Saturday, 30 November 2019

THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO TAKEN WAY BACK IN 2009, and indeed I had put it up on one of my Blogs for that year.    It is a favourite picture of mine, taken on the spur of the moment as I travelled to visit another Children's Homes about seventy kilometres from us.      It was the Rainy Season, and you can see how muddy the river is.     The chocolate brown of the water, the greenery of the river banks, and the quietness of the scene, with the cattle peacefully indulging in slaking their occasional thirst,- it was SO African a scene, yet it somehow took me back to my childhood in the West of England;   It seemed to speak of such undisturbed rural tranquillity - somehow still unspoilt by the ever encroachment of MAN, and his so call civilisation.      If I had an artists Gift, I would have immediately wanted to paint it, and  hung it on an expansive wall in my home.      Not a very remarkable a scene, but what it evokes in me is deep and arresting.      I took the photo on a little incline with the trunk of an enormous pine just to the left in front of me.    I could have have spent the whole day there........

Well my dears this week has passed very quickly with so many things going on and our scene changing with the close of school,  days of Final Exams, their completion, and Farewell Parties!
AND of course Christmas is now close to us, and preparations already in hand, and demanding a lot of interaction from us all, children included.     The weather is cold for US, and expected to become colder - down to about 58f !!!   The nights even colder than that.    Well at 6,400ft above sea level it seems as if we part of the north of England right now - AND with torrential rain every other day.
FOR US this is not seasonable weather even though perhaps not SO exceptional as in other parts of our wavering world.     But it ought to be having summer in the air by now, and be much warmer - perhaps our part of the world is cooling down?!!

During this last week I have made a careful end of year inspection of our School comprising 24 classrooms, 4 Ablution Blocks, 2 Boarding hostels, Labs, and offices.    A big school of about 175 Boarders, and 720 Day pupils including our own 130 kids in the Homes.     Took me a good three days, and yet again shocked me as I took in the wear and tear of such a daily 'horde' in and out of the classroom.      BUT all well worth the effort as we see the LORD entering so many their lives and also blessing them in Learning ( the School Result for the Primary Section have been very good this year and we believe we shall see the same for our Secondary Section once the results are to hand.

I have managed to send the last Update from my Diary for the year, and a small Christmas Card.  I hope to also be still in touch up to Christmas, God Willing.      SO only a short note this time, but no doubt I will add a little more in the weeks ahead.     God Bless you, and re-inspire you all over again with the JOY of  receiving all over again the Memory of of our Father's Gift, in Jesus, to us all - and not a memory only, but a living proof that He died for us, LIVES now for us, and with us.

Lovingly in His Name

|John Esther, and Daryl Green

Saturday, 23 November 2019


HOLIDAYS REALLY BEGIN TODAY, although the School has generally been closed on 24th October -  since then only the Primary and Secondary National Examination candidates have been here taking their respective exams.
This year's Examinations have been done well, and without any major instances of cheating or foul play.    Our School candidates have all been calm and well behaved - most of the whilst also boarding with us during the examination days.
A Weeks duration for the Primary Exams!
AND the RESULTS have not taken long to be released this year!   Great excitement, as usual, everywhere, and OUR school having some 72 candidates, managed to find NINE over the 400 mark, out of five hundred     The majority of the remainder achieving between 300 and 399.    A good result for us, and we have rejoiced.  BELOW is a photo of the NINE top achievers -

AND TODAY the 31 Secondary School Candidates will be finalising their four year course and facing College or University in the New Year.     There is to be a Farewell Luncheon at 1p.m. today and Esther and I, plus Daryl and most of the Secondary School Staff will attend with all the students.
The day is very GREY,  WET, and rather cool.     But spirits are high, and we can say this Form 1V Class has been one of the best we have had. 

 I had meant it to be ONLY of the students, plus the Heads of School, Esther and Me
But the photographer called everyone else as well.   Hard to see who is who.
Students are in black blazers or maroon sweaters


THIS IS A RECENT PHOTO of  His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York.      I personally know little about him, either good or bad.
At 59 he has seemed a rather quiet, man on the whole.    NOW suddenly he is aligned  with another  far more notable man, of infamous moral character and occupation.
The Media has jumped on him, and shredded his reputation and standing, whilst apparently enjoying every minute of it.     Well, there seems little doubt that His Grace made a wrong choice of friend, no matter what his real reasons may have been, but for the rest I find little to really make me glad in seeing his unilateral condemnation without any sign of pity, or consideration for how his family will also be affected - reasoning that at least one or two of them could spare him some little family affection.
The photo reportedly reveals a man who has just discovered his world has been overturned.  Perhaps ! ! !
Of course a great deal has fallen upon him.    The worse must be the knowledge that every one, including his own family, seem ready to see him sink in the mire.      No one in sight to pull him out, or offer a hiding place, or shelter, from the social, and bitter scorn and  self-righteousness of all the other sinners that live with him in this sinful world.
Where can he go?  To whom can he find to turn for real advice, companionship, HELP?  I know of ONLY ONE ANSWER TO THIS, but no idea if HE Himself knows of it.  For me the only place for a sinner, sinking into a sea of iniquity, is the CROSS of Christ, on which a Man suffered and died in the place of all others in order to secure the Forgiveness and Cleansing each one of us needs.    The CHRISTIANS in the Christian Church are supposed to also believe this, and that we are ALL sinners.      We all need to be crucified - BUT they also believe that they should  show God's love and compassion to those who sin just as THEY were shown it - and not stand by like the rough self seeking crowd in front of  Pilate, shouting manically and hysterically CRUCIFY HIM!      Truly each one of THEM deserved die MORE than Jesus did  -  and each of US deserve to be crucified as much as any man living today - even as much as a man born a prince.  The Christian at least should not be seeking for his blood but for his Salvation.  - Obadiah v10-15
BUT of course this once Christian England, is out of touch with God and HIS love for them, except, at times,in a purely selfish greed to cover their own mistakes.       SO the Christian finds himself wondering if he is deluded, and the world,with him,thinks he is too.    Poor ANDREW!   Poor everyone.       There is only pain and hurt in men's heart; revenge and retribution.   Mankind, seeks only to cover their own sins, and to avoid helping each out of the destruction sin afflicts them with,
Do we Cry out for Christ to come again ?   No, and if we did, would we all not join the masses and Crucify HIM again?         My prayer for Andrew is that he finds the faith to hide himself in Jesus and to trust himself to Him Who alone can SAVE us from our sin.      He  alone can MEND us, and REPAIR our damage, and RESTORE or life.      And there is no other remedy, no other way, no other place to go for ANY OF US.        GOD loves each one of us, and has no joy in seeing our life in ruin and we facing death  -  Perhaps he allowed Andrew to fall into this agony to bring him to the Cross, and to build in him a NEW life  - because He is willing  to let us suffer now, rather than see us DEAD for eternity in HELL.       Don't believe there is No hell -.READ the BIBLE and believe it.  

We must all remember clearly that
GOD LOVES THE SINNER, but hates his sin,

we must remember this clearly.


to all those who have contributed and sent support to us through AENON 
in the last few days.     I shall be sending the  UPDATE out very soon
together with our Christmas Card!

WE shall also hope to be in touch again even before Christmas, of course.   We are  all keeping well, and joyful in Jesus.     Our Father watch over each one of you, and touch your hearts and lives with His Love just where the need is.    Our Love to you all....

John Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 9 November 2019

HERE IS A VERY ROUGH SKETCH of Testimony School Field
- as we hope it will soon become!
At present it is in the process of being put into shape, so to speak, and it is quite a BIG job, and a lot of work - all directed and pushed forward by DARYL our Director.
Instead of sitting in his Office he has suddenly decided to attack the long awaited development of the School Field - NO not quite single handed, but with a large team of workers drawn from our grounds and even cleaning staff!!   AND THEY  HAVE WORKED!\
The field has a very pronounced slope from top to bottom, AND a number of other miscellaneous dips and bumps all over.    It has needed levelling, and  this has meant importing soil and then distributing it by hand in wheel barrows.      We have not completely done away with ALL the slope, but otherwise a great work has been done so that the whole now looks much more uniform, and certainly more able to be put into use as a Sports Field.      Another task has also been to sow GRASS since much of the field was like a desert.     Stones have had to be taken out and all of this endeavour at a time when the RAINS should have ceased.     BUT the Grace of God HAS brought some rain to water the grass plantings and help consolidate the earthworks in general.     Even so it may not be able to actually be put to use before MARCH 2020.      To date the soccer pitch and Track are almost totally in place - though still with quite a bit of manicure work to be done to finalise it all.     The Basket and Volley Ball Courts are still to be levelled.      We shall not put down so much grass but MURRUN  (a kind of sandy clay) which will provide a good dry and stable surface, temporarily.

These photos are of the Field as it was  yesterday.  The left is taken looking down to the School, and the one to right, taken from the same spot, is looking up to the top of the field, and our boundary.  It is hard to convey the huge area, or the difficulty of the terrain !! Three three acres altogether.

IN THIS PHOTO ABOVE I have stepped back a little, to the far edge of the Field where we hope to lay down the Basket and Volley Ball Courts, just in front of the Primary Boarding Block behind me as I take the photo.     You can see almost the entire area under construction.    A VERY big and physically demanding task.       It would help to have one of those lovely earth movers!    BUT it will still get done.     It will be a huge improvement for the School which so far has had to borrow facilities in other school.......

THE NEW AND THE OLD!    This was taken at the Jubilee, in August this year.     I must say Daryl looks the New chapter of events...... and I look ready to pass out!    And indeed I have felt much less energetic this year, and ready to let Daryl prove his strength and energy at 47.  Apart from a few days when life is cloudy, he seems to enjoy doing it all, and as I said earlier, is too busy to even put on his suit, just now.    The suit I am wearing fitted me well on my 70th Birthday, but almost ten years later appears to hang on me, and certainly I am a at least an inch, if not two, shorter that my son in this photo - I think I have shrunk - though perhaps not everywhere!!     

SO this must be all for this week.   I am now tuned in to a Cookery program on the TV - so much more interesting and peaceful than SKY TV and Party Politics.   But in truth I watch little of anything these days - still occupied and busy in my own way.       Keep well, and busy in the week ahead.  Give your time and mind to JESUS, and let HIM fuel your life and living with HIS Vision and Energy.    God Bless you, so very much.

John, Esther and Daryl Green


Saturday, 2 November 2019


They don't tell you how this will FEEL!!

  it can't be captured well enough by  word, statement, or script.

It has to be LIVED,  to KNOW it 


THIS IS A VERY RECENT PHOTO of one of our sons, JUSTIN, getting first view of the first child of his marriage - a daughter!   
To us a very real 'PICTURE' of unspeakable Joy, Happiness, and Welcome for this beautiful Gift from the Lord his God.  The words accompanying the photo are appropriate. Justin is working for Jesus in Nairobi as a Youth Pastor with Nairobi Chapel.   

TRULY children are an Inheritance from God; they ensure our family's continuance and progression. Thus is our House built up and established - by our children.      BUT much depends on the WAY we bring them up.    The Word of God tells the parents to bring up their child 'in the Way that they should go.'     This does not mean that we bring our children the in way WE THINK they should go, or the way the latest social fashion might be.   In the Way they SHOULD GO.    God's Way.   And if we want to see them BLESSED and assured of God's Blessing, it is for US to point them to God, and to WHAT HE says in HIS Word..........      TODAY this is severely challenged - even in Christian circles as even the Churches are now infected by worldly wise teaching and opinion often very opposed to the clear teachings and admonitions of God's Word.

AND we do not have our children for long!      Even we do not solely influence them by our selves as their parent.      They are educated away from the home, they are exposed to the beliefs and practises and social ethics of the world via the Internet, Television, and the printed media.     THE Christian Parent who wants to be obedient to God, and to point their children to HIM, and His WAY, have to be even stronger and more determined than their forebears - and many are finding themselves questioned and even rejected by their own offspring who now see our faith as totally out of place in this libertine world in which so much evil is more and more being transformed into 'good'
that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter
WOE to them that muddy and obscure the clear parameters of Male and Female, and the idea that it is our right to correct the sexuality we were born with, into something WE FEEL more comfortable with, or happy with.     GOD made us MALE and FEMALE.     WOE to them who feel THEY have the right to redefine what GOD has clearly defined, and to tear up the foundations of our humanity and species.
It is NOT GOOD that Man should lie with a MAN as he would with a Woman.    Leviticus 18v22 tells us this clearly.   It clearly means that men should not have intercourse with each other; it is not right.    True Marriage can never be RIGHT in God's Sight between two men or two women.
BUT today it is getting almost dangerous to publicly to share that these things ARE wrong, and even more inroads are being made upon the moral and spiritual values Man has proved, experimentally,
RIGHT.   Now we are asked to reverse -without question or disquiet - a trend that world history has already proven erroneous, dangerous, and socially threatening to our existence.   YES INDEED, WOE will come to those who do not turn to God's WORDS for clear definition of what IS truly good, and what is truly EVIL, before it is too late.

SO, what can we say, as we may remember the unspeakable joy of looking at the birth of our children, and seeing them for the first time; the thrill of seeing ourselves reproduced in a son, a daughter, without doubt in knowing who or what they ARE.      My son will BE my SON all the days of my life, AND of his!    My daughter will always BE my daughter, all the days of her life, and of mine.     He or She will never be able to CHANGE it, however much they may be induced to do so, or however pleasurable it may seem to achieve.    WE need ALL to work at being what we were BORN to be, and to measure ourselves by what God's Word teaches us.       Where we find ourselves  born challenged in our physique, our feelings, or some other area, we must face it and accept it, and discover means, by God's Grace, to correct and bring it back into line with God's Will -  NOT ours      LET US BE VERY CLEAR - THERE are ways THAT SEEM GOOD, to mankind, but they will lead us to DEATH.        As you look, at your  new born child; as you remember that day you were overwhelmed with the Gift of receiving him or her into the outside world - DETERMINE that you will do all in your own power, in the love of God, to teach him or her to KNOW GOD,    It is very hard to find your way down here, on Earth, without a Guide.    There is, after almost 80 years of my own life, only ONE that I have again and again discovered SAFE to follow;  One who never led me falsely, and One Who persistently tried to help me out when I selfishly and rebelliously sought to try another way of my own choice.      REJOICE IN, and LOVE your children.  They ARE the future.    PUT them near to God.
God Has a plan for each one - even when, at times, you may think they have gone astray and out of the way YOU had hoped for them.     GOD did not let go of them, the day they left home, or school.
He Will STILL follow after them for His Own sake, as well as for yours.     LOVE them.   NEVER give up on them.    God loves you and me THAT way.    HE will never give up on US.   PRAY for your children EVERY DAY.    Treasure them,  and LONG for them to be truly happy with the knowledge that to please God is to fulfill every deep longing of their soul.


THIS IS A PHOTO OF TESTIMONY PRIMARY SCHOOL's Graduating Class for this year.  We had 74 students, boys and girls, all sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) during this last week,  from Tuesday until Thursday mid-day.    They then were given a special Farewell Party entailing a Luncheon also attended by some of their teachers, and ourselves.    We had a great time this year, and there was a truly joyful and expectant atmosphere.    It was however also sad in a way since we have had most of these kids in School with us for the last EIGHT years, including those from our Homes.    Of course those from the Homes will not be leaving us and will hopefully continue on into our Secondary School.     But many of those from outside of the Homes may be sent to other Schools of their parents choice.     So a few emotional farewells, but not enough to dampen the Happiness of having come to the end of the Primary eight years of being in school.
The RESULTS will probably be announced within the next month.

L-R  Mrs. A. Omobe, H/Mistress Secondary School,  Mr. A. Ndungu, Principal overall,
Mrs. E. Green and Mr. J. Green, Founders, Mr.. D. Green Director TFHomes,
Mr. B. Emajong, Primary H/master.   PTA Representative.

We do thank God for each of these dear young children, and pray that they may carry the Word of God, and Jesus Himself with them wherever they are to go, as they continue on in their Education.    Who knows what He has planned for each one of them.     AMAZING!

THE KENYA CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION IS ALSO NOW IN PROGRESS, and exams have already begun in our School, and will continue on into this month of November for about two weeks or so.   Our students will then also have a Luncheon before leaving us, and going their way.      By that time some of our College students will be returning to us, and the Christmas Season will be close upon us.     We REJOICE.         The RAIN has eased, although even with cloudless skies and a warm sun shining down upon us, it is still quite cool for the time of year.     We need the sun and dry heat NOW, if the harvests of Wheat and Maize are to be saved, so do pray on for the Country.

JAMES MANU our son has just returned from his latest trip to the Eye Clinic 200 kilometres away.    He has had a very hard six months, and endless complications stemming from his eye problems.   As I have shared before he has also had to begin grappling with what is currently considered to be Epilepic attacks, and which have been increasing.    But his eyes have given the most discomfort due to a further infection.       His Consultant however was very encouraging and positive about his situation, and Manu has returned feeling much better after further treatment.       He has not been able to engage in any permanent employment as we had all hoped might be the case, mainly due to his supposed Epileptic situation.  The doctors are still not really sure it IS Epilepsy - but neither are any wiser as to what else might be causing the seizures.     At 35 he has quite a lot facing him, but is putting a brave face on it all.    We still wait in hope and expectancy to hear or see some sign that he has turned once more to the LORD.    Please do continue to remember him in your prayers.

Have just watched the English Team lose the Rugby World Cup.       It was a great match, and although sad to see the English Team fail to win, I had to also admire the South Africans who did so well, throughout the Competition.    Bless them all.

Our sincere and deep love in Jesus to you all.      It is not yet time to send Christmas Greetings.     Generally we do stand in need of prayer at this time both for the Schools and the Homes.     Our enemy is always ready to come against us, and we do not have much time to polish our shoes, so to speak, before yet another call to action confront us.    BUT we all remain in good health, and the SUN is shining, and there is a most cheerful and invigorating GLORY shining all around us.    We are not dispirited or fearful ......!      God Bless and Keep you all.

John, Esther and John Green

Saturday, 26 October 2019

ONCE AGAIN A PHOTO OF OUR HOMES' WORKERS taken this July.   A happy group, and all very faithful and hard working.    They were all hired at very minimum wages, and have never at all made complaint  or sort for a rise.    TODAY they received a 50% increase without warning, and were we believe very glad for it.      This is a further step of Faith on our side since at the current time we cannot be seen to afford it   -   BUT this is not the first time we have taken such a step that might be considered rather risky, or daring, but done at the prompting of the Holy Spirit, who has never failed to underwrite His Leading.      It has been almost six years since we raised salaries, and we had fallen behind the government recommended scales which we have tried to keep abreast of.   We should now be a little in front, though still below what we would like to offer.    But still I know we shall not see unhappiness, their contentment not relying purely on money.    We are grateful to God for them all.     We have also done the same, at this time for our  house-parents.

The School has also decided to raise their Teachers' salary by 50%.  They also dare to do so, in faith that their income from School Fees from our local external students will continue to cover this extra expense.      We cannot compete with Government Salaries in this area, which are more than we can afford, but although we do pay them less, we are hopeful this current increase will be helpful in giving them an incentive to remain with us.     Today we lost our High School headmistress of 12 years and four other teachers to another private institution offering better remuneration.    With the Economy as it is, we are not surprised, and hardly indignant - but we do have a good many who we hope will continue on with us, as they trust in Jesus, and obey the Holy Spirit's calling in their lives.
The Government is changing the syllabus in Primary and Secondary School, and this will enable those in High School to choose more variably what they want to study.   We are encouraged by this move, and feel it will be very helpful indeed.     As we look for a NEW Head of Secondary for the New Year ahead, please pray with us that the Lord might send one to us with a real Calling in Christian Education at High School level, a man or woman of dedication and and Vision and able to work with us in co-operation and Faith for the progressive success of the School, both academically and technically.

Just a very short input this week!

With our \love in Jesus

|John, Esther and Daryl Green

Saturday, 19 October 2019


clockwise from Daryl on the left
Miriam Mbithi, Esther, Me, and Joshua Mbithi
BUT we were not alone, for we had been taken out for luncheon by two dear friends who had been unable to be with us as planned.     Martin and Margaret Speed were our absent hosts, themselves having had to leave us earlier than expected in order to travel to Uganda.       It left the five of us together - probably for the first time, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.      NOT that we were truly disappointed not to be with our friends, and to have the joy of fellowship TOGETHER with them.     Our hearts could not help but constantly include them in our thoughts, and conversation as we ate and fellowshipped.      BUT it also blessed us to find ourselves together as close members of a family, away - just for a moment - from the hurly burley of our larger and  constant commitment to our labours in our respective fields of service for children.      It was a 'refreshment' and moment of 'togetherness' rarely enjoyed.         We hope there will yet be an opportunity for us to find Martin and Margaret included in the picture, and in the enjoyment of such fellowship.    Thank you both, always.

This was once worn by Christian Kings - just an empty circlet of bejewelled crosses; nothing in the middle to fill up the space.    A HOLLOW crown.     It so happened that as I came across this image  I Had begun to watch Shakespeare's play 'Richard 11' produced for British TV in 2012 as part of a series under the Title The Hollow Crown'.      And I had once more remembered the words put into Richard's mouth by Shakespeare at a time when Richard had arrived back from Ireland to find himself being rebelled against. 

'...For within the hollow crown
That rounds the mortal temples of a king
Keeps Death His court, and there the antic sits,
Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp,
Allowing him a breath, a little scene,
To monarchize, be feared, and kill with looks,
Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
As if this flesh  which walls about our life,
Were brass impregnable; and humoured thus
Comes at the last and with a little pin
Bores through his castle wall, and farewell king!
Cover your heads, and mock not flesh and blood,
With solemn reverence;  throw away respect,
Tradition, form, and ceremonious duty,
For you have but mistook me all this while,
.I live with bread like you, feel want,
Taste grief, need friends;  subjected thus,
How can you say to me I am a King? '

HERE IT IS AS IF King Richard is saying that there is no real point in wearing a crown and being seen as a KING  -  The WEARER of a Crown, called King, is not truly more powerful, protected from need, or kept from DEATH than any other.

We could say the same about the holder of ANY official office in life, enjoying a special Title or Name declaring his Office and putting him or her on a higher plain than others without such dignity.       Of course Position can give us 'airs and graces' and we can 'use' it to demonstrate our transient 'powers' any way we like - BUT King Richard speaks of such Place and Position infusing the holder with 'self and vain conceit'.       Swollen toad like to  pompous, swollen pride, it only needs  the smallest pin prick to leave us empty and deflated - totally unable to naturally back up with substance the symbol of the Position we ascribe to - a hollow crown indeed.

All my awakened life I have felt somehow sad and disappointed that for all the POMP and Ceremony of our United Kingdom, the actual CROWN is indeed HOLLOW.   It is empty of any REAL power or authority.    It is, in itself, quite ineffectual, for it gives no power or authority to GOVERN to the one who WEARS it.      NO, that power has devolved almost 99.9% upon the Parliament.         For twelve hundred years of our history the united Kingdom has been ruled by the Monarch, and people did as they were told.     THEN the people were given the power to tell the Monarch what to do, and the Monarch HAS to obey.    At least this is the general principal - and the Parliament speaks for the People, and Rules in the Name of the Queen. BUT the CROWN is HOLLOW - it is now subservient to the will of the people -   MY question to day is WHO wears the CROWN -  the Queen,  Parliament, or the People.    AND then  Who wields the Substance, the Power and Authority of it in actually GOVERNING the State?           It is NOT in reality the Queen who is clearly merely a Cypher.       
It is suggested that Abraham Lincoln may have said words to the effect that Government of the People should be BY the people and For the People.     This is held up as THE democracy to aim for.     BUT is it working?   Has it ever really worked?   And will it ever work?
Looking at it from the Bible point of view it seems unlikely that Mankind, left to himself, can every successfully govern himself, and therefore cannot be able either to govern others.         God's ideal is for Man to by Guided and Ruled by Himself alone.    The people (and they never do change) rebelled and cried out for a KING of their own choice.    God let them have one,  and HE made a mess of it all.     Then God gave them a King  -  DAVID.           The first king of a united England was Alfred the Great, a man of moral and spiritual qualities often spoken of as equal to those of King David.    Alfred,was a very remarkable man.
Many kings and queens were to come after him - they were all human, and none were perfect - some were truly bad rulers.      BUT they all wore the CROWN and ruled directly from under it.  Then at least the People knew what to expect from their King, and he WIELDED the power and authority, directly of himself - His Crown was Not a Hollow one.    In this sense niether was King Richards.

JESUS will come back to RULE.     He will not be ruled by a Parliament or by the people.   HE will Rule with a Rod of Iron according to His Word.       No hint of democracy.     Have you ever thought of this.       NOW we have a world full of howling screaming people raging in opposition and criticism of their governments.     All OVER the world it is erupting.     The people want control and they want to be heard  -  because they question their Rulers - their honesty, their unselfishness, and their ability to know what they are doing.     SOME people say this is Democracy - everyone has the right to give their opinion, demonstrate and even overthrow law and order.       It is increasing.
AND it is bringing confusion and fear upon the whole planet.        Look at LUKE 21v25-28
In these verses Jesus predicted that in the Last Days (these days) there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars - and never in recorded history has their been much being seen to occur in these three areas.     In the midst of this, 'DISTRESS Of NATIONS  with perplexity (bewilderment and anxiety);
the sea and waves roaring (some are saying this alludes to the increase in severe disturbances of the sea by increased wind, inducing high waves and tsunamis  -   BUT I have always felt these words refer to the progressive increase of civil disobedience and mass public demonstrations worldwide.)
THEN the Powers of the heavens will be shaken - and JESUS will come in a cloud with Power and Glory....!          All this is happening, and is a sure sign that Jesus WILL come, is on the way in fact, to save what and who can yet be saved from the final END.

DO I WEARY YOU?      I am no learned or gifted seer.    I can find no reason for you to give time or place to my words - but I commend them to you as being heavily upon my heart -  I believe God is speaking these things because this IS the time to wake up to them, and to take precaution in our lives and for the lives of our loved ones.    I close humbly  pleading that you read on in Luke giving special attention to our Lord's exhortation in verses34-36.


RIGHT NOW we are having exceptional RAINS - it is very out of season, and puts our crops in danger of being destroyed and a national famine augmented.     BUT we are all in good health and spirits.    Next week the School will break up for the 'summer' holiday, and we shall hope  to enjoy the children home again to occupy our days.    We look forward to it.    We do Thank God for His continual providence and for all the dear ones who, hearing his voice. have sent help and aid to us during these last few months.    We have been in need, but through so many, God has answered our cry to Him.     May He continue to Bless you all, and may he also wake up in us all  the knowledge of His soon coming.

In His everlasting Love and mercy

John, Esther and Daryl Green


Saturday, 12 October 2019


THIS IS WESTHOUGHTON PENTECOSTAL CHURCH,  situated on the Bolton Road, Westhoughton, Near to Bolton in Lancashire, England.   It has a congregation of approximately 200.
I first visited this Church in 1968, when on my initial way to Kenya;  a young man of 28.  AT that time it was not where it is now, and was not such a fine building;  as I remember it was rather like a big timber construction, comprising one large room and a few others adjoining it.   It  reminded me then of an old farm barn...........BUT I was received so warmly and lovingly as if I was part of their family of believers;  a home from home.
Left to Right - Margaret and Martin Speed, and Me and Esther
AND, since then,  for most of that time,  Martin and Margaret Speed have pastored the Church.    And in recent years we have been able to see then here in Kenya on brief visits for Jesus, that also took them to Uganda.    THIS year they have been able to be with us longer, and it has been so good to get to know them better and we hope it was also a blessing for then to get to know us too.  Martin is soon to retire from the Pastorate there in Westhoughton - at least he is thinking about it.
They have now left us for Uganda where Martin will also be ministering.

They brought us a Gift this time, very unexpectedly, and it was an answer to prayer.
We have not had so much cash to play with; enough, that is, to pay ALL the College and University Fees that were being waited for.    We had done well, but we still had been unable to enable three of our students to return to their College/Universities - when the Gift was put in my hands I KNEW immediately what it was for - and indeed all three have now been fully financed for this last semester of the year - and a little more to help two others.      How Wonderful God is.   Of course we have shared this with them both - and THEN discovered that these funds came through the effort of one of their sons who had taken part in a sponsored climb up Mount Kilimanjaro,  giving his part of the product to the Church to be sent to us!!!     Well some time must have elapsed between Benjamin Speed planning himself to climb a mountain, and then deciding to give his hard effort away to help us - but it arrived in time to save and encourage the faith of many  -  AND to become part of the provision of their Education, and Hope for the Future.      God IS Good - He is FULL of Goodness.

Christmas Cactus ( Schlumbergere) Origin Brazil

Esther has grown a number of these plants, all different.  Some as above and others varying shades of red, to mauve - and even some white to peachy..   Very beautiful when in flower.  But the one above has different leaves to the rest, and in searching the Web today I was unable to find one of a matching kind.     Truly colourful and when fully blossomed are a BLAZE of light and joy.
So much beauty in the world.   So much ugliness.

To conclude for today, here is a hymn I have not often heard sung, but which expresses a desire that might change the world if more of us could feel the desire it embodies and strive toward it.

I want, dear Lord, a heart that's true, and clean;
A sunlit heart, with not a cloud between.
A heart like Thine; a heart divine; 
A heart as white as snow;
On me, dear Lord, a heart like this bestow

I want, dear Lord, a love that feel for all,
a deep strong love that answers every call.
A love like Thine, a love divine,
A love for high and low,
On me, dear Lord, a love this this bestow.

I want, dear Lord, a soul on fire for Thee;
A soul baptized with heavenly energy.
A willing mind, a ready  hand
To do whate'er I know
To spread Thy light wherever I may go.

Watching SKY newscasts every few days it feels as if love for each other and our human kind, is fast being eroded, and animosity, doubt, fear, and hatred mixed only with lust more and more blinding out the true Care and Charity of GOD for everyone of us.       So easy to take sides, and be the judge, but we need to do what God is busy doing, and spend time forgiving, and for reaching out in our hearts to each other, and for all those who live on this once beautiful and unspoilt sphere amidst the stars of heaven.         We are encouraged to disparage everyone - to uncover every sin and defect, and discredit ever praiseworthy, creditable and charitable facet of each others life and personality.  Thus is our world increasingly the victim of violence, civil and national unrest, and disunity.    We find a lack of peace and hope of tranquil existence  daily thrust upon us all - young and old.   What will soon be left to live for, to hope in, or to rely upon.      Where will our son, daughters, and our grand children stand, still able to admire the beauty of the Earth and Heaven,  or believe in Humanity of Man made in the Likeness of God?   THIS is the TIME to gather in the harvest.   THIS is the time, to FORCE those lost and away in unbelieve, INTO the Kingdom - BEFORE the Day Comes and we have to answer for keeping silent, and refusing to reach out with our lives in the Name of Christ, to snach, even the loved ones in our own families, as we seek those beyond, yet still within our reach.

Esther, Daryl and I do greet you all in the Name of the King for whom we wait expectantly.   We have all been down with with colds, but now recovered from the, and facing the close of the School Term; the last of the year, and the advent of the Long Holiday.        We shall keep in touch as we may, and will be always in prayer for you all, as we know you will be also continuing to pray for us.   You letter are always welcome and we shall be always glad to reply.    God Bless and keep you SAFE in in your right minds, till He Comes.

        John,  Esther,  and Daryl