Saturday, 25 July 2020


WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?     Well in modern terminology it is a demonstration to emphasise that 'Black Lives Matter' by going down on one knee.     I must confess, I am not too sure WHAT going down on one knee represents in this.    Is it supposed to be a sign of 'apology' for the past abuse, mistreatment, and even death of coloured people?    What is it?
The nearest, so far, that I have come to seeing a co-herant explanation has been in connection to an American Footballer - Colin Kaepererick who sat on the bench during the playing of the National Anthem as a protest.  He later changed this to just going down on one knee (?).   And since then it seems to have slowly adapted to a general symbol of 'protest'.    Kaepererick himself explained himself by saying "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppressesd black people and people of colour".   I am not sure if this covers every or any colour;  I mean even white is a colour!
ANYWAY, it seems that giving this 'image' speaks mainly of 'PROTEST' - possibly 'allegience' to a cause - in the current use 'Black Lives Matter' in particular.

In the old days of my youth ( and in this I rather sympathise with Dominic Raab )  one might have only associated such action to proposing to the love of your life, or showing allegiance to the Head of State.     It has now had to be commonised to include mass civil demonstrations, often accompanied with rioteous behaviour causing social insecurity.

What is wrong with our World?     There are so many serious matters that disturb mankind, and so many problems affecting civilisation in general.    YET the one that crops up the most - in every nation and tribe, is human discrimination.     It is commonly noticed under the word RACIALISM, but in fact it begins with our human cacpacity to individually peck and pick, and to bite and devour each other in critisism and judgment.     It is a universal and common fault in Men and Women - in MANKIND as a whole.    We find it hard if not impossible to love one another as we love ourselves;  that includes those of our own nationality, tribe or clan, AND those of another religion, political persuasion or colour.     It takes little to set one individual against another in their private opinion, if not in physical conduct.       SO WHY make it worse by finding those likeminded to accuse the rest?    For example Black lives Matter!   Yes they do, and it is true as a colour they have been abused and often marginalised.    They DO matter, and OUGHT to matter EQUALLY with those of any other colour - including, by implaccation, the 'superior', most blind and self-righteous Whites.      And let's face it not ALL blacks get on with each other, or value each other equally - YES, and not all whites speak well of other whit communities, or see them equally without critisism or prreference.       THERE ARE GLARING WRONGS, but they will not be put right by bitter, resentful, and often hate filled, civil (even 'peaceful') action that stirrs up even more disquiet and critisism.     The FLESH (the human selfish desire for justicie) is almost always without  true Righteousness or Loving kindness.    It is often more egotistical and unforgiving.

SURELY, if we all just concerned ourlselves with judging ourselves, individually, and apologising to one another for our wrongs done to one another, day by day, TRUSTING in each other's forgiveness, THEN we might truly learn to be kinder to one another.   After all we ARE all sinners;  we ALL do wrong.    We all make mistakes in our life and living from birth until death.   THUS Jesus teaches us to pray to GOD, our Father in Heaven - 'Foregive us our trespasses (against your law of love) as we forgive them that traspass against us.    Matthew 6v12      .
The harbouring of gievences and wrongs done to us only blocks the way for us to love those who trespass against us; and our unforgiving heart will seek only vengeance.   And, remaining in such a state can only set us up for further damage.   And so the more, regretfully, when this is found in those who have been taught the Christian Way of life as it pleases God.    For knowing the WILL of God they ignore it and act against it.   Created in the 'Likeness of God', we should all take care that we do not seem wiser than He IS, and and, if we say we believe in Christ our Teacher,  we should take added care to be found leaning to OUR OWN wisdom and understanding find and ourselves busy destroying our selves and each other.   We should take time to read and study the words of the New Testament of the Bible, in the Book of Hebrews12 v14-15 -
'Strive to live in peace with everybody, and pursue that consecration and holiness without which no one will ever see the LORD.      Exerecise forsight, and be on the watch to look after one another,  to see that no one fall back from, and fails to secure God's grace, His unmerited (undeserved) favour and spirsitual blessing, and in order that no root of resentment, rancour, bitterness, or hatred, shoots forth and causes trouble and bitter torment, and many become contaminated and defiled by it.' 
I was born in 1940, and lived through that  war to see the British people suffer fear and privation as the their young men and women faught to protect the freedoms of England's friends in  Europe, and their own from jubjugation and dictatorship.    Many faught with them.      At home those left to hold homes and families together, became as one big family, all  reaching out to each other, conscious of each others needs and heart aches, in ways that broke down all social and other barriers regardless of  education, ethnicity, or beliefs.    We were ONE nation.    Not perfect, but united.
Eighty yeares have gone by and I am 80, and Covid 19 Rules the world, and all nations are suddenly threathened with the possibility of extrinction on many fronts.     We now all need each other's good will and understanding.    We all need to pull together regardless of differences of ANY kind. 
BUT will we, can we, achieve it.       I believe it IS possible.     It is possible if your heart wants it.  God has been good to me, and given me a glimpse of how it can be.   I wrote about it in my Blog of June 27th this year.      MY testimony!   The testimony of a White British Citizen, brought up in England and educated in its History, and Politics, and happy that I did so.     I am proud of my Country and of its Flag.     I am one of those who always stood up to sing the National Anthemn at the end of a film at the Cinema, or drama in the Theature (as a mark of respect and allegiance the Queen who has been Head of State since I  was  twelve years old.     I regard the  heros and heroines that have gone before me - not counting their faults and failings for such are all of us.    I stood for Queen and Country  and in some way still do so, though for me has come a moment I have had to Look still higher to finally bow the knee and bow my head in submission, for now I have seen THE KING, the Lord of Hosts, Master of the Inuniverse and the Creator of the Earth we stand upon, and each one of us that walks and lives upon it.      I must honour where it is due down here, for God has even admonished me to do so, but my final fealty is to God in Heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord.    HE is the Prince of Peace.   HE is LOVE itself.    HE is full of mercy, and loving kindness, and it is his desire that I should be like HIM.        So though we all walk yet again in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil - for HE is with me.    COVID 19 should be pulling us all together, and nearer to God.      Can we now in 2020 find ourselves suddenly desiring it - before there are none of left?   THEN it is time we stopping shouting at each other.    We all stand condemned, but we can still help  each other to survive
I   Thank God for His Patience with me, and I thank God for my history - for it has been a learning process, and is still going on now in a very different world to the one I was born into, and a very different location.      My wife and I still live among a crowd of black and brown Kenyans, Africans all from different tribes and backgrounds.    I am English, She is Kikuyu.   We have two of our owns sons.   Both have married Kenyan girls from different tribes.   Our Daughter has married an Indian.  We see that living here has broken down tribe and colour barriers.    They do not exist.   If here in our tiny little enclave in East Africa, why not in the whole of  Kenya,  the rest of Africa, the World?

YES Black Lives Matter!    It is essentially true that this is understood and acted upon.
BUT Brown, Olive, Yellow, Pink and White lives ALSO MATTER. and it is important that this is even MORE understood.     We MATTER  - all of us all together - none more, or LESS  than the other.
LET US SEE people laying down their flailing, threathening arms;  let us cease to hear, any more, the loud, uncharitable chants, slogans, and primitive vocabulary of those interested in nothing but their own notoriety.       There is nothing truly beautiful or humanly attractive in it.   Nothing commendable.    Nothing Hopeful.     I cannot approve it.  It is not of God,  and is not His Way.
Part of the Testimony Family - still growing together more and more.
A WEEK has again gone speedily, and we are all remaining well, Thank God.     But, of course we are still all at a standstill, as it were.    The School still closed and empty of life.   Our teachers still away, unpaid and unemployed, and finding life more than challenging.     We are still supposed to remain on campus with our children, no one in or out except for special needs.   The Weather still rather uncheerful with lots of rain, cloudy skies and cold temperatures.    But we all have found ourselves in high spirits and happiness all together.        It is the end of the month, and we all wait upon the Lord to bring us safely through into the  month of August - our special month.

C.19 figures have been going up, and there has been a kind of hype of anxiety everywhere - though to my mind nothing has in fact changed.      Here at the figures as they were late on 24th July.

Total Cases Confirmed             Total Recoveries   Deaths
           16643                                     7446                274

Number are still increasing day by day, and we are now waiting to see it we peak in August as predicted.      If not then we will all have to think again.       There was to be a further report on Monday next week, but it has been delayed.     It is expected that if numbers do not abate then further
Lock Downs can be expected.      We look to God keep us safe and fearless.

We have you all in our hearts as we pray, and we  believe the Lord our God will hear our prayers and watch over your all.    With our Love and Thankfulness for your continued care of us in His Name, and on His behalf.

John Esther, and Daryl Green, and all with us in Testimony Faith Homes, Kenya

Saturday, 18 July 2020



Daryl, Jeremy, Dad, James, Jesse, Erica, Mum, Helen, Abby and Becky

We do not often get a photo of us all together, and even this photo is minus Edward, Daryl's Brother who was not able to be with us on this occassion. He is employed in our  Maintenance Dept., and lives on the Jacaranda Compound.   Daryl, and his family, live about five kilometers away from us.
Jeremy is in Form 3 in our School,  Jesse is in his last College year in Nairobi, Erica in Primary 3 in our School, and Becky is in College in Nairobi training as a teacher.   Esther and I are still in Green Cottage here on the Testimony Compound, and James ,(Manu), is living away from us on the other side of Eldoret.   He is still  unemployed due his many medical problems, incuding the partial loss of more than 50% of hs eyesight, Diabetis, and Epilepsy.  Helen is teaching Nursery School here with our School, and  her six year od daughter, Abby, is in Class 2 of Primary.      The REST of our Family, Steven, Michael and Elisabeth all away in the UK, and the current Covid 19 makes us all feel even further apart.     BUT we are all in close contact, and we Thank God for it being so.
ALL our wider family of children and their |House Parents are all well and happy. We have currently 120 children in the four Homes..    This week one of our eighteen year old boys was sent away by Daryl, due to Theft; he had been found breaking in to the School Store to steal a computer..  This was the second time he had been involved in theft.   He is not the first of his age group to be sent away due to miss behaviour of some kind in recent months.    Daryl's reasoning in this, is pretty well the same as George Muller of Bristol's who firmly believed that to leave a bad apple in the barrel would endanger the rest.      God has not spoken to me in the same manner.      And when I became Engaged to Esther, and after much discusssion, we agreed that the children God brought to our door, we would welcome in as part of our  own family, and they would remain with us till they could leave independently,  and on their own feet.    This was not conditional on their behaviour.    Love is unconditional, and we felt it was part of our Vison to provide a secure and safe base for children to grow up in, and for us to have the patience to endure.      First we have to understand clearly that we are ALL sinners, prone to sin from birth, and secondly we cannot heal ourselves, and cannnot KNOW when any of us will be sorted out and given power to live a perfect life.     I must have patience with my brother, sister, son, daughter, as MY Father Heaven has patience with me,  willing even to 'die' for me.     This is loving my neighbour as myself.j      SO - yes we have not been able to do this perfectly.
We have seen times when patience wore thin, and on three ocassions over 50 years, among some 90 children, that lived and grew up with us, we have said 'Enough is enough' and had three of our children taken to Approved School   -   from which they ran away  - back to US.    And we took them back in.      We have seen some finally leave us still very persuaded of their own way and life style, and one or two have died  in their thieving, drug taking, and alcoholism..... But they stayed with us until they found work, and left able to fend for themselves.     They had no other home and no other parents who cared  about them, living or dead.     We have for the  most part kept in touch with nearly all of them and have been able to be with some who on their death bed, assured us that they had believed in God, and the Love of Jesus in dying for their error and sin.        Had we judged them too harshly we may never have had such joy in seeing even one of their lives turned around to face the Cross, and reach out for Salvtion.      'NEVER, NEVER, give up' said Winston Churchill, and he was right, and will always be right to have said it.     And LOVE will ALWAYS find a way through, to peirce the stubborn heart into seeing and feeling new.    As St. Paul says in 1. Corinthians 13 'LOVE (God's patient care and mercy) bears ALL things, and it will NEVER FAIL.      And that has to be TRUE even if my eyes may not live to see it come to pass down here!!

SO we are plodding on.    Has our original Vision changed!   I do not think so.   Are we in danger of wandering from the path laid down for us here in Testimony, when it began?    If we are, then one day we may no longer be able to sincerely call ourselves a HOME, a shelter and refuge, to those who have lost, or never even known, such a benefit.     We may have just become another secular instituion without a heart.
But the God who started us off, IS still with us, and gives us living proof of it day after day, and HE will in patience and love make sure we do not lose our way -  or our Testimony.    PRAY for us all, for we are needy, and want to please HIM.



Another week has passed by, and Covid 19 still is taking lives, and infecting more and more.

Cases Tested       Cases Positive     Fatalities
233,641                   12,062                222           as at 17th July - Friday.

This is an increase of some 27,057 Cases tested since last week and an increase of 2,614 confired Cases over the previous week.     Plus 41 more deaths over the same period.
SO FAR only one reported confirmed Case in our Uasin Gishu County.


However, it is yet to be seen exactly HOW it will do so.

Most Governments are pushing to lift Lock-downs in their respective Countries, in an effort to save their Economies - and this at the risk of even seeing further waves of Infection as a result.    And, indeed, hundreds of new Outbreaks or 'waves' of this Virus are being reported where lock-down has been lifted or seriously relaxed.    Is the 'risk' justified, if multiplied deaths are to be the fruit?   Either way, in my opinion,  whether we remove all 'bans' or whether we retain them and see greater economic hardship, we will still be faced with more fatalaties than we need to expect. 
SINCE the onset of this Pandemic it seems to me that the World Media, as well as individual Governments have appeared to HYPE the situation more and more.    A kind of universal agreement to brainwash the masses into believing the worst, no matter what.     Or, as one brother, this week confided to me - 'We are being culled!  There is a conspiracy to reduce world population before all is out of control.'     Be that as it may, this would not be the first time that the world population has been threatened with hyped up news forcasting irriversable catastrophe caused by disease.
"In 1997 we were told that BIRD FLU could kill  millions worldwide - it did not happen.
In 1999 E.U. Scientists warned BSE could kill up to 500,000 people - fortunately only 177 died of vCID.    
The first SARS outbreak of 2003 was reported as having a 25% chance of  killing tens of millions, and being worse than Aids.    
In 2006 there was another bout of Bird Flu which was declared the first Pandemic of the 21st century;   the scars of 2003. 2004, and 2005 having failed to meet their body counts."     This gives us a picture of progressive public scare mongering.
"in 2009 pigs replaced birds, and the BBC announced that SWINE FLU 'could easily explode'  and it was suggested that 65,000 in Britain alone might die."  (Simon Jenkins in the Guadian of 6//3/2020)

ON MONDAY OF THIS WEEK - 13th July  - watching SKY NEWS during the evening, still in Lock-down, here in Testimony Faith Homes, Eldoret, Kenya, we found ourselves encouraged by an update on what we could expect should we catch the COVID 19 Virus - and painfully survive.    The presenter was very enthusiastic in informing us that there could be worse things ahead - even if we did come through hospitalisation.  It had now been ascertained that the Virus could seriously affect a number of our internal organs, such as Heart, Kidneys, Lungs plus, plus, and even weaken them, and causing further serious, if not fatal, medical conditions.    The presenter seemed quite unconcerned by any of this, and did a good job of consisely unloading it on the already depressed public.    SKY NEWS is basically Covid 19 these days, and it is a kind of labour of depression and negatism.  DEATH to MILLIONS was surely enough of an inital scare, but now, even if you survive, the lasting affects of having  the Virus might still kill you, or blight your life for decades.   

It is little wonder that the latest hot topic is MENTAL HEALTH;  the world is falling apart materially and spiritually, and it seems more by design, than by accident.    And, worldwide, there is an increase in the suicide rate, especially among the young.    It is as if the bottom has dropped out of life, meaningful life.    Nothing feels secure or permenant any more, as if the whole world is poised and waiting for the NEXT step........
NOW IS THE TIME TO TURN TO GOD, and to bring Him into our lives.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

THREE SUNDAYS AGO, on the 28th June, we were visited by the Eldoret Lions Club.  We had just come from our Sunday Morning Service in the School Hall, as they arrived with gifts of food and other provisions.   It was a surprise for us, since they had not visited for more than a decade!  BUT it was a Blessing from God, and we knew the Lord by His Spirit had moved and prompted them to come just at that time.     We were all glad and thankful to see them, and to receive their needful gifts that touched all of us in the Four Homes.
Quite a number of the Lions that visited that day were from the Asian Community, but others also from across our Eldoret Society.    Quite a range of  'colour'   from coal black through to my lonely white!   This was not noticeably apparant!  Just human beings brought together in recognition of our need of one another, and also the value of each other.     Moments like these are always very special to us.   Moments that break through our ethnicity, our cultures, and our many differences that so often can 'dehumanise our attitude' to each other, and suddenly reveal are individual humanity, and 'likeness' to the One God who Created us all, each and every one;  Created us in Love and CARE, and never wanting one of us to perish or die, or be hurt by one another.      We need MORE of these moments in our self centered and self-righteous world.



KENYA Government has decided to delay re-opening of all School, Colleges and Universities until January 2021 at the earliest!    And this might still only be stage by stage!     This is not welcome news to us, or indeed to any of the Country's private schools.     Many in this sector of education have had to borrow from Banks, and repayments depend on the regular payment of School Fees from those attending our schools.....    And of course, whilst no one is learning and attending schools, unlike Govnment, cannot continue to pay Teachers Salaries.    Closed for a whole Term, and now yet another, will confront many Schools with the possibility of permenant closure.    VERY few of our private Schools in Kenya have accrued capital in the Bank for times like these.    We are not one of them.  It is quite a daunting time, with huge amounts of money tied up in buildings now unproductive of any revenue.
The Government has said that Kenyan parents are afraid to see their children resume school before Covid 19 is erradicated in the Country.      Our children are more important than Schooling.   This is not a thoughtless argument - none the less, if children are kept from school for too long they will have forgotten what they previously thought they knew!    This is almost a total year lost.   When Schools DO re-open the Syllabus will be resumed from the time classes were suspended - AND there is little doubt some time will again have to be spent in Revision in order to bring children back to the level they were interrupted from learning - a BIG problem for everyone.     And not the only one, since so many have lost their employment, and are now without ability to live as they once did, or have funds available to even care for their families.      AND the Government encourages us all by telling us things WILL get worse, and the numbers of those becoming ill with C.19 will increase!!      AND all this with more and more of the National Lock Down being lifted, and more and more laxity in maintaining careful distancing every day.      Mainly we are all at the mercy of those who see FINANCE and income to running the Country as MORE important than saving lives.      But the REAL Mercy to be looked for must only be from GOD Himself.

Our Current situation regarding C.19 in Kenya as at yesterday evening. 10th  July -

Pos. Cases    Total Tested  Recovered   Deaths
9448               206,584         2733             181

Cases Tested on 10th July -   - 6,979 P)sitive Cases 473  - a considerable rise.


THESE DAYS I AM FINDING MY MIND FULL OF unquiet thoughts about our common origen as Human Beings, all Created from Adam and Eve in the Image (Likeness) of GOD.    I do believe this, by the way.      I do not believe in a lot of different ponds producing variations of MAN.    BECAUSE I do not believe THIS, I am able to somehow still look for a way for us ALL, from every creed,and colour, to be able to appreciate, understand, and value one another, as one of a kind.     I have not disquiet about the humany of us all on this planet, but I am altogether dissatisfied with our inability to accept each others value and worth on a parr with our own.
We are a world warped by the individualistic, prideful mind of every man, each one infected by error and a nature set against loving his neighbour more than himself.    In the end this has nothing  basically to do with colour, physical image, or nationality, but rather an internal state of being.  We were not Created to be so, but we, from the beginning, allowed ourselves to fall into it.    And so we have spent much of our varied histories pulling down, and even destroying each other in thought, word, and deed.      It is apparant, as we see and hear of world affairs, that, today, not content with pouring over the details of current sin and evils daily brought to light by the media, we now spend time, in growing numbers,investigating both the living and the dead, in order to bury them under all the discreditable scandle, we can find.    We do this regardless of whatever GOOD these once well remembered members of our race may have also done.   In England alone this has brought about the destruction of  faith in our history, and of men and women of good memory, as well as similar attenpts upon the living, without any pity or regret when proved to be wrong, for the homes and families, together with the accused, who were often brought to ruin and unwarranted distress.
Shakespear, in Julius Ceasar, wrote -
'The evil that men do lives after them;
the good is oft interred with their bones'
BUT in our day, this may be on the verge of being reversed.      Thus we now seek to remove or slander the good, removing the memory of it altgether, whilst we instead self righteously parade the 
evil, the weakness, human error, and hatefilled image in front of all, removing more and more the ability to even recognise what IS good.     But for the Grace of God, there is not one of us that fails and falls into  regrettable and often ashaming error.    But God holds out forgiveness to all who seek for it.     And who are we to determine who Does and who Dosen't seek for such forgiveness in their heart.     Thus it was that Noah's son HAM was cursed for proclaiming his fathers laxity of life after accidentally discovering him, in his tent. naked and drunken ( Genesis 9v20-25)  It is not for me to judge;  I cannot for I too am as much a sinner as the one I would now point out to the world around me.      JESUS, The Christ, warns us, when He said   'Judge not that you be not judged' and in another place He says again 'If you forgive people their mistakes (their reckless willful sins, leaving them and letting then go, and giving up resentment) your Heavenly Father (GOD) will forgive you.

And here I must close.   But I may from time to time continue further in sharing what is pressing on my heart and mind.

All who are with me here, all our brother and sisters who labour with us, and the children, and those other brethren who live near us and encourage us, send their love in Jesus to you all, together with their prayes for you all, that you may be kept safe on the narrow path that leads to life.

Sincerely always in His Love

John, Esther, and Daryl Green, and all at Testimony Faith Homea.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

YES, EDWARD COLSTON 'S STATUE HAS BEEN CONSIGNED TO A MUSEUM, his shameful image hid, his soiled memory now revealed for all to see and know.    Yet those who judge him now, know nothing of the man himself.    A wicked slave trader they say, who
hid his sins under charitable and civic acts of self esteem.     There seems little doubt that he DID trade and make most of his money from involvement with, and in, the Slave Trade.  In his 70's he was still advocating its expansion in Parlaiment.    He was also a devoted Anglican!
How could he have balanced his faith in God with the Slave Trade.   At that time, 300 years ago, the Churche's stand made slave trading like a 'rescue operation' to emancipate primitive man upwards to  the state of the 'enlightened' modern World of the day.    A genuine 'belief'?   Hardly a spiritual one, in all Truth.  Rather just a very 'bare' excuse to allow a clearly INHUMAN activity and trade, for purely carnal reasons; filthy lucre!   And a missplaced sense of superiority, perhaps.       There seems little reason to think that Colston himself felt unjustified in what he did - but this judgement is based on nothing more than circumstancial evidence.     I have come across no character reference for the man.   When he died he consdered his family, and the City of Bristol - but what was actually in the  heart of this man? -  only GOD, his maker knows,       At the time the people of Bristol seemed to commend Edward Colston, and the Church gave him a proper and noteable funeral.    Today the Church repudiates him as being totally unworthy of praise or commendation, and the City of Bristol has become ashamed of him.    Is Edward Colston in Hell?    Or is he, perhaps in Heaven?    The face of the man scuptored by John Cassidy of Manchester in 1895 depict a man who may been having second thoughts about himself - but of course this is just an impression of mine, based on the 'distant' imaginative impression of the sculptor.   But he may, finally, have found his conscionce troubling him.    At 84 he no doubt may have considered how he would meet his  Creator - and what His judgement would  be.....    BUT he may just have been like so many others, even today, who shrug off God from intruding into their lives, refusing to hear that 'Conscionce', given to EVERY   man and woman of every colour, race, and kind, to lighten them on their way.
NOW YESTERDAY I read that the Church is considering throwing out statues and statuettes that represent the Lord Jesus, and the Apostles that look too white - even a pictorial comment on how Jesus Christ may have actually looked like -  (there are NO drawings or representations of Him anywhere) - and the COLOUR His skin may have appeared to day.      What a very fragmented, arrogant race we humans have become.      We aspire to all be little gods,  jealous, asnd self righteous all.    YES,  we ARE ALL sinnesrs, there is and never was, even one righteous in God's Sight, and that is why Christ was born of a Woman, and came to reveal what TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS is.  DOES it MATTER what shade of colour His skin might have been - He died for everyone, for me, for you too no matter what colour you might have been given.

As for me I wish there were no drawings, paintings, sculptures or statues of ANY person, for none of us were born without the taint of, and inclination towards sin, and evil;   none are perfect, or will be, wthout Christ having found us out, and given the rule over our mind and spirit.
When I was a boy, growing up, England seemed such a secure and safe place.    Our history intact and even we ourselves all intact from being investigated, re-invented, and even forever doubted, suspected, and finally exposed - even after our death.     Where once God was seen and trusted as the final Arbitrator and Judge we now want to do the job for Him, and we do it most imperfectly.   It is a world of restless and wicked intent against whoever and whateve takes our fancy.  An age of pulling down, and letting others drag us all (along with our history, heros and culture)  in the dust.    Has God forgiven us.   If so why can't we forgive each other?

Since I arrived here in Kenya 51 years ago I have lived together with a multitude of black, brown and other 'coloured' people, and married a faithful, spiritual, brown lady from Kenya.   Many people told me not to get to close to the African - they are a different culture with different natures - but Esther and I have found the wonder of discovering that there are no real differences within us, and that though individuals we are individual HUMAN beings made in God's Image, able to appreciate Him and to appropriate Him into our lives together, as more than a brother or sister.      Surely - if we cease to look for, or expect to find differences - there must be hope for mankind to live together.    And thus 'colour' as an argument that should never be an excuse for one to degrade or set at nothing those of us  who are either  Black, White, Yellow or any other variation of skin colour.      Someone once told me that WHITE is of itself a colour, but is of itself made up, ultimately, of every colour.     We SHOULD all, quite naturally and ureservably, be able to co exist together, and trust each othe with each other's imperfections, with tolerance and forgiveness, respecting each other for what we all are, pilgrims needing to find our way together out of darkness into Light, and our Eternal Universally United HOME.       Love is what we all need for each other - not the kissing and cuddling only but the CARING and PROTECTING, kind that will consciously do nothing to hurt the other.     When you start trying to live for each other that way, you soon discover the evil mind within you that forces you to own that, indeed, you are NOT perfect - you are NOT 'like' God.     We ALL need to say sorry to each other, and to try harder to do better.    I have been grateful to find a family so different in colour  and heritage, that has made me, just as I am,  part of it, and indeed, without changing my colour, has absorbed it into their own, so that we see each other equally and in depth, as one.
I am center with Michael and Esther, surrounded Esther's sister's family, our son Steve, Daryl and Manu, and daughter Elizabeth, and a host of other sons and daughters that make up our Family at Testimony



ME AND ESTHER sharing a memory last year
Next year we shall have been married 50 good years.


latest Covid 19 Figures or Kenya
as at 27th June 2020

Total Tested since March  160,684      Confirmed Cases 5533 including 149 as on 27/6/2020
Total Recveries as at 27/6/20  -  1,905       Deaths  137


Well, dear friends,  once more we send out out Thanks to all those who sent a gifts to us vis The AENON Trust through April to 20th June.    We understand Aneon does acknowledge gifts received and meant for Testimony Faith Homes.    We usually acknowledge as well, once every two months, with an UPDATE from my Diary covering the period, and also a general note to everyone.    SO soon the next UPDATE should be reaching you either by E.Mail or Airmail post.      Until then our very sincere Love and best wishes to you all, as we look for His Coming.     God Bless you every one.

John, Esther and Daryl Green and all at Testimony Faith Homes

Saturday, 20 June 2020



OUR EMPTY SCHOOL.......and it looks very much as if it may stay empty until the NEW YEAR!!
We had hoped that the Education Ministry might decide to open in September.    They are in fact still deliberating - but, the now inevitable 'LEAK' from every confidential Meeting, is saying that the majority of parents want their childen left at home until Covid 19 is no longer existant in Kenya.  Many Government Ministers feel the same, and so...........!?     Well we have to still wait and see what the 'Official' Decision will turn out to be.       Of course the longer they wait to grant us all permission to re-open, the greater the problem will be for us all.      AND even worse for all those who have worked in our Private Schools, and whose salary depends on income from parents sending their children to learn with us.     NONE of us will be able to pay, and thus our teachers and support staff will go UNPAID.     How will they survive.     Nobody quite knows.     Again we look to Heaven and our Heavenly Father  (at least some of us will).

The Government has been concerned in recent days because of what they see as rising numbers of Positive C.19 cases being presented.    As of yesterday 19th June Kenya's figures were as below:-
Cases Tested - 133,541  /   Positive Cases - 4374  /   Recoveries - 1550  /  Deaths 119
NEW cases - as on 19/6/20 -  117
These cases are now springing up all over the Republic, but WE are still not too pressed, and we have heard of only one fatality in our County.      Our Quarantine is stilll holding, but next week it hoped to bring back some of general staff who had been laid off.    The Cufew still in place, but some business slowly being set free from the severest restrictions.

of various mansions that are in process of being built very close to our School Field.
They are beautiful, but somehow I cannot imagine building them so that every football will drop into my front garden.    Even the prospect of looking out at a six foot wall, and the back end of our school would not really appeal to me.      Be that as it may, there they are there, and we were here right before they even bought the land to build on, so they must had wanted to be CLOSE.   You can just make out the Soccar goal post - just to the left of center, in front of the wall.     Hmm!

THIS is a water colour painting,
executed by J.E. Jones, dec, who painted it in the 1950s
He was quite well known, and it was the sale of some of his paintings which he left to us on his death, that allowed me and Esther to help send Steven to University.
He actually left the canvases to his sister in law, my foster mother, but she having died, 
they came to me as her only surviving relative.
At the time we ourselves had not a penny, and it is sure Steven would not have taken his place
in the University if my adoptive uncle had not stepped in, unkowingly, to provide.
Wonderfull are the Ways of God.


Well this will probably be all for this week.       We all remain well, and occupied.   After all that is what He wants from us - to be busy about his business;  gathering others into His Kingdom.   At 50 I had begun to think life was running out on me......but here I am still, thirty years later.......   I wrote in 2003 -  ' Our Lord and King has told us to OCCUPY ourselves until He comes.    He has not suggested ANY should retire, or give up on life - NO!     Jesus expects each one of us to keep busy for HIM, and  for the Kingdom of Heaven.    We should not even be thinking of Death or dying!  That is to give in to the Enemy, who longs to see us shot down in flames into some morbid pond of despondancy and despair, never again to find the courage or faith to continue  the fight.
Are you over forty?  Perhaps youhave actually reached fifty and over.  Tou may be a brother or sister in Christ.   Are you feeling a little dispirited;  a little physically dilapidated, and useless to God?  Are you on the verge of making excuses for not pressing on against that Enemy, and from taking up new challenges, and becoming involved in new ministry?    Come on now RISE UP, and GET GOING.  You are not dead yet!   Let God's Spirit  till He COMES!     Take a new look at Life -HIS LIFE - in you, and realise that you can still have a part to play in it;  still make a difference.   Get some Optimism!    Get some Faith!    Don't end your life like JONAH, all shriveled and shrunken in your own spirit.     I always think of Jonah as a man in his fifties;    God was forever saying to him, ARISE!
GET UP and GO!'
Shrink not, Christian!
Willl you  yield, will you quit the painful field?
Will you flee in danger's hour?
Know you not your Captain's POWER?

Let your drooping hearts be GLAD
March in heavenly armour clad.
LET NOT your fears  your course impede,
Great is your strength, if great your need.

Our Greeting to you ALL, and may you  all be establised without fear or anxiety because you have Called upon  God in Jesus Name to be your Saviur, your Staff, your Refuge at ever corner.

Lovingly in Him.

John Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 13 June 2020


Just a very rough sketch of Testimony Faith Homes and School.   I am sorry the KEY and the actual identification of buildings has come out rather too small to see comfortably, BUT  I hope you will find a way to magnify it.   I also regret that on the right hand - in the Jacaranda Cottage compoud -  the new Jeacaranda Cottage is not 'drawn in'  - it should appear center far right of the compound between Drakeley and Tyndale Cottages.
All that is within the boundaries of the sketch have been Quarantined since 16th March.  Interestingly no 'official' enquirey or visit to us has been made to discover if we are well and healthy.
Since we have children in residence on both sides of the road, we have been given permission to come and go as we please but not to adventure anywhere else, and without allowing any visitors to enter the Gates of either residential compound.
We do not have to wear masks UNLESS we have to go to town on necessary business.
We all live in Elgonview Road, ELDORET, in Uasin Gishu County in KENYA, East Africa.   Eldoret is approximately 100 kilometers from BUSIA on the Uganda Border, and some 360 kilometers from Nairobi.
As you can see, although with a good coastal strip, Kenya borders with many other Nations, all trading with us.     Thus most of the challenge is from those coming in who may turn out Positive with C.19
CURRENTLY the whole Country is under daily Curfew as from 9p,m. to 7a.m. for the next month.
Technically we all remain under Lock Down but some hotels and business are beginning to be allowed to re-open but with the usual 'spacing' demands.
LAST WEEK I shared about our School still being closed down with all others.    A few days later the President announced that it was planned to let School generally re-open as from 1st September - but GRADUALLY.     He did not define more than that, and we are still in the dark, to a large extent, as to HOW school will find themselves opening.     BUT of course they will all need to observe spacing, and all children will probably also have to wear masks.

As of yesterday evening _12th June - the statistical situation is as follows:-
Total Confirmed Cases to date     Total Recovered      Total Deceased      Total under Treament
since 12th April  -  3,305                        1,164                          96                            2,045
ON THE 12 June 2,419 were tested, of which 90 proved Positive     -   34 from Mombasa,  36 from Nairobi, 12 from Bungoma, 3 from Uasin Gishu, and 1 from Kilifi, Garissa, Kisumu, Meru, and Turkans.

I hope that the MAP above might assist in helping you to get an idea of the way C19 is affecting the Country as a whole, and I will also now give a County by County tally of Cases that have proved positive up to date.
NAIROBI  1,188   /  MOMBASA   929  /  BUSIA   217 /  Kajiando 96 / Kiamabu 72 / Uasin Gishu 54 / Kwale 34 / Migore 24 / Kilifi 23 / Mandera 18 / Taita Tavita 17 / Wajir 16, Garissa 13 /  Nakuru, and Kisumu 12 / Kitui and Siaya 10 / Nyere 9 / Turkana 8 / Homa Bay 4 / Machakos and Muranga 3 / Isiolo, Bungoma, Laikipia, Meru, Kisii, Makueni and Nyandarua 2 / and finally  Kericho, Bomet, Nyamira, Kirinyaga, Embu, Kakamega, Vihiga, Marsabit, Elgey Marakwet, and Trans Njoia  1 each.   

THREE months have gone by since our first case.   The Government feels we may still have a worse scenario to come, although so far it seems we have not done too badly.     Of course, as elsewhere, round the globe, there are many who want to be set free from all lockdown, and it is yet to be seen how well this Virus will in act be contained, at least, in all Kenya.      WE, in Testimony Faith Homes, in ELDORET, are still virturally untested, and apparently untouched by C19.   The hardest hit areas are still at a distance from us BUT Cases are still being discovered all over, and there is little doubt that more people are being infected that we are actually not aware of .      OF COURSE, this is usually the case with ANY kind of infection, viral or otherwise.      Keep your feet on the ground, and whilst taking notice of all the Medical and Media advice and comment, KEEP CALM, Leave your anxieties at the CROSS of Christ, and TRUST in HIM to bring your through, so that you can live an even longer and better life for HIM.


President Uhuru Kenyatta, soon after last week's Blog, spoke on Television to the Nation, warning us that although progress was being made we still could not take chances, and be tempted to move too quickly in trying to return to life as it was.    It was then that he announced a continuation of the Natinal Curfew.
Our own special interest, was in what he said regarding Education, and the future for our Schools, and of course our School  in partuclar.
He said only one definate thing, and that was the date School would open - hopefully - and in doing this, he also added that they would open 'gradually'.  He did not go into details of what he meant by this, but said that a Special Committe was looking into it, and hoped to let every one know by the middle of August.       School would OPEN gradually (maybe class by class ....) on 1st September
Teatimony School is also a Member of the Kenya  Private Schools Association, and Anthony Ngungu attened a Meeting to discuss these revelatios, just this week.       There was a lot of positive feeling, and we at least see a good posibility of being able to continue, ourselves   -   BUT there will be much to do befor September !       Already Government has agreed to bring forward their discussions intended for August.   It was felt more time would be needed by ALL schools to get ready and C19 prepared.        Government Requirements to meet C.19 specifications will now be delivered before the end of JUNE.      Much better.   But it will still be very demanding.
Daryl, Anthony Ndungu and I have walked round the School together since then to get an idea of what faces us.       We have discovered that we will not have space (after meeting the 1`meter spacing requirement) to have desk space for more than HALF of our previous population.     However we feel  that few, if any, of our parents will want to take their kids to another School - if they can find one~!      SO we are working on a plan to divide into two seperate groups that will come at different times daily - for Example Group A will attend mornings and Group B afternoons.   It will need a lot of planning but it is feasible.      A lot MORE is needed, and we are going to recall some key staff to assist Anthony Ndungu to help get everything sorted out.     This  VIRUS!      Wouldn't it be something if, in the end, it is discovered to be little more than any other, and if left to itself would have just become another 'bug' to contend with - if we got it.     No I am not trying to be flippant or calous, and I am conscious of the thousands that have died.     BUT, thousands die every day and many from colds and influenzas thatm meeting other infections being faught, will cause those deaths  We are not even told how many usually die in an average day - apart from C.19 - we have just blindly lived with it.     The Population has continued to expand.
Testimony High School under construction 2013

I must conclude for this week.    We continue to job along day by day, and like the Widow of Zarapheth we neve come to the end of the oil or the maix barral - as we take the last scoop, more comes in - as with this week - We had needed to puchase necessities that come to an end.    Before we could even consider what we would do, a gift of Fifty Dollars arrived out of the blue from a dear brother and friend we had not set eyes on for many years.      Our Father in Heaven surely never ceases to look out for us in our store, as well in every other matter of our lives.   Keep close to HIM, and do not waver or doubt that HE knows your need before you even ask, and will not ingnore it.  BUT and if you do waver in believing, and miss-trust His Faithfulness, THEN you might receive nothing - not even protection.      HE is SO jealous of our love, and trust.............

Ours Love to you all, with thankful hearts always..

John Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 6 June 2020

TESTIMONY SCHOOL, our beautiful School is in danger of closing.   TODAY we expect the President to announced possible dates when schools, generally, will be able to re-open, and the changes that will need to be made to ensure continued protection to the students and teachers from Covid 19. 
We do not forsee this to be a smooth and easy practicallity!
For example the School has 24 classsrooms with a total population of 860.   IF we were to re-open with the same students that were
with us before the Lock down, we would have to find as much classroom space again in order to cater for 'Spacing', for example in every classroom.    This would not be possible for us.     
Then again, if we had to REDUCE our intake, our INCOME would not be able to support the salary of the necessary teaching staff.
Then there is the factor of whether or not we would even find parents willing to return their children to school, when Covid 19 is still with us, and increasing.
ALSO, as I have shared before, having had to release our teachers, being unable to pay them, we may still have difficulty in replacing them without a sure ability to discover the necesssary incoming FEES.    So we need parents to comitt themselves FIRST...... 
WE WAIT to see what will be suggested today.   BUT for us, whatever the word might be, it will still present us with considerable problems.     Considerable financial risk, and a need to secure what we have without loss.
AGAIN, if our School remains shut, then our children will have to remain out of school, OR we shall have to find places in other schools that may be open around us - at a cost we have so far been able to avoid.
However we look at it, we are confronted with a challenge greater than any in the past.
WE, from the point of view of our human reasoning mind, are looking at an impossible situation - BUT WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
YES - and so we hang onwe STAND, wide eyed and expectant, yet conscious that we still need to enlarge our faith.....AND that, I believe, is what our Father in Heaven is all the while endeavouring to do - grow our faith in us.

ABOVE IS Testimony House, our flagship family home, and a viewe of the whole Family, all locked together, waiting on God, and safe in His Loving Hands.

Beginning in 1969, fifty years ago, with just two boys, and a promise from God that He would take care of us, we have grown to see more than  350 come and go, and a standing total current family of 120, all enwrapped in His everelasting arms.      God asked me to depend only on Him and no other.  This has meant we have done our best not to share our needs, specifically, with any man.   We have not always had a smooth ride in doing this  (neither did Elijah) .   But this is what we felt he wanted from me, and from all of us together,      He has never failed us.    He has increased us, and increased our initial little faith - step by step..       We are now in the process of making another step.   Are we alone in this?  NO!   Father still has hold of our hand.    HE is with us.      BUT, dear brothers and sisters out there, we do feel weak at times like these, and perhaps weaker than usual now, when all the world seems to be in a 'twist' all around us.     Indeed I think we ARE, all of us caught up in a veritable 'WHIRLWIND' of unnerving events.     YET GOD IS STILL WITH US.     We all need to remember to pray - not merely for oursleves either, but for one another, for WE ALL, who believe, ARE one Family in Jesus.

AT TIMES, we have felt we are being prepared for an ending;  an ending, or wrapping up, of this ministry.     After all, what he set before me in 1969 has been accomplished - we have seen four family homes for homeless children and young people come into being, AND a School to prepare them for the world outside.      It MAY have been something transitory to meet a special need for a time.      There has been opposition often, and the world has changed for us.    BUT on the other hand this may just be a time of transition, rather than a complete end in itself.     We must not lean  to our own understanding in any thing, but at the same time we have to take care that, whilst we are here on Earth, we keep our feet on the ground as well.
is a cloudy day.   Rain is forcast for the week ahead of us.
Within our compound, in our family,
there is peace and joy in each other.
the world waits crazily, impatiently, even rebelliously.
for tomorrow.
And it waits ready to be swomped by human unreasonableness
in every kind of impassioned, lawlessness.
Standing with Jesus, our Rock of Security and Confidence
we may be sure that we are not IN this Whirlwind, and not of it.

God Bless you ALL, as we continue to pass through the world on our journey Home.  Remember THIS is not our home, we are sojourners, pilgrims on our way further, not residents seeking residence finally were we now find ourselves.     Day by day the scene is changing, and being left behind, as we draw nearer and nearer to HOME......H O  M E at last! ever to Rejoice!      

From us all 

John, Esther, and Daryl Green, and ALL of us here in Testimony Faith Homes.