Love one another, and FORGIVE one another, always!

John and Esther Green


The Day dawned cloudy but warm enough
for us to sit on our veranda.
Late morning Daryl called us to the Office.
As we entered a surprise awaited us!

A king size Silentnight bed
a Washing Machine

A Golden Wedding Gift 
from our Testimony Family, represented here by just three of them
all grown up now, and living their own lives

Our old bed had all but collapsed with wear and tear!
We were without a washing machine.

Our dear Sons and Daughters, Thank you,
Thank you for letting us be your parents for a little while
And Thank you all for sacrificing for our Happiness and Joy.
God Bless and Prosper you all

Dad and Mum
14th August 1971-2021