Saturday, 24 September 2016


THIS WEEK I AM NOT POSTING ANYTHING!!      My mind feels a blank right now, due no doubt to a busy week of social engagements and both of a visiting and welcoming kind.    So I have paused, and in doing so perhaps might find new content and focus.     The LORD be with you all, and also encourage YOU to find time to PAUSE also, and to take stock.     Our love to you all in Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 17 September 2016


THESE ARE VIEWS of the front fence of Testimony House & School; in fact you can just glimpse part of the School between the 1st and 2nd pillars of the fence, in the far distance.    Elgonview Road is just noticed at the bottom right corner.
Did the fence collapse?  No, but it was very close to doing so; dangerously close.    The big Jacaranda Tree with its blue blossom had been putting out a stabilising root right under the fence foundation for more than thirty years, and slowly tilted the fence, along a ten meter span.  
Not a big thing, but costly.
The original wall'footing'
had to be removed, the offending root cut into, and then the whole fence rebuilt with the dismantled material.   Three days work.  We decided to take out only one of THREE roots in order not to endanger the tree.   The remaining roots will not expand more, and so the foundation was remade to accommodate them.     It would have been a shame to fell the tree or cause sits slow death.        One of the reasons for doing this repair was accentuated when local traders set up their fruit and vegetable table right in front of it. and made themselves a prime target for an impending accident!!    We have no entitlement to move such traders on, but if the Fence had collapsed on top of them we would have been liable to be sued!!


TESTIMONY FAITH HOMES AND SCHOOL sit on eleven acres of land, most of it well built upon, and the whole land, buildings, and contents alike need a pretty constant and careful watch kept upon their wear and tare, to say nothing of unexpected conservation.      And, of course, the more one has the more one must spend to keep it all in good shape - progressively!    Rather like each one of us, and we are noticing this in our selves as well, as WE grown older!!        Sharing this just to show that behind our daily ministry we also get involved in propping everything up, and keeping it shining for Jesus.
We have been waiting for the RAINS to slow down in order to get on and paint Jacaranda Cottage Buildings roof.   Normally we have to repaint a roof every three to five years due to the weather conditions.     However it is too expensive to try and do this for all our roofs at one time;  we try to do one or two a year.    THIS week, the rains having greatly reduced, we have at last got around to painting the whole of the Jacaranda roof, which now includes the Day Care Centre and Jean Potts Hostel.  We had kept part of Jean's Gift to us for this very purpose.    So far the First coat of paint has gone on, but there will be another to finally complete.     AND THEN it will be time to think of Testimony House, and then The School, and then maybe even our cottage.    And so it will go on, and on, till He Comes.

On the left, taken from the road, we can see the initial paintwork completed, and on the right it is just beginning on the other side. It is a slow and difficult job due to the heat (very hot to stand on the iron sheeting) and also the irregular shape of the roof

TO THE LEFT another closer view of the one above, with one of our Painters perched on the ridge, just to give some perspective as to size and area.   This part covers the Girls Hostel. The 
part covering the Day Care is out of the photo, to the right.     Here the new tin panels we have put in to shut in the old dorma window can still be noticed but by the time painting is done we hope them to look one colour with the rest.   Quite a big job.      And again, it is something more going on, on top of our daily chores and costs.
And it is also upon DARYL, on top of his general duties, to be the one to 'notice' and then organise for all this Care and Maintenance to be attended to.    It certainly keep s him busy.


AFTER REFURBISHMENT of the Poultry Unit, we have now commenced re-introducing layers into the project.     We had laid off taking layers, and devoted ourselves to breeding broilers.   However from now we shall be taking in up to 600 broilers, and 400 layers.     The first batch of chicks have just come in - they look so small, like fluffy yellow ping pong balls. under the lamp.

THESE tiny chicks will need careful watching and coddling as well before they are relatively safe and strong.   Regular attention to warmth ( our early mornings and nights are just now quite cold), food and water.    We hope to be able to provide for our own egg need, with some over, to sell.
So this week quite a lot has been going on, more than usual in fact, although at least something is always happening in relation to keeping a watch all the time..    In the end that is pretty well all we are WATCHMEN.     We are Watchmen over ALL that God puts into our care.      It is the prime responsibility of Man.     And we must, in the same spirit, be Watchmen, and women, over one another, from birth to the grave.     A very full time, and demanding occupation that does not diminish with age!    WE all have a Watching Brief.

This young man is LOOKING, but I cannot be sure that in  looking he is WATCHING.    Maybe he is just meant to be looking out on the world around him without any real involvement or concern.    To me, seeing him there with his hands in his pockets, he seems rather hopeless and helpless in lonely despair at what he sees.  This is not what God has in mind; he is looking for the 'Here I am send me!' response  found in Isaiah 6, and it is not a 'once off ' response, it is meant to continue, until nothing is left to be concerned for!

We should be on guard and alert at all times to observe the needs around us.    Not only the needs in my house, and my own life, but the needs of those I mix with, and of the world around me.   And I should be ready to identify the need, and to be able to point it out and to be involved about it.   In the photo to the left we see an aged wall, long neglected, and beginning to sag.    The Level has been placed upon it to clearly show just how evident the sag is.    It is a PRECISE OBSERVATION made with an appreciative eye.   It is a 'measured' observation made, not by a casual passer by, but by a dedicated STEWARD going about his or her master's business; ready to 'blow the trumpet' of Alarm, Make a Stitch in Time, and ready to step in to secure the matter.

TODAY it is not that we do not get involved, we have lost the interest and courage needed to do so. Rather we stand disconsolately inactive as life passes by.   Maybe this was the situation with LOT, that 'righteous man' who 'grieved his soul' watching the gradual deterioration of moral life around him that threatened even his own family, ineffective and afraid to initiate any effort to change it.    A man who KNEW what pleased God yet stood by and became overwhelmed by, and even willing to negotiate with, the evil around him.    Yes, I see a huge similarity with his situation and that of this present generation - As in the Days of LOT!    Yes indeed.    We need the SOUND of the Watchman's TRUMPET on every front.     We need to be aware of what is washing over us day by day taking us further and further away from God's Likeness.    A day to remember Romans 12v1-2 

WE have received news of an incoming Gift from AENON today, and we shall soon acknowledge to those who may have shared in it and the one preceding, together with a News Update.   May God our Father truly bless you all.     With our Love and prayers always with our deep appreciation

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 10 September 2016


AT  LAST proof that the Green-house is UP, and planting begun.   The intention is to plant Tomatoes in stages to give a fairly constant crop.   It is hoped to SELL as well as USE.   The Greenhouse is in the centre of the plot, and other veg is being planted either side of it.  It covers an area of 30 x 12 metres, and is sited on the Testimony House compound.   Thus we have completed all the preparation in setting up the various projects planned to assist us in helping with our Cost of Living.   This structure has been professionally erected, and we have had the soil tested, and planting is being carried out by the Forestry Department.     After that it will be up to our own staff to keep it going and in good shape.   It comes with two water tanks which feed the 'drip-feed' lines that keep the area watered.      The supplier has guaranteed the work for three years.     We shall see.    It is in a reasonably sheltered situation, but we do get occasional strong squally winds, and of course it gets quite warm at times.

Some weeks ago I shared that work was going on in our Nursery School in order to expand and improve the Toilet Facilities for the children.      This has now been completed, and we are happy with the outcome.

What you see here is the Boys section, the baby toilets separated by a curtain from the wash basins and entrance.    The photo on the right showing all six of the toilets from another angle.    The Girls Section is on the other side of the wall with its own entrance.     All are now in use as from Thursday this week, when the School opened, and once again it is the School Parent Body that have financed it..   This entire block of buildings was originally built by TEAR FUND from the UK, way back in the late 70's as a Training Course for Mechanics.      It was, with their approval, later converted into Primary School in 1983.


THIS WILL BE A SHORT BLOG for this week.      We have had quite a lot of humdrum and very ordinary things going on day by day, including extras such as the Interviewing of more than ten shortlisted teachers to fill four vacant places on the School Staff, and also making unsuccessful visits to seek for places for our job hunters, and so on.     Nothing very remarkable or sensational.     I hope you will excuse me from just rambling on.    Hope to bring more next week, God Willing, and in the meantime we shall be remembering to pray for you all.     God Bless you every day.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 3 September 2016


BRONZE,SILVER, and GOLD MEDALS, being presented Daryl Green, as CEO of Testimony Faith Homes who were hosting the Swimming Event for the East African Secondary School Games.     The Finals for all the Swimming Events were held yesterday, and were just completed before it poured down with RAIN!   Otherwise the weather had been good throughout.    I cannot at present give an account of the numbers of students competing from the more than six East African Countries taking part in the Games.    A good number, and those in the Swimming Event filled the pool so that not many spectators were able, or even allowed, to watch.   The area is enclosed and small, but well equipped and clean.    The Games Authority were impressed and pleased with it.    Their President and Vice President attended and also presented Medals with Daryl, and seemed quite delighted with everything.    The Table Tennis Event was also held on our compound in the School Hall ( one of the tables used was one presented to us some years back by the Westhoughton Pentecostal Assemblies of God - still in good condition and regularly used by our own children.

Our middle aged housemaid, Alice, plus our son James, also attended to the supply of Refreshments during the actual competitions.   In the photo you can see them with Esther in the FOOD Tent - right.
THEN below various views commencing with the Starting end and spectators pavilion.   This gives a little idea of the venue as it was.
These photos will have to do for the time being.   Swimming Events are not easy to photo in a way that proves visually exciting, and in our case there was more Splash than splendour.   Nevertheless it was a great opportunity to declare the Goodness of God for US, and to open up chances to point to God's reality and faithfulness as we shared with our visitors.


Last February we were approached by a 'lady' who is a member of our County Legislature.     She also runs a private school some kilometres out of town.    She told of a family of four children living not far from her School whose mother had deserted leaving the children without food or aid of any kind.    We talked some time with her, and said that although some of the children were older than we would usually take, we would be prepared to take all four provided, she approached the Children's Office, and permitted them to visit the 'family' and then provide us with a Case History confirming her story.    The 'lady' assured us she had already done this, and that a history would be given to us.   We then stated that all we would then need was a Court Order for each child, and a copy of their Birth Certificates.      She left us full of grateful thank, and not long afterwards the children and all the papers we requested (except for the Case History) arrived, and the children were Admitted.    The Children's Office assured us a Case History would follow.
BUT RECENTLY, some of the children Admitted began to share their own version of their history. They said that their mother was still at home, and that she was the sister of the woman who had brought them to us.........and on further investigation this proved to be the truth.    They were not in need (the mother still at home and with many well off brothers and other family).- it was pure and simply an attempt to get them into FREE care and education.      When we shared this with the Children's Office and they faced the woman, she denied everything.   But she lied.     Thus is the average level of our national honesty and integrity.      The fact that we, as a Charity have housed, fed, clothed and educated four children at our own expense when we had no need or reason to do so seems of no consequence, even to the Children's Office, who now say it was OUR fault for not making our own investigation before the children arrived.       Very disappointing.      The matter is still going on and the Children's Office think it may be another two months before we will know their recommendations - whilst we continue to pay the piper!        Both the woman and the Children's Office seemed to have co-operated to 'push' the children into the Homes.      We trusted them, and were misled.       The children have been happy enough with us, but the youngest who is about 7 has been very unhappy, and is missing his mother seriously.      


TO THE RIGHT is a recent photo of FRANCIS and his wife Eunice.   It was taken recently at a supper party arranged for us all by Sammy Kirui.
Francis is the younger brother of Simeon Olumzee.    Simeon collapsed almost a year ago and has been unconscious for most of the time until about a month ago.  ( I had mentioned this in previous Blogs).  He remained still unable to move.  A blood clot had entered the brain causing what doctors think was a Stroke.    Simeon then suddenly died in early August.  He was 51. The Hospital Bill had become very high, into millions of Kenya Shillings, and the Hospital Management were very anxious to be paid.     The Kenya Army stepped in on behalf of their deceased member, and paid a big chunk of what was owed, but still leaving a lot to be found.     All this was upon Francis' head since none of the remaining family, including Simeon's wife, could afford to pay anything.      Then last week an arrangement was made so that the body could be buried, but the eldest sister to Simeon and Francis took the body from the Mortuary and buried it secretly at night in the public cemetery without even a Service.      Now the wife, who also wants the body to be buried elsewhere, has reported the body to have been stolen!      It has been a very unpleasant and unfortunate saga.      No one is sure what will happen now.     Francis has felt really stressed about it all.     Please spare him a prayer, and for the whole matter to be straightened out properly with agreement on all sides.        The Enemy really knows how to disturb our peace.

TODAY IT IS STILL RAINING AND COLD.    The Primary School Standard V111 students and their parents were called together with the Staff to pray for the National Examinations which are to be held in November.     Normally this event happens nearer the Day, but this year the Government has banned all public Meetings within the School precincts (nationwide) in order to prevent importation of drugs AND also advance copies of the Examination Papers.    Our Meeting this morning starting at 9.30a.m. was very well attended by the parents, and ended at 12.p.m.     

SO that is about all for this week once more.      School begins on Monday for the 3rd Term of the year and this time will be quite short - two months.    Thus the Christmas Holiday will be VERY long indeed.       God Bless you, every one.      Keep looking UP!

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 27 August 2016


HOW QUICKLY YEARS PASS, and our children GROW!   Here is a photo (LEFT) of Daryl with his son Jesse at about five or six.    You can see the pride of a father in Daryl's eyes.   Pride AND Joy together. And now Jesse has just had his eighteenth Birthday (Photo Right with his Dad again and young brother Jeremy).    Tomorrow Jesse
will be travelling up to Nairobi to commence his Engineering Course at the Polytechnic.    We shall all miss seeing him around including us his grandparents.    Esther and I were about the first people to clap eyes on him, with his Dad,  the day he was born.     He was almost born into the family of Testimony House as Steve. Michael and Lizzy were, since Daryl and Carol moved in as Houseparents early 1998 - and certainly spent all his early years there until 2006.     Then Daryl and Carol felt they needed a family life of their own, and moved into their own rented accommodation just a kilometre away, and brother and sister MULI took over.  Daryl continued of course to work with us and Jesse continued to grow and study in the School.     He was always a good and diligent student, and always had it in mind to get into Engineering of some kind.   he is now just a little taller than his Father.    We will be praying for him, and trust he will do well and succeed in seeing his ambition blossom and satisfy him.   Most of all we shall pray he will remember Christ in his new life in the Capital City - a city full of Wine, Women - and Drugs.     Our young people in Kenya generally have come to a place of confusion as to what to believe and follow in their lives.    As in most other places on earth today the best advice is to be found in the Bible in Psalm 119v9 where it is written -
How shall a young man cleanse his way?
By taking heed, and keeping watch on himself according to Your Word;
conforming his life to it.

The Writer of the Psalm had discovered to truth of these words for himself as he lived through life, and in the following verse he emphasises this in saying -
With my whole heart have I sought you (God)
inquiring for and of You, and yearning for You:
Oh, let me not wander or step aside,
either in ignorance or willfully from Your Commandment.


THIS WEEK, we heard from our son Steven in Lancashire.    He was overjoyed to see their son Eric achieve a praiseworthy result in the National Examination.     Well he certainly showed himself able and in this photo looks pleased about it.    I can see, just looking at it, that he has achieved a real victory and has been 'baptised' into a new chapter of his life.      Well done!     And think it is one of the great things of parenthood - relative to both parents - to see your children grow up into men and women, and to see them realise their talent and to be serious enough to make the most of them.   It really is not a matter of your child getting A's or not - it is just seeing them mature into men and women, able to look the world in the face without fear or prejudice.     Thank you LORD for all OUR children, both those born to us and those brought to us to love and care for.     Thank you for the fact that they all eventually will come to the day when they unfurl their wings and fly, and in learning to fly they hopefully will soar to unexpected heights and realisation of the Goodness of God.


THIS WEEK the 15th East African Secondary Schools Games began (today in fact).  The Opening Ceremony was yesterday, and above you can see a view of some of the students from more than SIX East African Countries inclusive of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan. In the photo they are parading in one Eldorets main streets led by the Police Chief (in uniform) and the County Governor, Jackson Mandago (in the grey suit).      TESTIMONY SCHOOL is one of the chosen venues for events, and the Badminton/Table Tennis, and Swimming will be here.    Actually the teams were in town as from the 20th and they have been here most days practising.    Actual events will be here as from Monday, 29th.     They will be using our School Hall for Table Tennis, and the School Pool for swimming.

I am closing here, for this week,     We rejoice in you, in Jesus, and we lift up your names often to our Father in Heaven as we pray for you.      Our love always in HIM Who loves us MOST!

John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 20 August 2016


THIS IS 2016 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, JEMIMA SUMGONG, quite overwhelmed as she received her Medal.
Born in 1984 Jemima is a now well known Marathon runner.
She began running in overseas events in 2004.   Her first Marathon was in run in Las Vegas in 2006, which she won at her first attempt.
In 2009 Jemima met and married Noah Talam, himself a Marathon runner, and Jemima gave birth to their daughter in 2011.   This barely interrupted her running.
Jemima comes from the Nandi District or County of Kenya, which is just adjacent to our own Country of Uasin Gishu.    She is now 31 years old, and still running, and collecting Medals.    No wonder she was overcome on winning the Rio Olympic Marathon this year.   It must truly have been one of those occasions when ones heart come up into ones mouth.     I specially noted the event as it was run on our Wedding Anniversary!     Bravo Jemima!!   You are a great example to the girls and women of Kenya.    Your Victory in Rio, and in you life, has not come without sacrifice, hard work, and determination.    Thank you for that dedication to your calling.

Would that we all could discover our Calling in Life and be able to give ourselves as devotedly to it as you have.    God Bless you and help you to adventure yourself even further into God's Hands through Jesus Christ.

The BIBLE tells us we are all in a race, and need to consider how we run, and to aim at winning.
1. Corinthians 9v24-27 finds Paul the Apostle pointing out that we should all be aiming at obtaining a Gold Medal from our Creator, and not to fail or stumble on the way.
'Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize?
SO run your race that you may lay hold of the prize and make it yours.
Now every athlete who goes into training conducts himself temperately and restricts him/herself in all things.
They do it to win a wreath (Medal) but we (the Christian) do it to receive a crown of eternal blessedness.
Therefore I do not run uncertainly without definate aim.    I do not box like one beating the air 
and striking without an adversary.    BUT like a boxer I buffet my body - I handle it roughly,
discipline it by hardships, and subdue it  -  for fear that after proclaiming to others the Gospel
and the things pertaining to it, I myself should become unfit, not standing the test.'
LATER Paul would say of his own life, just before he died and in his 2nd Letter to Timothy 4v7
'I have fought the good fight;
I have finished the race;
I have kept and firmly held the faith'.
.....there now remains for me the Victor's Crown of Righteousness!


THIS LAST WEEK we have been undertaking alterations and improvements to our Nursery School.    This is the oldest part of the School, commencing in 1981.    In the beginning we had few students in this section, but today we are well over 120. and especially the Toilets have become in need of expansion.

To the left shows the area under alteration.  Previously the far left window was the Head's Office. This remains unchanged except we have put a new door of entry.
Then the walled up window used to be the Staff room which has now been moved the first room (left) in the photo top right.   The old Staff room will now be joined to the original boys and Girls Toilet space to make one facility divided between boys and girls.   The other photos give an idea of the interior works going on.   Everything has to be finished, and working by the end of next week!!     But the Contractor is quick, clean and competent.  The cost is expected to be around three thousand pounds, but the Parents of external students will carry all the cost.

The WEATHER is still cold and WET, but this week has been just a little warmer than previously, and we have seen some blue sky most days - BUT the Met Office says there will be more rain next week and another drop in temperature.     Everyone is well and we Thank God for His Care of us all.
One exception to good health is Edward Green, Daryl''s brother who is manager of our Bakery.    He has been suffering for a year with what was thought to be a tropical ulcer, but which has now been diagnosed as a Vericose Vein with complications.     He is scheduled to undergo surgery next week. He is 46 this year, married with three young sons.    We would be glad of your prayers for the success of the surgery, and for the prevention of a blood clot forming as seems another expected complication.  As he goes on Sick Leave, another of the Bakery Staff, David Ndgewa has suddenly ceased coming to work, and so we are down to one man - Stanley- to carry on alone.    We will have to get him some temporary help on Monday at the latest.
Our Pastor's wife, and headmistress of Nursery, is now back on her feet, and well enough to resume her duties.    The Lord has raised her up, and most of the financial burden that was upon them has been removed by local friends - the Homes finally contributing more than 60,000 Kenya Shillings towards their medical bills.    We are VERY glad to see her restored to home and family as well as to her duties in the School.    God is Good.

I will leave it there for this week,     We have just just received news this morning of funds sent by ANEON Trust - just in time to US to pay our way for this month.    We thank you all who may have contributed to this Gift through the Trust.     God Bless you every one.

Lovingly in our Lord and Saviour

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 13 August 2016


HERE IS A TYPICAL photo of Pastor Sammy Kirui.     He currently resides in the United States where he is pursuing his Phd in University there.
He previously passed through Kenya Highlands Bible College for his first degree, prior to taking up a pastorate in Naivasha.    The Lord brought us into each others lives when he was halfway through his Secondary education in Eldoret in the mid 70's.    His family fell into difficulty and there was suddenly no further support for him to go on. He came to stay in Testimony House and he has been as a son to us ever since.   We have been able to rejoice in him ever since, as well, and are very proud of him, and his deep commitment to his Faith and Christian Life.
It was three years ago we last saw him, and this time he has been busy in Eldoret
arranging for a small Christian Conference in the Town.   It went very well indeed, and the Lord also sent, almost at the last moment, Rev. Ron and Mrs. Char Meyers from Israel to be teachers.      Sammy has been able to stay with us as usual, and so we were also able to host the Meyers one evening.
Sammy also hosted a Luncheon for our Houseparents, plus ourselves and Daryl.   It took place in a local Restaurant surrounded by tropical vegetation.     He had taken us on a similar event, the last time he was with us, and once again we had a very enjoyable and special time together. Sam will be with us for about another week or so.   He has many friends AND family to visit whilst in Kenya.     It has been a special happiness to have him 'home' with us, and he has as always blessed us.

LAST SATURDAY MORNING we had our quarterly Spiritual Emphasis Day in the Homes and School.     ALL the staff come together to Praise, pray, and share His Goodness.   WE also have a visiting Speaker to encourage us with the Word of God.    I was not feeling so well on this occasion and did not attend, but Daryl was there, and brought his own word of special encouragement in the course of the morning.    It was a very good day, and we Thank God for providing good weather.

THEN, on Sunday afternoon Esther, Daryl and I plus Sammy Kirui all went to the home of Nicholas Mwangi, who many years ago, in 1983, was our Deputy Director.     He is now a business man in town, married with a family.     His wife is a well known nurse in the Government Hospital, and on Sunday they were celebrating a brave attainment by her of a University Degree.    It was a lovely time, and so many of our friends and old boys and girls also present......Nicholas with his family, have remained close to me and Esther through all the years, and it was so good to share this happiness with them.
The have also continued to be close to the Homes, and indeed are part of the "Family'.

SCHOOL HAS CLOSED for a short two week holiday, and everyone is at home all day.  The Weather has been wet and cold a good part of every day, but the mornings at least have been sunny and warm - very variable.     Plenty to do even so, and the children are well occupied.   A few incidents - like the Water Storage Tank in the new Jacaranda Cottage  sprung a leak in the night and flooded the roof ceiling spoiling a good number if ceiling boards, and dripping down into the living space.      It appears that from the time the Tank was installed the water pressure to the house was regularly too low so that the Tank never filled up.    But yesterday the Pressure was up ALL day and night so that the Tank, for the first time filled up - and found a small hole near the top, and so of course the water began to pour out - in the night.    A BIG mess, but we cleared it and plugged the hole with fibre-glass.     Just 'one of those things'.     And Daryl is away for a few days on business in Mombasa!    He should be back by Tuesday.    Guess I'm, sort of  'in charge' till then..

AND TOMORROW, Esther and I celebrate forty five years of Marriage together.     Nothing especially planned however.       Esther will also be 72 on the 17th of the month as well.   God has been so Good to us both, and our hearts are full of Thanksgiving to Him, and to each other for the years we have been together, and for the family He has given us both near and far.

So the week is almost at an end and yet another on the brink of beginning.     Life unending.
Bless you all for being together with us, and may you all experience even more abundantly His Blessing and constantly abiding Presence in your own lives and situations.

Loving from us all
John, Esther and Daryl Green