Thursday, 9 April 2020



TONIGHT, as I write, on Thursday, 9th April, each of our five families here in Testimony will be individually remembering the Last Supper eaten by Jesus with his Friends    They came to remember Passover, the deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt.    But there was a great difference since this time the Passover Lamb slain for our sins was present, and it was the prelude to an even greater Deliverance, and entrance into a new life.    JESUS would next day become the Passover Lamb killed on our behalf in order to make atonement for all our sins.     There was of course Roast Lamb on the table today, and it was a token of a need to obtain strength and energy to live a very demanding future.     And the Blood of that lamb was painted on the doors and door frames of each family as a sign to protect them from God's Wrath.      JESUS had said that He had longed to share this Passover with the disciples -- it was very special.   It was so much MORE than the memory of what happened in Exodus 12.     WE have lamb on the table tonight, and some bitter herbs, and some unleavened bread.      A spur to remind ourselves that we should ever be READY to leave our old ways and quickly turn to a NEW life......       Once the main meal is over we all share a little left over bread and some juice and bring Jesus, our lamb of sacrifice into view.    How greatly God our Father loves us, and how he longs to see us turn from death to LIFE.
In that night before Good Friday they must have had many heavy overtones.   There was some real apprehension and anxiety as to all of their futures - but it was the THRESHOLD of real JOY and HAPPINESS
For us it is - especially this year at this time, an opportunity to put our homes and families under the blood of God's Lamb, trusting that when Trouble, even the Threat of Death, SEES the Blood, it will be diverted from us and pass by, leaving us untouched; REDEEMED out of the hand of the Enemy.    Oh Death, where IS your sting...Oh V.19 where is your is your victory now?     YES if we only BELIEVE in Jesus, THEN we shall be SAVED.

As Jesus sat with his disciples that night, long ago, it was shadowed by a sense of anxiety and loss.    But to us now, looking back and seeing what was to happen, it is like a prelude to happiness that will never be taken away from us.    Pure Joy and SECURITY both now and into Eternity.        For us all as we gather our families about our table with Jesus our unseen Guest, we are  QUICKENED  to apprehend such confidence and faith.

YES INDEED, He who is our Salvation is with us still, and ALIVE.     The disciples sensed they would LOSE this One they trusted with their lives; in the One who commanded the wind and the waves of every storm, who healed, and brought peace and sanity to the mentally disturbed and possessed of demons.     HOW could they do without Him?    It must have been a VERY heavy evening - right into the night and the MORNING to come.
AND JESUS as killed, and buried, and they all thought their end had come, and that there was no future bearable without HIM      BUT he was NOT DEAD.    We are told that after his DEATH he decended into HELL, but even there He could not be in 'locked-down'   HE AROSE,
and proved Himself untouched by death, but powerfully ALIVE, and able to  walk and talk with ANY who will Believe in Him, and receive Him into their lives. today.
In JESUS CHRIST we see the evidence of DEATH  being swallowed up  in Victory.     What then shall we fear?    Shall we fear COVID 19?     Is this 'virus' more than GOD?    No, it HAS to be that GOD is more than the virus, and in the Name of Jesus Christ it must yield to God.
YES, right now the whole wide world is seeming to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death  -   and it is FEARING - it is falling apart at the seams with worry - there is no way out, and nowhere to run to!!!!

NO this is not necessarily so - ANYONE can come to  GOD in Jesus Name, and find a hiding place from their greatest fear; a secure fortress to protect them from the fiercest onslaught upon their life.    Remember we are told that Jesus Name declares that God is With Us.
IF God IS with us, then who and what can succeed against us?    NOTHING.     FEAR NOT, THEN, for God IS with us  - ALL of us who have believed in Who He is, and what he purchased for us all upon the Cross.        JESUS will turn everyone's NIGHT into a Glorious DAY if they will only BELIEVE 

THIS EASTER, SECURE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR HOME.     Read, and prayerfully consider the whole of Psalm 91    ALL of it needs to be read and trusted - look at just these few promises found in verses 9-11 -
Because you have made the LORD, which is my Refuge,
even the Most High, your habitation,
There shall no evil befall you, neither any plague come near your dwelling.
Because He will give His angels charge over you,
to keep you in all your ways.
AND in verses14-16
 BECAUSE he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him,
and set him on high, because he has known my
He shall call upon me and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him, and honour him.
With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation


WE remain - both our compounds - to be locked down.    No one in or out except for truly ESSENTIAL purposes.    School still closed, all shops shut, except for essentials and at certain hours.
All churches closed for public meetings, all others public meetings suspended.    No one to be without a MASK in any public place.     NAIROBI, is under a tight TOTAL lockdown, as also Mombasa and other adjacent counties.     A NATIONAL Curfew remains  in place as from 7 a.m. to 5.30a.m.    184 confirmed Cases of Covid 19 as of today, and 7 deaths.     NO confirmed cases on this side of the Country.      We thank God so far and see every reason to believe onwards for the BEST.
We ourselves are all well, and at piece.   God has blessed us with wide space to walk and play in so on the whole no one is too depressed - ALTHOUGH     With all our School children out of school, and all our College and University students home and unable to foresee how long they will be out for.
the majority are feeling unsettled.     Nevertheless they have buckled down to the situation as it is, and are all in general good spirits.       We want to Thank all of you who continue to  pray for us and for our needs, and for all the many who have in faith endeavoured to help us materially.     We rejoice to be all in good health, and spiritually rejoicing and expecting great things.     THIS 'war' is not ours and it will not be won by us.    But it will be won.    Hallalujah.       We cannot but be glad to see and hear of so much humanitarian goodness rising up in the world to fight this attack on our race, but i am sorry to see little sign of a rising Faith in GOD to deliver us.       Perhaps gradually we shall hear MORE calling upon HIM, and more testifying to HIS Salvation.

WE PRAY for you all, and for the world at large.     Our children pray for you.
And though we all may be under attack and in bondage to human endeavour,
we believe and KNOW that all who lift their eyes to HIM
in and by His Name

With all our love in Him fro
John, Esther, and Daryl Green, our staff and all the children

Saturday, 28 March 2020


LATE WEDNESDAY EVENING, another of our trees lost its main trunk after about 80 years of existence.   It fell abut twenty meters from the main house, bringing down with it, the 3 phase Electric cable into the compound  - two sizable Poles and about 100x3 meters of cable.  It also put Testimony House, Green Cottage, the School Offices, and the Bakery all out of commission!
LOOKING from the other direction, you can see the south side of Testimony House, and also the main fifty foot trunk of the tree as it fell.
It was not a comparatively BIG tree, but it made a mess of the Power Line, in from the local Transformer.
The tree was probably about 80 years old, and would have matured when it was twenty.   It was a Pink Peruvian Pepper Tree.   Described in some places as 'ornamental', it was not very pretty, and did not produce pepper as might be supposed from the name.    It DID, though, smell peppery at times - from the pink seed and even the leaves.
The next photo shoes the root - actually it seemed to have been eaten away, and there was just a kind of empty hollow where root should have been.    We read later that this tree is known to have dubious roots, and that such trees easily fall in a wind - or even on a still night.
We shall not plant another of the same variety.  But we WILL plant something new where it stood.
Well, on Thursday morning Daryl got to work trying to get the power back on, but first the tree had to be chopped up in order to free the cables, before Power and Lighting would agree to come and replace broken power poles and fittings.
We were unable to find anyone to come in before 3.30 in the afternoon, and then it RAINED.   The poor many finished the work, but he did was not able to leave before 6.30.    Then it was too late to get the Power and Lighting Co to come in.     They finally arrived on Friday morning about 12,30 p.m. They did a speedy and good job  and were gone, with power back on by 2 p.m.    And we were lucky because Power & Lighting for our County has only ONE Emergency Maintenance Team, and they are not ALL full time due to the new situation brought on by the VIRUS!      We could easily have been waiting for the for a week!!!
((As on Friday evening Kenya had announced 35 confirmed cases and ONE death.     And also from today the President has proclaimed a national curfew from 7 p.m. to 5.30 a.m every day for the next fortnight.    All eating places, have now been closed,  and supermarkets open only special hours.  NONE of us has been unwell at all, and the children are managing to cope with being cooped up within our two compounds.    I mean we have 11 acres altogether, and most of it is open for walks and also recreation.    We are fortunate.    We all pray on with the nation for the LORD to step in and save us all, worldwide.      It is quiet though - with the School shut down, and all our daily domestic and other help sent home.     And suddenly the sun has disappeared again and we are back to clouds and rain.))
AND TODAY, as I was getting up ANOTHER branch of another tree, closer to Testimony House, fell close to one of the NEW power poles put up yesterday afternoon.  It did no damage to it, but it was close - AND few light fronds of a branch managed to entangle themselves once more with the actual Power CABLES that also were put back up again yesterday.       This is the work of the Devil? Maybe - It is the result of leaving a parasite in place.   We first began to encounter it here in 2015.  I wrote about it in the Blogs for January 2015.   These were two photos I took at that time.
The Parasite is known as PHRAGMANTHERA CORNETII. We found no remedy apart from a severe cutting out whenever we could.  But some plants were too high and out of safe reach.
It has INCREASED since then, and it now seems as if some more drastic action must be taken. Even the removal of an entire tree - especially if it is growing near buildings that may be at risk from falling branches or limbs.    This mornings Fall, was of a branch almost wholly taken over by the Parasite, more in mass than the host branch.    Its weight alone made it fall    -    and it now looks as if we have to call out the Team again from Power and Lighting to attend to the entangled Cables.    I am sure they will not be very happy about it.    Neither are WE!
It continues to rain, and to be cloudy still.    Not too cheerful, but today the children can be busy clearing all the debris from the trees away.     We plan to get CHARCOAL from most of  - it is very expensive right now and in daily use.    We may be able to get at least a month's supply.   Waste not 
want not, so they say, and certainly live close to wanting these days.    But Father is taking care of us.

Last week Abbie had her 6th Birthday, and I thought you might like to see a bunch of her friends from the Homes who are in her age group, and attended her party.    We used our Veranda as the venue and I think they all enjoyed themselves very much indeed.   Cake made by Helen, Abbie's Mum.
The 'small's usually have a party in their family Home, and there is a cake and soda and so on.  So everyone gets to remember their Age each year and to have a little enjoyment and gaiety together.
Even the older ones as well, though often they share a day in their month with others, whose day falls in that particular month.   130 odd
 Birthdays a year!!   Wow.
The World may have shrunk for us, confining us,  but we still find peace and joy with Jesus in our midst.    NOW not even Manu can visit us from outside.     But we are very much in touch still.
In touch with many round the world outside as well, and perhaps it is even better this way since we seem to hear and write more than we did.

The 'War' continues?  Yes, but really the VIRUS has only opened our eyes to just how willing and prepared we all needed to be, even before it came on the scene.     It is after all, only another weapon to be overcome, and WE all, like good soldiars have to labour on, and to face up to every new aspect of the Enemy's enmity that he brings against us.     It is not that he should WIN, nor that we should be overcome, but that we might continually realise  where our Strength comes from, and how that we must always pick ourselves up to GO ON.       We, here in our self isolation, have felt safe and well.   It is beginning to sink in that we DO NOT HAVE TO CATCH CORONA 19 AT ALL.     Trust and Obey is excellent advice both spiritually and from a secula point of view.

Every Bless, as we pray on and keep each other in mind.

John, Esther, Daryl and all at Testimony.

Saturday, 21 March 2020


TODAY, IN KENYA, a Call has gone out to all Kenyans.     A Call TO PRAY, and to ask God to cover us all with His Protection and Healing; that Corona 19 will pass over us without hurt or harm!
SOME are saying that it is a waste of time; that God is outside of the problem, and it is pure myth to believe in Him, or that He can deliver anyone, let alone a Nation, from the ravages of a Virus like C19. 
Another has sneered at the idea saying God will not hear.      BUT the Bible clearly  tells us of those who, believing in His Word and Written Promises, stood up and PROCLAIMED their Faith, and saw the clear evidence that God not only heard their prayer, but ANSWERED them;    and these were men and women who stood entirely alone, on their own, in prayer, yet God, hearing them, was moved to Action - even on behalf of a whole Nation.
YESTERDAY, Kenya Government stated that currently only SEVEN cases of C19 had been confirmed, and NONE of them had died.       ALL cases that have risen in excess of the seven have proved to be Negative.       BUT the people are mostly believing for the worst, and there is a great deal of panic and apprehension in the Country.     The Government is acutely aroused and taking as much preventive action as they can.    All Schools, Colleges and Universities are shut, and all gatherings of more than 100 have been closed down, across the board, including sport fixtures.   AND a great deal more.    TODAY we, Testimony Faith Homes have become 'self isolated' - on the advice of our local Social Services Department     Only the Children in the Homes, their houseparents, and me and Esther are residential here, and unable to go in and out except for food needs.    No Visitors are allowed.      All day to day staff who come in to work daily, have now been laid off, and told to go home to be with their families, although we shall still keep them employed and pay their salaries.      We are told this might continue indefinitely - perhaps  to Christmas and beyond.     BUT does it have to?     If we ALL pray, then surely God  will hear and intervene, and deliver us from all our fears?   IF WE BELIEVE.
WE have individually and together been praying since the Outbreak began.     We believe God HAS heard our prayers.       SO why call the Nation to Pray today?   To   teach and remind us all that we all NEED to have God not only with us, but IN us, as we recognise our weakness without Him, and confess it, and cast all our trust in HIM alone to see us through ALL .      KENYA is looking to God.

Opposite is an arstist's impression of what Elijah the Prophet may have looked like.  A  countryman from the country, a shepherd, unknown, poor, unlearned - but a man who believed in and trusted in God.     He talked to this God, and God talked back.    And Elijah, an ordinary commoner, and a diamond in the rough, was ready to put his whole life on the line for God.       When he, rough and ready in his working clothes, travel stained and perhaps even dirty, burst into the Palace of  Ahab, King and Ruler of Israel, and unannounced,  rudely told this King as he sat in his throne,  -  ' There shall not be dew nor rain these years except by my word (my prayer)'    he showed his courage and the power of his convictions toward God.   The land was already dry and parched, rain having already ceased to fall for some months.
He then turned and left the Palace, and could not be found.    The furious and apprehensive King searched for him everywhere in anger, and perhaps fear.      But Elijah was not afraid nor fearful, and trusted in God completely.      A powerful man?   No, a man like each of US, full of human faults and failings, BUT he trusted in God, and in His Mercy.       JAMES, the brother of Christ, in his Letter chapter 5v17-18 suggests that if Elijah, a man just like any of us, could speak for  God and see God back up his words, then so can ANY one of us, with  similar simple faith - faith that with God nothing is impossible.

It is good to pray and fellowship together and to encourage each other in the things of God, but we do not need to wait for two three, or even a crowd in order to stand before God, and  share the burdens of our heart with him, whether relative to our very selves, or even for the world at large - and even for our Nation.       We do need individual, solitary, MEN and WOMEN to stand in the GAP left in our society by faithlessness and apostasy.         Don't wait to be perfect, be bold and courageous and having admitted your sins be a ready WITNESS for God in your home, job, locality, and Nation.     If ONE of us that are called by the Name of Jesus can do such Wonders, how much MORE can be achieved when we join all together, with united voices and our Faith.      Let us Go To It, nothing fearing for we shall not be alone but with God, and His Host surrounding us and backing up our Witness.

Meanwhile we STAND.     Our local Supermarket remains with all its shelves well supplied, and little current evidence of panic buying, at least for the moment.     We know of course that our initial experience of C19s has until now been slight, but that this in no way assures us  that it has gone away.  We are not standing proudly, but  many ARE believing confidently, that God Will intervene.           Brother and Sisters we also pray for you, and for rest of our suffering and buffetted world and we pray that many more will come to trust the living God, and so find peace and safety that can only be truly known when we have come to KNOW Him personally,  for ourselves.

THIS snug and cuddly little bundle had just been born six years ago on the17th March 2014.    She was named Abigail, and is the daughter of our adopted daughter Helen.    This year Helen moved from Nairobi where she had been teaching and joined Testimony Nursery School, with Abigail joining Grade 1 of the Primary School.      And so, of course just this week she became the memorable age of SIX, and just for a day became a princess and the focus of interest.     She managed to have a party with some of her friends from the Homes, even though her class mates had mostly gone home from the School which had just closed the day before.    Abigail is a bright and intelligent child and regretfully managed to find a way to wrap her grandparents round her little finger.     But she is delightful to be with, and a great joy and blessing to us two oldies.      We realise just how much we had missed seeing our other four grand-children living in England grow up.   Although these days, unless families all live together, it seems that the speed and fullness of life can still  make you miss seeing much.     Daryl's children, Jesse, and Becky, both seemed to be adults before we realised what had happened.    But his  youngest, Jeremy and Ericka, are still at home with him, and we see them a little from time to time.     Life just seems to have become so full of activities.
Helen and Abigail live normally about three kilometers away, and come to school every day,
However, now with all the upheaval and new Regulations that have come in with C29 we think they may stay with us until things return to normal, and at least until the School opens once more.     At least here she has the other children of her age to play with, and that will help Helen not to be too alone and away from family and friends that are here with us.


OUR HEARTS ARE WITH YOU ALL, and of course with all those we do not know, who are also living in turmoil and pain.      We see the documentation of it all on SKY news every day, and we are often caught up in it all.      We see the awfulness of what is happening in Italy, and its effect of it upon all those other places that C19 has suddenly arisen is more than frightening.    We feel the effect of it and also have had to consider how much our way of life here may have to change.   Income has dropped, but so far we have managed.    We have no power or influence over income; we never have had.   We share our needs as always, just with our Father in Heaven.      He has always seen us through the many un-foreseen events that have tended to challenge our safety.    We are quite confident that this event, though larger than anything we have come against before, will not prevent God from making sure we will be safe.      We are still together, even when a year ago we thought the Kenya  government might scatter us all to wind.      We will stay together and STAND and SEE the Salvation of God upon Kenya and upon ourselves here in Testimony.     Only Pray for us, and Praise God for His Mercy and Provision toward us.     Thus shall WE also come forth singing!!!.

God Bless you all continually.     We have you all in mind, and our prayer and companionship in Jesus is for ever keeping you  in our thoughts and in our hearts.     What a great wonder that He loves us all so  much, and  never tires.

Our love day by day wings its way to you always in JESUS Name

John, Esther, Daryl and all at Testimony Faith Homes.                 



Saturday, 14 March 2020


THE NOTICE ABOVE appeared on the 13th March.    And thus we also, together with so many others, begin to feel the threat of Covid 19 at all our doors.     It took some time coming.  But now we have to face it.     So far this is the only confirmed case, but the lady mentioned above travelled quite extensively before she was discovered with the virus.   She came in contact with countless others.  From Nairobi - even to our own area of the Country, and in concert with others she travelled with.  It is more than probable that others will soon report symptoms and be found infected.     And so the pattern will follow what has happened and is happening in the rest of the world................

THIS is a photo, taken today, just outside our prayer room and Pastor's office. is of one blossom of a double Hibiscus - fresh unspoilt, and beautiful.  One look and all thought of The Virus is replaced by Happiness and Thanksgiving - all the 'darkness of the day' just flees away!   The God who created this is all around us - He is within reach, and He has promised to heed our call, and to rescue us from all our fears.  Looking around us here, no matter what may happen, we are in no way alarmed or disturbed, but only assured of His Presence with us, and with ALL those who like  who trust in Him.  He is our Light and our Salvation.     We will not live in the darkness, but flood the day ahead with the LIGHT of God that surrounds us all, if we would just open our eyes.   He will ever keep the Darkness at bey, and deliver us from death.

To the Right is a photo of a cluster of Jacaranda Tree blossom, just opened, new and delicate upon the bough.     Such a delight to see!  Fairy bells of an almost translucent blue, nestling among the fronds of green filigree   -   What a wonder, what an uplift, and suddenly Heaven is all around us, and the world itself fades and somehow ceases to exclude the fact of GOD all around us.    Surely, we have NO excuse not to believer in HIM.     I am just walking round with my camera, taking a photo of anything that calms my spirit, and refuses to let me be pressed down with negative and apprehensive thoughts.
God is a JOY forever.    An EVERLASTING and continual PRAISE

AND HERE AGAIN, serenely at peace amid the trees, and established lawns, is Testimony House, built a hundred years ago with mud and timber by adventurers from the Cape Province in South Africa; Boars seeking a new life and a new beginning - a man, his wife, and seven daughters.  A house and garden that has seen much change, and challenge, yet still remains undisturbed.

THE NEXT PHOTO shows the parking area in front of the School Office.   A view showing the historic cacti bushes, well over 70  years old, and the School staff rooms and  parade ground beyond the driveway - and even a fairly modern 'Tuc-tuc three wheeler driving away with a visitor.   It all looks so permanent so established so very SURE......
AND SO IT ALL IS,  until the moment it will change, and change will come one day, some time...
But we cannot sit or mope around imagining how or what the change might be, or when it will come. NO we must not be stopped, paralysed with morbid thoughts, we MUST go on s if nothing will or can interrupt the future, and accept to meet change when and if it comes. Even Death we must accept as having its Day.   But I must not therefore sit down and wait for it, as if there is no reason to LIVE until the day comes.     NOW I have life.    It is no accident that gave it to me; no careless Creator that caused me to be made.      It was given to USE, and to prosper with.
It was meant only to be an appetiser for even more; for a life never ending, and everlasting, a life led on and on, through countless change and challenge, into the mysteries of the Universe.      With GOD by our side and in our thoughts there is nothing that can by any means prevent it - nothing that can or will separate us from it.     Whatever human or other threat of evil or disaster come upon us, we can find REFUGE - a place of safety and defense- against it in God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.  HE is our strong tower, our Shield, our Hiding Place.    ALL those who approach God for Salvation HE will protect, deliver, and SAVE, to the uttermost.  I have commended the reading of Psalm 91 to many, and I do so again here.     There are many scriptures I might consider mentioning, but this one is the most applicable to this Time, and in studying it can speak much to each and every heart that turns to him for help and assurance.

TODAY THE SUN IS SHINING AGAIN.      A truly Summer Day, warm and golden.
Daryl returned to us yesterday, refreshed and ready to get back into harness.   We were all glad to see him, and he was able to be with us yesterdday as we officially said farewell to our departing Primary School Headmaster and welcomed in the new.
AND as we enter another week, we do so hand in hand with JESUS.    However unexpected or startling tomorrow may be, it will be faced with JESUS standing with us..     Why should we fear?

WHY should we fear the darkest our, Or tremble at the tempter's power?
JESUS vouchsafes to be my TOWER.

Though hot the fight, why quit the field?  Why must I either fly or yield
Since JESUS is my mighty SHIELD.

When creature comforts fade and die,  Worldlings may weep, but why should I?
JESUS still LIVES, and still is nigh.

Though all the flocks and herds were dead, My soul a famine need not dread.
For JESUS is my living bread.

I know not what may soon  betide,  Or how my wants shall be supplied,
But JESUS knows, and will provide.

Though sin would fill me with distress,  The throne of grace I dare address,
For JESUS is my righteousness.

Though faint my prayers, and cold my love,  My steadfast hope shall not remove
While JESUS intercedes above.

Against me earth and hell combine, But on my side is power divine.
JESUS is all, and HE is mine!

John  Newton

John Newton - 1725-1807
I have had cause to read or sing this hymn many times in my life, and have often quoted from it from time to time in this Blog.     I have quote it in full today.     I am sure at everyone will find at least one of its verses an inspiration and encouragement,.

With our continued Love and Affection to all, in Jesus Name,

John, Esther, and Daryl Green


Saturday, 7 March 2020


RICHARD KIMANI WAWERU,  a senior driver on our staff, who has for many years driven our school Buses, passed away.   He was 69 and had been with us since 2006.    He suffered with Diabetis, and he died from complications relative to this.      He will be very greatly missed, since he was not only an excellent and experienced driver, but a very gracious, kind, and dependable friend and brother.   He leaves a wife and children behind, all of whom will also suffer his loss.
The Homes and School held a short Memorial Service for him in the School Hall on on Friday, 28th February, and then on the 29th a group from the Fellowship traveled to Kimani's family home, where he was to be buried to share our sympathy and present a love gift .   THEN on Tuesday 3rd Daryl also traveled with another group from the Fellowship to the Family home again, for the Funeral. 

Mr. Emajong
Our Primary Headmaster is also leaving us.    He received a Call from  Teacher's Service Commission offering a post elsewhere, and he decided to accept.     He has improved the standing of the Primary School since he came to be with us four years ago, and we are a little disappointed to see him make this choice, but on the other hand we are glad that he has been given a chance to improve himself over and above what we can afford to give him.   
Mrs M. Mwangi

His replacement is likely to be his deputy, Margaret Mwangi, who has been with us even longer, and who has won the hearts of parents and students with a firm but understanding heart.   She is married with her own children and if she finally accepts the promotion, we feel she will take the School higher, and improve its standing in every way.   She loves the Lord and has a close walk with him.     Margaret is also Boarding Mistress to 112 boys and girls in the  Primary School,   Quite an assignment taken together with her normal teaching duties.
ANTHONY NDUNGU contnues on as Principal of the School as a whole, administratively, as Assistant Director to Daryl.

Today the School is busy.    There is Special Meeting of the Parent Teachers Association; a Parent Teachers Meeting for Form 1 students; AND a Swimming Gala at the Pool, with eight schools competing at Level One.   Wow!   And the sun is shining and day is HOT.    Quite noisy too with the Gala organisers apparently all DEAF -  their Public Address System being on full blast!.  Little Abigail, our six year old granddaughter came in last on her first Event ever.   But full of determination to be FIRST one day.     She has only been swimming a couple of months in earnest. And , of course, lots of people milling around - at least there seems little fear of The Virus in sight.    SO far there are no reported cases in Kenya.    BUT we shall be ready, and more than that, we shall be looking for God to protect us and to deliver us from the worst.     And we pray that ALL the people world wide are already beginning to LOOK UP, and seek the face of God to achieve for them what they themselves cannot achieve - salvation.

YESTERDAY, after being with us for a week, we said Farewell, yet once more, to our very dear friends from Huddersfield in England.     Ian and Diana Hogley have known us both all the years of our Marriage.    They were living and working in Maseno when I arrived in 1968, and we somehow caught sight of each other, and been as good as family ever since.    Great to have had them with us, and we wish them well as they return to the U.K. in just over a week's time.     Whilst  with us they were able to visit Joshua and Miriam at Neema Children's Homes, and also all the Family Homes here, having fellowship with the houseparents and children.   The weather was fairly good all the days they were with us, and it was a truly happy and enjoyable time
Diana and Ian


Grace Wamboi 7/3/20 aged 21
TONIGHT, in Testimony House there will be another Farewell!     We shall be letting  one of our many daughters - GRACE WAMBOI, from the Testimony House Family - finally leave us to begin her own independent life.     She been many years with us, and we have watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady.       She recently completed a two year course in Catering at St. Brendan's College here in Eldoret, and has now found a permanent position with a local  center, not too far from us.     So tonight we mark the occasion.   All the family will be there plus all the houseparents, ourselves, our pastor and his wife, plus friends, to PRAY with and for her, to give her a BIBLE and also a financial Gift to start her off.     There will be Cake and Soda for all, and and a lot laughter and probably a few tears on all sides.      It is something that comes to everyone, sometime or other.   A proud occasion.  The Beginning of a NEW chapter in each of their lives.
It all went very well indeed.   God is truly our Father.     Perfect in all His Ways.

It is 9p.m. now, and we are back in Green Cottage.   Both feeling rather tired after quite a busy day, and ready for an early night in readiness for Sunday.     We are constantly in prayer for you and all those across the world.      May many more adventure themselves into His Arms and Keeping, and discover his Faithfulness to SAVE all those who call upon \him.

John, Esther and Daryl Green

P.S.   Daryl is presently taking a week's leave  on doctor's advice.    He has been working quite hard and his Blood Pressure is up too high.     But he will be fine after a rest, and it is good for him to learn to take things more slowly;   he is often tempted to run when he need only walk.   Spare him a prayer.

Saturday, 29 February 2020


TODAY'S DAILY NATION'S front page headline reads

This week, on Thursday, 239 Chinese flew into Nairobi direct from China.  They were immediately told to go and Quarantine themselves individually for 14 days.  Today we are also told that there will be MORE such flights from China during the coming week. This is causing UPROAR not only among Kenyans themselves, but also across East Africa.  Certainly it does seem as if the Government is 'dancing with death' -  playing Russian Roulette might also be another way of putting it.   Definitely not helping the people already made nervous and apprehensive by the world media coverage.   The very fact of planeloads of Chinese roaming around the Country, or at the most holed up in some place 'quarantining' themselves rather haphazardly, and even without real guidance or supervision, seems a clear invitation to the  VIRUS  to call on us all.
This has gone against the grain, and OUTRAGE at the casual attitude of the government is growing.
It has even been said that if a serious outbreak of the Virus hit Kenya we will not ourselves be able to treat victims, and that they might have to travel to South Africa.  If this should be the case then obviously the majority may find themselves unable to afford it, and may die.      Thank God that HE is able to be called upon to help and rescue all those who turn to Him in faith.        And today we have heard of a new Case that has been proved positive in Nigeria.     The Media have immediately jumped on this news and added it to all else to do with the THREAT hanging over the world - there is little doubt that the influence of all this is affecting the global Psychological status quo and paralysis of the global mind into accepting the worst.    We are facing a hopeless situation.    Global Warming, and the melting ice cap the ensuing Climate Change affecting weather, rending countless thousands homeless; the Immigration Problem of millions of displaced and homeless. desperately seeing refuge; disease and pestilence, and political unrest and violence -  THIS must mean Planet earth and US, are all facing the END of everything.    Even the  scientists say so.     The Bible has been predicting it for thousands of years.
WELL, and so it may be......but as for me I want to LIVE every day as it comes, looking to the One who I believe made me, loves me, and is  making a WAY for me.     I will not look at the events, or listen to the helpless and alarmist apprehensions of the carnal world; no I will trust in God.  BUT, I am not altogether a fatalist.    I cannot say 'whatever will be, will be' with total disregard to the truth that how I live my life in front of God and toward His Creation, matters.  Consider again Isaiah 24v3-5  'What a man or woman sows, so will they reap', and it is true MANKIND cannot escape the result of being blind or willfully in rebellion and denial of his responsibility under God, for what is happening around him, and how he handles it.       On our own we can do nothing - unless we do it with God in our prayers and in our daily life and thought.   I CAN look to God alone, and cast ALL my anxiety on HIM, but only will that profit me when I also  trust and BELIEVE in HIM, and in His |Overlordship of ME, and the world around me.      THEN, when we restrain ourselves, letting GOD have HIS Way, change be achieved,       Even if we DO face the End of all things, WITH GOD it is only the entrance into a new and everlastingly breath-taking LIFE.      All things will THEN become NEW, and the past forgotten in the Wonder of the Present.


LAST WEEK I shared about a School in which 39 children were injured and 13 died due to a sudden disturbance as they left off lessons for the day and headed home.   Pushing and shoving like a herd of cattle down the narrow stairways to the outlets.   I also shared that our own school was fortunate in not having more than two floors, and no exterior veranders, or narrow stairways.
HOWEVER,  we did take a second look at ourselves, and we felt we still needed to update a few danger spots.    Our main High School Block contained four classrooms that were on the 2nd floor of the new building put up in 2013.    The classrooms were accessed from a long veranda, open on one side, and giving way to a double staircase down to the ground.
IN THIS PHOTO you can see clearly what I have described.    Daryl, looking at it as you see it here, felt that the verander was still TOO open and needed more enclosure, AND that the main EXIT/Entrance, from the staircase, needed security. A lockable steel mesh gate that could be shut during Breaks and out of class hours, preventing,students from entering, without a teacher, was decided upon.   Over the last 18 months we have suffered a lot of vandalism by students accessing classrooms out of class time.
So Daryl got busy putting into place some remedy, which we all feel will be a definite improvement to student AND material safety and security
ABOVE you can see a detail of the new metal grills that have been added to the veranda retaining walls, AND the metal doors opening on to the Stairwell platform.

Here are views of the veranda. 
You can see the new metal grills on to of the retaining wall, and also a glimpse of the double metal gate at the entrance to the stair well platform. 
The next picture shows the veranda again, but looking inside from the opposite direction

Both photos clearly depict the new metal work that has fitted additionally to the veranda.  And of course a complete repaint has been carried out.everywhere.
The next photo shows the interior of one of the four classrooms leading of this veranda which are confined to the use of Form 1 to 4 of our High School section of Testimony School
Population per class is up to 36, but normally set at 30.
Floors of the Class will eventually be tiled with ceramic tiles.  Currently the are painted with a heavy duty industrial paint, on top of  the cement screed.   The exit door,  top right, opens onto the veranda.  Plenty of good window space at the rear, out of sight.
Good, light and airy space.

FINALLY is a view from the  stair-well, looking out over the laboratories.  These rooms had not had their roofing painted for more than decade.  Not a bad photo,, as you can see the school Offices and Assembly ground middle center,  and the  story Primary Block just behind.
Repainting, general maintenance, and upkeep is an expense that has increased on the school side over the years, but we are now putting in place a Five Year Maintenance Plan that will take care of so much Term by Term over five years, and then begin again.     THIS has been the First Term's phase for this 1st Year of the Plan.    We feel it is good for Teacher and Student to work and be part of a visibly clean and well cared for environment.    We feel this discourages depression and encourages a desire to be a part of the image in ones work and personal self respect.     We hope  that the result will reflect this in good academic attainments as well as in the outward  Image of the School as whole.


OUR FRIENDS Ian and Diana Hogley are with us for the next week.  Great to have them with us
braving the Airways and Travel hazards of the time, and taking advantage of what appears to be a late time of Summer for us.      Kenya is still seeing rain  and clouds more often than usual, and the Locusts are still ravaging parts of the Country without much restraint.    But on the whole all remains the same friendly and beautiful Kenya we have known for fifty years.     We look forward to enjoy the week ahead, and to continue also enjoying working together with Jesus.   
We were VERY glad and relieved to hear of some material aid on the way to us from some of the Children of God.     Truly our Daily Bread for the weeks ahead.     God Blessing upon each and every one who has reached out to us in Jesus Name .

|Lovingly in Him

John, Esther, and Daryl Green

Friday, 21 February 2020


ON THE AFTERNOON of 2nd February, THE BELL RANG, to signal end of Classes for the as day.
Immediately, on each Floor of the three story Primary School, it was if a riot broke out.    Children, shouting, pushing and shoving each other, raced to the stairways in a 'stampede'.    39 children were seriously injured, and at least 13 died in the melee.     It seemed as if nothing, and one, was at hand to restrain the matter, and bring order.      This photo was taken minutes later, as parents began to arrive and to seek out their children.
ON THE FACE OF IT, looking at the structure in the photo, it looks well built, and safe, though we are not shown a shot of the actual Stairwells and exits, which is where the worst happened.   But one or two are reported to have also fallen over the balconies.      Where were the teachers?  Was it usual to just open the doors and let the kids storm out and away, any old how, without the slightest care or supervision.     Our own School does not have balconies and is only two floors.     Children 'are not allowed' to rush out of classes in a disordered fashion, and there are teachers always there to see that the don't.   Well all this just underlines and emphasises the fact that supervision is of primary importance in the ordering of academic life - all the way through to University - though it seems unlikely to  see it in the near future.   We thank God that discipline has, and remains one the pillars on which the School here is built and maintained.     It has in no way curtailed the happiness of the children, who are still exuberant and joyful children - just controlled.

TODAY  the sun is shining and the  temperature up in the 80f.    The Swimming pool packed with school children, and perhaps, after all, we might see just a little glimpse of our elusive DRY Season.  BUT the LOCUSTS are still enjoying or crops, rain or shine.
It is said that Kenya and its neighbours are suffering the biggest invasion of desert locusts in 70 years.  One such swarm has been recorded in Kenya as being 60 km in  length, and some 40 km in width.    It can be assumed that more than 200 million locusts comprise this cloud, and will steadily eat, eat , eat, till nothing is left, and they die!    And WE shall go on to suffer real hunger.
Our cabinet Secretary for Agriculture in Kenya, Peter Munya got up on the 17th of this month and told us all not to worry.    '"don't be worried.  They (the locusts) area going to die."       The Minister has remained silent.
The Locusts continue to invade our land, and also now in Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda.     It seems nothing and no one can control THEM either.

BUT there are places and ways for KENYAN's to still find fun and happiness.    I could not resist including this photo of a family rding a camel on the coast near Mombasa recently.    We see camels even in Eldoret - ever so rarely - and they also thrive in Naivasha.  Interesting animals, but on the whole I have never felt tempted to get too friendly with the. But they probably have every reason to look and sound a bit sour and grumpy - considering how they are treated, and the loads they have to carry.


LAST SATURDAY, Esther and I were together with all our co-workers, sharing Jesus together as we all gathered in the School Hall - about 110 of us.     Starting at 9a.m. it usually continues till 1p.m..    Initially it is Praise and Worship, and opportunity for as many as may wish to, to share and proclaim how God has proved Himself to them over the previous three months.   A very happy, joyful, and encouraging time.   Then a short break and back again when groups come to the front to sing, or act together.  For example all the Office staff form such a groupl, and also the Houseparents, Grounds staff, and Cleaners, as well as the Nursery, Primary, and Secpndary Teachers.
Of course each group also meet in between this Termly Get Together, for prayer and even Bible study.      This keeps all us close to each other.......     We thank God for it.

To the left one of our ladies really going strong, leading her group in a very joyeous  number, and on the right another group of somme of the Office Staff. A lot of real happiness, laughter and satisfaction as each group presents what they have.

To the left again are some of our
Secondary School Staff, the Head master taller than the others!
And to right a group of our Nursery School teachers.  They all  choose their own piece to present, and rehearse and make ready in their own time.

It has been God's special Blessing that in the midst of so much work day and day out, among the children in the Homes and in the School, that we find time for each other and for God.    We truly are one BIG family.         Daryl was with the music section playing his guitar with Stephan Wathika, also a guitarist, whose son we Dedicated last week.

BUT WITH THE SMOOTH often comes rough moments, as on Tuesday this week. Esther was across at Jacaranda passing the time of daya with some staff and children, near road gate.   Inside Old Jacaranda Cottage, our pastor was holding a Bible Study with some of the older children less than  fifty meters away,    C R A C K!!!!! Suddenly, without any warning an old Jacaranda Tree decided it was its hour - and it fell down, all of it, from the base, its branches coming down on the roof just above Pastors head.      Not a soul was touched, inside or outside, and although many came to a very sudden standstill with mouths wide open not a hair of any head was lost.

As you  can see it was no small tree, and had been growing there for the last 50 years as strong and flourishing as ever, year after year.     In face I have never known a Jacaranda Tree to fall down of its own.    BUT you can see from the bottom photo that this tree seemed  to have had NO real root at all.  It could have come down at any time, even killing someone.   It fell across the path from the gate inwards, and its branches reached the wall of the old bathroom of Jacaranda Cottage.    Not a window broken.     Just three iron sheets on the roof  slightly dented.      Surely God was watching over everyone.     But I hate to see a tree fall down.

SUCH A SUNNY DAY!    And the Week has ended well.     

DARYL attended a Meeting or our Area County Advisory Council for Children on THURSDAY.
He was told that the Government has NOW decided to allow all those Children's homes that were Registered already in 2017 to remain OPEN and to be RE-REGISTERED forthwith!    SEVEN in our Area - out of almost 40!     Of course this includes us, and we have been delivered.     The LORD in his Grace and Mercy has powerfully intervened once more,  and we REJOICE!

We were first warned that we were to closed in 2014.    A long time waiting and wondering, and seeking the Lord.

SO, now that we have been approved of we have to put together a 165 page Application to be Re-Re-registered.    The last time we did this was in March 2017, applying for re-re-registration for the next 3 yrears, until now in fact.    It was compiled and sent, but never acknowledged, nor a Certificate given, nor a Receipt for the Fee paid.        NOW we have to do it all over again as from today for the NEXT 3 years...........Quite a lot of work and we have only been given one week to do it all.    THUS I have been hard at it all day, and probably tomorrow as well - so I decided this evening to get my Blog off early again.
Our Love to you all, in the midst of much prayer for the world at large, suffering as it does.
God Bless and uphold you all.

John, Esther and Daryl Green