Saturday, 16 September 2017


THESE PARENTS ARE UPSET AND INCREDULOUS  that the Church of England Primary School, their 8 and 6 year old sons attend, has permitted another male student to attend the School wearing GIRLS clothing.      The Rowes are a Christian couple wanting to bring up their two boys in the best possible way open to them.     The Sunday Times has reported Mr. Rowe as saying 'A child aged six would sometimes come to School as a girl, or sometimes as a boy.    Our concerns were raised when our son came back home from School saying he was confused as to why and how, a boy was now a girl.
We (my wife and I) believe it is wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism.
Boys are boys and Girls are girls.

They want to sue the School!

The School has stated that their pupils are protected under the Equalities Act of 2010. and   "The refusal to acknowledge a transgendered person's true identity was 'transphobic' behaviour."


THERE IS A GREAT DEAL I MIGHT SAY ABOUT THIS.     However, I do not wish to enter into strife with anyone, or inflict myself with the hubbub of ill informed spite which this couple had to undergo both on TV and in the Press.      BUT, in principle. as a Christian, and by intuitive inclination, I must support Mr. and Mrs. Rowe in removing their children from that School.    They were and are RIGHT to be concerned.      I would have done the same.     And, of course, they have every reason to be free to choose where to send their children to be educated        They are said to be Christian, and so no doubt they felt a Church of England School would be a reasonably safe place.   But these days it is rather difficult to be sure what a Christian or a Christian Institution stands for.
AS A CHRISTIAN, and as a reasonable human being, expecting my species to be pretty well uniform when it comes to sexual differences, I would expect that my SON should be treated as a BOY, and brought up in an environment which would confirm him in his own understanding that he is a BOY.         I have never been agreeable to the idea of muddying the truth.      I was biologically asserted to be a 'boychild' at birth, and have no reason to question that fact.     AND YES, I am leaving out all the arguments about In or Out balances of hormones, testerone, and other chemistry.   I concede they can make a difference as to HOW any of us might feel, but nevertheless I cannot accept that it can overturn my CREATED and intended AND planned MALENESS - unless I let it do so, unless I give in to it.     I do not feel it is healthy to confuse the issue.     I was brought up that way.    My belief in the Word of God in the BIBLE confirm this belief, and my inner conviction of who and what I AM underlines it.   ANYTHING that might in any way affect or blur that belief, and fact, needs to be ministered to.   Not all of us will see it this way.    And those who don't Will make their stand and continue to live as they persuade themselves to live.     ALL of us have the right to be HEARD with love and understanding, appreciating  that we ARE all part and parcel of the human race.    I believe God creates each one of us, but that we also have ability to take ourselves out of the Plan and Pattern He means us to follow and demonstrate  -   AND that we are responsible for the outcome of our own wilful actions and human liberties.

OUR BROTHER AND SISTER,   following the Bible direction, have been trying to obediently bring up their boys in the WAY that they should go, hoping and believing that they will one day become well balanced, educated, and confident young MEN.    See Proverbs 22v6 together with Deuteronomy 6v4-8 (The Bible).      WE also, in Testimony, are trying to do the same with the children we have been entrusted with by Government, as well as our own.     We have not permitted  'Cross-dressing' or encouraged a 'Unisex' perspective, and it is very unlikely that we ever will unless our Human Rights are nullified, and we no longer be free to believe what we believe in.    It IS confusion, and of the worst kind.      

BUT, with the greatest sympathy for the treatment meted out to the Rowes for publicising their feelings and actions related to the practise found in their chosen Christian School, I feel they are WRONG to go to Court.       This is NOT the truly Christian answer or Way.    Let us all remember that God has Himself stated in His Word  'Vengeance belongs to me, I will recompense, says the LORD - and again I will judge my people.   - Hebrews 10v30 together with Deuteronomy 32v35-36. (The Bible).         The Primary School in question is under the Church of England - for a Christian to sue THEM is like suing a family member - part of the 'Body of Christ'. And again St. Paul (the great Evangelist - AND lawyer), in his 1st Letter to the Corinthian Christians, chapter 6v1-7 clearly states the WRONG in this kind of action.      He says in v.8  'NO, you do wrong......'     If you cannot have Agreement between you; if you cannot be satisfied; if the CHURCH cannot judge fairly, then leave the matter with GOD the only JUST GOD.     Go you way.    Shake the dust of you shoe against them.   Seek another School for your children, or continue as the Rows are now doing, to to their boys, teach them yourself at home.        In the midst of disagreement, miss understanding, unjust persecution of any kind .......' Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering............and let us consider one another, to provoke unto love and good works ' Hebrews 10v23-24.
IF we do not seek the way of PEACE and Forgiveness then we shall be eaten up and devoured with BITTERNESS encouraged by an unreliable self righteousness.    ' BEWARE that any root of bitterness.springing up, trouble you, and thereby MANY are (contaminated by it).      FOLLOW PEACE WILL ALL, AND HOLINESS, without which no one shall see the LORD.'  -  Hebrews 12v15 and 14.

AT IS SAD, that the world is falling away from all it has learned and been taught to value, into a free fall towards progressive moral and human darkness.     Those who may still have LIGHT keep their lamp burning, and their wick trimmed. (so that their light is not dimmed, or made to smoke, or waver).     This IS the time to SHINE.    My heart goes out to the Rowes  -  my brother looks so upset, even outraged, (even angry) and both look shocked that such a fissure should have opened up between themselves and the school they had felt would stand with them.        I AM EVEN MORE SHOCKED by the short thrift they were given by the Presenters of the TV Program, how they were interviewed , AND many unpleasant comments from the viewers themselves - all without ANY understanding, or moral insight, OR human respect for another point of view apart from their own.     Not that they might not disagree, but with more CARE and KINDNESS.         What they achieved was only another form of discrimination and judgement founded only on their own opinion without the confirmation of any GOD given Truth..


THIS IS PHOTO OF ME taken recently with the adopted son of good American missionary friends of our.     When I first met Joshua he was small - just a baby - in  November 2003.
I was Guardian ad Litem on his behalf before and during his Adoption.    NOW he is 14 and taller than my 5'11''!!   He is now just commencing his High School away from home, and his parents are feeling his absence.     All these years, as an only child in the family, Josh has grown up in the midst of a busy Christian life and ministry, becoming himself an integral part of it.       We have always had him much in prayer and have met fairly often at missionary prayer meetings, watching him GROW in every way.
This photo was in fact taken at a Prayer Fellowship just a few days before he left home.      He seems to have settled well at his new Christian School,  but I think his Mum and Dad have really found it hard to fill their home and space without him.   It has been like taking part of their life away, but necessary for his further development and education.
I shall always be glad for his advent into a loving but childless marriage, and for the sonship AND togetherness God has sewn in their lives with each other.    Thank you Lord.    It was a real privilege to be able to stand with him that evening, and to be share in his Sending Off with Prayer.

THE DATE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SET FOR 17TH OCTOBER, is still at risk. The Opposition say they will boycott it unless the Government fulfils what they believe are necessary obligations.      The Government refuses to do so.     The days go by.    We WAIT.     The Elephants still trample the grass around them.    The Economy still trembling with baited breath.   The schools and their examination classes still unsure if the National Exams will go ahead on time or now - or indeed what might happen.     BUT so far all is 'peaceful'.

Our August Salaries and Bills have now been PAID, and we are full of Thanksgiving for it.    BUT we are still - both school and Homes - having to retrench some staff.     We had been unguarded in taking ON staff from time to time, and really were over the necessary number.      This should also assist us to keep our General Monthly costs down.        We shall not be losing any houseparents.

God Bless you all.     We shall be praising God for you and praying for you.     Receive our sincere love and thanksgiving in Jesus Name.

John. Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 9 September 2017


A RECENT PHOTO of our son, James 'Manu' taken in an Eldoret cafe.   He looks good there, and happy, but today he is rather 'down' and feeling low and uncomfortable physically.      Yesterday, Friday, he had been away at the Eye Clinic for another duo of eye injections.     It was fraught with frustration at every turn on this occasion, and he returned tired, hurting, and depressed..      He is 33 this year and quite a bright and informed young man, but when he is hurting he easily gets into despair.  Glaucoma - in both eyes.
THIS time Dr. Roberts was not there!

Manu has to get a bus on a Thursday evening each month in order to attend the Clinic at 7a.m. on the Friday.   It is a three to four hour journey.   He arrived as usual, and was placed first in line to see the Doctor.    He waited and waited, and more and more patients came behind him - but no sign of Dr. Roberts. By 1p.m.  there was still no sign of him, and at last the Receptionist said that he was not coming, and that Manu would have to see another doctor LATER!    Manu was finally seen around 4p.m.     He was in some pain, and very weary.     The Injections were done by a NURSE!    It was too late for him to return to Eldoret - no connecting bus to Kericho, and then on to Eldoret.     He spent an uncomfortable night and finally arrived home at 7p.m.   yesterday.       The stand-in doctor told him his Glaucoma now seemed to be worse.   He was then re-examined and tested, and told that he may yet still have Pneumonia!!? - OR  T.B.!!?    Tests were done and we should now hear something more by Tuesday, next week!!     He arrived home deeply cast down and upset.   He must now wait a further month before seeing Dr. Roberts who will by then, hopefully, have returned.    He is still hurting today in both eyes.   But he felt that the careless, off hand, attitude of the Hospital staff was not geared to help or cheer the patient and this pulled him down the more.
We believe the LORD is into all of what is going on in Manu's life and heart, and we are believing for his healing and Salvation.    

BY THE END OF AUGUST, Esther and I felt the 'Ship' was going down again.    (Mark 4v36-41)  I say 'again' because it isn't the first time we have had that 'sinking feeling' and have felt the urge to cry out, as that one in the boat with Jesus on the lake did  -  'Lord!  Don't you care that we perish?'      Well it is true we have been found to be those of 'little faith' at times...  Esther and I were Meeting with four other members of our Board of Management to discuss the situation  (we could not pay salaries, and had very little even available for housekeeping).   It was suggested that we 'borrow' funds......but this was finally rejected, and we accepted that we had to WAIT further on LORD and trust Him.     If nothing came in we would just continue to WAIT now matter things went.         BUT out of the discussion also came the realisation that we had, for some time, being carrying more staff than we needed, both in the Homes and in the School.      It was therefore decided to lay off eight workers in the Children's Homes and about the same in the School.     Some of these would have soon Retired in any case.     Salaries went unpaid until yesterday, as also most of August's monthly accounts.      NOT SO comfortable - I mean we all did feel at peace - but it still felt, ongoingly that we WERE sinking........UNTIL yesterday, that is,  when funds arrived enough to relieve the Salary situation......  and the wind and the waves abated enough and the ship has steadied.          We are back on track,  Thanks to our watchful Father in Heaven, and thanks to all of you who responded to His Spirit sharing OUR prayers.


Above is a photo taken of a Dormitory within Moi Girls School in Nairobi on the night of 3rd September.      The fire took NINE lives, injuring several others.    It was reported the following day as having been ARSON and not an accident.    Several other Schools in the country had also suffered in a similar way.      In 2016 more than 100 Schools had been reported as cases of Arson.

Investigations in 2016 pointed to student unrest caused by increased examination and study time, as well as in some cases school management shortcomings.   However, considering the general sorrow and trauma shared by all students in affected Schools, and the discontent expressed by both parents and school managements toward the Government, one wonders if there could also be another element; an element of political effort to increase discontent with the Government, even using students from within the Schools.      It is certainly worth considering at this time of Political tension, and upheaval in the midst of discontent over one failed Election and the prospect of yet another Election in mid October; with both major Parties and their followers doing the best they can to make sure the man of their choice is finally chosen to be President of Kenya.        None of this can in any way provide comfort or satisfaction to parents and fellows students who have lost loved ones, or to the Managements of affected Schools who have to contend with interruption and disruption of the School Program, together with repair, rebuilding, and provision of material and other losses.

BUT THE RAIN HAS BEGUN TO CEASE, and clouds seem to be dispersing in favour, once more, of clear blue skies and some warmth from a now visible sun.      It continues to be a brilliant day even now at 3p.m. our time, as I write.

It will soon be time for another Update - possibly within the next two weeks.      Otherwise we hope to continue sending at least something to some, every Saturday via this Blog.      We are so much strengthened in knowing so many of you are praying for us, AND for whole ministry of T.F.H.   Our hearts go out to you all, with sincere Thanksgiving

Yours in Jesus

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 2 September 2017


YESTERDAY, Kenya's Supreme Court sitting under the chairmanship of the Chief Justice, Mr. David Magara (left) and five other Justices, ruled that the Election of Kenya's President had been found faulty, and that 'fresh presidential elections would now take place in 60 days.     Prefacing his Ruling Mr. Mangara pointed out that
'The greatness of any nation lies in its fidelity
to the Constitution, and adherence to the Rule of Law,
and above all 
respect for God.'

The Chief Justice is said to be a very outspoken Christian, and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

GENERALLY the Ruling has been received peacefully, both from the Government and the Opposition, the President himself calling for peace from all parties and individuals.      Business as usual.        However,  the next two months will continue to leave the Country in uncertainty as to the future, and no doubt little meaningful advance will be achieved until the new Election is over and and a President accepted.       We are none the less all glad that so far the Country is more willing to pursue a lawful ballot than an unlawful bullet.       We do see the hand of God in this.

RAIN continues to heavily pour down out of grey skies.    There are floods.   It is cold, dank and rather cheerless in our part of the Country.

AND now the new School Term is already challenged by the call of another General Election to discover a President.      The Term is already quite short, as I mentioned last week, and exams are scheduled to take place in October/November.      NOW, with the Elections called for exactly that time, the Ministry of Education will have to consider to either let them go ahead or to DELAY them.
This can only complicate and disturb schooling for this current Term.      Not a good thing for the children especially at a time when they should be calm and secure.


LAST SATURDAY'S BLOG seemed to go unnoticed by most - we only received one reply to it.
This Week  I feel a need to say something on another topic - though in a way connected.    It is Character Assassination - in one way or another.     It is something that has in recent years been an increasing factor in western society in particular.      I mean one is more and more being forced to mistrust the most trusted and respected among us, including our very own family - perhaps also our very own selves.       This may, in one way, be a good thing - I mean as I laboured to remind us last week, we are ALL sinners, and therefor capable of sinning.     I suppose, therefore, we can all be suspected........

BUT St. Paul says in 1. Corinthians 13v7, talking of God's type of LOVE for which he uses the word 'charity' -
'Charity beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.'
The Amplified Bible translation expands 'believeth all things' to  ' is ever ready to believe the best of every person '.        When I was growing up in the 40s to 50s I would say that, compared to today this attitude was closer to society in it's their regard to one another.    A more generous outlook in many ways.      In these recent times we seem to have gone in for a determined effort to find out and enjoy the worst we can discover relative to one another's failures - especially those in the public eye.   Perhaps we demand the best of those whom we admire, and secretly hope are more perfect than we are; MORE admirable.    And so when we, or others, discover we are not so perfect we demand our 'pound of flesh';  a proper, and sometimes even more unreasonable, punishment.       Even then in my youth, when the PROOF was there and exposed it was appropriately dealt with.      BUT today we more and more seem to lean towards rumour and suspicion rather than clear and proven fact.  Our Law in Great Britain has rested, as it still does, on a man or woman being found GUILTY of a crime ONLY when the facts are clearly there to PROVE the guilt.       We cannot be imprisoned on suspicion alone beyond a few days at most.        NOW, though, suspicion can be worse than guilt for it can ruin your life without recourse.
In our current world society it as if there is a 'spirit' at work to debunk history AND even the present when it comes to believing in the best, the most worthy and honourable and praiseworthy people and things.     There is almost a malicious delight in 'digging up' sin - a spirit of HAM - that son of Noah, who, in discovering his venerable father naked and drunk in his tent, immediately went out to tell every one else.      It is RAMPANT today.     It as if society WANTS to prove the best is in fact the worst.     Noah's other sons refused to see their father's nakedness and went backwards into his ten and dropped a blanket over his shame to cover him up.     NOT natural to the fallen nature of man, but it pleased God.    I believe it still pleases Him.     
To the right is photo taken of Edwin Bramall, later Lord Bramall of Bushfield in the County of Hampshire.   He was also invested a Knight of the Garter in 1990.   A man of considerable military stature and achievement attaining the rank of full General and appointed as Chief of the Defence Staff in October 1982.      He retired in 1985 becoming Lord Lieutenant of Greater London from 1986-1998.
IN 2013 WHEN HE WAS 90, Metropolitan Police Officers entered his home with orders to search it on 'suspiscion' that he might in some was be involved in child sexual abuse activities during the 80s.
The immediate slur upon his name and character was immediate.
THIS YEAR  2017 the Metropolitan Police apologised for allowing four years to pass without clearing his name.      During that time Lord Bramall's wife died without knowing that he had been cleared of suspicion.     He will receive financial redress of some one hundred thousand pounds.  He is now 93.     One cannot imagine what he has had to go through.

GOD has said ' I will revenge - Vengeance is Mine!'     Whatever any of us may have wickedly done in our lives we must by Judged by God Almighty when we all stand before Him on that Great Day.  All the 'secret sins' all the unconfessed and unregretted wrongs we have done; they will all be read out with undisputed proof.      All the 'good' too.      Nothing will be overlooked or forgotten.     And God will JUDGEMENT.      And it will be a RIGHT and JUST Judgement based on the TRUTH both apparent and hidden.       I fear for the 'Witch Hunters' of our world, those of us who put ourselves in the way of exhuming one another's hidden faults and failures, and handing each other to premature 'judgement' made so often in the dark by men and women who are themselves living in the DARK.
LAW AND ORDER we need must have in our human society, but woe to those who are destroyers and not Life Givers in the manner in which that Law and Order is dispensed.

THE RAIN HAS COME AGAIN.     Outside (it is 2,20p.m. our time) is a kind of lurid yellowish light.     It is very eerie and strange...........

We do enlist your prayers, that our hands (lives) may be uplifted, and the current battle against the Enemy won.      He has told us to WAIT and do nothing.     To WAIT and to let HIM win the Victory for us, to unlock the prison door, to open the Windows of Heaven and pour out His Deliverance.   He LOVES to do this.        WE find it a little nerve wracking at times.

Love from us all to you all, in His Wonderful Name.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Horatio Nelson
NOW THERE IS TALK OF TOPPLING NELSON FROM HIS COLUMN!   Suddenly we seem to live in a world manifesting a  'DOG EAT DOG' mentality.     The Day of Degradation!    Human degradation, without any regard for any of Man's admirable moments.       Surely, the Bible says ALL men (and women) are sinners.   Romans 3v10-12 ' There is none righteous, not one.......'    There is no need to seek for the fault or the dirt in a person's life - we are ALL faulty and dirty because of sin working in us.       BUT when some moral good, or selfless act that the nation can admire and be proud of appears, why should it not be commemorated and remembered?  
These people want to knock the man who gave his life in saving his country from invasion, and the loss of its freedom. from off of his pedestal in Trafalgar Square.      It was all done 200 years ago.  He was the National Hero of the that day.       No one remembered his faults, they remembered his courage and love for his Country.      He had already lost an arm, and an eye fighting England's battles, confined to an uncomfortable and confined existence for months at sea away from home.     Here was a dedicated servant of his Country, regardless of his own safety, comfort, and well being.
When I was a child my mother took me to London, to Trafalgar Square    (Trafalgar was the name of the great sea battle that Nelson and the British Navy had won)  and I remember standing looking up at the tall column,  Nelson's Column, on which, at the very top, the great Admiral's statue stood.   I was about nine years old, and I already knew all about him.      He was one of my boyhood heroes. I knew nothing of his attitude to the slave trade, nor his unfaithfulness to his wife, and if I had it still would not have dimmed or tarnished the Honour in which I held him, and still hold him today.      At nine I knew it was his genius at sea, and as a leader of men, that motivated the Victory of Trafalgar, and I knew, two hundred years later, that I was not living in an occupied Country, robbed of my freedom.
Nelson bought all our national freedom with his own death..........sinner though he certainly was.       I am sure it is right for him to be remembered and regarded as a man.   To throw him down would be to forget a glimpse of the Glory that even a flawed human being can reveal.
Many Statues have been pulled down, removed and even angrily destroyed; statues of those who had manifested ONLY evil in their lifetimes, bringing pain and suffering and enslavement to their will during their time in the world.     In the United States of America today statues have been, and continue to be, pulled down, of statesmen and leaders who upheld the Confederacy during the American Civil War.     The argument is that those they represented stood for white supremacy against the black man.      The Confederacy stood for Slavery, and so those who fought against the Northern 'Yankees' are said to have fought FOR slavery.     Slavery being a great Evil, why should images of its approval be allowed to remain rallying points for those of a similar mind?  After 200 years, has Man become wiser - or is he less able to admit the 'good' that can be seen in others, even in those that may be against us.       Did General Jackson and Robert E. Lee fight for slavery?    Perhaps, but more basically they fought for their freedom, and did so gallantly and bravely.    Their Countrymen should still have reason to be proud of them - even though they fought, in part, for a mistaken ethic.    
Why should an image of Lord Nelson be allowed to remain atop his Column in Trafalgar Square, when he was himself stood for slavery, and spoke for its retention even in Parliament?    This is the Question being asked.  BUT he was not fighting the French at Trafalgar because of slavery.    He fought to defend his King and Country from the the domination of a megalomaniac dictator who dreamed of subjugating the world to himself.
God used him, sinner though he was; imperfect though he was, to maintain our Freedom and Democracy.       He should be remembered for that.   His Courage, and his national identity are a constant memorial to all the rest of us.     His faults and failings are not displayed in Trafalgar Square; they are not hidden; just not brought to mind in order to obscure or obliterate his honourable devotion to serving the Nation.

WHY is it our world is now so busy trying to eradicate, devalue, and even destroy the righteous values, and actions of mankind, together with the proof of his genius and creative ability.       ISIS has sought to pull down, blow up, and deface all trace of the historical past of Syria and Iraq, and indeed wherever else it found opportunity.       And now we see a similar spirit at work in the new wave of Statue Toppelers who, without proper thought or understanding seek to remove Memorials that remind the world of true unselfishness, courage, bravery, and other testimony of the Humanities.
In Proverbs 22v28 we find these words  -
'Remove not the ancient landmarks which your fathers have set.'
The History, Tradition, and Custom of a Nation established it, and give it a distinctive character and flavour.  It is called National Heritage here in Kenya.    When a Nation turns its back on the past it tends to forget what it believes in, and will eventually slide into meritocracy and even obscurity. - This is to make the past of no effect, and to make the future to be founded on the present.
Sir Winston Churchill  (whose own character, life and faith are now being questioned by those who would like to 'debunk' him from any place of respect or honour) said that 'Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.'     If we continue to remove icons of history, then the world will not remember how it came to be,, or why it is what it is.     There will cease to be Reminders of what is regarded as Good and Worthy, and there will cease to be Reminders of where we went wrong.         Our brothers and sisters trying to bring one of our National (British) fighters for freedom fighters into disrepute, may well be in danger of   'throwing the baby out with the bathwater.'     If they succeed, and if they are permitted to go ahead in their ideas then I will know England has indeed given up its freedom and its democracy.      Probably the government will build a block of flats on 'Human Rights' Square, and we shall forget Trafalgar and why the English won a great Victory there.


Malcom  X
In April 1964  a certain black American and member of the Islamic Nation,  MALCOLM  X  originally Malcolm Little, embarked on a speech entitled ' The Ballot or the Bullet?'
This week a member of Kenya's Opposition Party (NASA) Dr. David Ndii said on NTV ' If change will not come through the ballot, then it will through the Bullet.'   The Result of our August Election is still in question and is under review of our Supreme Court, who may hand down some statement on this coming Monday.    The country is balanced almost 50/50 and the Opposition is accusing Government of foul play.        The actual Election itself went quietly, and International Observers felt satisfied that there were no untoward happenings; that the Election was well managed and fair.     - Nevertheless the words of Dr. Ndii though delivered laughingly, carried the threat of further civil action if the Result of the Election is not overturned in their favour.     The Government has remained undisturbed.
Nevertheless it is not a good beginning for the 3rd School Term, and the last quarter of the year.
TODAY our School is opening, and there has been a PRAYER MORNING today for students and parents of children attempting National Exams over the next two or three months.   It has been well attended.     Plenty of RAIN still, but not so much sunshine.     Cloudy for the mot part, and cooler.

Here is a photo taken this week of some of the 40 or so Primary & Secondary Teachers
staffing our School, and who were attending a 4 Day Seminar focusing on 
How to Present the Word of God in the Syllabus.

The Seminar has been led by Mark and Kathy Lessig who recently joined us as part of the Testimony Family and Team.      The week has gone on very well as about 45 our of 54 teachers have attended, and this during their usual vacation time     The presentation has really been a blessing and it is quite thrilling to see an awakening to an area of teaching that for the most part is not given much thought or priority - even among Christian Teachers.     Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mark and Kathy for the huge effort made to provide the content and present it through the four days from 8a.m. to 4p.m. daily.     

MANU is still with us here, at home.     Next Friday he should be attending Clinic to have the 3rd set of eye injections.      So far it seems the treatment is helping, but he is still discomforted by soreness in the eyes, and this is especially worse nearer to the time of the injection.      After next week there will still be two more sets of injections over the next two months.      Generally his spirits have lifted though his eyes are not his only problem.     Nevertheless there does seem a 'change' and we do thank all of you who have prayed for him, and will perhaps also continue to do so......
STILL NO further news about possible surgery for DAN NDUNGU.     He continues to appear well and strong, and is happy and looking forward to the new School Term.     He is still on quite potent drugs as he awaits for a chance for surgery - IF it will still be necessary by then!     We do thank God again for all your prayers on his behalf, and believe those prayers are indeed working.

God Bless you all, and keep you all at peace, and IN peace, in the Name of Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green  

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Our 46th Wedding Anniversary photo, taken at home here in Testimony Faith Homes on Wednesday evening this week.      Daryl, Carol, and their children Jesse, Becky and Jeremy together with Hellen and baby Abigail were all able to share a meal and spend the evening with us.   It was so good.  Also our family in the UK,  Steven, Anjie, Tonya, and Eric, plus Michael, Janet and Liam Green all able to phone IN with Prem and Lizzy Joseph, and their children John-finney, and Rachel - all over the period from 14th (our Anniversary),  the 16th (our party) and 17th Esthers 73rd Birthday. We have been blessed in all of our forty six years together and look forward to many more, if the Lord Jesus does not return quickly-  that would be so much better for we never be seperated if He comes.
Esther was almost overwhelmed by so many cards and Greetings from so MANY places and family members.     She deserves every one of them, for she has been such an exceptional Mum and Grand-mum to SO MANY.      She has been, and continues to be, a woman of great grace and patience, full of hope and optimism.      She has first of all been such a support and encouragement to me, and then to all that have worked together with us here in TFH, and then, of course, to ALL the children that have come to be part of our home and family.    A very remarkable woman, and Gift from God both to ME first, and to the Ministry second.
The WEATHER has cleared a little, and the heavy clouds have gone, to reveal an ocean of clear blue sky.    Beautiful!    Only a few fluffy clouds, and for the last three days no rain - but it is unlikely to last. Temperatures currently about 68f which in Europe is probably thought to be reasonably clement and even warm - for us it feels more like 30f. and rather COLD with a brisk breeze.    Nevertheless the children are all in the Pool having a whale of a time.      They LOVE it all.

IT MAY BE THAT THE 'ELEPHANTS are getting ready to trample the grass again!   The Election is over, but the Votes are in question, and in the midst of a re-count, with both sides more and more strongly accusing the other, and damaging the well being and peaceful status of Kenya.
We pray it may not be so, and that the 'grass' of this nation will not be precipitated into renewed violence.         Freedom of Speech may well go hand in hand with a vibrant Democracy, but is it the best liberty to bring down peace and civil obedience when it is full of malicious invective, jealousies, covetousness? I feel sure some migh like me to share my own view of the Right and Wrong of what is now the talk of the nation.     I fear I cannot oblige for I feel very much that the 'truth' of the matter, such as it may be, may only put both PARTIES, and their supporters into the very same mire and reproach as all the rest.     A case of the 'Pot calling the Kettle black' so to speak.      Politically both sides - Government AND Opposition - have good reason to repent, and then to come together to repair the damage now being done, by way of the fragmentation of national unity, and the general abuse to the economy willfully and also through and by dishonesty in business and government affairs;   SO SAD.
Oddly the Proverb quoted here, is reputed to have originated from Kenya in the long distant pass.   It is very applicable - and not only to Kenya in particular.       Well, for the present the Opposition continues 'smoulder' with discontent.    We continue to pray they  will not be allowed to BURN, and at the same time bring a Bush Fire upon all the land.   Please continue to remember Kenya in your prayers.


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS will soon be over, and the 3rd Term of the year will begin.   It will probably be the shortest as well since national examinations in Primary and Secondary will both be taking place by the end of October into November....Thinking of the School took me back yet again the to te photo below.      Good to remember the 'Beginnings' of things, and I seldom get tired of going back and remembering the ones that began with me in 1983, in borrowed rooms, our School.    I was nominal administrative Head then, and Anthony Ndungu my Assistant.

ABOVE IS A PHOTO OF SOME OF THE EARLY TEACHERS THAT TAUGHT IN TESTIMONY PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1983-1988+  (Top Left - Stephen Mwaura;   Anthony Ndungu,; Brendan Luwangu; and PhilipWakaba.   Bottom left - Judith Gechengechi; Judy Towett;  Susan Iraya;  Titus Mbatiah, John Gitari; and Peter-John Anderson.

I may have shown this photo before, but I often go back to it as it speaks of the beginnings of our School.     Mr. Ndungu,  Mr. Mbatiah, and Mrs. Iraya were the ones to begin in 1983 in Classes 1 - 3 and then others followed in 1987 onwards.   Anthony Ndungu is still with us, now as Principal over All.    But we remember the rest with much Thanksgiving and Happiness.     You will always be a special part in our Memories.       Mr, Titus Mbatiah has since passed away in the Lord.   His Father Mr. Zacariah Mbatiah later became Head of our Secondary School till his retirement, and is also now with the Lord.    

AND TO CONCLUDE, THIS WEEK. a recent photo of a heard of elephants in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro - with very little snow left to be seen.     I  always feel great affection and admiration for the Elephant, so brutally hunted down and mutilated .    

THE LORD continued to demonstrate that He keeps watch over us all here, as this week funds had all but run out, and we WAITED on Him to help us fact the coming week.    On Friday we had word that Gifts were on the way to us, and yet again we felt the burdens lifted.      Thank you all who have and do remember us.     God Bless and keep YOU through the coming days.

Love from us all in Jesus Name

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 12 August 2017


WHY is it that human beings find it so easy to throw words at one another, and mainly when they find themselves in disagreement with each others point of view?      The BIBLE teaches us to ' Speak evil of no man/or woman.', (Titus 3v2)   AND to even avoid encounters that bring heated and even ill mannered exchanges brought on by national, tribal arguments, and strivings about points of law - they are vain and unprofitable (2.Timothy 2v23) - as in the cartoon opposite.     They bring out the WORST in us, and provide no sure foundation to build a better society on.    POLITICIANS are for ever engaged in such behaviour, insisting that they are all individually right.   They do love to stir up strife among themselves.

THIS LAST WEEK, and commencing on Tuesday the 8th August, Kenya went to the Polls to vote in a President, and a whole lot of others, including County Governors, Senators, Congressmen, and so on.      The Voting went off quietly, but thereafter, as counting went on over the next four days,  rumours of foul play, incidents of unrest, and a growing apprehension began to grip the people.      The media poured out a pot-pour of conjecture, opinion, rumour, and general gap filling and often meaningless,  words.      Confusion increased.  

We began to receive calls asking if all was well with us in Eldoret - International news media had begun to report and even show visible evidence that Kenya was once more falling into violence and political confusion.       We were shocked!     At that time, (the day after the Voting) we had seen and heard nothing ourselves, Eldoret was as peaceful as could be, and life went on.
BUT  there WERE incidents, in Kisumu more than a hundred kilometres away to the west of us, and one or two others in other disconnected places.    They were purely 'incidents' and they did not reflect a national uprising or disintegration of law and order at anywhere near the levels of the 2007 'Troubles' experienced after the Christmas Election of that year.
The PRESS just delightedly seized on anything that could increase their days circulation by proclaiming whatever might encourage MORE
public outrage.     In doing this they also managed to depict a very wrong image of Kenya and the Kenyan.      They took an opportunity to degrade Africa and the African in fact, though, of course, they would defend themselves as merely documenting the 'truth'.       But, as Pilate asked ' WHAT IS TRUTH?'       Very hard to find it on Earth.
The two photographs to the left were displayed in the American and British Papers.    They do not reveal the Kenyan as he truly is, nor did they reveal the national spirit or condition of the Kenyan people generally across the State.      We should all be very much aware that what we are told and induced to believe by so call visual truth, is very much presented to us from the viewpoint and personal perspective of a VERY small minority among us as a world society;   and it is not always the TRUTH.     Woe unto us, gullible as we all are!
WHEN I WAS A KID I learned what is today known as 'The Lord's Prayer', though in fact Jesus only taught us the necessary content for our prayers.    It was a 'Receipe' if you like, and still is.    It was not meant as a 'short-cut' to God; an escape from putting into our own words our thoughts and feelings about our life and situation in detail to a God is walking with us day by day.     JESUS recommended that WHEN / IF we pray we should begin with 'OUR FATHER who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your Name...'     God must always COME FIRST, and with the understanding that He is over all - in Heaven - and that He wants us to be as close to Him as a child to its father, - and that we should venerate His Name - his fatherhood.      All that is first to be in mind when we begin to pray, to talk with HIM.
THEN '...Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven..........'      I will go no further that this.         We are to seek for God's Kingdom,  His Rule and Authority, and Way of Life, to come to us here on Earth, just as it IS in Heaven.          Certainly it is a long way from happening as of now.       AS I BEGAN BY SAYING,  we find  it SO difficult just to order the way we speak to each other, and to control our tongue  -  mainly because, regretfully, our mind and imagination is so often set on fire of Hell due to our selfish, jealous, and petty mindedness - and dare I say it again, our LOVE for each other, including our so called enemies.  Even those of us all who call ourselves 'Christian'!   James 3v1-18

THE 2017 KENYAN ELECTION IS OVER.        Our President, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta was returned to Office with a sizeable majority at the conclusion of four days of discomfort brought on from the determination of the Organisers not to bow to public impatience and rumour mongering, and to WAIT till all the Votes were finally in, counted and confirmed according the the laws laid down, BEFORE making any final Announcement as to the TRUE result.      LAST NIGHT  at a fitting ceremony the Appointed Commissioneers and the Returning Officer  delivered the final result,    It was done with appropriately serious and proper presentation, seemingly restoring faith in the growth and maturity of Kenya politically, and giving hope for the future.          Still a long way to go, if one looks at the political imperfections of the rest of the world.     ALL generally proceeding without God in mind.
AND OF COURSE, as has been mentioned repeatedly over the last 48 hours,  there are always Winners AND Losers in any race or competition.
The Hon. Mr. Kenyatta was obviously glad to be re-elected as our President.   In the photo he is seen holding his Certificate of Registration, with a new mandate for a further five years to lead and steer the Country.       He garnered more than 8 million votes;
more than a million more than his closest contender for office Hon. Raila Odinga.     Mr. Oginga is 72 and it is unlikely he will stand again in five years time.    This was his fifth attempt, and in failing to win, he will be a very disappointed man, as the photo I have of him here shows.    
There has been a lively and often very bitter rivalry between the two.   Accusations against each other from both sides have shown little or no Christian Grace, though both would claim to be Christian, and in losing perhaps the bitterness may continue.       Mr. Odinga garnered almost 7 million votes.       His followers, for himself and Party, are many.     Not such a close and unpleasant result as Theresa May's in the UK recently, but nevertheless one has to see that the Country has been divided.       AND there is a huge number, going into millions of young people under 18, milling about unemployed and many also uneducated, who although without a vote could be used dangerously if they were encouraged to stand against the new government.        BUT Kenyans themselves, as I have also many time said before, are not seeking political upheaval, civil strife, or war.    They are really a peace loving people who look for peaceful ways forward.       YET there may be retaliations against the Election Result.      You may hear more of so called unrest.     ELDORET remains peaceful.     Daryl and I were in town shopping yesterday, and today life goes least for the time being..


YESTERDAY  I was visiting Testimony House, and was shown one of the bedrooms where the floor had caved in.       The floor had been replaced a year or so ago, but it seems the timber used had not been treated against ANTS - and the entire house is built over a mega colony of them!     About a third of the bedroom floor has been eaten completely away.    We how have to go in and attack the ants in that area, and then relay the floor with treated timber OR perhaps put in a concrete floor. We shall see.     It is an old house as we have shared before, and it is a miracle it has lasted as long as it has without actually falling apart.     We think, in the main, it is the ANTS that hold it all together actually, AND the fact that the original timbers are all IRON WOOD which is SO hard that even the jaws of ants are unable to chew it..

The weather has been colder since August began, and a lot more rain too.     The skies are mainly full of heavy cloud and everywhere looks grey and chilly.   Even the birds have flown off to some warmer place so the compound is that much quieter.    The kids mainly indoors as well.    Well I guess it IS winter here and the August holiday is usually the dullest one.      But we are all well, and in good spirits.

WE thank you all for your care of us and for watching our on behalf of us.    We thank you for praying for Kenya through this Election week, and for bringing us though to peace.     As always please receive of our Love in Jesus

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 5 August 2017


THOMAS KOSGEI walked in upon us this week, yesterday in fact,     He is 33, married with two beautiful children, a boy and girl.     It was a GREAT happiness to see him again.
He was only 5 when he joined Esther and me in Testimony House in 1989.    He came to us then with his three brothers, Samson 12, Julius 10.  and Naptali, 7.    They all left us a while ago now.     SOooo good to have 'family' call in, and especially from the past, and especially from those who grew up with us.
Thomas is self employed working part of the land left by his Father, and also from rearing Chickens for Eggs, which gives him and his family enough to get by.      He is a hard working young man, proud of his own endeavour and of his family.     It was really good and encouraging for us to talk with him, and see that he is full of hope for the future.
It is a real blessing for us now, in our elder years to get visits from our children who were such an intricate part of our life and family.      We feel glad and happy to appreciate that on leaving us they took up the challenge of life here in the Third World, and did not flinch from pressing forward.    We are at once proud of them, and Thankful to God for letting us be part of their launching out into the world as we tried to replace their homes and families previously lost to them.     You all are a very real part in this with us.

The previous photo is of Testimony House as it was when we moved into it, January1973. below is a photo - circa 1983 - just ten years later.    Many of the children we moved in with have moved on. Nicholas Mwangi who was then my Deputy had been left behind with our Family whilst Esther and I were in the UK for a few month - our first visit since 1972.     The next one would be in 1994.  NOW most of those in the photo have gone on and away......but still around and about.   We also see a lot of Nicholas and his family.  He is not in business in town, living close by with his wife and children.
Left to right TOP Nicholas Mwangi, John Ngugi;  Moses Ongonga, David Koech; Joseph Kihara; Daniel Kenyanjui'
AnthonyWanyama; Mwangi Macharia; Peter Karuru (deceased)
Middle row left to right - Sara Njeri;  Catherine Senge
Bottom Row left to right - Jotham Chege,  Ezekiel Kipchumba (deceased), Samuel Macho, Christoperh Kosgei;
Peter Wangolo;  Anthony Kiprotich; David Senoga; Richard Ochieng; William Oyongolot;  Charles Salim;
Daryl Peacock; Samuel Kirui.

The photo was taken on the veranda of Testimony House, in front of the sitting room window, left of the front porch. We remember them all and pray for them still, and look forward to seeing ALL of them again whenever they are nearby, or hearing from them on Face Book. 
NOW THIS is a photo of the Jacaranda Cottage Family taken around 2014
Regretfully I cannot honestly identify everyone in the photo, but YOU may be able to do so.
Mr. and Mrs. Rop were parents at that time.  Still miss them.

I have included these photos as reminders to those who were here, and who have left and now living their own adult lives.       Many of you are still in touch with us one way or another, but if you have been away a while without contact we just want to say we are thinking of you still and would be very happy and comforted to know you are doing well   - and that includes all who are NOT seen in the photos.      LASTLY IS one taken also in 2014 ............
These are mostly still with us.

The Day here is overcast, but their faces and presence with us are a constant joy  -  yes, they are not necessarily all angels, but we can always find a reason to Thank God for them, and to be glad the Door was open for them when it was needed.


JAMES MANU has just returned from his 3rd visit to the Consultant.      He is very pleased and happy with the progress so far.  Improvement in BOTH eyes.    He has TWO more months of injections, and still a long way to go, but the general picture is much more hopeful than initially.     He himself has been VERY encouraged by this, and we feel sure the knowledge so many have been in prayer for him has not gone unnoticed.    God is at work.   We ourselves do thank you all for sharing our anxieties, and in reaching out to Jesus with us.

Most of our staff have now been given time off to go and Register, and then VOTE in the Election which will take place on Tuesday 8th.    We pray that all will remain calm, and that the entire exercise will go peacefully and well.      We are of course remaining at home with the Children and Parents throughout, as we did in 2007/8.

God Bless you all.      Beware lest the Enemy lead you astray from God's Word and and from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    He ALONE is the Truth, the Way and the Life.   He alone is the LIGHT of the world.        I wish ALL the Christian Church believed it, but GLAD that all the Church of Christ DO..        'Oh I want to SEE Him, to look upon His Face!.
With our love and prayers for you all in this confused and darkening world.

John, Esther, and Daryl Green