Saturday, 24 October 2020



A GOOD FRIEND AND SISTER IN CHRIST recently wrote to share a quote she had received purporting to be from The Screwtape Letters by C.. Lewis, published in 1942!
'Satan - I will cause anxiety, fear and panic;
I will shut down business, schools, places of worship and sports events.
I will cause economic turmoil'
Jesus -  I will bring together neighbours,
I will restore the family unit, and bring dinner
back to the kitchen tables.
I will help people slow down their lives
and appreciate what really matters.
I will teach my children to rely on Me, and not on the world.
I will teach my children to trust me, 
and not on their money and material resources'

WHEN I read it I did not remember it from my own knowledge of the Book cited.   In Screwtape Letters the content is based entirely on an imaginary dialogue between junior and senior demons.  I did not recall Satan talking with Jesus.    Also it seemed too tailor made for NOW, rather than 1942,when it was supposed to have been written.  
WELL, on looking up the matter, I have discovered that the Extract IS a fraud;   it was not taken from Screwtape letters, or any other book Lewis wrote.    This is affirmed by REUTERS and a number of other sources.    Reuters states that this 'extract' can be traced back to Facebook post made on 12th March 2020 by a U.S. woman names Heidi May.   Reuters also states that on being interviewed, Heidi May told them that she had been feeling overwhelmed (with life). adding 'Jesus spoke these words to my heart.    Well Hiedi May I am sorry you needed to get C.S. Lewis to falsely add words to those you believed had been given you by  the Holy Spirit.     I can and do forgive you, since if these words have come from God's Holy Spirit they are worth much more than if they had come from any OTHER source.    I for one can believe Satan is behind everything that is happening right now in our world.
AND I can believe that JESUS will use it all for the good of ALL, and especially for all those who BELIEVE in HIS WORD.

Randy Green ( not a relative of mine ) writing for Peace Officers International, attributes these same words as mentioned above, to have originated from a Catholic Priest named Jerome Zeiler.   Randy uses them to preface his own comment  -  "God is working to revive His people and restore their first love.  He is leading us to repentance.   He is teaching us to pray without ceasing, and to trust Him for every need we have.   He is refining our faith and teaching us to love our neighbour as ourselves.  He is reaching out to those who are in darkness and inviting them to come into His Light, and into His Kingdom. God said in Isaiah 50  '...let the one who walks in the dark who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord, and rely on their God'
Whatever you are facing you can say with Isaiah 'Because the sovereign Lord helps me I will not be disgraced.   Therefore, I have set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.........'   Isaiah50v7.     God will never forsake you or abandon you,  He is with us, and watching over us.  

Thank you Randy - you, as a Police Office, you need all our prayers, as do all those who stand with you in these times of very real human turmoil.    God Bless you all, wherever you are serving.    You may not all be Believers, but there is no doubt God loves you, and wants you to know and rejoice in that Love, and to believe He wants you to LIVE and not die.

The latest figures to hand for 23rd October 2020

TOTAL TESTED SO FAR -  646,367      found POSITIVE  47,843
                                                                   Those Recovered  33,422
                                                                   Those deceased         884
Current Cases being treated ................................................       13,537  
Current approximate population..........................................50,000,000    

As on 23rd October 631 positive Cases confirmed out of 6,142 tested 
and included in the previous figures as above.

There has been alarm because daily confirmed cases are seeming to rise.
However the daily Cases TESTED also had risen, and it is not noticed that the INCREASE in actual confirmed Cases has increased against the percentage tested.

The CHINESE are reported to be treating confirmed cases almost the same as common ;FLU!!?
AND it seems very successful and allows life to go on almost normally.     AND China's economy is booming.      So who is panicking - and WHY.      What is in REAL danger World Population, or World Economy ?    Are we afraid of a VIRUS when we should be seeking the real Enemy.

AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN - STILL RELATIVELY THE SAME IN NUMBER, some 130 spread in four family homes each  with a mum and dad.    Grandad on the far left, and Grandma extreme right.
In 2014 the Government declared that all Children's Homes would be closed by 2020.    There followed much discussion, and eventually we were told that WE would be among a few to remain OPEN.
THIS WEEK, Daryl was called to a Government Meeting in town  and advised that we had better soon decide what to do with our Homes since they would soon be closed and our children dispersed by fostering or adoption.     Will there be no end to threats and innuendo by a thankless Government who lacks any real concern for the true welfare of its children.        WELL, in the middle of so much social upheaval and anxiety, we felt unable to take this latest encouragement very seriously, and we are going on as we always have - trusting in the Love and Care of God.     He is the one who really CARES, and who has ever held us together in His Arms.      And WHO IS ABLE to take us all out of His Hands.

BUT SCHOOL IS STILL OPEN......with a lot of uncertainties.   The two Primary Grades, and ONE High School grades have now been open for two weeks, and students have settled very well, and with a lot of joy and gladness.    No one has shown even a symptom of C. 19.

BUT - what about the rest of the Classes?  They were said to be opening on the 26th October, but this has now been cancelled.    Some are now saying the first week of November......All is up in the air, and everyone in a state of uncertainty.

We are supposing that the Classes already going on WILL continue - two of the (Primary 8 and Form  4) being National Examination Classes.  We are acting as if the rest will rejoin us ANY time.     And we hope C.19 will not panic the Government into backing away from ensuring Schools OPEN, and our children are not denied the chance to go on with their Education.     LOTSs to pray about.!      We also are praying for all of YOU!    Our Enemy is not likely to spare us from personal directs attacks upon our lives just because we are suffering the effects of a Pandemic.   To pile more and more upon us is his delight and enjoyment, but the LORD is our Strength, and our Strong Tower, and none of his arrows will mortally wound or even reach us as we lift up the NAME of JESUS our Shield and Defender.

God be with you all.     Do not be persuaded the Winter will be DARKER  and more ARDUOUS than ever before.   Do not be pressured into FEAR, panic and anxiety.  SATAN would blind your eyes and deafen your ears to the Truth - JESUS SAVES, do not FORGET it.    He is our LIGHT and our Salvation, and HE can and will turn all the darkness into DAY.     BELIEVE and TRUST in this.  For all that the WORLD is telling us, and all the statistics, and evidences they are confronting us with about C.19, there is something (to me at least)  curiously unreal and theatrical in what is taking place.   AND NO I do not mean to put aside the very real sorrow and pain seen and experienced by those who have died from C.19.   We cannot deny or make light of their deaths.    BUT, on the other hand have we been greived by all those others who have died of countless other diseases, ,maladies and accidents,even that daily pass away.       Publicity and the Media, and maybe even other forces could have put everything out of perspective, frightened us all out of our usual sanity and common sense.    We should take care.    The Man of Sin may well be WITH us in the world NOW.     When He comes the Bible says he will DECIEVE, MANIPULATE and make us all believe a LIE.     

Our love to you in the FIGHT.     We shall all come through.  NOTHING will stop us in HIS Name.

John, Esther and Daryl Green, and all here in Testimony Faith Homes & School


Saturday, 10 October 2020


THIS HAS BEEN A BUSY WEEK WITH THE GOVERNMENT SUDDENLY ANNOUNCING THAT ALL SCHOOLS WILL OPEN AS FROM THE 5TH OCTOBER.    On the face of it a very welcome and sensible decision, until you receive the 50 page Book telling you HOW to Open, and with what V.19 Preventative Precautions.    The Private School sector under which our School operates, has had no income for 7 months, and with no funds in hand it has been impossible for many to even begin to bring their school in line with the new C.19 Standard.      We are still struggling, and of course UNTIL we come in line with Government requirements we cannot ourselves open - and we have not YET opened....but WE ARE HOPING TO OPEN next week!    Hurrah!

BUT, the Government is ONLY permitting Schools to open Primary Classes 4 and 8, and High School Form 4., initially.       So we shall not have our usual population - only approximately 155 out of 800.  Also not our usual number of Teachers - approx. 18 out of about 48.      We have had to ADD a Classroom for each Class/Form,  in order to accommodate 'Spacing'.      We have also had to Accommodate the need to provide hand washing points for all students and staff - ONE to ever fifty, AND provide a Temporary Isolation Room for any who may show symptoms of C.19 whilst they wait for transport to the nearest Medical Centre for Testing.   AND, of course, we must equip ourselves with Thermometers to keep a check on temperature     There is no doubt SCHOOL will be different as from now........

BUT it is a start.    For us, one fraught with very real problems and challenges, which can  affect the success of the School AND even the future of our Children's Homes.     But we do not stand alone, or without Strength, for we continue to BELIEVE God IS with us in JESUS Christ, Alive and present in our midst.    We ourselves are still weak humanity, but HE is strong and gives us Confidence and Assurance that we shall overcome.

DARYL has been shouldering most of the mental and physical load in planning, and actively achieving the changes and readiness needed for bringing us to Opening Day.     He a handful of our staff, and a huge input from our teenagers, to help do the heavy work of Cleaning and refreshing the School, as well as seeing to the provision of new fixtures and fittings.    Still going on right NOW.
 Of course we have done our best to rally behind him, as the old guard, to encourage and pray with him.    ONE of his activities has been in going through our twenty four classrooms to ensure desks and chairs are found in good repair and general condition.     He and his Team are STILL involved in achieving this - together with so much more.

I have just now been walking around the initial area to be opened on Monday.   Still  a lot of work to be done in cleaning and removing litter.   Amazing how plain dirt has a habit of collecting from no where - and even more amazing how it can remain hidden from the sight of those able to remove it!

Daryl still active identifying Hand Washing points. I Found him organising one for the Reception Office, and found others being actually MADE for children to use in the Dining Area.     Can we actually complete it all by Monday?     Our Teachers, who have still been laid off without pay, are also here this morning, going through the new proceedures laid down, and now walking around the Classrooms that will be in use, with Anthony Ndungu the School Principal.     Very  encouraging to see them all here, anxious to resume work;  they are all amazing, and I must express to them all our very Thankful and Grateful appreciation of their loyalty to, and pride in, their School.

Life continues in other areas, quietly.    The Covid 19 continues to dictate a lot of change and a lot of frustration, but not nearly to the degree of many other unfortunate Nations on Earth!    Yesterday's figures for Kenya are - As at 9/10/20

Confirmed Cases        Recovered Cases      Inclusive of yesterdays Confirmed Cases of 442 out of

40,620                         30,876                      5,327, Tested.   Most of these new cases recorded  from                                                                             Nakuru,   Nairobi,  and Uasin Gishu in that order.

This is showing an increasing number,   but relatively not dangerously so.    

INSIDE Testimony Faith Homes we have recorded no Case so far, for which we are grateful, but we are aware that the incidence of recorded Cases is growing even in our area, and that with the Opening of School the risk of infection will rise, at least initially, for all of us and, to all intents and purposes, will  be forced to open up our previous state of Quarantine to the local world around us.

THERE HAS BEEN  HEAVY THUNDER STORM whilst I was typing this.  Everything is VERY WET, and outside is looking very grey and wintery.    But our winter should be giving way to Spring!    No!   IN FACT  here in Eldoret we have had a rather dull, cloudy and wet year.  Surely it HAS found the odd day full of sunshine and blue skies, but for the most part  there has been no HOT SEASON this year, and  it look as it it may con-tinue.    But we are GLAD to see plenty of rain this year, although it may well not be good news, at this time, for a good Maize and Wheat Harvest.  Now we wait for what could be a VERY dry  time.

AND NOW I AM SIGNING OFF  - maybe permanently. has changed a lot of its Settings and arrangements recently, and together with hundreds of others I am finding these changes too much to cope with.     I have found it impossible to properly Edit, and even Post my Blog for some time now, and although I have also tried to share my problems with the ' Managers' I have felt very unhelped  by them.     I have blogged since 2007 very happily, but not any more with them I think.   I may try to find another way.     

Esther and I are still well, and well occupied.     We will be delighted to reply to any who want to keep in touch and want to hear more about what is happening here.     We are much in prayer for all of you, wherever you are in our condemned world.     Revelation remains THE book in the Bible to READ and pray over.     There is so much there that reflects our world at this time, and also the mentality of mankind at this time.       BE READY for CHANGE.     It is coming soon.

Without love always in God and in His Son, JESUS

John, Esther, and Daryl Green, and ALL in Testimony Faith Homes Family 


Saturday, 19 September 2020


ALL REMAINS THE SAME. to some extent, and the School remains closed to the public.   Our own children from our four Family Homes are attending privately in the mornings only, Monday to Friday, but otherwise all is at a standstill.  (refer my previous blogs)

BUT, the latest news is that the Government will open Primary Class 8, the National Examination Class, in October.........AND ONLY if School Managements have been able to provide for all the laid down rules and procedures necessary, as laid down by Government.    This will include provision of properly spaced seating in class, and also outside.  ( this will class population my almost half, and need us to utilise accommodation not usually used).  Also provision of ONE 'Hand Washing Station' for every fifty students and staff in the School (in our case 16 stations), properly sited throughout the property.    This has to be effected BEFORE final permission to open publicly is granted.   In addition  a 45page  Booklet of instruction as to how children/teachers are frequently checked for any symptom of the Virus C.16 and thereafter duly monitored, has been issued to all Schools.      WE are not happy about any of it, and still fear that we shall nt manage to continue as we were, if at all!      

The major problem is for us to be able to see enough of our paying students from the locality being able to be admitted and paying, in order to allow the School Management to continue paying its commitment to the Bank, and to also permit payment of necessary Teachers Salaries.     For example even to open Class 8 alone will need almost a full compliment of staff to instruct and administer it.    To provide the overhead expenses we MUST have enough paying students to bring in the  income. 

Then again we have to update the way the School is set up, and find the money to do so,  BEFORE we can even be permitted to open.     We see possible delay after delay.      SO, for the moment, we feel unable to see clearly - and this in concert with most  of the rest of Schools both Government and Private - WHEN or even IF we can resume.       We may still have to consider re-tooling in order to recover our loses, and more immediately in settling our liabilities with the Bank which loaned a substantial amount to the School for building works repayable through expected School Fee collection.    Without this income we are faced with a problem.      ADDITIONALLY, if we are eventually unable to open the School, we shall then have to find alternative education for our children in other schools - if any will be having space for them, AND we shall have to PAY.        

Of  course we feel that a good part of our problem has been in allowing the School to take out Loans from the Bank in order to expand.      We should not have done this.   Better to have developed with less haste and contented.     BUT we did not.    We have had to learn the lesson the hard way - STILL learning it in fact!         We have laid all this out in front of the LORD, and we are Waiting upon HIM to deliver us in this situation - but we have also been willing to do what we can.    We have considered selling between half, or one, acre of our land.    This would go a long way to settling a large part of our problem, but so far ( in the present climate economically ) we have not found a buyer.     We do ask you all to PRAY for the School, and Testimony as a whole, at this time.

I also ask your understanding in not sharing all this a little earlier, but we were all  quietly in prayer, as we continue to be, and felt rather 'silenced' and rather chastened.    But we have not felt forsaken of God, and we still have enjoyed the assurance that we are walking still with the KING and that HE holds our hands.    We look for the salvation that we know is with Him, and we are not afraid.


AND WE ALL AS A FAMILY - in Testimony Faith Children's Family
ARE WELL, but still  rather locked IN.

WITHIN the Homes we have been kept healthy, with no one falling ill of ANY complaint, AND also fed and able to pay our way, as a united family.     The very visible and physical provision of all that we have need to live a quiet and happy life has only confirmed to us that JESUS hears our prayers and proves the Love of God to us through the loving care those who hear His Voice so faithfully send or bring to us.     We Lift up His Name, and as we do so we forget none that have sent in the mail, or brought to our very door, our daily bread and salvation.  In this we continue True to our name, and remain a Testimony to His Faithful Word as He first showed us in Matthew 6v6.    Hallelujah.

It is now now SIX months C.19 commenced.     The children could have become unruly, even rioteous, but instead they have risen to the challenge quietly and patiently.     Yes, there have been one or two who wanted to kick over the traces, but on the whole we thank God, for His Holy Spirit who has permeated our compounds.      As you know we privately opened  morning school classes for our kids, and it has been a real success and encouragement.      In the afternoons they play, and also offer themselves to any work or need they may find - and there is a steady stream, since we are now short staffed, and not able to apply to usual sources of help from the  town.     But it has been a joy, and has improved the entire atmosphere, taking us further in our dream of being a real 'family' unitedly together.
Right now I am typing this in a rain storm, as I sit on our veranda, but not far away a group of our teenage boys are busy building a shelter for firewood - very industrious and lots of laughter.   Children constantly running by me, coming and going from one home to other - all wanting to greet me, and some visiting Abigail in the house.    Everywhere activity and gladness, smiling faces and also happy voices.      As grandparents to so many I think Esther and I have a great time.
Our crops are growing, our cows are giving birth, and yielding more and more milk, and our hens our laying eggs.    Truly we are blessed.     Our Sunday Services are full of Praise, and the Word of God, and JOY.       Seventeen have asked for Baptism, in recent weeks, and we shall be making provision for them all quite soon.    And our Pastor and his wife have just celebrated their first year of being with us, and in proving their Calling into our midst.     We are so glad and thankful to God for them.


Confirmed Cases    36,709   including 148 as on the above date.

Recoveries              23,709   

Deaths        646


The Government is still taking the situation very seriously, but it does not look that serious to the man n the street - especially outside of Nairobi.

A good friend and brother in Christ sent me this item he found on You Tube which I have also viewed with interest.     I do not look at every Conspiracy Theory on this subject, but on the hand I have never felt satisfied at the official off load of information about this Virus.     I think this particular item is worth looking at - even especially now when it looks like the world is going crazy about it for a second time, and also considering the awful side effects of the Virus in the world around us.

Look up on the net - cummins    OR

I have found it on Face book here quite directly and easily

Ivor Cummins is Irish, and has gone to lot of trouble in his research.   He believes C.19 is just another Influenza virus, and that it is following what every other previous such Virus has done before, going well back hundreds of years.      He believes  we could have treated it just as any other previous Covid (Influenza) Virus, and we would still have seen as many deaths as we have actually seen before.     It looks as if we have been conned into treating this particular C.19 as something that it isn't, and exposing the whole world to unnecessary turmoil, and untold economic damage.      In these days we all need to take care the Enemy is not taking us ALL for a ride, and making us to be miss-led.


DARYL has his hands full these days with many things to think and pray about; we do commit him to you all that you might spare a prayer for him.     He is not so good at putting pen to paper as me, but he needs encouragement, especially now that I am less and less able to be in the midst of all he has to contend with.     

Esther and and I are fine and dandy.    God Bless you all.    We ALL send you are love in Jesus.

John, Esther and Daryl Green


Friday, 28 August 2020


opened on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, by her son, Edward, Prince of Wales in 1867.
On the Opening Day, Her Majesty was too emotionally overcome
to attend the Opening, remarking that it was not only a Memorial
to her husband, Prince Albert, but to the Constitution.
It has become a special British Landmark.
embracing not only British Ideals and Culture, but also
standing for all that is BRITISH, past, present, and future.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN INSIDE OF IT, nor have I even SEEN it with my eyes, in the flesh.  BUT I know it well, and the Promenade Concerts have been a constant happiness to me.    AND ESPECIALLY The Last NIGHT of the Proms, each year of my adult life.      On that Night I have ever been stirred with emotion.   I hope it was not the emotion of Pride, or Arrogance, but rather that of Affection, and Thanksgiving for all I have been given, and blessed with from growing up in such an ancient and historic nation that has, through the ages, stood for God and Freedom.  As a Nation we have fought many Battles to remain Free, and to help others to be free.    As a Nation we have endevoured to share our allegiance to Jesus Christ, and to present Him in the way we live and conduct our lives.       YES, OF COURSE, we have made mistakes, but we have never given up learning from those mistakes, without throwing away all record of our history, and social achievements.      As a British Citizen I do not approve of everything that has been done, or even taught at times, but Nations are not born perfect, and need room and space to GROW, especially in their humanity and love toward one another.      BUT I do not want NOT to see how we have progressed, and how we have pressed on toward the mark of our High Calling as Children of God.
I REJOICE in my earthly nationality, the Country of my Birth.     I rejoice in its fields, and forests, it mountains and hills.     And I rejoice in all the marks and memorials of its past, good and bad, and all that teaches about God's patience with us all; His long-suffering toward us as we so often seem never to to understand, ever blundering about in childish ignorance, and spiteful anger, as we still see through a glass darkly, not yet mature enough to SEE the truth.

AND NOW THE BBC WANTS US TO BACK DOWN from proudly extolling  the United Kingdom for fear of upsetting those who hang on to old wrongs and grudges, without understanding and without forgiveness.     Regretfully, even for fear of those born British, (and even  more those who have been welcomed in, and given all the rights of  those they now dare to vilify, without having contributed, in any way, to the Making and Mending, of  the NATION they now live in.     Fear of upsetting them, who have had no hand in building what they now abhor and condemn.         As a WHITE British Citizen married to a BROWN Kenyan Citizen I wonder what kind of mind, and heart we now should have, in order to acknowledge ourselves as being human!    Esther and I have spent 50 years teaching the children of Kenya to love and respect their Nation, to honour the Government, and to accept and learn from their History.   Kenya is a Nation of more than sixty ethnic nations all with their individual heritage, now living as one Nation - and STILL learning HOW to do it peacefully, lovingly, with a purpose of seeing UNITY bring nationhood, and so wipe away hate, jealousy, and every self righteous root of bitterness from the whole. 

IN 1969 there was an attempt to tone down the excitable national spirit scheduled for the Last Night of the Proms.  The BBC Proms Controller for that year, William Glock decided to remove Edward Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance No.1 from the program.   It was felt it might no longer be politically correct!    Public opinion in those days, as I believe it still will be, was so outraged, that Glock had to change his mind.     But to day we have more to contend with.    

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,
God who  made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.

What IS so wrong in wanting to appreciate one's Country and History?    If you, from another land and culture are offended, then surely the choice is yours, as to whether you embrace it or not, but you have little right to insist on imposing your opinion of it by force, causing civil strife and even damage, to emphasis your point of view.    WELL, but  surely, if we flout the idea, if we in our Glorying uphold appreciation of SLAVERY and SLAVERS, we must be wrong, and DO something about it?

NO, I DO NOT AGREE.     Every Nation has a right to its past, and the right to GROW through that past to greater heights of honour and Glory.   The right to LOOK BACK and to see how far they have come out of darkness, AND TO REJOICE IN WHAT THEY SEE, AND HOW IT CAME TO BE.

I REJOICE in England, the Land of  Alfred the Great,  Francis Drake, Florence Nightingale,
William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill, a host of endless personal hero's and heroins  YOU may not approve for some reasons - because you see only their mistakes and not their good.    NONE are perfect,  but we need to see, if we can, the good that men and women do.

IF I WERE IN ENGLAND, and in the Albert Hall, this year on the Last Night of the Proms, I would SING for all I am worth the words written in  memory of Alfred the Great, and WAVE the Union Flag of my Country .....
'Rule Britannia!  Rule the waves.
Britons never (never, never,) will be slaves.!

I hear the ROAR of the people, there with me......and I am swept up in the outrageous moment... and I will not be ashamed, or embarrassed about it, and there will be ENCORE upon ENCORE!

And I say to all the nationalities that might be with me - BE PROUD of the Country that bore you.  Pray for it, Believe for it, and be ready to help it ON, and to bring Honour, and Glory and HOPE to it,  and for it, in the Name of GOD ALMIGHTY.     

This is a photo of Dame Sara Connolly singing Rule Britannia, dressed as
Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar, on the Last Night of the Proms.
Roars of Approval from the Concert Goers!   Where they wrong?
Some will say Yes and some No.
But she had the right to be there and to be applauded,
as a nationalist, proud of her Country.


writing from Testimony Faith Homes in Kenya.
I love Kenya, but am also proud to be British without apology.
I am Glad to be a Christian heading home!
HEAVEN is my Home, and CHRIST JESUS is my KING!
YET, even so, I am GLAD, I passed through England, and the values I learned there.

God makes no mistakes in placing us in a Nation.
Not that we should be racist, but that we should learn and profit from it.
We are all just 'passing by' on the way home.

We all need to be Thankful more than critical.
We all need to make room for each other
and to love one another, and to enjoy one another's Nation
instead of pulling it down, in spiteful self appraisal.


I TRUST YOU WILL SUFFER this departure from my usual emphasis!

None of us chose where we were born,
and few of us know where we are going.
This is not the time to draw attention to our differences
but to admire our similarities.

Let us not view each other Racially, Politically, Religiously,
but with Equality, with long suffering, and God's Grace;
willing to repent of our self esteem that we may forgive 
each other their trespasses.
This is the Love of God

27th August 2020 A.D. 


Saturday, 15 August 2020


HERE WE ARE for our 49th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY today, the 14th August 2020   Pictured with our daughter Helen's baby girl, Abigail aged 6,   Three Happy Greens wearing very well, and still able to enjoy life here in Testimony Faith Homes.     Esther will be seventy six on Monday next week, just four years behind me, the Octogenarian!       We do Thank God, our Father in Heaven, and His Beloved Son, our Lord and Savior for having Kept us safe.    THREE shades of colour here, and all in love with each other, and glad to be ONE together.    A dear friend presented us with a beautiful Cake.    We did nothing special.    We were blessed to be able to speak with Steve, Michael, and Lizzy by video during the day,  and Manu also dropped in us during the morning.  It  was a good day, and we Rejoiced in it.

Well, right now in Testimony Faith Homes it is mid winter, and we are seeing a fair amount of RAIN,  delivered via HEAVY and UPROARIOUS Thunder storms, some of which last four or five hours at a time.   YET the sun DOES shine a little here and there, and we have often been able to sit outside on the Veranda, enjoying it's warmth, brilliance.      BUT for the last week it has also been exceptionally SILENT during the morning hours -  ALL our children have returned to SCHOOL.
NO - Kenya's Schools, Colleges and Universities all remain CLOSED till January 2021, BUT we felt that it was not a good thing to leave all OUR children idle, and forgetful, so our senior young people who have been in College and University, came to ask if they could open School for three hours a day just to keep minds alert and motivated.     The photo below shows the group that offered themselves, and  who have not been teaching for the past week in all classes from Nursery to Secondary Form 1V.

These EIGHTEEN, of our senior children, all studying in College or University,  have all been affected by C.19's interruption of their Courses, but are all very determined not to let it get them down, and want to make sure those in the family following them are not allowed to drop behind, and get a chance to finally re-open REAL School well prepared and full of confidence.
AND the children have all, with Glad excitement, risen to the challenge, and given themselves to attending classes with  full support and good will.   More than a hundred of them, all from our four families -
As you can see they make for quite a motley crowd, but all very happy, and glad to be alive and loved.     We took both photos last Monday Morning during a break in classes.    It is not a school as it would be in the normal way of things - just three hours,  8.45 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. 
But it will be enough to keep brains moving; a small stimulus that hopefully will save many from ending the year retarded.

I have just returned from what will be a Weekly Assessment  with all the 'teachers'.   They were all very happy with the past, initial, week, and full of determination to carry on until early December.  It was so good to see them all so encouraged and determined to carry on - even without any  reward!

Covid 19 AS ON 14TH AUGUST 2020 - including the day's count.
CONFIRMED CASES since March -   29,334
Recovered Cases...............................    15,298
DEATHS...........................................         465  

the days count as on the 14th August -      
New Cases Confirmed ..............................580
New Recovered Cases...............................198
New Deaths...............................................005

ONLY 4 new Cases in our County - possible a total of 12. altogether. and not in our immediate 


Officially we are still in Quarantine although there has not been one suspected case of C.19 found here since the onset.     Thus we are virtually Marooned here, but safe.      

God Bless you all.    I am sorry to have left being in touch over the last two weeks, but as I had warned everyone at the beginning of the year I cannot be sure of being as regular as before.  We appreciate all those who were aware, and who were keeping us all in prayer.   But we just found the days too full and my old head not so full of inspirational comment.    I like to share what might be relevant or at least interesting,       Our love in Jesus to you all, and our continued Thanksgiving for being Channels of His Blessing to us.      

John, Esther, and Daryl Green - and all the labourers and children with us in Testimony Faith Homes


Saturday, 25 July 2020


WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?     Well in modern terminology it is a demonstration to emphasise that 'Black Lives Matter' by going down on one knee.     I must confess, I am not too sure WHAT going down on one knee represents in this.    Is it supposed to be a sign of 'apology' for the past abuse, mistreatment, and even death of coloured people?    What is it?
The nearest, so far, that I have come to seeing a co-herant explanation has been in connection to an American Footballer - Colin Kaepererick who sat on the bench during the playing of the National Anthem as a protest.  He later changed this to just going down on one knee (?).   And since then it seems to have slowly adapted to a general symbol of 'protest'.    Kaepererick himself explained himself by saying "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppressesd black people and people of colour".   I am not sure if this covers every or any colour;  I mean even white is a colour!
ANYWAY, it seems that giving this 'image' speaks mainly of 'PROTEST' - possibly 'allegience' to a cause - in the current use 'Black Lives Matter' in particular.

In the old days of my youth ( and in this I rather sympathise with Dominic Raab )  one might have only associated such action to proposing to the love of your life, or showing allegiance to the Head of State.     It has now had to be commonised to include mass civil demonstrations, often accompanied with rioteous behaviour causing social insecurity.

What is wrong with our World?     There are so many serious matters that disturb mankind, and so many problems affecting civilisation in general.    YET the one that crops up the most - in every nation and tribe, is human discrimination.     It is commonly noticed under the word RACIALISM, but in fact it begins with our human cacpacity to individually peck and pick, and to bite and devour each other in critisism and judgment.     It is a universal and common fault in Men and Women - in MANKIND as a whole.    We find it hard if not impossible to love one another as we love ourselves;  that includes those of our own nationality, tribe or clan, AND those of another religion, political persuasion or colour.     It takes little to set one individual against another in their private opinion, if not in physical conduct.       SO WHY make it worse by finding those likeminded to accuse the rest?    For example Black lives Matter!   Yes they do, and it is true as a colour they have been abused and often marginalised.    They DO matter, and OUGHT to matter EQUALLY with those of any other colour - including, by implaccation, the 'superior', most blind and self-righteous Whites.      And let's face it not ALL blacks get on with each other, or value each other equally - YES, and not all whites speak well of other whit communities, or see them equally without critisism or prreference.       THERE ARE GLARING WRONGS, but they will not be put right by bitter, resentful, and often hate filled, civil (even 'peaceful') action that stirrs up even more disquiet and critisism.     The FLESH (the human selfish desire for justicie) is almost always without  true Righteousness or Loving kindness.    It is often more egotistical and unforgiving.

SURELY, if we all just concerned ourlselves with judging ourselves, individually, and apologising to one another for our wrongs done to one another, day by day, TRUSTING in each other's forgiveness, THEN we might truly learn to be kinder to one another.   After all we ARE all sinners;  we ALL do wrong.    We all make mistakes in our life and living from birth until death.   THUS Jesus teaches us to pray to GOD, our Father in Heaven - 'Foregive us our trespasses (against your law of love) as we forgive them that traspass against us.    Matthew 6v12      .
The harbouring of gievences and wrongs done to us only blocks the way for us to love those who trespass against us; and our unforgiving heart will seek only vengeance.   And, remaining in such a state can only set us up for further damage.   And so the more, regretfully, when this is found in those who have been taught the Christian Way of life as it pleases God.    For knowing the WILL of God they ignore it and act against it.   Created in the 'Likeness of God', we should all take care that we do not seem wiser than He IS, and and, if we say we believe in Christ our Teacher,  we should take added care to be found leaning to OUR OWN wisdom and understanding find and ourselves busy destroying our selves and each other.   We should take time to read and study the words of the New Testament of the Bible, in the Book of Hebrews12 v14-15 -
'Strive to live in peace with everybody, and pursue that consecration and holiness without which no one will ever see the LORD.      Exerecise forsight, and be on the watch to look after one another,  to see that no one fall back from, and fails to secure God's grace, His unmerited (undeserved) favour and spirsitual blessing, and in order that no root of resentment, rancour, bitterness, or hatred, shoots forth and causes trouble and bitter torment, and many become contaminated and defiled by it.' 
I was born in 1940, and lived through that  war to see the British people suffer fear and privation as the their young men and women faught to protect the freedoms of England's friends in  Europe, and their own from jubjugation and dictatorship.    Many faught with them.      At home those left to hold homes and families together, became as one big family, all  reaching out to each other, conscious of each others needs and heart aches, in ways that broke down all social and other barriers regardless of  education, ethnicity, or beliefs.    We were ONE nation.    Not perfect, but united.
Eighty yeares have gone by and I am 80, and Covid 19 Rules the world, and all nations are suddenly threathened with the possibility of extrinction on many fronts.     We now all need each other's good will and understanding.    We all need to pull together regardless of differences of ANY kind. 
BUT will we, can we, achieve it.       I believe it IS possible.     It is possible if your heart wants it.  God has been good to me, and given me a glimpse of how it can be.   I wrote about it in my Blog of June 27th this year.      MY testimony!   The testimony of a White British Citizen, brought up in England and educated in its History, and Politics, and happy that I did so.     I am proud of my Country and of its Flag.     I am one of those who always stood up to sing the National Anthemn at the end of a film at the Cinema, or drama in the Theature (as a mark of respect and allegiance the Queen who has been Head of State since I  was  twelve years old.     I regard the  heros and heroines that have gone before me - not counting their faults and failings for such are all of us.    I stood for Queen and Country  and in some way still do so, though for me has come a moment I have had to Look still higher to finally bow the knee and bow my head in submission, for now I have seen THE KING, the Lord of Hosts, Master of the Inuniverse and the Creator of the Earth we stand upon, and each one of us that walks and lives upon it.      I must honour where it is due down here, for God has even admonished me to do so, but my final fealty is to God in Heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord.    HE is the Prince of Peace.   HE is LOVE itself.    HE is full of mercy, and loving kindness, and it is his desire that I should be like HIM.        So though we all walk yet again in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil - for HE is with me.    COVID 19 should be pulling us all together, and nearer to God.      Can we now in 2020 find ourselves suddenly desiring it - before there are none of left?   THEN it is time we stopping shouting at each other.    We all stand condemned, but we can still help  each other to survive
I   Thank God for His Patience with me, and I thank God for my history - for it has been a learning process, and is still going on now in a very different world to the one I was born into, and a very different location.      My wife and I still live among a crowd of black and brown Kenyans, Africans all from different tribes and backgrounds.    I am English, She is Kikuyu.   We have two of our owns sons.   Both have married Kenyan girls from different tribes.   Our Daughter has married an Indian.  We see that living here has broken down tribe and colour barriers.    They do not exist.   If here in our tiny little enclave in East Africa, why not in the whole of  Kenya,  the rest of Africa, the World?

YES Black Lives Matter!    It is essentially true that this is understood and acted upon.
BUT Brown, Olive, Yellow, Pink and White lives ALSO MATTER. and it is important that this is even MORE understood.     We MATTER  - all of us all together - none more, or LESS  than the other.
LET US SEE people laying down their flailing, threathening arms;  let us cease to hear, any more, the loud, uncharitable chants, slogans, and primitive vocabulary of those interested in nothing but their own notoriety.       There is nothing truly beautiful or humanly attractive in it.   Nothing commendable.    Nothing Hopeful.     I cannot approve it.  It is not of God,  and is not His Way.
Part of the Testimony Family - still growing together more and more.
A WEEK has again gone speedily, and we are all remaining well, Thank God.     But, of course we are still all at a standstill, as it were.    The School still closed and empty of life.   Our teachers still away, unpaid and unemployed, and finding life more than challenging.     We are still supposed to remain on campus with our children, no one in or out except for special needs.   The Weather still rather uncheerful with lots of rain, cloudy skies and cold temperatures.    But we all have found ourselves in high spirits and happiness all together.        It is the end of the month, and we all wait upon the Lord to bring us safely through into the  month of August - our special month.

C.19 figures have been going up, and there has been a kind of hype of anxiety everywhere - though to my mind nothing has in fact changed.      Here at the figures as they were late on 24th July.

Total Cases Confirmed             Total Recoveries   Deaths
           16643                                     7446                274

Number are still increasing day by day, and we are now waiting to see it we peak in August as predicted.      If not then we will all have to think again.       There was to be a further report on Monday next week, but it has been delayed.     It is expected that if numbers do not abate then further
Lock Downs can be expected.      We look to God keep us safe and fearless.

We have you all in our hearts as we pray, and we  believe the Lord our God will hear our prayers and watch over your all.    With our Love and Thankfulness for your continued care of us in His Name, and on His behalf.

John Esther, and Daryl Green, and all with us in Testimony Faith Homes, Kenya

Saturday, 18 July 2020



Daryl, Jeremy, Dad, James, Jesse, Erica, Mum, Helen, Abby and Becky

We do not often get a photo of us all together, and even this photo is minus Edward, Daryl's Brother who was not able to be with us on this occassion. He is employed in our  Maintenance Dept., and lives on the Jacaranda Compound.   Daryl, and his family, live about five kilometers away from us.
Jeremy is in Form 3 in our School,  Jesse is in his last College year in Nairobi, Erica in Primary 3 in our School, and Becky is in College in Nairobi training as a teacher.   Esther and I are still in Green Cottage here on the Testimony Compound, and James ,(Manu), is living away from us on the other side of Eldoret.   He is still  unemployed due his many medical problems, incuding the partial loss of more than 50% of hs eyesight, Diabetis, and Epilepsy.  Helen is teaching Nursery School here with our School, and  her six year od daughter, Abby, is in Class 2 of Primary.      The REST of our Family, Steven, Michael and Elisabeth all away in the UK, and the current Covid 19 makes us all feel even further apart.     BUT we are all in close contact, and we Thank God for it being so.
ALL our wider family of children and their |House Parents are all well and happy. We have currently 120 children in the four Homes..    This week one of our eighteen year old boys was sent away by Daryl, due to Theft; he had been found breaking in to the School Store to steal a computer..  This was the second time he had been involved in theft.   He is not the first of his age group to be sent away due to miss behaviour of some kind in recent months.    Daryl's reasoning in this, is pretty well the same as George Muller of Bristol's who firmly believed that to leave a bad apple in the barrel would endanger the rest.      God has not spoken to me in the same manner.      And when I became Engaged to Esther, and after much discusssion, we agreed that the children God brought to our door, we would welcome in as part of our  own family, and they would remain with us till they could leave independently,  and on their own feet.    This was not conditional on their behaviour.    Love is unconditional, and we felt it was part of our Vison to provide a secure and safe base for children to grow up in, and for us to have the patience to endure.      First we have to understand clearly that we are ALL sinners, prone to sin from birth, and secondly we cannot heal ourselves, and cannnot KNOW when any of us will be sorted out and given power to live a perfect life.     I must have patience with my brother, sister, son, daughter, as MY Father Heaven has patience with me,  willing even to 'die' for me.     This is loving my neighbour as myself.j      SO - yes we have not been able to do this perfectly.
We have seen times when patience wore thin, and on three ocassions over 50 years, among some 90 children, that lived and grew up with us, we have said 'Enough is enough' and had three of our children taken to Approved School   -   from which they ran away  - back to US.    And we took them back in.      We have seen some finally leave us still very persuaded of their own way and life style, and one or two have died  in their thieving, drug taking, and alcoholism..... But they stayed with us until they found work, and left able to fend for themselves.     They had no other home and no other parents who cared  about them, living or dead.     We have for the  most part kept in touch with nearly all of them and have been able to be with some who on their death bed, assured us that they had believed in God, and the Love of Jesus in dying for their error and sin.        Had we judged them too harshly we may never have had such joy in seeing even one of their lives turned around to face the Cross, and reach out for Salvtion.      'NEVER, NEVER, give up' said Winston Churchill, and he was right, and will always be right to have said it.     And LOVE will ALWAYS find a way through, to peirce the stubborn heart into seeing and feeling new.    As St. Paul says in 1. Corinthians 13 'LOVE (God's patient care and mercy) bears ALL things, and it will NEVER FAIL.      And that has to be TRUE even if my eyes may not live to see it come to pass down here!!

SO we are plodding on.    Has our original Vision changed!   I do not think so.   Are we in danger of wandering from the path laid down for us here in Testimony, when it began?    If we are, then one day we may no longer be able to sincerely call ourselves a HOME, a shelter and refuge, to those who have lost, or never even known, such a benefit.     We may have just become another secular instituion without a heart.
But the God who started us off, IS still with us, and gives us living proof of it day after day, and HE will in patience and love make sure we do not lose our way -  or our Testimony.    PRAY for us all, for we are needy, and want to please HIM.



Another week has passed by, and Covid 19 still is taking lives, and infecting more and more.

Cases Tested       Cases Positive     Fatalities
233,641                   12,062                222           as at 17th July - Friday.

This is an increase of some 27,057 Cases tested since last week and an increase of 2,614 confired Cases over the previous week.     Plus 41 more deaths over the same period.
SO FAR only one reported confirmed Case in our Uasin Gishu County.


However, it is yet to be seen exactly HOW it will do so.

Most Governments are pushing to lift Lock-downs in their respective Countries, in an effort to save their Economies - and this at the risk of even seeing further waves of Infection as a result.    And, indeed, hundreds of new Outbreaks or 'waves' of this Virus are being reported where lock-down has been lifted or seriously relaxed.    Is the 'risk' justified, if multiplied deaths are to be the fruit?   Either way, in my opinion,  whether we remove all 'bans' or whether we retain them and see greater economic hardship, we will still be faced with more fatalaties than we need to expect. 
SINCE the onset of this Pandemic it seems to me that the World Media, as well as individual Governments have appeared to HYPE the situation more and more.    A kind of universal agreement to brainwash the masses into believing the worst, no matter what.     Or, as one brother, this week confided to me - 'We are being culled!  There is a conspiracy to reduce world population before all is out of control.'     Be that as it may, this would not be the first time that the world population has been threatened with hyped up news forcasting irriversable catastrophe caused by disease.
"In 1997 we were told that BIRD FLU could kill  millions worldwide - it did not happen.
In 1999 E.U. Scientists warned BSE could kill up to 500,000 people - fortunately only 177 died of vCID.    
The first SARS outbreak of 2003 was reported as having a 25% chance of  killing tens of millions, and being worse than Aids.    
In 2006 there was another bout of Bird Flu which was declared the first Pandemic of the 21st century;   the scars of 2003. 2004, and 2005 having failed to meet their body counts."     This gives us a picture of progressive public scare mongering.
"in 2009 pigs replaced birds, and the BBC announced that SWINE FLU 'could easily explode'  and it was suggested that 65,000 in Britain alone might die."  (Simon Jenkins in the Guadian of 6//3/2020)

ON MONDAY OF THIS WEEK - 13th July  - watching SKY NEWS during the evening, still in Lock-down, here in Testimony Faith Homes, Eldoret, Kenya, we found ourselves encouraged by an update on what we could expect should we catch the COVID 19 Virus - and painfully survive.    The presenter was very enthusiastic in informing us that there could be worse things ahead - even if we did come through hospitalisation.  It had now been ascertained that the Virus could seriously affect a number of our internal organs, such as Heart, Kidneys, Lungs plus, plus, and even weaken them, and causing further serious, if not fatal, medical conditions.    The presenter seemed quite unconcerned by any of this, and did a good job of consisely unloading it on the already depressed public.    SKY NEWS is basically Covid 19 these days, and it is a kind of labour of depression and negatism.  DEATH to MILLIONS was surely enough of an inital scare, but now, even if you survive, the lasting affects of having  the Virus might still kill you, or blight your life for decades.   

It is little wonder that the latest hot topic is MENTAL HEALTH;  the world is falling apart materially and spiritually, and it seems more by design, than by accident.    And, worldwide, there is an increase in the suicide rate, especially among the young.    It is as if the bottom has dropped out of life, meaningful life.    Nothing feels secure or permenant any more, as if the whole world is poised and waiting for the NEXT step........
NOW IS THE TIME TO TURN TO GOD, and to bring Him into our lives.